Love & Secret – E46

SECOND KISS! SEUNG WOON FINALLY KISSES AREUM AGAIN! >.< Areum tells the world about her child and the world deals with her fallout.  As expected, Mrs. Han is less than pleased and supports forcing Areum to stay with Philip, who refuses to give up.  Meanwhile, Mr. Han is ready to support Areum in his quiet fatherly way and Seung Woon also states his continued intent to his father.


After getting her father’s permission, Areum drafts a post on her sns (like Korean Facebook).  In the morning, she leaves a note for her parents about it.


In the post, Areum confesses that she came to love a man and ended up with a child because of that love.  However, the circumstances changed and she could no longer love him.  Yet, after hearing her child’s heartbeat, she could make no other choice.  As a result, her parents were hurt and her father had to lie to the society.  She adds that if it is a sin to be a single mother, she should take the responsibility and the public should know that her father had done nothing wrong.

Areum’s post goes viral.  Philip gets angry after he sees it… Meanwhile, Susie reads it and calls Philip immediately.  She mutters that she cannot believe that he would marry her after making a child with Areum.  When Philip doesn’t pick up, she leaves a voicemail that she’s going to delay her return to the United States and Philip should immediately call his lawyer.


At home, Mrs. Han despairs about the situation and begs her husband to discourage Areum from turning away from Philip.  The  veteran of Korea’s witchhunting, Mr. Han takes the new deluge of public attention well.  He orders Jinwoo to disconnect the phones and calmly tells his wife that they should let Areum make her own decision; Philip hasn’t finalized his divorce.


When Areum reaches work, the reporters all pounce.  Areum apologizes to the public once again but asks that they leave her private life alone for the sake of her child.

Seeing this from the background, Seung Woon orders the security to take care of the reporters and waits for Areum in the elevator bay.  When she arrives, he pulls her outside the building and tells her to spill everything; all of the stuff that she could not tell the pubic.

Areum laughs and declines his offer.  Seung Woon beams at her with pride and tells her that she did a good job.  Areum responds that he helped her get the courage to confess to the world.  She turns to leave and Philip pulls her back.  He demands to know her true feelings now.

Areum confesses that she did like him,  She fell for him because he was so nice to her, paid attention to her, and helped her.  Seung Woon interrupts her confession to hug her.

Areum pulls out of the hug and declares that she will never go to him because she loves him; she doesn’t want him to be hurt because of her.


Seung Woon shuts her up by kissing her! [SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAL]  He tells her that it’s her fault; he warned her that he would not let her go for silly excuses.  Getting serious, he asks her to trust him.

In the design office, the Team gossip about the news.  Anna is angry that Areum never told them, but Louis seems to just pity her.  Areum interrupts to give her morning greetings.  Other than Anna, the Team seems supportive.

On the other hand, Jiwoo drags Areum out to ask what Areum is planning by confessing to the public.  Areum updates Jiwoo that she broke things off with Philip.  Areum and is going to proudly raise Tiffany by herself.

Meanwhile, Yoon Yi is absolutely joyful about the news.


Secretary Jang also brings good news to Seung Woon – Huey has agreed to partner up with Winner’s Group.  Seung Woon jumps up to hug Secretary Jang in happiness.  As they celebrate, Yoon Yi arrives.

Yoon Yi drops the news.  However, Seung Woon’s less than surprised face triggers her fury.  She tells Seung Woon that he’s not a romantic guy; he’s just crazy for loving a cheap girl who got pregnant with another man’s child.  At this, Seung Woon yells at Yoon Yi to stop before he starts thinking less of her.  Yoon Yi leaves in anger.

In the hall, Yoon Yi gets a call from Soo Ah about the news.  Yoon Yi excuses herself with a meeting and hangs up.

This is a busy hallways as Yoon Yi next runs into Areum.  She tells Areum off for seducing Seung Woon when she is a single mother.  Yoon Yi slaps Areum and asks her if she’s thinking of using the child to get Seung Woon’s pity.

Areum stares at Yoon Yi and calmly tells her not to speak badly of her child.  She explains that while she understands Yoon Yi’s feelings, he won’t stand by quietly if Yoon Yi speaks ill of her child and walks off.


Seung Woon next goes to his father’s office.  As expected, Mr. Chun is in a rage.  He gets even angrier when he realizes that Seung Woon knew about Areum’s child.  Luckily, Secretary Jang arrives in time to prevent Mr. Chun from beating up Seung Woon with a golf club.


At Sunhwa’s pizza place, her employee comments that she respects Areum.  She doesn’t want to get married but wants a child.  She tells Sunhwa that she wants to make a lot of money and have a child without a father, too.

Heungsu runs in about the news and Sunhwa just asks why he isn’t joining a monastery.

Songcheol and group also watch the news and Yoojin starts tearing up.  She runs into her room to talk to a picture of her mom.  She vows to live well so that others do not speak ill about her as the child of a single mom.

[End Interludes ^^]


Mr. Han checks on Mrs. Han, who’s lying in bed.  He encourages her to think about Areum and not about society’s judgment.

Mrs. Han gets up and angrily replies that she’s doing this because she’s worried about Areum.  She explains that Areum will find it impossible to find a husband now.  Additionally, Tiffany will have a hard life as the child of a single mom.  She declares that she wants Areum to marry Philip.

Mr. Han begs his wife to trust Areum and give up her own selfish desire for Areum to have the perfect life.


At work, Areum gets a call from Philip and agrees to meet.  He demands to know why Areum published such a confession without consulting him.

Areum asks if this affected his lawsuit and returns his ring.  She adds that he doesn’t have a right to be Tiffany’s father.

Philip fires back that Areum doesn’t have a right to be Tiffany’s mother; she’s pushing away Tiffany’s father due to her own selfishness without considering what’s best for Tiffany.  He warns her that he’s never going to let her return to Seung woon.


An even more squeal-worthy episode than yesterday.  This episode shad  less significant plot development.  However, it more than made up for it with the scene with Seung Woon and Areum, where Areum finally confessed her true feelings and Seung Woon kissed her. >.<  I love the fact that this drama showed Areum trying to be the stupid drama martyr, except with a twist- she tells the guy why she’s acting that way.  This lets the viewers skip episodes upon episodes of anguish as the leads go about running in circles.  In this case, Areum declares her intent not to return to Seung Woon even after her engagement ended because she loves him and he tells her to just trust him.  I think we are going in the right path. ^^

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