Love & Secret – E32

Philip meets Tiffany and gets a DNA test to confirm his paternity.  Meanwhile, Areum continues to survive at the same company and gets Philip to promise to meet her parents.  Unfortunately, fate seems to have turned her face from Areum as Yoon Yi gets to see Seung Woon’s sympathetic side and the war for the man is triggered again.



Areum walks into Philip’s apartment awkwardly. Philip apologizes that he wasn’t able to prepare completely for Tiffany and shows the two a female bear with the name tag Tiffany. He asks if the spelling is correct and adds that there are other presents if she doesn’t like the bear… He invites her to open the presents.


Areum asks if Philip wants to hold Tiffany and he agrees. Areum watches the two, trying to figure out her own feelings.  As Philip is silent, Areum asks if Tiffany is pretty and he replies that of course she is; she’s his kid.  However, Philip holds Tiffany so awkwardly that Areum tells him to give Tiffany back if he’s uncomfortable. Philip replies that he’s just nervous, but gives Tiffany back. Areum comforts him that everyone is like that when they first hold a baby.

They sit down and Philip tells her that it must have been hard to raise Tiffany alone.  Areum replies that she doesn’t regret having Tiffany. However, her parents have been hurt by her decision and she wants to clear her father’s reputation.

Philip tells her that it’s not all her fault.  If you think about it, it might be all his fault. Areum continues that she’s still hurt by his leaving and honestly is not ready to open her heart.  She knows that he is sincere, but she can’t stop being suspicious. However, she states that she’s ready to take responsibility over her actions.

Philip asks what he can do and Areum asks him to be Tiffany’s father. Afterwards, Philip drops the two at home.

At home, Areum plays with Tiffany.  She picks up the teddy bear that Philip gave Tiffany and explained to Tiffany that her father prepared it especially for her.  All of a sudden, Areum realizes that she forgot Tiffany’s hat, which fell on the floor as she passed Tiffany to Philip.

The moment of temptation comes for Philip and he sits at his house…brooding as usual.  Picking up Tiffany’s hat, he removes a hair and pauses.


The next day, Anna amuses herself as she gossips about Areum’s situation, which went from being the company’s princess to the pariah.  The male intern notes that even guys have a difficult time in that department and wonders if Areum will be able to stick it out.  Anna interrupts that the company is doing this on purpose so that Areum leaves on her own.  Feeling guilty, Louis tells them to shut it since he has to find Mikyoung’s replacement (the older staff who left because of her baby).  Louis complains that everyone photoshops their pictures so much that no one looks like their picture.  The male staffer notes that one of the resumes stands out – Jiwoo’s resume.  They comment that Jiwoo came from the same school as Areum.  Anna vetoes Jiwoo, saying that those who study abroad are annoying and arrogant.  Louis replies that they won’t be any worse than her and decides to schedule an interview with Jiwoo since Areum had talent.  Louis goes to report to Seung Woon.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon reads the news article on Mr. Han and wonders about the identity of Tiffany’s father.  Louis interrupts Seung Woon’s reverie to report and Seung Woon blows up on him.  Louis barely gets to answer that the CEO asked him to take over the project before Seung Woon runs to his father’s office.

Seung Woon demands to know what his father is doing.  No other intern in the past has been tasked to work at the warehouse.  CEO Chun replies that no other intern has made the company lose so much face, if Areum doesn’t like it, she can leave.  Seung Woon comments that it would have been better if CEO Chun just asked her to leave directly.  CEO Chun asks if he hasn’t ended it with Areum and Seung Woon spits out that there was nothing to end, they never started anything and stalks out.


Seung Woon heads to the warehouse just in time to see Areum get yelled at by her supervisor.  The supervisor yells at her for not taping the packing before packing the clothes in a box and sealing them.  He tells her that it would have been a big mess if he hadn’t checked and tells her to do her work correctly…even muttering that she must be dreaming that she’s still a team leader before he leaves.

Seung Woon drags Areum out and yells at her for working in the warehouse.  He asks why she doesn’t just quit.  Areum answers quietly that if she left right now, she would be acknowledging that she got in through nepotism.  Seung Woon asks why Tiffany’s father isn’t helping her and Areum tells him that it’s none of his business.  She also asks that he stays out of her business since she finds his behavior meddlesome.  She leaves.


Heungsu tries on this statement shirt and a blazer, noting that expensive luxury brands have a different fit.  He leaves to go meet someone and runs into Seongchul’s past manager, Cheolgu.  Seongchul introduces the two because they are the same age.  Then they realize that Heungsu was able to wear a brand name shirt.  Heungsu asks if the other shirt is real or a fake.  Cheolgu responds that he got it a month ago and Heungsu comments that he was told that the shirt only came in a week ago.  Cheolgu answers that he requested a favor from a personal shopper and got it early.  Heungsu asks him to share the good information next time before leaving for his meeting.

Cheolgu notes that Heungsu has an annoying attitude before asking his assistant what Jiwoo is up to.  His assistant tells him that Jiwoo is focused on studying and tries to sing, until Cheolgu tells him to call for delivery.

Jiwoo is working at his friend’s restaurant, where girls keep gossiping about him because he looks so good.

Seung Woon walks into the lobby, where he sees Areum carrying two boxes and pauses.  Areum drops her boxes off in her design room and grabs a pair of scissors.  In the way, she sees the airplane cufflinks and remembers Seung Woon’s words that he was unhappy that she could design his engagement outfit so easily.  She thanks him and apologizes.

At home, Seung Woon sees the same cufflinks and thinks about her.


Meanwhile, Yoon Yi walks out and gets a call from her mom asking for more money.  Yoon Yi tells her mom that she has no money and hangs up.

Areum walks out at the same time and Yoon Yi pauses.  Areum tries to leave to the side and Yoon Yi follows her to do her thing.  She notes that she saw the nomination interview.  She has no comment about Areum’s situation, but she can’t believe Areum’s still at the company after causing the ruckus.  Areum responds that she will try her best to fix the situation and Yoon Yi asks if Seung Woon promised to fix everything.

Areum answers that she will try her best to fix everything somehow.  She apologizes that her behavior crossed the line and hurt Yoon Yi before leaving.

Philip’s secretary reports that the DNA test is still in the process and Winners’ Group keeps trying to schedule a meeting.  Philip comments that he doesn’t want to meet with Winners’ Group at this point after the probability of their winning the project has fallen so low.  He gets a call from Areum and goes out to meet her.


Philip asks if she’s okay.  He tells her that seen another way, the company used her and threw her away.  He tells her to leave the company.  He doesn’t want to see her having a difficult time and suggests that she takes the opportunity to study abroad.

Areum tells him that she can’t with Tiffany.  However, she asks Philip if he would be willing to meet her parents.  She can’t tell the public, the truth about Tiffany since Mr. Han is against it…Yet, she wants to make them feel a little better.

Philip tells her that he understands and wishes that he knew about the situation earlier.  Areum asks if he has time tomorrow.  Philip apologizes that he has a busy week but will try to rearrange his schedule.  Areum asks about the weekend and Philip grits out that the weekend would work.  Areum thanks him and Philip puts his hand over hers and thanks her.  Looking uncomfortable, Areum pulls her hands away to drink her coffee.


Seungho continues to teach his grandmother how to read.  Grandma has learned her alphabet and Seungho plans to teach his grandma his name today.  Soo Ah comes out and asks what they are doing.  Grandma responds that Seungho is teaching her how to read and Soo Ah gets angry.  She tells her mom that Seungho is busy preparing for international junior high school.  He doesn’t have time for this.  She also asks what the grandma would do if Mr. Chun found out.  Soo Ah tells her mom to go learn how to read at the elder center or at a Korean School.  Soo Ah’s mom responds that she doesn’t expect respect outside the house when she doesn’t get any inside the house and goes into her room.

Mrs. Han plays with Tiffany and Areum thanks her for accepting her.  Mrs. Han asks Areum to come back into the house.  Areum tells her mom that it’s not time yet and her mom responds that her father will forgive faster if he sees her and Tiffany.


Mrs. Han tries to grab Areum’s hand to make the point and sees the bandaids on Areum’s finger.  Pausing, she asks what happened.  Instead of responding, Areum changes the topic and tells her that she will bring Tiffany’s father home to meet her parents.  Mrs. Han is overjoyed by the news and notes that they’re all going to live like this.  Areum confesses that she’s so sad and frustrated that she can’t do anything for her father other than bring Tiffany’s father home.  She wants to tell the public everything and clear her father’s name.  Mrs. Han replies that this is more than enough for now.  If Areum brings home Tiffany’s father and lives a normal life, everything will fall into place sooner or later.

Coming home, Mrs. Han tells Mr. Han that Areum promised to bring Tiffany’s father home over the weekend.  She comments that the worst is over.  Mr. Han asks for water and doesn’t comment.


Philip calls his lawyer and asks about the timing of the next settlement hearing.  Turns out the next hearing is in five months.  He tells his attorney that he wants everything resolved by then.  He also gets the DNA test and it confirms that he’s Tiffany’s father.  Thankfully, he smiles after seeing it.

Areum stays awake at night thinking about how she had to deal with Yoon Yi slapping her and how she told Seung Woon to stay out of her business.  She sheds some tears and resigns to end her feelings about Seung Woon for Tiffany and for Seung Woon.

The next day, a random uncouth man is asked by the security who he’s waiting for.  The man tells them that he’s waiting for an attorney.  The security guards ask which attorney and he tells them that he’s waiting for Yoon Yi.  Unfortunately, Yoon Yi walks in at that moment and the man goes to her.

She looks uncomfortable and tells him to talk outside. He tells her that she should first greet her father and Yoon Yi scoffs that he’s not her father.  The man yells that he’s been dating her mom for so long.  He’s like her father.  Yoon Yi tells him to leave before she calls the cops.  The man hits Yoon Yi, grabs her by her hair and keeps hitting her.  He yells that before she calls the cops, she needs to pay him back for the money that her mom borrowed.


Seung Woon walks by and sees the commotion.  Getting angry, he punches the man and takes Yoon Yi away from the crowd and into the parking lot.  Areum is packing a truck and sees Seung Woon comfort Yoon Yi and pull her into a hug.  She quickly hides behind the car.



Another strong episode.  Areum shows us that she’s grown up a lot from the crybaby self centered brat from episode one.  This whole episode, she works hard to help solve the situation for other people by introducing Tiffany to Philip, getting Philip to meet her parents, and continuing to work at Zishen even though she’s become a pariah.

I’m pleasantly surprised that they didn’t have Seung Woon do the prince charming swoops in and saves Areum from being the warehouse working cliche.  Rather, unlike drama cliches, Areum tells Seung Woon to butt and he actually listens!  This lets her girl stumble around as she finds her own answers.  It feels more authentic that the main girl has to try out different options and solutions before finding the one that works for her and her family – the way that real life works.

It was nice writing and development that Yoon Yi gets attacked by her mooching mother’s leachy boyfriend.  This gives Yoon Yi a believable catalyst.  Sure, she wasn’t going to win any awards for her behavior towards Areum.  However, she had not done the second lead, defend her male territory at all costs before this.  Now that Seung Woon swooped in (in public!) to save her and not Areum, Yoon Yi or any other girl would believe that she has a fighting chance with the guy.

Well played writers, well played indeed.

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