Run, Jang-Mi – E09

Line, hook, sinker.  Let the cuteness begin – feel good family hijinks!  Jang-Mi and her mom move in with Joonhyuk thanks to Mr. Jang being the biggest softie ever.  On the side, Taeja has a battle of the wills with his grandfather on whether or not he has to go to work.



Taeja’s grandfather comes home during Taeja’s tantrum that he would rather die than go work for the family company.  Coming home from the diagnosis, Taeja’s grandfather loses it and kicks Taeja in the shins.  He curses his grandson for being so weak and yells that he developed the company with his blood and sweat.  He warns Taeja that his company is not something that Taeja could belittle so easily.

Taeja’s mother runs over to her son to beg him to apologize to his grandfather.  Taeja refuses to apologize and his grandfather tells him to leave.  Taeja’s grandfather states that he doesn’t need a weakling like Taeja.

Taeja asks if that is why his grandfather killed his father.  Taeja’s mother tries to reason with Taeja, saying that his father’s death was an accident.  Taeja insists that his father would not have gotten in that accident if his grandfather had not yelled at his father for being weak that night.

Then Taeja blinks and the world realizes that he was just thinking in his head.  His mother continues to plead for her son to apologize, but Taeja’s grandfather stalks into his room.  Instead of going after his grandfather to apologize, Taeja leaves the house.

Running after her son, she asks what Taeja is doing.  Taeja replies that he’s trying to obey his grandfather.  Taeja’s mom asks if Taeja is trying to be slow; he knows that’s not what his grandfather really wants.  She tries to reason with her son and reminds him that his grandfather would do anything for him.  She adds that she knows that her son also likes his grandfather…However, it doesn’t work and Taeja storms off.


Meanwhile, Taeja’s grandfather broods that he expected to have more time than this.  He thought there was time to allow Taeja mature on his own…

Taeja’s mom comes in to complain that her father-in-law was too harsh on Taeja.  Taeja’s grandfather answers that they have babied Taeja too much because of the trauma he experienced as a child.  Afraid that he would lose self confidence after the psychological treatment, they gave him everything and let him live the way he wanted.  Taeja’s grandfather notes that Taeja needs to mature.  He dismisses his daughter in law.


At Mr. Jang’s rice cake cafe, Jang-Mi continues to use the leftover to make different dipping sauces for the rice cakes.  Mr. Jang comes in to tell her to go home.  Jang-Mi explains that she wants to try making different fillings that would appeal to the younger crowd.  She guarantees that she will be safe and pushes him out first.  She happily cooks into the night before going home.

At home, she peels the face mask off her spoiled mother’s face and puts away the notebook and notes in her mom’s hands.  It turns out that her mother fell asleep, while taking notes on possible new apartments.

Taeja has a nightmare about the crash again.


In the morning, Mr. Jang finds himself unconsciously walking on the same street that he bumped into Jang-Mi’s mother on.  He pauses when he realizes that he used the same street.

Before Mr. Jang could examine his own feelings, Jang-Mi walks out of the motel.  Mr. Jang looks surprised that Jang-Mi came out of the motel and asks why she came out of there.  Jang-Mi explains that she’s living there temporarily…

They start walking off and Jang-Mi explains her recent history.  Being a big old softie, Mr. Jang asks if Jang-Mi wants to see a house.  He knows a place.


Jang-Mi follows Mr. Jang to his own house.  They have a separate two bedroom and one bathroom house on the side.  Jang-Mi explores the house and likes it.  She asks Mr. Jang how much it is and he responds that it’s for rent (junsae) for $80,000.  [DRAMAFEED – Remember readers, this means they pay $80,000 and they can live in it for years… When they move out, they get their deposit back.  The perk being that there’s no monthly rent! A/k/a temporary ownership!]

Jang-Mi frowns to find out that it’s junsae instead of monthly rent.  She explains that she was looking into a monthly renting situation with a deposit of $10,000. Jang-Mi asks Mr. Jang to speak with the owner on her behalf to see if the owner would be willing to accept monthly rent instead.  Mr. Jang asks if Jang-Mi would be interested in moving into the house if it was a monthly rental situation.  Jang-Mi confirms right away and Mr. Jang replies that he will accept the monthly rent.  He explains that he took out a loan to buy the house and hoped to pay it off with the junsae.  However, he can use the monthly rental payments to make his interest payments instead.  Ecstatic, Jang-Mi thanks Mr. Jang profusely.


Taeja finishes eating a sushi meal, which comes out to be $168.80.  When he tries to pay, he finds that all of his cards have been canceled.  He tries to pay with cash, only to remember that he gave his cash away at the club the other night.

Walking to the side, Taeja tries to call in reinforcements.  Joonhyuk ignores Taeja’s call and Taehee refuses to help.  She explains that Taeja’s grandfather has declared war.  He stated that if either Taeja’s mother or Taehee helps Taeja, they need to leave the house, too.  Taeja asks Minjoo for help, but she also apologizes that she can’t make Taeja’s mother angry.

Having no choice, Taeja gives all of his money (around $60) and leaves his watch as collateral.


Jang-Mi moves her mother in.  She explains to her mother that the wallpaper and the flooring has been recently redone.  There’s even a shower and the house is not half underground or on an attic.  Jang-Mi goes to receive the furniture as Jang-Mi’s mother sighs that her life has turned up-side down.


Taeja runs to Mincheol for a refund of the packages that he paid for on behalf of Minjoo, Taehee, and his mother.  Mincheol notes that generally refunds are not allowed, but he agrees to give Taeja back his money.


At Jang-Mi’s new house, her mother is cleaning under the sink when she freaks out about a cockroach.  Mr. Jang runs in and kills it.  When he comes out to introduce himself to Jang-Mi’s mother, he recognizes her and his heart starts to beat.

Jang-Mi’s mother complains that Mr. Jang hasn’t maintained the house properly.  Mr. Jang, in his love-stricken state, offers to buy bug spray and runs out.

Jang-Mi tells her mother to stop complaining about everything.  However, her mother is not in the mood to be mature.  She explains that if you see one cockroach, there’s usually hundreds hidden.  She runs into the room.


Taeja uses the cash from Mincheol to  get his watch back.  Lucky for him, Minjoo comes by with new underwear and socks.  She explains that she couldn’t help him out in front of Taehee.  She snuck by to help him secretly.

Taeja laughs that he must have some magical powers.  He had this feeling that he wanted to buy the packages at Mincheol’s new hospital in cash…

Minjoo advises that he should just give up and apologize to his grandfather.  Taeja responds that it’s war.  He’s going to see how long his grandfather can last without seeing his only grandson.


At Jang-Mi’s house, Mr. Jang happily updates Jang-Mi and her mother that he used the strongest bug spray.  If cockroaches still come out, he will call professional exterminators.  Jang-Mi reassures him that it’s more than enough.  She tells him that if they live cleanly, bugs won’t come out.

Jang-Mi’s mother snipes that bugs, which exist prior to the move-in, are the owner’s responsibility.  Jang-Mi mutters to her mother that they should be thankful that Mr. Jang accepted the monthly payment plan instead of the original junsae situation.  Mr. Jang laughs that he will take care of it if another bug comes out.  Feeling mollified, Jang-Mi’s mother comments that Mr. Jang looks like some farmer but has some sense.

Feeling embarrassed, Jang-Mi rushes Mr. Jang out.  She apologizes on behalf of her mother and he tells her that it’s okay.  Rather, Mr. Jang tells Jang-Mi to take care of her mother.  Even though she misses her father, her mother will miss him more.  He explains that he lost his wife at a young age and raised his son alone.  He comments that losing your spouse is like living with half of your heart gone…


At Mincheol’s house, his mother is off in a mood again.  She cannot believe that Taeja would come back and ask for his money back.  She comments that Taeja is a cheapskate and notes that the worse thing in the world is to asking for something that you gave away.

When Minjoo comes home, Mincheol’s mom complains to Minjoo about Taeja.  Minjoo explains Taeja’s situation to her mother, which clarifies things to Mincheol and his family.  Mincheol’s father comments that this isn’t like Taeja’s grandfather and Minjoo agrees that even Taeja’s family is surprised at house strict Taeja’s grandfather is being.


In Minjoo’s room, her mother worries that Taeja’s grandfather is angry at his grandson.  Minjoo reassures her mother.  She tells her mother that she thinks that the grandfather is trying to make Taeja mature to take over the company.

Minjoo’s mother tells her to hurry up and achieve some progress with Taeja.  Minjoo replies that she has time.  There are no girls around Taeja.

When Minjoo’s mother asks about other girls stealing Taeja away, Minjoo replies that Taeja has already behaved so rudely at the last arranged date that there will be no more arranged dates in the near future.  Minjoo’s mother states that she would be happy to die if her daughter becomes the wife of the head of SL Foods.  Minjoo replies that she shouldn’t die.  Rather, she should live it up at that point.  Definitely two peas in a pod…

Meanwhile, Jandi tastes Jang-Mi’s new concoctions.  She determines that the sauces are not bad, but they aren’t delicious either.  They joke that Jang-Mi is going to get fat in the middle of trying to find new menu items.


When Jang-Mi returns home, she runs into Joonhyuk.  Joonhyuk explains that Mr. Jang is his father and there is a meeting of the families.

Jang-Mi’s mother is giddy to see such a good-looking man.  She grabs Joonhyuk’s hands and thanks him for hiring Jang-Mi.  She’s all smiles and compliments.  Except, Jang-Mi’s mother has to tell Mr. Jang that not only is Joonhyuk handsome, he must take after his mother… Jang-Mi pulls her mother into the house to do some damage control.

Inside his house, Mr. Jang asks his son if he looks that bad.  Joonhyuk responds that his father is handsome in a manly way.  He asks how Jang-Mi came to live there and his father replies that he felt bad for the two women…they were living in a motel….

Taeja comes out to pay for his room and finds out that he doesn’t have enough money to cover the costs.  He calls his mother and tells her to come to pay; he’s giving up.


Jang-Mi hands a lunchbox over to Taeja’s grandfather, who pays her $2.50.  She tells him to bring back the tupperware when he’s done.  Inside the lunchbox, there’s a bottle and a box.  She even put a note that asks him to evaluate the taste of the rice cakes, by filling in the hearts.


Taeja’s grandfather returns the lunchbox to Mr. Jang and explains that Jang-Mi thinks he’s just an old man with no money.  He notes that she seems very sweet, but has a good survival instinct.  Mr. Jang agrees and adds that her father recently passed away.  He also comments about how Jang-Mi stays late to research new menu items.  Taeja’s grandfather nods and asks Mr. Jang for a favor.

Taeja enters his grandfather’s room to apologize.  Taeja’s grandfather tells Taeja to work at Mr. Jang’s cafe.  He can be a server.

Taeja’s mother comments that Taeja can’t do that…he’s the heir to the company!  Taeja’s grandfather notes that no job is too little.  The stores are the backbone of the company.  Taeja replies that he will do it.

At the cafe, Mr. Jang takes Jang-Mi to the side.  He tells her that a new employee will arrive the next day.  He asks her to take care of and train the new employee. If she can keep the employee here for six months, she will be given a permanent position.  However, he warns her that the employee is related to the company’s owner and will be a pain in the butt.


The next day, Taeja plays with his phone until he’s late.  He then walks in to the cafe.  He recognizes Jang-Mi on sight and comments that it’s hard to see each other so many times by coincidence.

When Taeja introduces himself, Jang-Mi asks how Taeja could come late.  Taeja responds that he did it on purpose.  He asks Jang-Mi for a favor.  Jang-Mi can tell Mr. Jang that she doesn’t want to work with him.

Jang-Mi gives him his uniform.  Taeja refuses and Jang-Mi grabs his jacket to undress him.  Shocked, Taeja gets up and asks what kind of girl undresses a guy without fear?

Jang-Mi hands him the uniform and gives him an ultimatum. He can change into the clothes or she can help him.


I love Love & Secret, but I think I’m falling in love with this drama, too.  It took longer.  The two have completely different personalities.  This one is definitely more of the romantic comedy, warms your heart type with multiple romances.  I can’t wait to see how Mr. Jang and Jang-Mi’s mother’s relationship will pan out.

Additionally, I love how Jang-Mi is in charge of TRAINING Taeja.  By giving Jang-Mi the promise of a permanent position, it gives Jang-Mi’s character a strong incentive to stick by Taeja.  This in turn creates the perfect situation for a budding romance 🙂

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