Love & Secret – E31

Areum gives Philip another chance and tells him about Tiffany, but life throws her another curveball.  She gets demoted to an intern in the warehouse.



We begin with the same scene from the last episode:

Areum: If I ask you to start over, can you do it?  Can you promise that you won’t make such a mistake again?

Philip: Areum, have you opened your heart? I’m confident.  Why would I come so far.

Areum pauses before saying, “Truthfully, the child…”

Philip interrupts, “I saw the nomination interview…you must have been so hurt because of your father…the child was the child that I saw last time…Tiffany?”

Areum remembers watching Philip get married and stands up to leave.  Philip grabs her and Areum stops.  She remembers her father’s public confession and tells Philip, “Tiffany is my daughter.  She isn’t my father’s daughter but our daughter.”

Philip’s arms drop.  Areum continues that she only knew after they broke up.  She adds wanted to raise Tiffany alone, but with the situation, she can no longer stay silent.

Philip asks how this could have happened.

Areum apologizes for keeping it a secret, but it was the best option at the time.  Philip tells her that he understands what she’s trying to say, but since this is so shocking, he asks her to continue this conversation later.  Areum leaves his apartment but leans against the elevator wall.


After Areum leaves, Philip paces and wonders how Tiffany could be his daughter.  He had suspicions, but he can’t believe that it’s really his daughter.


Areum arrives at home to see Jiwoo playing with Tiffany.  Areum tells Jiwoo that she told Philip about Tiffany.  Jiwoo supports Areum’s decision.  Jiwoo explains that her father’s situation is pressing, but it’s also good for Tiffany that her father knows about her decision.


The next day, there is a board of director’s meeting.  Mr. Chun denies knowing about Areum’s parent.  He states that only thought about Areum’s talent.  He adds that if he knew, he would not have hired Areum.

The other directors wonder if they should give up on the K Fashion project. Mr. Chun tells the group that they still have a chance.  They can get funding from an investor – Philip Choi.  Yoon Yi and Seung Woon exchange looks at the mention of Philip… Mr. Chun ends the meeting with the promised that he will secure the financing.

Afterwards, Seung Woon drops by Mr. Chun’s office.  Seung Woon asks if they should consider looking into other investors and Mr. Chun replies that the scale of other investors is different.  They need to secure the financing from Philip.  Mr. Chun excuses Seung Woon.


Meanwhile, Soo Ah meets with the male Team Leader in a cafe.  She mentions their company’s program that sends talented employees to Paris.  Team Leader Louis tells her that he knows about it, but he has never held out hope since it’s so competitive. Soo Ah tells him that she wants to send him to Paris, but she has a favor to ask.

At Zishen, Seung Woon calls Philip to check on the status of his decision to invest.  Philip answers that he has been to busy to make a decision and they end it on a polite note.

Soo Ah stops by Seung Woon’s office to tell him to fold Areum’s K Fashion Project.  Seung Woon tells her that she has no right to decide whether or not to close a project.  Soo Ah answers that she’s just advising him since he might not be able to make the right decision due to being influenced by unnecessary feelings.  She also asks if he’s going to do anything about Yoon Yi and Seung Woon asks if she still thinks the game is on.  Soo Ah replies that she’s not talking about a game, she’s just sincerely worried about Yoon Yi.  Seung Woon snaps that her sincerity disgusts him and tells her to not touch Areum.  Soo Ah smirks that he must have gotten very close to Areum before leaving.

Meanwhile, Philip broods about Areum’s confession.  He calls his secretary to contact his divorce attorney because he has something to ask about the divorce litigation.  Then, Philip calls Areum to meet.


Philip goes to see Areum at a cafe.  He tells her that he’s ready to hear about the baby and asks for the details.  Areum tells him that Tiffany is 10 months old.  Philip asks if she has been raising Tiffany alone and that was the reason she went to Texas.  Areum confirms.

Philip asks how she made this decision without even telling him.  Areum tells him that she went to his wedding.  She thought about Tiffany and went to see Philip, even if she was afraid that he would tell her to get an abortion…she was ready to beg him to stay.  However, Areum notes that he was happily getting married to another girl.  She couldn’t tell him that she had his baby at that time.  Seeing Areum tear up, Philip apologizes.

Areum wipes her tears and tells Philip that she needs to go back into the office.  Philip agrees and invites her to bring Tiffany to his place; he tells her that he wants to greet her properly.  Areum seems a bit shocked by Philip’s response and gets up.  She pauses by the window before leaving.

Outside the cafe, Areum gets a call from CEO Chun and stops by his office.  CEO Chun tells Areum that they had a board of directors meeting in the morning.  He tells her that she needs to leave the K Project.  He tells her that the company won’t fire her for something like this, but they will need to follow company procedure from now on.  She’s being demoted to an intern and will be working under the direction of Team Leader Louis.

The Team holds a meeting as Anna talks about how Soo Ah gave the K Fashion Project to Louis.  Anna speculates happily but Louis sighs that he doesn’t understand why Soo Ah gave him the cross to bear.  Anna asks what he means by bearing a cross and Louis snaps that it’s nothing.

The team starts to gossip about whether or not the CEO knew about Areum’s father when he hired her when Areum interrupts to ask Louis what she should do now as the intern.  Louis stiffly tells her to follow him and leads her to the garage.  In the garage, he passes her over to a supervisor as the new employee.  Before Areum follows the new supervisor, Louis mentions that it will be difficult at first but it will get better.  Areum accepts it and agrees and follows the new supervisor.  Watching her retreating back, Louis sighs that he feels bad for Areum but then resolves himself to think about Paris.


The new Team Leader tells Areum to check all of the products in the boxes to make sure that the numbers match the purchase orders, organize the uniforms, and quality check the clothes and label all of the clothes.  Areum asks when he wants the task done and the new Team Leader tells her by the end of the day.  He emphasizes that working in the warehouse is different from working the design room; everyone does this much.  Areum accepts his explanation and gets her uniform.

Mrs. Han asks Mr. Han if he wants to eat or go hiking, but he doesn’t answer.  She asks if he wants to eat anything in particular for dinner since she’s going grocery shopping and Mr. Han replies that he doesn’t care.  Mrs. Han leaves to go to the mart, where she sees Soo Ah.  She tries to turn around quickly but Soo Ah sees her first.

Soo Ah comes over to note that Mrs. Han must be so stressed by everything.  Then she adds that she’s frustrated that Areum had to enter their company so that they were affected by the scandal as well.  Mrs. Han calls her name and Soo Ah just leaves.


Afterwards, two grocery shopping women gossip right next to Mrs. Han about Mr. Han.  They talk about Mr. Han not being able to control his libido.  Mrs. Han tells them not to gossip so carelessly about things that they don’t know.  The women get defensive and ask why she’s getting involved.  Mrs. Han screams out her frustration that they shouldn’t say such things if they don’t know the facts.  This triggers one of the women, who grabs Mrs. Han’s hair until her friend can pull her away.


Meanwhile, Seungho tries to teach his grandmother the A, B, Cs.  It turns out that she doesn’t know even A, B, or C.  Seungho asks in exasperation if she didn’t go to kindergarten.  Seungho’s grandmother responds that he shouldn’t be audacious, she was a child during the Korean War.  She was busy trying to survive; she wasn’t taken to her lessons by her mother.  Seungho turns to the vowels and his grandmother has difficulty pronouncing it.  Finally, she tells Seungho not to belittle him and leave to her room.

CEO Chun tells Soo Ah that he had such difficulty with the board of directors and how he promised to secure an investment from Philip.  Soo Ah reports back that she told Louis what to do and dangled the carrot of a trip to Paris.  CEO Chun muses that she needs to leave soon and Soo Ah reassures him that she made arrangements so Areum won’t last long.


Areum continues working late into the night, lifting boxes.  She gets a papercut and pauses before telling herself that she’s living life easy and continues on.


Seung Woon has a drink with Yoon Yi.  Seung Woon confesses that he still finds her uncomfortable because he feels so guilty toward her.  Yoon Yi teases him that he should feel guilty for a long long time.  She also confesses that she thought she knew what she was getting herself into, but then was hurt by his rejection at their engagement.  She also adds that she didn’t want to see him ever again, but she couldn’t control her heart the way she wanted.  She comments that he’s probably the same… She also asks how things are going with Areum with the scandal and Seung Woon clinks his glass against hers before saying they should just drink and get up.  Yoon Yi tells him that the greatest loves are the ones that survive through obstacles and warns him to do well since he threw her away.  Seung Woon jokes that she’s being so mature about it that if she becomes any more indifferent, she’d be hostile.  Finally, Yoon Yi asks what he likes about Areum and Seung Woon tells her to drop it.  Yoon Yi agrees to drop it, noting that asking such things to someone who doesn’t like her is pathetic.  Seung Woon gets up and tells her that he’ll pick up the tab.


Philip meets with his friend and asks if he can handle divorces.  His friend tells him that he’s an American lawyer, so he wouldn’t be able to handle it as well as someone in Korea.  Philip confesses that the divorce hasn’t been finalized.  They have been living apart for a year, but they couldn’t agree on the division of the marital estate and are in the midst of an ongoing divorce lawsuit.  Philip adds that he found out that Tiffany was his kid.  His friend asks how he’s taking it… Philip answers that he loves Areum, but he’s not sure about the kid…

The friend asks Philip if this isn’t good news since he is sure to get Areum this way.  Philip replies that he’s not sure.  He wasn’t planning on getting married right away. Also, the fact that he has a kid will be disadvantageous in the current lawsuit even if the kid was from before his wedding.  His friend tells him to first confirm that the baby is actually his.

Areum dresses Tiffany warmly to take her to Philip’s apartment.


Philip has decorated his apartment but he also calls his secretary to look into the fasted place to get a DNA test done.  When Areum arrives, he welcomes both with a smile and Areum watches his reaction to their baby.


We’ve definitely come a long way.  Instead of crying about the new development, Areum accepts her demotion and tries to work through it like a normal person.  It’s clear that Soo Ah gave the new Team Leader directions to give her difficult tasks and unrealistic deadlines.  Hopefully, Areum will develop tenacity through this unfortunate turn of events.

On a side note,  Areum’s outfit is much better in this episode…but Yoon Yi’s dress! OMG, can I say I’d love it?  It stole the scene and it’s in Pantene’s color of the year, Marsala! Someone tell Areum’s fashion coordinator that s/he needs to learn from Yoon Yi’s…


DRAMAFEED’s midnight window shopping >.<  Conclusion…need to work on my arms as the beautiful burgandy/marsala long sleeved lace versions seem mostly sold out TT_TT

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