Yi Suk is cleared of the charge of attempted murder, but public opinion has turned against him.  We also find out why Yi Suk is Yi Suk – his family has some serious issues stemming from mom and dad… Meanwhile, Inspector Jang and Hong Do try to grab a meal together, which is prevented by his job and her anxiety issues.


Preview? – Hong Do runs through the park with Inspector Jang following.  At one point, her beret falls off and she stops to pick it back up…


Hong Do walks into Yi Suk’s office to find him dangling.  She tries to hold his legs up but his kicking throws her off balance.  She uses her head and pushes the desk toward him.  With scissors, she cuts the tie and sends them both falling to the ground.

Yi Suk walks straight to the phone to listen to the voicemail again. He shouts that everyone played with him.


Inspector Jang calls Hong Do only to have Yi Suk pick up.  Yi Suk starts threatening to sue the whole precinct for defamation.  Yi Suk also demands to know what hospital the patient is in…He wants to get his fountain pen back.

After Inspector Jang refuses, Yi Suk yells at Hong Do for causing him so much stress.  He tells her to just live in her helmet forever and never come outside. He totally blames his suicide attempt on Hong Do.

Yi Suk drives off with Hong Do following in her velo to get her phone back.  She follows him to the hospital and the room before hiding outside the door.


Yi Suk starts out grumpily asking why the patient did it.  Soon, he’s acting funny again.  Having difficulty breathing, he opens the window.  Outside, the patient’s daughter finds the room cold and walks in to close the window.  Seeing Yi Suk, she asks what he’s doing in her father’s room.

Hong Do follows the daughter into the room and whimpers that she wants her cell phone.  Yi Suk grabs her to throw her out and feels better immediately.  However, when Hong Do is out of the room, he starts feeling dizzy and nauseous again.  Unconsciously realizing what’s going on, he pulls Hong Do back into the room.  He then kicks her out.  Right afterwards, he feels uncomfortable and has to leave the room again.  [DRAMAFEED – Interesting that every time Yi Suk holds the daughter, the father glares…]


Outside the room, Yi Suk asks why Hong Do is following him.  She yells at him for having her cell phone and basically calls him a psychotic quack.  He comments that she can say her mind when she wants to.  Then he grabs her helmet to see her blushing.  He tells her that he’s the best at curing people with similar disabilities and promises to help if she helps him first.

That’s how Hong Do gets dragged into the patient’s room again.  He sits Hong Do down and keeps his hand on her helmet as he talks to the patient.  Seeing that the patient is getting ready to sleep, he tells the patient that he will return another time.


The patient tells Yi Suk that he doesn’t want Yi Suk visiting again.  Yi Suk takes this in stride but asks why the patient tried to suicide in his office.  The patient smirks and motions Yi Suk over. He grabs Yi Suk by the collar and asks if Yi Suk is curious now that he’s seen his daughter.  Hong Do takes the opportunity to run out of the room and Yi Suk starts feeling uncomfortable again.  The patient warns Yi Suk not to get near his daughter ever again.  Outside, Yi Suk tosses Hong Do’s cell phone back to her.


The next morning, Hong Do begins her complete makeup routine.  She comments that it’d be nice to work at a normal company and she’d be able to stand in front of Inspector Jang proudly…


Hong Do arrives and overhears CEO Goh grumble that he can’t work with a grandmother.  CEO Goh tells Hong Do that he didn’t expect the grandmother to come to work and he’d give her money for coming today.

Hong Do tells CEO Goh that she thinks he’s biased.  She explains that the only thing that older people can’t do is have kids.  She asks for a chance to be his typist.

Afterwards, as Hong Do walks down the stairs she sees Yi Suk’s picture.  She asks the housekeeper, who confirms that Yi Suk is CEO Goh’s grandson.  Luckily for Hong Do, she gets called back in to CEO Goh’s room.

Yi Suk is dealing with a hangover when his mother calls him.  She reminds him that he promised to come over today.


Hong Do types away furiously as CEO Goh talks.  He takes the paper and dismisses her. Hong Do tries to ask if he needs his reading glasses.  Hong Do tries to help with a cell phone app, which magnifies letters.  She offers to download it onto CEO Goh’s phone and realizes taht he doesn’t have a smart phone.  She comments that non-smart phones are easier for “elders” and CEO Goh responds that’s he’s not older than Hong Do!  [DRAMAFEED – I think the CEO cannot read…]

Hong Do walks out when she sees Yi Suk walking in with his mother.  He ends up holding her and carrying her in.


Inspector Jang eats with his colleague, who compliments Inspector Jang’s food.  Inspector Jang worries about Hong Do and begins drafting a text to her.  The two get distracted by a naked lady, who runs by.


Hong Do gets a text, which basically says that he enjoyed the meal and if she’s okay, “me–.”  Hong Do wanders around her house wondering what the interrupted word was.  She happily texts “what about restaurant…”

Meanwhile, the two cops chase after the naked runner.


On set, Sero keeps messing up the scene that the cast is filming.  The leads continue acting when the naked lady runs by and jumps into the pool.  The main female actress shouts that she can’t do this anymore and the director decides to cut the whole scene from the movie. Sero whines that they can’t cut this scene as this is her only scene.


Yi Suk goes to his lead professor’s office.  She asks him what happened.  Yi Suk updates her that the man was depressed after his wife left.  However, he believes that the man’s obsession with his daughter was the main issue.  He knows because the man threatened him in the hospital.  The lead professor notes that Yi Suk should stop drinking.  She also adds that he’s lucky that his license wasn’t suspended after this incident.  Yi Suk protests that he’s the victim.

As for the naked lady, she gets returned to the custody of another woman.  Turns out she’s a curator. No explanation as to why she ran around naked.

Inspector Jang wonders if he should call Hong Do back and decides to just text her.


Meanwhile, Hong Do hides next to Inspector Jang’s apartment building again.  She wonders what she would do if he actually asks her to meet him.  Then she sees to people’s shoes.  They look like they’re dancing.  At one point, the shoes suggest that the owners end up kissing…

Inspector Jang texts her back and apologizes for the cut off message.  He explains that he wanted to buy her a meal.  Hong Do runs and dances around in happiness … in her mind.  In reality, she just laughes to herself.


The next day, she puts on makeup and a beret.  The night before, she had planned her route.  She would reserve a cab with a quiet driver.  Unfortunately, the cab company calls to tell her that there’s construction going on.  The person asks her to walk to the end of the street to meet the cab…


Yi Suk has his own issues. All of his patients have canceled their reservations.  Even his front desk assistant quits.

As for Hong Do, she decides to use an umbrella, instead of her helmet, to meet Inspector Jang.  She also pretends to be sleeping so that she doesn’t have to talk to the driver.  However, the passenger before her left his/her phone and the driver asks her to pick it up.  She ends up giving the driver the phone, but the car gets pulled over for driving while being on the phone.  The driver asks her to explain the situation to the traffic cop.  Hong Do throws her money at the driver and runs out…with the driver following.

Inspector Jang waits for Hong Do at the restaurant.  Before Hong Do can arrive, he realizes that the person-of-interest that he and his colleague are looking for is in the same restaurant.  The suspect catches the inspector looking and runs.  Inspector Jang commences a chase and finally gets the suspect.


The Goh family celebrate CEO Goh’s birthday.  Everything is happy as Sero invites the housekeeper and the butler to join them.  CEO Goh asks Yi Suk what he’s going to do with his hospital.  He heard that Yi Suk was in trouble for treating patients while drunk.  Sero tries to defend her brother and gets yelled at for trying to be an actress.  He also lectures Yi Suk’s mother for being drunk.

All of a sudden, Yi Suk’s father arrives and Yi Suk’s mother looks like she’s going to have a nervous breakdown.  After the celebration, Yi Suk goes into his grandfather’s room to declare his opinion.  He states that he doesn’t think that his father has a right to live in the family home and should return to the Nonhondong villa; he abandoned his family 20 years ago to play with other women.


Yi Suk goes to his mother, who’s sobbing.  Yi Suk promises to protect his mother from his father.

Hong Dong arrives at the restaurant after it closed.  She looks in as Inspector Jang also arrives again.  Once he’s told that the restaurant is closed, he leaves.  Outside, he gets a call from the station.  Someone tells him that Hong Do got hit by a bike and off Inspector Jang goes, without seeing Hong Do on the side of the building.

Hong Do cries and goes home.  At home, she decides to wash her blankets.  She comments that she washes them every two days, but they’re smelly again.  She’s running around when Inspector Jang calls out.


Quickly Hong Dong turns off the lights.  Inspector Jang smiles and notes that she can just listen.  He tells her that he brought Hong Dong’s cell phone, which the bike rider had brought to the station.  He shouts that he will leave the phone in front of her house.  He also asks for another chance to buy her a meal and tells her that he will wait for her call.


Yi Suk goes straight to his head professor about his father’s return.  The professor tells him that CEO Goh called and she told him everything.  Yi Suk is fine about it since he’s already heard the lecture from his grandfather.

However, the professor isn’t done.  She tells him that not only does he need to quit drinking, he needs to work under her supervision at her hospital. Yi Suk comments that he doesn’t want to work at such a shabby hospital.  The professor asks if he doesn’t want to become a true doctor, who can cry with the patient.

Hong Do gets up in her room and declares that she will meet Inspector Jang again.  Except, when he goes to see Inspector Jang, she will go out without a helmet or an umbrella.

In the morning, Inspector Jang gets a defamation lawsuit summons.

At the same time, Hong Do gets on her velo to go to Yi Suk’s hospital.

Yi Suk’s hospital is totally empty, robbed of everything.  Yi Suk asks if she’s the one, who stole everything.


In response, Hong Do takes off her helmet.  She asks him to fix her…if he doesn’t, she threatens to commit suicide…and then begs him to fix her.


Well the attempted murder charge got cleared quickly.  However, I do wish that the writers would explain more clearly why Yi Suk has no memory of the 2 hours and why he can’t breathe around that patient.  I want to know if this issue is particular to that patient.  Another light-hearted episode.

I loved episode one.  However, episode two seemed average. I think episode two’s purpose is to set up the stage for the story.  I feel like this drama took such a wild turn in episode one that I cannot predict how and where the story will end up… So, I’m going to hope that episode three brings back the zingy drama from episode one.

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