Love & Secret – E39

Here comes the storm! Philip proposes to Areum in the sweetest way possibe…just as his ex-wife returns to Korea.  On the sidelines, Seung Woon breaks your heart by letting Areum go.



Areum happily walks into Philip’s flat.  He’s trying his best to win points from Areum by caring for Tiffany.  However, Tiffany starts crying for her mom because she loes her mom more. ^______^


Philip gives Areum a present – new shoes for Tiffany.  He awkwardly notes that he wasn’t sure about Tiffany’s size and asks Areum to try them on Tiffany.  Areum picks up the cute sneakers to find that Philip tied a diamond ring to the shoelaces. [DRAMAFEED – KYAAAA >.< That was cute!]

Unfortunately, Philip is racing at the speed of light and Areum’s heart is paddling along.  She freezes with countless thoughts racing through her head… Philip puts the ring on Areum’s finger and asks her to marry him.  He tells her that he will only look at her and asks her to only look at him, too.  Areum says, “Yes.”

However, Areum can’t help as the tears start streaming down her face.  Either Philip is oblivious or doesn’t care, as long as he can have her as his wife.  He continues to smile happily as he tells her that he will bring out dinner and drinks.


Areum decides to smile and wipe off her tears.  When Philip’s phone rings, she realizes the envelope with the DNA test.  She picks it up to open it…

Philip races in to ask Areum to taste the food.  Areum goes to wash her hands and Philip hides the documents in the drawers.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chun calls Yoon Yi out for dinner.  At a Japanese restaurant, Mr. Chun asks Yoon Yi to accept Seung Woon.  He apologizes that he knows this is asking a lot from Yoon Yi…However, he still hopes that Yoon Yi could embrace Seung Woon.


When Areum comes home, her mom is waiting for her.  She asks how it was with Philip.  Areum shows her mom a family picture with Philip and Tiffany.  Mrs. Han gushes that they look like a real family.  She explains that while guys are cautious about kids, they all love their own children.

Without further ado, Areum also shows her mother her engagement ring.  Mrs. Han squeals in excitement.  She totally approves and comments that Philip is different as he manages a large business; he knows how to get things done.  She advises that whatever Philip did in the past should stay in the past.  Now that they are happily together, Areum should only look toward the future.  Areum tears up but agrees. When Mrs. Han gets up, Areum insists that she will sleep with Tiffany.

It’s good to see that Areum can smile as she looks at her ring.

Mrs. Han goes straight to Mr. Han to tell him the good news.  He sighs in relief and asks about the date. Mrs. Han explains that they will have to figure that out.


At Philip’s house, he continues to ignore his cell phone as he has a lot of thoughts on his mind.  Unfortunately, he’s ignoring his ex-wife’s calls.  She comments that Philip wouldn’t know her number and decides that she’ll just have to surprise him in Korea.

On the side, Soo Ah tells Mr. Chun that Areum’s engaged to Philip.


At Zishen, the Team happily reviews the new children’s clothes.  Cautiously, Areum asks if Louis could bring the clothes in to Seung Woon for inspection.  She adds that she loves Louis and would be so thankful if he just did her this one favor.

Louis snaps back that Areum’s not his style.  Additionally he advises that for her own good, she needs to keep interacting with Seung Woon to make their relationship normal.  She shouldn’t keep running.  He also tells her that disobeying his order would show that her love for him is fake.


Areum carries the box into Seung Woon’s office.  Seung Woon ends up cutting his finger as he opens the box.  Areum grabs a tissue to stop the blood and he sees her engagement ring. [DRAMAFEED – My heart stopped… This next part just makes my heart so heavy… Seung Woon does such a good job playing the good guy… I’m going to translate it.]

Areum offers to get some bandaids from the first aid kit and Seung Woon stops her.

SW: No, it’s okay.  He’s a good person, right? I hope that he’s a good person. A warm person. So…Also, I’m sorry for making you feel awkward for a while… It might be hard to be normal right away…but, I’m working on it. So ignore me in the interim.  I want you to feel comfortable.

AH: Vice President.

SW: You can go now. I’ll inspect the clothes later.

[DRAMAFEED – Heart…breaks… He let her go like a man. TT_TT]

Areum goes to wash her hands and tears…She remembers Philips words and looks at her ring.


Mr. Han meets up with a friend.  He wants to create a social entrepreneurship company.  He explains that he wanted to use half of his retirement fund.  He never planned to give his money to his children and he would think that using it to start a social entrepreneurship company would work.  Specifically, he wants to create an organization that helps interracial families.  The friend assures Mr. Han that he still respects Mr. Han greatly and would love to help.

Heungsu deals with constipation because of his stress.  Knowing that his father has messed up again, Heung Min also doesn’t have his normal appetite, which freaks Sunhwa out.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chun broods in his office that his son must have been so humiliated to have to ask Philip for help.  He notes that the best thing would be for Seung Woon to get engaged to Yoon Yi…


Also in the office, Areum waits for Jiwoo to get off work.  They end up going out for drinks and Areum spills the news about her engagement.  Areum continues that she’s happy because her parents are happy and Tiffany gets a dad…Jiwoo continues to ask what’s going on.  Areum denies that she’s gloomy because of Seung Woon.  The good friend, Jinwoo tells Areum that she can cry for one night.

Areum tears up and confesses that she doesn’t want Seung Woon to be hurt because of her.  She doesn’t want Seung Woon to cry because of her.  She knows that everything is for the best if she gets married.  Jiwoo tells her to only hurt for one more day.


The next day, Jiwoo and Areum end up riding the same elevator as Seung Woon.  The atmosphere is expectedly awkward.  Jiwoo decides to break the awkwardness and asks when Areum’s wedding is.  She continues that she will design Areum’s wedding dress.

Luckily, the elevator arrives and Seung Woon walks out.  Jiwoo warns Areum that she doesn’t want Areum to be sad anymore.

Yoon Yi finds Seung Woon in his office and tells him that she’s not ready to receive him back.  However, she suggests that they go on a weekend trip to Choonchung. Seung Woon responds that they should just start with dinner.

Outside the office, Yoon Yi muses that everything is going as expected.  She knew Seung Woon would give up once Areum got engaged.

When Areum arrives back in the office, Jiwoo is fixing her makeup.  When Areum suggests that they go out together, Jiwoo runs off first.  Areum doesn’t have to fear as Philip calls to pick her up.  He tells Areum that Mrs. Han invited him over.

Jiwoo went straight to Jinwoo’s bbq restaurant. There, she stuffs her face as she watches Jinwoo serve the other girls.


At dinner, Seung Woon tells Yoon Yi that he cares for her a lot more than she knows.  However, he only sees her as a friend.  He wants her to be happy.  He continues that he knows he won’t be able to make her happy because he loves Areum.

Yoon Yi throws her glass of wine at his face and calls him trash.  Seung Woon accepts it calmly.  He tells her that he knows he’s trash…so, she should leave when she has the chance.

Unfortunately, Yoon Yi replies that she will never let him go.  She’s going to stay by him and make sure she returns all of the pain she received.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han is obviously happy.  Mr. Han asks if Philip has told his parents.  Philip responds that his father has trouble walking and loses his consciousness some times.  He hasn’t told his father because of his condition.  Rather he proposes that they hold a small and simple wedding in Korea.  When his father gets better, they can have a real wedding in the United States.

The parents agree with Philip’s plan.  When Areum is asked for her opinion, she pauses that she doesn’t know.  However, when everyone stares at her she agrees that his plan seems good.

Philip thanks Mr. and Mrs. Han for raising such a wonderful daughter.  He promises to live happily with Areum.  They toast.


Then Philip gets a call from his ex-wife – Susie Lee.


I was impressed by Philip’s proposal.  I still don’t understand why he has to keep the DNA test results, but I give him points for really trying.  However, I think that Areum and her family have a right to know that the divorce isn’t finalized before they agree to setting a date.  This seems just as bad as Areum hiding Tiffany, if you ask me.  I want to see how Areum and the Han’s end up reacting to this.

TT_TT As for Seung Woon…Poor baby… I wish something would be a catalyst for Seung Woon.  He needs a more active role – not just a backseat…

One last thing.  I was impressed by Yoon Yi’s crying act.  I think she did it better than Areum does.  I hope that the show fleshes out her character more.

And so another episode passes in the land of Love & Secret.

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