Love & Secret – E51

Yoon Yi and Philip take to active planning as Areum and Seung Woon continue to flirt adorably.


Yoon Yi instructs her buyer to use the design the public market and then receives a call from Philip.

The Partnership of Evil begins.  The two meet at a moody bar and one cannot help but wonder how well they look together.  They both get straight to the point that it’s a shame that they have to meet in this kind of situation.  Yoon Yi mentions that she wished they were not the losers…


Philip pushes back and says that he’s not done.  He tells Yoon Yi to give him a copy of the Shuwei contract and he will destroy Seung Woon.

In the morning, Yoon Yi ends up taking the same elevator as a director.  Things get even more awkward as Areum gets on the same elevator.  The director asks about Tiffany and muses that Areum and her father are amazing.  He explains that the directors are looking forward to the new children’s line.  He even adds that if the children’s line is successful, they will do a collaboration with the women’s line.

Areum smiles as the director leaves.  Once the two women are left alone on the elevator, Yoon Yi snarks about how she wonders who Tiffany takes after.


Back in her office, Yoon Yi doesn’t feel any better and remembers Philip’s promise to destroy Seung Woon.  She checks on whether Attorney Suh has arrived in the office yet as he holds the Shuwei contract.

The design team wonder who the father is and Jiwoo pretends not to know.  When Areum walks in, the group congratulates her that her design has finally manufactured.


At the Han residence, Mr. Han demands that Mrs. Han hands over all of her accounts and credit cards.  He also asks that she keeps a log of her cash flow and explains that he will give her $50 a month.  All bills will be pilled through automatic payments.

Mrs. Han accuses Mr. Han of doing this out of revenge about accepting Philip’s money.  Mr. Han responds that with Jinwoo’s college costs and their retirement costs, they might still have to cut their spending even more.


Mrs. Han doesn’t take this well as she pushes back that she never bought a luxury bag or went on trips abroad.  If she had lived like the other women, she would have used up over $150,000 during her marriage and Mr. Han doesn’t even recognize that.  She leaves to cry in the kitchen.


At the pizza shop, Sunhwa regrets that no one is around to try her new pizza recipe.  Coincidentally, Philip drops by to talk with her.  The troublemaker Heungsu also arrives with groceries.

Philip gives them $150,000.00.  He explains that he gifted it to Areum’s mom, but Mr. Han gave it back.  He doesn’t feel right keeping it.

Sunhwa tells Philip to give it to Mrs. Han directly.  Philip responds that she might get into trouble from Mr. Han again and they’re family after all.   They can use it on Tiffany.  Ugh…Sunhwa and Heungsu take it.


Outside, Philip muses to himself that Areum can try to escape him if she wants.

Seung Woon meets with his father and they first talk about business.  As Seung Woon gets up to leave, his father warns Seung Woon that parents always turn back to their children…He basically questions whether Areum will be able to stay away from the father of her child.


Outside, Areum calls and Seung Woon runs out to join her.  Seung Woon happily tells her that if the children’s line does well, they plan to have a collaboration with the women’s line.  Areum acknowledges it but doesn’t seem particularly emotional, making Seung Woon remark that she must be stoic as a mother.

Areum jokes that Seung Woon calls her a baby-mommy and he tells her that it’s because it’s the truth.  He also preens that the collaboration was his idea.

Seung Woon asks more details about Philip.  She confesses that he left her when she was pregnant, but didn’t know it…She ended up leaving him this time because he was still in the middle of a divorce.  Seung Woon barks that Philip is just a horrible person and Areum comments that she doesn’t want to think badly about Philip as he’s Tiffany’s daddy.  Seung Woon pauses.


They then check out the stores and discuss where Areum’s designed clothes would be placed.  They even go to dinner together…at which point, Seung Woon hands over another present for Tiffany! >___<

They have a great laugh until Soo Ah calls and chills the mood.  Seung Woon doesn’t answer and just hangs up.  He ends up talking about his mom instead.


Another interlude with Cheolgu and Songcheol!  Cheolgu tells Songcheol that Yoojin grew up as the daughter of a single mom.  Songcheol wonders about the letter that he received, but decides against pressing it.

AWKWARD moments abound at the meal time as Yoojin gives Cheolgu the only egg and then starts playing footsy with Cheolgu’s foot! OH NO! He’s YOUR FATHER’S FRIEND!


Meanwhile, Heungsu plays around with the $150,000 check until Sunhwa comes over.  She takes the check and tells him to forget about it.


Mrs. Han ends up going to the outdoor market for grocery shopping and sighs that she can’t really afford enough for the weekly groceries.  Mr. Han arrives and warns Mrs. Han never to meet up with Philip again.

Mrs. Han thinks about calling Philip until Mr. Han comes out.

The baddie duo continue to move!  Yoon Yi calls Philip to tell him that she arranged a dinner with Attorney Suh.

At home, Areum works on the custody paperwork as Jinwoo checks in on her.


At the Chun residence, Soo Ah pretends to be friendly, while Seung Woon quietly ignores her.  Seung Woon tells Seungho that he can’t stay over for the night because he’s busy and Mr. Chun actually backs up Seung Woon.

Mr. Chun announces that Seung Woon has to focus on work and comments that he has no one who he can trust other than Seung Woon.  He also announces that the engagement with Yoon Yi is over.  Sensing that something is different, Seung Woon pauses.


Anna and team flirt around at DongDaeMoon (indoor warehouse full of stalls for shopping).  As they leave, they see Areum’s design and realize that her design has already been released to the public! They call Areum.


First- thank you for being patient this week.  I’ve been coming home from work past midnight every day and had no time to really watch drama or update.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did!

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