Love & Secret – E37

Life goes on after the failed confession.  Areum returns to work and Seung Woon is ordered to save his company by securing Philip’s investment.  Meanwhile, will Philip be able to convince Areum to study abroad?



Seung Woon falls onto Yoon Yi because he’s completely drunk.


Meanwhile, Areum broods about Seung Woon’s offer as she spends some time with Tiffany.  Her heart wants to keep thinking about the possibility, but she physically reacts to the thought…shaking her head “no.”  Tiffany coos to her mother and cheers her up.


At Seung Woon’s home, he stumbles into the kitchen with a hangover.  Seeing the post-it on the fridge, he wonders if Yoon Yi was the one who brought him home.  The reminder about the board of director’s meeting in the afternoon makes him think that it has to be Yoon Yi.  She was even nice enough to cook him soup.

Yoon Yi, however, remembers the night perfectly.  She brought Seung Woon home and he fell into bed muttering that it’s all over.  He keeps repeating, “leave…let Areum go…”

Yoon Yi wonders whether Seung Woon also knew about Areum and Philip’s relationship.  Deciding that the best way to figure it out is through Philip’s friend, she calls Jackie and sets up a dinner date.


The Han family engage in a nice family breakfast.  During this time, Mr. Han asks for Areum’s opinion about studying abroad.  However, Areum answers that she doesn’t think it’s the right time.  Mr. Han accepts her response and asks her to bring Philip back home, so that he could speak to Philip.  Afterwards, Areum calls Philip to meet.


At the Board of Directors’ meeting, Mr. Chun reassures the group that even though Areum is back on the project, it’s going to be a secret.  The project’s face will be Seung Woon.

One of the directors ask why the concert will not be recorded or broadcast.  Seung Woon explains that he thinks that by keeping it off-broadcast, their good will increases due to their sincere charity.

This mollifies the directors, who then attack the status of getting Philip’s investment.  They wonder about the rumor that Philip would invest in Dior…


After the meeting, Mr. Han blows up at Seung Woon.  He orders Seung Woon to make sure that either Philip invests in Winners Group or does not invest in their competition.

Areum’s Team argue about the celebrity that they want to send to China.  Louis steps in to tell the group that Jiwoo and Anna can determine the celebrity together.  He asks Areum to report to Seung Woon.

Obviously, feeling uncomfortable after turning Seung Woon down, Areum asks if Louis could report to Seung Wooninstead.  She offers to take over any of Louis’ responsibilities.  However, Louis finds reporting to Seung Woonmore stressful than anything else and runs out citing another task.


Having no other choice, Areum reports to Seung Woon.  She gets him right after he calls Philip, who tells him that he has nothing to talk about…Philip states that he will call Seung Woon later.

Areum makes a quick report before leaving.  [DRAMAFEED – Side note… Have you guys noticed that the A-line skirt is trending in Korea?  This is not the only drama, where the main leads are wearing this design.  Just musing…]

Like a true friend, Jiwoo waited to go to lunch with Areum.  Coincidentally, Jinwoo calls to let Areum know that he’s in the area.  They decide to have lunch together! ^____________^


Seeing the cutie Jinwoo, Jiwoo is all smiles.  During lunch, Jinwoo finally comes clean about his part time job nearby.  Even though Jiwoo had resolved to become a vegetarian the past week, she asks about Jinwoo’s restaurant, citing that she likes meat.  Jinwoo comments that there’s a lot of girls at his bbq restuarant and Jiwoo mutters that she thinks she knows why.

Jiwoo suggests that they grab a coffee after lunch.  When Areum gets a text from Philip and asks to postpone coffee, Jiwoo freaks out.  Sweetie Jinwoo offers to grab coffee with Jiwoo and she declines awkwardly…


Philip asks about the whole study abroad plan and Areum tells him that she think’s it’s not the right time.  Instead of giving up, he tries to convince her that Areum studying abroad would be better for her father.  This line of argument works on Areum and she agrees to think about it more.  Buoyed by the progress, Philip offers to walk her home and grabs her hand…[DRAMAFEED – NOTICE THE UNEATEN CAKES >.<]


Yoon Yi has dinner with Jackie.  Turns out that Jackie and Philip were high school roommates.  Yoon Yi does the whole – I – Don’t-Want-To-Tell-You-But-I-Fell-Compelled-To-Thing.  She explains that she feels awkward telling Jackie this… However, she her engagement was broken because Areum shook Seung Woon’s heart.  Jackie looks awkward and walks out to get a call.


Seungho’s grandmother comes by to Sunhwa’s restaurant.  Sunhwa asks the grandmother to sit for a minute and she would come by soon to teach the grandmother English.  However, after waiting for a while, Seungho’s grandmother gets angry about waiting.  She call’s Sunhwa over.

Sunhwa apologizes that their restaurant is so busy.  When Heung Min comes by, Sunhwa asks Heung Min to teach the grandmother the alphabet.  This sets the grandmother off because of her insecurity about not being able to read.  She tells Sunhwa that she’s not her type and should lose weight.  Afterwards, she stalks off.


Cheolgu and Songcheol watch television at home.  Hungry, Cheolgu goes out to cook ramen for the two.  Outside, Cheolgu and Yoojin get into another fight.  This time it’s because Cheolgu snuck his dirty laundry into Songcheol’s laundry bin.

Songcheol asks Yoojin aside.  He asks if Yoojin has no place to go and no family.  Yoojin angrily replies that she has parents and family.  Huffing, Yoojin tells Songcheol to worry about himself.  Dramatic irony – after Yoojin walks off, Songcheol thanks his lucky stars that he doesn’t have a child.  Meanwhile, Yoojin wonders whether she should just tell Songcheol that she’s his daughter.  She decides against it because Songcheol might freak out and disappear.


Heungsu hears about the next big crisis in our drama.  The real estate investment office has disappeared!  Heungsu keeps muttering everything in a fanatic fashion so that Heung Min knows that the company disappeared and that his aunt’s $50,000 is involved…

Walking out from the office, Areum sees Seung Woon and hides behind a column.  However, she’s kind of slow and Seung Woon sees her.  Being the gentleman, he takes another path to avoid walking into Areum.


Our rectangular romance gets another jumpstart as Seung Woon pauses at an intersection.  He gets to see Philip escort Areum into his car.  Our leading boy/man-child can’t even close his mouth out of shock.  All of a sudden all of the awkward moments with Philip start making sense…Philips aggressive familiarity and Areum’s awkwardness around Philip…Areum’s confession that Tiffany’s father is back in the picture.


Philip comes home to find Jackie waiting for him.  Jackie asks about the status of the relationship and warns Philip about thinking about getting married with Areum. Philip answers that he’s thinking about marriage.  He hopes that they can go abroad and hide for a year.  During that time, he will wrap up the divorce litigation.  Afterwards, they can get married.

When Jackie asks why Areum, Philip answers that Areum’s love was so sweet and innocent.  He can’t imagine losing Areum to anyone else.

Jackie tells his friend that Areum caused Yoon Yi to break off her engagement.  He advises Philip to figure out the truth behind it all.


Cue man to man call! Both sides now know the role of the other in the love rectangle! They agree to meet and glare at each other through time and space >.< ^o^


I hope that Philip doesn’t blame Areum for her fling with Seung Woon, if we can even call it that.  He threw her away first.  He has no right to judge her for having a thing with another guy.

On the other hand…I’m getting worried about Yoon Yi.  While, her fashion is good and she’s not bad looking…Her character doesn’t really leave a lasting impression.  It’s as if her only raison d’etre is to move the story along for Areum… The two male leads get a decent amount of screen time, development, and internal conflict. Yoon Yi looked like she was also getting some story time and internal conflict…However, now her only role is to let each side know about Areum’s actions… Seems weak… I would rather that they develop Yoon Yi’s character.  Give us more background.  Create an alliance between Philip and Yoon Yi? Or throw us a reasonable story subplot, why Seung Woon has to stick with Yoon Yi… As the story stands, it’s just Seung Woon v. Philip.   For all Yoon Yi’s threats are hollow.

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