NEWS FLASH – Goh Hyun Jung: When Reality Hits a Marriage of Two Social Classes


According to Chosun Ilbo, the Korean comedy show, Dae Chan Insaeng (Fulfilled Life) featured Goh Hyun Jung’s actual life story on its January 13, 2015 Episode.  I figured Goh’s life is an interesting one for non-Koreans to know about as well.

Unfortunately, Goh’s life is a Korean drama of power-play between the rich and the powerful.  Goh debuted in 1989 after winning Miss Korea as a popular show host.  She impressed and won over the hearts of viewers through her performance in Love on a Jujube Tree.  From there, Goh played various roles including her famous role in the unforgettable-legendary drama, Sandglass.  As most would agree, Goh got married at the peak of her career.  She married Chung Yong-Jin, the vice chairman and co-CEO of Shinsegae Group, who was also the grandson of Samsung’s founder.  With the marriage announcement, Goh also announced that she would retire from acting.

Yep, we had the drama-esque normal girl (albeit a celebrity) marrying into a chaebol family.  They had two children, a boy and a girl.  According to Chosun, rumors followed that the chaebol family did not like Goh and did not treat her well after the wedding.

Unlike most chaebol power-play related dramas, Goh ended up getting a divorce in November 2003.  In this divorce, Goh (the mother!) lost complete custody of her two children.  I could not confirm, but it is rumored that Goh continues acting because she is not allowed to see her kids…Therefore, she acts as much as possible so that her kids can see her. According to Wikipedia, Shinsegae even passed a policy that none of the huge department stores were allowed to display any materials related to Goh.

Goh returned to the television screen in the drama Spring Day, which was followed with What’s Up Fox and H.I.T.  In 2009, she captured the hearts of viewers everywhere as the legendary royal femme fatale Lady Mishil in Queen Seondeok, who in the days of Korea’s three kingdoms dreamed about governing a kingdom in her own right as a female ruler.  Some would (including I) say that the drama ended up becoming Lady Mishil’s story rather than Seondeok’s ^.~ The drama achieved ratings over 40% and Goh won the highest awards at the MBC Drama Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards.

According to Wikipedia, Goh began teaching as an adjunct professor in Dogguk University in 2014.

I do not know what is going on in Goh’s personal life, but I salute the fact that she didn’t run away.  Even after making a public announcement to retire, Goh came back and soared in Korea’s entertainment world after the messy divorce with one of the most powerful families in Korea.  Cheering you on- Goh Hyun Jung!

DISCLAIMER: Information was taken from Chosun and Wikipedia.  However, the views expressed in this article are not endorsed by any news outlet or Wikipedia and are solely the musings of DRAMAFEED.

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