Run, Jang-Mi – E06

Taehee’s mother finds out about Taehee and Joonhyuk, which prompts Joonhyuk to stubbornly stick to the contract relationship just to spite her.  Jang-Mi continues to beg Mincheol to forgive her brother and finally obtains a settlement with the help of Mincheol’s father, who has a conscience.  Looks like our normal rich-girl-next-door has found herself an unexpected Candy and her development now begins.



Feeling desperate to save her brother from going to jail, Jang-Mi visits Mincheol in the hospital, only to find that his mother is there with him.  As soon as Jang-Mi enters the room, Mincheol’s mother yells at Jang-Mi for having the audacity for coming to see Mincheol, which Jang-Mi listens to quietly.  When Mincheol’s mother stops for a breath, she apologizes on behalf of her little brother, who overstepped his boundaries when drunk.

Mincheol’s mother replies to Jang-Mi that apologies alone will not suffice in this case as her precious son’s face has been ruined.  Mincheol’s mother asks if Jangsu is a gangster and Jang-Mi continues to apologize.  Mincheol’s mom refuses to accept Jang-Mi’s apology and screams that she will never forgive Jang-Mi’s little brother; she will make sure the boy goes to jail.

Mincheol interrupts to tell his mother to stop.  They can just resolve this matter according to the law.

Jang-Mi tries to appeal to Mincheol by explaining that her little brother is still immature and cannot control his anger.  Mincheol’s mother tells her to stop trying to flirt her way out of this and convince Mincheol, who has a soft heart.  Jang-Mi calls Mincheol’s mother, “Mother…” And Mincheol’s mother tells her not to call her mother…she physically drags Jang-Mi out of the hospital room.  In the hallway, Mincheol’s mom tells her that since Jang-Mi loves the law so much, they will solve this by the law and she will have revenge for Jang-Mi humiliating and hurting Mincheol.


When Jang-Mi arrives at home, she finds her mother and brother waiting in the livingroom.  She reports back to her family that she couldn’t say anything.  Jang-Mi’s mother hits her son and asks him if he is a gangster in exasperation.

Jangsu denies going to see Mincheol to beat him up.  He had only gone to talk to Mincheol, but when Mincheol treated him as a drunk boy throwing a tantrum, he lost it.  Jang-Mi lectures him that as soon as he resorted to violence, they lost.  She confesses that she doesn’t know what to do; her brain is blanking.  Jang-Mi’s mother worries about something happening to her son.


Meanwhile, Taeja comes to pick up Minjoo.  The first thing he does when he sees her is ask if she brought her sunglasses and watches.  Minjoo frowns and tells him to buy lunch.  In the cab, Minjoo gets annoyed that Taeja is doing nothing but sleeping and opens the window to wake him up.  When Taeja wakes up, he asks why they aren’t heading toward Minjoo’s house and she replies that her family has already gone to work so she figured she would greet Taeja’s family members first.

When Minjoo arrives, Taehee is happy to see her and gives her a big hug.  Afterwards, she reports to Taeja’s mother that she successfully finished her masters program.  Taeja asks about the paper that she had not finished and Minjoo replies that Taeja just doesn’t listen to her properly; she already finished everything.


At the same time, Taeja’s grandfather, Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk enjoy themselves at the spa.  Taeja’s grandfather comments that Mr. Jang should be so happy that he has such a reliable son.  He adds that his son is un-filial for leaving before him and Mr. Jang tries to comfort him that he still has Taeja.

Taeja goes straight into his room to check out his watches and sunglasses.  Meanwhile, the women leisurely drink tea.  Minjoo alienates Taehee by telling Taeja’s mother that she thinks that Joonhyuk at fault for Taeja’s flippant attitude.  She explains that Joonhyuk wrote all of Taeja’s papers and picked out all of the most likyl questions prior to tests.  Basically, he didn’t teach Taeja how to fish and Taeja became reliant on that.  Taehee tries to defend Joonhyuk but is shut down by her mother and resorts to giving Minjoo side glares, which Minjoo conveniently ignores.


Taehee drives Minjoo home, while holding in her own fury.  Minjoo asks Taehee, why she’s not talking and Taehee pulls the car to the side.  She confesses to Minjoo that she’s dating Joonhyuk.  She adds that it’s a contract dating relationship as Joonhyuk doesn’t see her as a woman yet.  However, she asks Minjoo to be careful in the future when she talks about Joonhyuk in front of her mother.

When Minjoo arrives, we find out that she hadn’t told any of her parents that she was coming.  She wanted to surprise everyone.  Her father brings Minjoo to the hospital, where she’s shocked to see the state that her brother is in.  Mincheol comments that the physical pain is one thing, but the humiliation is another.  He whines that everyone at his hospital saw the incident.


Minjoo complains that her mother wasn’t careful letting Mincheol marry Jang-Mi, when her family is so crass.  Mincheol’s mom whines that she only trusted Mrs. Oh (the matchmaker in between) and didn’t expect something like this…it also didn’t help that Mincheol had fallen head over heels for Jang-Mi.  Minjoo snaps that her mom still should have been careful since things like this will affect her own chances of marrying into the right family.

Mincheol angrily asks how his little sister could be so selfish in this situation.  Minjoo replies that it’s the plain truth.  No one cares about the process; they make judgments based on the results.  The result in their case is that Mincheol failed in his first marriage and embarrassed the whole family.  Mincheol’s mother’s gets angrier as she thinks about it; she basically blames Jang-Mi’s family for ruining Mincheol’s future.

Jang-Mi brings her sulking mother some tea.  Jang-Mi’s mother cries that she just wants to follow her husband…she can’t let her son go to jail on top of all of this.  Jang-Mi sighs and tells her mom that she will prevent Jangsu from going to jail.

The next day, Jang-Mi visits her lawyer.  When he hears that Mincheol’s hospitalized for ten weeks, he comments that Jangsu can go to jail for this.  Jang-Mi asks if there’s anything they can do since the other side is emotionally involved due to the divorce proceedings.  The attorney notes that they may be using this as a strategy to avoid returning anything after the divorce.  Jang-Mi responds that it would be unfair since the lawyer added that the general settlement amount would be around $50,000.00 whereas the rental deposit was well over several hundreds of dollars. The lawyer sighs that Jangsu has affected their divorce proceeding.  He warns Jang-Mi that their first priority will be to get a settlement.  If they can’t settle the assault issue, they will be disadvantaged in the divorce proceedings.

Jang-Mi and her mother prepare lunch and sternly tell Jangsu that when they visit, he’s going to apologize and mean it.  No matter what the other side says, he has to accept it silently.


Jang-Mi and Jangsu go to Mincheol’s hospital room, where Mincheol and his father are.  Jang-Mi apologizes to Mincheol’s father and Mincheol slams his book down.  He tells his father to kick the two out; he doesn’t want to hear anything.  Jang-Mi puts her lunchbox and soup on Mincheol’s bedtable and explains that they prepared food, which would be good for a person’s recovery.

Mincheol throws his table off his bed and tells her that he never asked for this.  Jang-Mi quickly puts her arm out to stop her brother from flaring up again.  Instead, she takes the lead to apologize again.  She explains that she did it on her own volition because she sincerely felt bad.  Mincheol replies that he doesn’t want to hear it.  He’s given his statement and submitted the diagnosis.  They will do it by the law.

Jangsu apologizes to Mincheol by calling him brother-in-law, which triggers Mincheol.  He shouts that he never had a crazy brother-in-law like Jangsu and tells him to leave.

Having nothing else to do, Jang-Mi kneels on the ground and begs Mincheol to save her brother.  He was emotional because their father passed away so when he heard that they won’t receive their wedding gifts, he lost it.

Mincheol yells at her to leave, but his father asks what Jang-Mi means when she says she’s not receiving her wedding gifts back.  Mincheol looks awkward and tells his father that he doesn’t need to know.

Jang-Mi continues to ask for mercy just once.  Her mother and and she can’t live on if her brother has to go to jail.  Jangsu pulls Jang-Mi up and drags her out of the room, stating that it wasn’t her fault.


Outside, Mincheol’s father brings them water and asks what they were speaking about when Jang-Mi mentioned the wedding gifts.  Jangsu explains that when Mincheol first told Jang-Mi that he wants a divorce, he promised to return their wedding gifts.  Jangsu added that Mincheolchanged his mind all of a sudden and he couldn’t control himself; he is sincerely sorry for losing his temper.  He knows that he shouldn’t have resorted to violence but he was drunk.

Jang-Mi grabs Mincheol’s father’s arm and begs him to help.  She knows that her brother made the mistake but she can’t let her brother go to jail…She’s worried because the attorney said that if they don’t get Mincheol to accept a settlement, he could go to jail.

Jangsu apologizes for losing his temper on their walk home.  He tells her that he didn’t realize that it would make her have to apologize.  Jang-Mi tells hims that it’s not his fault.  If she had married a decent person, this would not have happened.  She apologizes for being naive.  Jang-Mi tells her brother that they can survive this if they keep their heads.

Meanwhile, Taehee pours alcohol for her construction workers? She toasts to their next project and drinks.

Afterwards, Taehee calls Joonhyuk to pick her up.  He asks her if she drank alcohol and asks for her location.  Joonhyuk comes to pick her up, but she’s pretty much gone.  In the car, she continues to drunk talk as if she’s talking to the workers, asking them to trust in her.  Seeing this, Joonhyuk chuckles seeing her sincere side.


At Taehee’s house, she stumbles and Joonhyuk stops her to tell her to hold on to him.  Instead of holding on to him, Taehee kisses him.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jang drives Taehee’s mother home at that moment.  She stalks out of the car and slaps Joonhyuk asking him how he could even think about Taehee in that manner.  This wakes Taehee up, who tells her mother that she loves Joonhyuk.  She explains that she loves Joonhyuk enough to marry her.  Taehee’s mother asks if Joonhyuk feels the same way and he answers that he doesn’t love her yet.

Taehee’s mother angrily asks how he could play with Taehee; how could he kiss her? Taehee interrupts to explain that she was the one who kissed Joonhyuk.  Taehee’s mother tells her daughter that she’s gone insane.  How could her daughter hold on to a guy who doesn’t love her and kiss him?  Taehee continues that it was all her fault.  She begged Joonhyuk to enter in to a contractual dating relationship for six months to see if he can fall for her.  Taehee’s mother tells her to end it right away.  She doesn’t care what the two did, but as long as she now knows, she won’t approve of the relationship.

Before Taehee can say anything other than call for her mother, Joonhyuk interrupts to tell her that they will decide whether or not they want to end the relationship in one and a half months.  Joonhyuk explains that he started the relationship because of Taehee’s insistence, but he’s seeing her sincerely.  He adds that he doesn’t want to break his promise.

Taehee’s mother tells them that he will never accept Joonhyuk as her son-in-law so they better end it.  Taehee follows her mother shouting that she has no right to tell them to end it.

Mr. Jang turns to Joonhyuk and Joonhyuk tells his father to go in and rest…He will tell him everything next time.


Meanwhile, the fiery women enter the house with Taehee declaring that she will marry Joonhyuk.   Her mother tells her that she can do whatever she wants, but her mother will consider her a stranger if she does.  Taehee responds that it will be for the better since she doesn’t want a mother like her anyways!

Originally reading a magazine in the livingroom, Taeja is shocked by the commotion and asks what’s going on.  Taehee tells him that he heard everything; she loves Joonhyuk and asks her brother for help before going up.

Taeja’s grandfather comes out to ask what the shouting is about.  Taeja explains that Taehee just declared her one-sided love for Joonhyuk and her desire to marry him.  Finding this out, their mother just went off in a rage.  It’s interesting to note that Taeja’s grandfather has a grin on his face.

In her room, Taeja’s mother huffs that Joonhyuk is trying to seduce her naive daughter to takeover the company.

In Mincheol’s hospital room, his father drinks soju by himself.  He remembers how Jang-Mi begged him on her knees and over again for some mercy.


The next day, Mincheol’s father tells his son to settle the assault issue.  Mincheol incredulously asks how his father can tell him to settle the issue when Jangsu caused such a commotion in his hospital.

Mincheol’s father sternly tells his son that he was the one who broke the deal first.  If the marriage ended, you are supposed to return the wedding gifts.  He asks why his son tried to get other people’s money for free?

Mincheol stands firm that he doesn’t want to settle.  Mincheol’s mother comes in and asks how her husband can tell her son to settle the issue.

Mincheol’s father yells at his wife for not having any conscience.  How could someone who teaches at an university act this way? Mincheol’s mother responds that Mincheol’s father’s conscience has gotten them nothing.  All he’s done is borrowed someone money and got scammed.  Mincheol’s father accepts her words and tells her that he apologizes if this all arose from his inability to provide financially for the family.  His wife tells him that if he understands to shut up.

However, Mincheol’s father asks his son once more if he has no mind to settle the issue.  At this point, he calls his friend, who is a reporter.  He continues that he has a great idea for a story – one about how marriages end because of wedding gifts.  Mincheol’s mother grabs his phone and hangs up, asking him what the heck her husband is doing.

Mincheol’s father warns his son that when he decides something.  He follows through so his son better think about this carefully.  He leaves without another word.

Mincheol asks his mother what they can do.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi prepares food for Mincheol again.  Her brother tells her to stop; they might throw it away again.  She tells her brother that she’ll keep trying since this is something that she can do.  Jangsu tells her to stop; it’ll be better if he just goes to jail.

Their mother comes in and asks what they’re talking about since they said that the talk went well the last time.  Jang-Mi states that the talk went well last time and her mom offers to go with them this time.  Both of her kids tell her no and her mom asks if they’re hiding something.  Jang-Mi tells her no and asks her to just taste the food.


At the hospital, Mincheol tells his mother that they should settle.  Mincheol’s mother whines that she doesn’t want to after yelling at Jang-Mi like she did.

Mincheol continues that they know his father’s personality.  He really would tell on his own family to the news outlets…It would be humiliating for the family and he would have to quit his job.  Mincheol’s mother whines that he is no help whatsoever.  She rushes to go to the school.

Minjoo meets up with Taeja at a car dealership.  He bought a new car.  Taeja is shocked that even Minjoo knew about Taehee and Joonhyuk’s relationship.

Minjoo asks about Taeja’s mother’s reaction and Taeja laughs that she threw a fit.  Minjoo comments that Joonhyuk isn’t at the same level as Taehee and Taeja backs up his bro-crush.  He explains that Joonhyuk is talent, a genius, has a great personality and looks great.  Minjoo remarks that with all that, he’s still the son of a driver.

Taeja asks her how she could be so old-fashioned.  He laughs that she’s just like his mother.


At Taeja’s house, his mother has called Mr. Jang over to talk.  She orders that Mr. Jang tell Joonhyuk to give up.  Mr. Jang apologizes that he can’t do that.  He trusts in his own and will follow his son’s decision.

Taeja’s mom remarks that Mr. Jang is sneaky.  Did he expect to takeover the family by marrying his son into the family?

Mr. Jang tries to stop her and she asks if he forgot his own class level because he lived with them for so long.  She tells him to remember that she will never accept Joonhyuk.  If he wants to protect his son, he better make his son give up.

Taeja’s grandfather comes out and quietly sees Mr. Jang sitting there.


Mincheol eats lunch when Jang-Mi arrives.  She apologizes for being late.  He tells her to leave and she tells him to eat her food.

Mincheol asks her if she has no pride to come back after hearing what she did the other day.  Jang-Mi responds that she has no pride.  She’s willing to come back every day, if it will help heal his heart, which was heart because of her brother.  Mincheol sighs and tells her to leave and Jang-Mi notes that the humidifier is empty and leaves to refill it.

When she comes back, she sees that Mincheol has eaten the food.  He tells her that he will settle the Jangsu issue…However, he has one condition.  She needs to give up the wedding gifts.

Mincheol tells her that this is the best that he can do. Once his mother gets money, no one can get it out.

Jang-Mi asks him to think about it once more.

Mincheol tells her to leave and come back after she’s thought about it.

Jang-Mi spends the night thinking.  The next day, she tells her family Mincheol’s condition.  Jangsu and her mother are shocked.  Jangsu offers to go to jail instead and Jang-Mi states that they can always earn more money…But they can’t lose him.


At the attorney’s office, the two sides sign a settlement agreement.  Mincheol follows her out and tells her that since this is the last time that they will see each other, they might as well shake hands.


Jang-Mi punches him and gives him a bloody nose.  Mincheol asks how she could hit him right after he settled the other assault case.  Jang-Mi replies that she believes the settlement amount should more than cover for her punch.  She also tells him that he shouldn’t live his life like this and she will be watching to see how well he lives with the money he took through her tears… She finishes by kicking him in the shins and leaving.



Atta girl! I love the fact that she punched (not slapped) Mincheol and kicked him in the shin!  Additionally, it felt good to hear her say what we all want her to say.  Not some exaggerated drama thing of I’m going to be tough, but that Mincheol better realize that he’s not living his life well.  Since the drama has been sufficiently set up, we can look look forward to what daily dramas are known for – character development.  I look forward to seeing things start to work out for Jang-Mi.

On a side note, I think Minjoo is definitely going to be a good side lead.  She has personality and charisma.  She has well digested her role and reminds me of a younger Kim Taehee in Stairway to Heaven.  If things go like now, she will be the type that everyone loves to hate 😛


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