Run, Jang-Mi – E21

Mincheol’s mom impedes progress at all ends as she tries to threaten and then manipulate Jang-Mi into quitting her job with Taeja.  Smarting from the influence of Mincheol’s mom on her life, Jang-Mi turns a cold shoulder to Taeja, who has no idea what’s going on.   At the same time, the Taehee/Joonhyuk couple comes back to life at Taeja’s mother’s request.


Mincheol’s mother orders that Jang-Mi quits her job immediately. Jang-Mi responds back defiantly that if Mincheol’s mother is so worried, she should tell Taeja to quit.


Mincheol’s mom snidely remarks that Jang-mi is audacious for sticking around when she ruined Mincheol’s life with a fraudulent marriage and lost her grandson.

Thankfully, our girl doesn’t back down.  She fires back that Mincheol ruined her family, when he divorced her due to her family’s financial troubles and refused to give back the wedding gift.  She tells Mincheol’s mom to ask Taeja who’s really at fault.

In the interim, Taeja’s mom gives him a new watch that she felt would fit him well.  He asks her if she’s decided about Taehee’s engagement and Taeja’s mom shows her humanity; she tells him that she decided against approving the engagement.

Chef Bon interrupts this rare moment of humanity to ask for Jang-Mi and Taeja goes to find her in the bathroom.  Hearing him call out for Jang-Mi, the two women walk out of the bathroom.  Jang-Mi stalks off first and Mincheol’s mom asks him if they are close.  Taeja just explains that they spend so much time together that he’s comfortable with her.


After the two mothers leave, Taeja interrupts Jang-Mi’s thoughts about Mincheol’s mom.  Surprised, she cuts her finger with the peeler.  As Taeja comes over to check on her, Jang-Mi angrily responds that she doesn’t need his help.  Since Chef Bon and Taeja have no idea what’s going on, Chef Bon asks Taeja if he did something wrong again as Jang-Mi’s reaction seemed a bit severe.  Taeja responds that he has no idea.


Mincheol’s mother goes straight to Mincheol’s office to complain about Jang-Mi.  Mincheol advises that his mother just leave Jang-Mi alone as she’s too proud to go around talking about her failed marriage.

When Taeja and Jang-Mi get off work, he prances up to ask her where they are going to research their project proposal.  Yet, Jang-Mi brushes him off coldly that she’s busy; they can research and prepare separately.


So Taeja ends up going to the movies with Minjoo.  [DRAMAFEED – omg…Her coat is beautiful! >_< Can someone buy me that?]  Before/After? the movie, Taeja complains that he doesn’t understand Jang-Mi and her mood swings.

Jang-Mi comes home after buying books about rice cakes in a book store.  In the court yard, she runs into Joonhyuk and he gives her a packet of all past proposals that won.


Jang-Mi and her mother have time to talk and Jang-Mi’s mom complains that Jang-Mi’s life is so hard.  She waxes on about how she wishes that she could work and help; Jang-Mi just warns her mom not to get defrauded.  They both wonder where Jangsoo is….Which is at a nightclub, playing a guitar for presumably paying women.

Minjoo comes home to have her mom check in on her.  Mincheol’s mom asks about Taeja’s supervisor and Minjoo responds complacently.  Minjoo confesses that she was suspicious once, too.  However, since Taeja and Jang-Mi are enemies, both don’t have to worry.

The subject of this conversation happily puts on the bracelet that he made Jang-Mi buy for him in the morning.  Then Taeja and Jang-Mi go shopping in the street markets; Jang-Mi picks out things and Taeja pays for them.


At one point, Taeja whines that they should take a break at a cafe because it’s so cold.  Jang-Mi picks up the bags and tells him to come when he’s rested.


Meanwhile Jang-Mi’s mother buys three pieces of cheese and three pieces of ham from Mr. Jang.  She comments that she cannot pay for everything and will buy piece by piece.

Mr. Jang invites her to just take it for free and pay him back later. Unfortunately, this trigger’s Mrs. Baek’s insecurity and she yells at Mr. Jang for looking down on her due to her poverty.

Mr. Jang quickly backs off and, instead asks about Mrs. Baek’s job search.  Unfortunately,  Mrs. Baek hasn’t had much success in finding a job after the flower shop.

Mrs. Baek starts eating a sandwich when Mincheol’s mom calls.  They end up meeting.


At first, Mrs. Baek yells at Mincheol’s mom for everything that she did to Jang-Mi.  However, Mincheol’s mom calmly responds that she also regrets everything.  She adds that she coincidentally met Jang-Mi at a rice cake cafe the other day.  She explains that she felt so bad for her once-daughter-in-law.  Adding that she prepared a two year assistant professor position for Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Baek does the right thing and stalks out of the cafe, refusing the offer.  However, Mincheol’s mom follows her and stops her.  She begs Mrs. Baek to consider.  Even though it would be a temporary and contract position, it would be better than working at a cafe.  She also foxily adds that Jang-Mi may be able to meet someone at the university that she cannot meet at the cafe.  Mrs. Baek walks away but stands outside of the rice cafe to watch her daughter in silence.

At the same time, Taeja eats a little bit of so many rice cakes that even Chef Bon notes that Taeja should be careful or he’d get a stomach.  Taeja just cheerily responds that he will figure out a great recipe and continues to eat.


Meanwhile, Taeja’s mother meets with Joonhyuk.  She asks what Joonhyuk thinks about Taehee without her background.  Joonhyuk answers that he doesn’t see Taehee as a woman.  In response, Taeja’s mom asks Joonhyuk to help Taehee; give her some time so that she stops her foolish engagement.


Joonhyuk agrees and stops by Taehee’s office.  He tells her that he will give her some more time to get over him.  However, he warns her that there’s no skinship allowed.

Taehee happily comes home and announces that she doesn’t want to get engaged.  Her grandfather laughs that she’s finally come back to her senses.  Taehee thanks her mother, who tells both that she only asked Joonhyuk because he promised he doesn’t have feelings for Taehee.


At the cafe, Taeja runs to the bathroom to throw up.  Jang-Mi waits for him outside the bathroom and roughly tells him to stop acting so foolishly and walks off.  However, when she returns to the kitchen, she sees Taeja’s notebook and sketches of new menu items.  The thoughtful music implies that Jang-Mi felt slightly guilty about her harshness or at least felt pensive.


Taeja comes home to complain to Mr. Jang and Joonhyuk.  Mr. Jang advises Taeja to be more patient. Taeja sighs and asks Joonhyuk for prior contest materials.

At Jang-Mi’s house, her mom complains that she doesn’t like seeing Jang-Mi working at the cafe.  She tells Jang-Mi that her friend prepared an interview for an assistant professor place.  Jang-Mi tells her mother that she refuses and goes to bed.


In the morning, Jang-Mi gets a text that her mom arranged for the interview at in the afternoon.  Jang-Mi goes to meet the professor to apologize that she is not interested in the position.  Afterwards, she stops by the bathroom and when she comes out, she sees the interviewing professor.  Daily dramaland allows Jang-Mi to overhear the interviewing professor call Mincheol’s mom and update her that Jang-Mi refused to interview.

Jang-Mi stalks home to yell at her mom for accepting the interview from Mincheol’s mom.  She also calls Mincheol to yell at him for interfering in her life.  He tells her that they should talk in person.


When Mincheol arrives, he offers to drive Jang-Mi to a cafe to talk.  Jang-Mi refuses and tells him to instruct his mother to stay out of her life.  When Mincheol seems to not to know anything, Jang-Mi tells him to tell his mother that she doesn’t need a new job or any help from the family. Mincheol tries to grab her to calm her down.  However, this just has the opposite effect and Jang-Mi screams that she wants all of his family to stay out of her life.

Coincidentally, Taeja walks by the street at the same time and sees Jang-Mi.  He yells out her name and both Jang-Mi and Mincheol freeze.


Another zippy episode, even if it got a bit more serious.  I love how Jang-Mi found out right away that the position was an offer from Mincheol’s mom.  It makes me wonder what Jang-Mi and Minjoo will do when they find out how they are connected.  In this drama, as much as I love Taehee, I feel like Minjoo and Jang-Mi are the two main foils/leads.  They have very differing backgrounds and values as a result.  Minjoo always lived a middle class life, envying the higher class.  Now she’s a HENRY, high earner not rich yet.  Meanwhile, Jang-Mi lived a high class life and now is struggling to make ends meet.  Both seem to want a comfortable life – just differ in the standard of comfort.  Both have a connection with Taeja… This is a showdown waiting to happen.

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