Run, Jang-Mi – E14

Jang-Mi and child survive the motorcycle accident.  However, Mincheol’s mom’s sudden change of heart leads to a car accident that causes Jang-Mi to lose her baby.


Joonhyuk helps Jang-Mi up after the motorcycle accident.  Seeing her grab her stomach, Joonhyuk offers to take her to the hospital.  However, Jang-Mi refuses and insists that she’s fine.

Jang-Mi starts to walk off and falters.  Joonhyuk asks one more time about going to the hospital and Jang-Mi screams at him that she’s fine.


She pauses to calm down before apologizing that she is overly sensitive due to shock.  She asks Joonhyuk to keep this a secret from her mother and Mr. Jang because she doesn’t want to worry them.


Afterwards, Jang-Mi goes to the hospital by herself.  The OB GYN tells her that there’s some blood in the womb area and tells Jang-Mi that she needs to be calm at all costs.

As Jang-Mi rests at the hospital to get a bag of intravenous fluid, Taeja calls to ask why the cafe isn’t open.  Jang-Mi promises to come soon.

At Taeja’s house, his mother tells her father-in-law that she feels better since Taeja is no longer whining that he cannot survive working at a cafe.  Taeja’s grandfather beams in pride that Taeja is holding up better than expected.

However, Taeja’s mom continues to ask if Taeja has to stay at the cafe for the full six months.  At this, Taeja’s grandfather warns her not to encourage Taeja into quitting early.  Taeja’s mother responds that she understands, but she feels that he’s learned everything he can at the cafe; additionally, there is a rude employee that calls Taeja an idiot.  Taeja’s grandfather laughs and comments that it’s the truth; Taeja is a bit of an idiot/pain in the butt.


Meanwhile, at the cafe, Jang-Mi pauses to lean against the table.  Taeja pulls her into the employee locker room and orders that she rests for at least thirty minutes.  Jang-Mi thanks him and takes him on his offer.

As Jang-Mi goes to her locker to get a book, Mincheol’s mother calls and texts.  She tells Jang-Mi that she has contemplated the issue and thinks that Jang-Mi should gte back together with Mincheol for the baby’s sake.  She asks if the baby is okay.


Joonhyuk stops by the cafe to ask about Jang-Mi’s condition.  He tells Taeja about the morning accident and asks Taeja to send Jang-Mi home if her condition worsens.

Afterwards, Taeja checks on Jang-Mi in the locker room to find Jang-Mi fast asleep.  She drops the book that Joonhyuk gave her and Taeja sees the note, “From the Vice President ^^.”


Jang-Mi wakes up to another lecture from Taeja.  He tells her that he can’t stop thinking about or worrying about her.  He tells her to let her mother know and get some rest.  This, however, triggers a nerve in Jang-Mi and she tells him to stay out of her affairs.


After work, Jang-Mi confers with Jandi about Mincheol’s mother’s text.  Jandi agrees that the text makes no sense.  With Mincheol and his mother’s past behavior, it makes no sense that the mother would want the two to get back together.  Jandi even notes that she was suspicious about the motorcycle accident; what if Mincheol’s mom planned it?

Jang-Mi disagrees as it would make no sense for Mincheol’s mom to send the text right after…

Agreeing, Jandi advises that Jang-Mi considers meeting Mincheol’s mother if Jang-Mi is resolved in having her child; it’s too hard to raise a child alone and would aggravate Jang-Mi’s current situation.


Mincheol continues to drink himself and drunk dial Jang-Mi.  He leaves a confused message about how he’s so confused; he thinks it would be best for them to get back together for the baby, but he understands that they have come too far apart. Jang-Mi listens to this message on the bus.


Minjoo has dinner with Taeja, who asks her why a single girl would want to have a child.  Minjoo gets angry that Taeja might have impregnated a girl and he reassures her that he doesn’t have time to do that; he’s just asking about a girl he knows.

Minjoo starts guessing about who it could be and asks if it’s Jang-Mi.  Taeja actually gets angry and tells Minjoo that Jang-Mi isn’t that kind of girl.


Afterwards, Minjoo tells Taeja to call his mother more often and explains how she had wine with Taeja’s mother after the incident.  Taeja pinches Minjoo’s cheeks and coos that she always does the right thing.  He leans in to kiss her forward and Minjoo tilts her face back so that any kiss would land on her mouth, staring at him expectantly.  Taeja pauses and awkwardly tells Minjoo to drive home safe. As a final word, Minjoo tells Taeja to tell his friend not to have the baby; she doesn’t think that’s the right decision.  Minjoo drives home happily.


Mincheol’s mom and dad have to pull Mincheol out of his car and up to his room.  Mincheol’s dad wonders whether something happened at the hospital and Mincheol’s mom yells at him.  After he leaves, Minjoo tells her mother to be nicer to her father and Mincheol’s mom lashes out at her, too, for being so slow with Taeja.  Mincheol’s mom resolves to fix the situation soon.

In the morning, Jang-Mi irons Joonhyuk’s handkerchief.  When Jang-Mi tells her mom that it’s Joonhyuk’s, her mom asks if they’re seeing each other.  Jang-Mi yells at her mom for linking her with Joonhyuk.


When Jang-Mi enters Joonhyuk’s house, Taeja comes out in his briefs. He yells and runs back in the bathroom to throw on a robe.  Jang-Mi manages to give the handkerchief back to Joonhyuk and leaves with Taeja on her heels, asking for an apology for seeing him almost naked.  In the courtyard, Jang-Mi snaps that he should apologize to her for making her see such a thing in the morning.

At Taeja’s house, his mom suggests that Taehee remodel Mr. Jang’s house.  Taehee tells her mom off for being so inconsiderate and leaves first.  Taeja’s grandfather sighs and tells his daughter-in-law to not doing anything.

As the morning goes on, Jang-Mi gets a call from Mincheol’s mom, which she picks up.  Mincheol’s mom asks to meet just one time.

That evening, Mincheol’s mom asks Minjoo to borrow Taeja’s car.  Minjoo suggests that her mom just uses Mincheol’s car as her car isn’t really hers…Her mom replies that Mincheol’s car is only covered when he drives it…Meanwhile, Taeja’s car is covered no matter who drives it.  She promises to return the car in perfect condition and demands the keys.


The next morning, Jang-Mi meets Mincheol’s mother at a cafe.  Her attitude is completely different.  Mincheol’s mother asks Jang-Mi if she is still resolved about having the child.  She continues to explain that their family does not have a lot of children; it took her two years to get Mincheol.  She asks that Jang-Mi thinks about getting back together with Mincheol, since it would be best for the child.

As Jang-Mi stays quiet, Mincheol’s mom gives her a bag with vitamins and offers an envelope with money to help with the hospital costs.  Jang-Mi refuses.


After the meeting ends, Mincheol’s mom forces Jang-Mi to take her car because Jang-Mi is no longer just herself…rather, Jang-Mi is now carrying her precious grandchild.

As they drive to Jang-Mi’s place, a car runs into their car. Jang-Mi’s mom comes out yelling at the other driver.  Both sides refuse to acknowledge their fault and call their insurance companies.  Well, Mincheol’s mom first call’s Minjoo for the insurance company’s information.  When Minjoo offers to come and help, her mom tells her not to.


However, after the insurance companies representatives have resolved everything, Jang-Mi falls to the ground because of her stomach.  When she pulls her hand away, she finds blood.


Mincheol’s mom brings Jang-Mi some stockings and new underwear. She tells Jang-Mi to stop crying for the child and take care of herself, but Jang-Mi can’t help but sob after her lost child.

At the cafe, Mr. Jang and Taeja worry about Jang-Mi, who never came back from her meeting.


Mincheol’s mom drops Jang-Mi off and leaves an envelope of money in Jang-Mi’s coat.  She tells Jang-Mi that losing a child is the same as giving birth; she needs to take care of her body.  She apologizes for her next words, but explains that she would only make Jang-Mi feel uncomfortable by contacting her after this… She tells Jang-Mi that she hopes Jang-Mi and Mincheol’s connection will finally end after this and leaves.


Taeja walks home wondering why Jang-Mi isn’t picking up.  He runs into Jang-Mi and yells at her for not answering her phone after going out.  He sees that Jang-Mi’s crying and asks her what is going on.

Jang-Mi responds that she wants to die and falls into his arms crying.


Well that explains how the drama is going to handle the Jang-Mi / Taeja situation… Not sure how I feel about it… It seems like a cruel way for Jang-Mi to become a non-mother again… Not to mention the trauma and guilt she will likely feel…

Mincheol’s mom acting nicely scares me more than her acting like a witch.  I don’t know if I’m just jaded, but the first thing that I thought when Mincheol’s mom gave her the vitamins was that there’s bad medicine in that bag…I wouldn’t put it past the lady to include pills that would force Jang-Mi to lose the baby without telling anyone.

Additionally, what was that look that the other driver gave when he overheard Mincheol’s mother ask Jang-Mi if the baby was lost… Could this be a set-up by Mincheol’s mom?

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