Love & Secret – E53

The baddie partnership starts showing their cards.  Shuwei has broken the contract and Winners Group has no where to turn, but to one anonymous investor.  Meanwhile, the partnership grows into the L&S Axis of Evil with the addition of Soo Ah.  Now that everyone is introduced and cooperating, we can expect to see our main couple and families feel pressure from all sides.


Mrs. Han gives it to Seung Woon straight.  She wants him to stop seeing Areum.  This is not because of Areum’s faults, but because she doesn’t like Seung Woon’s mom or dad.


Seung Woon tries to push back that they haven’t even dated yet.  However, Mrs. Han informs him that Soo Ah already confronted Areum and Mrs. Han together.  She adds that she still thinks of Philip as Areum’s partner before she leaves.


Areum meets up with the guy who bought the design off of Yoon Yi and confronts him.  She informs him that the design has been watermarked and she can prove that it’s her design.  She promises not to press charges if he would just let her know who sold him her design.  The guy relents and tells her that he doesn’t know the identity, but describes how he got the design.  He also adds that it was weird…the seller didn’t care about the money.


Yoon Yi confers with Mr. Chun and presses for Areum being fired.  Areum interrupts to inform Mr. Chun the results of her investigation.  She knows that it was a young woman, who used a temporary phone.  She explains that the file was locked, but she knows that someone from the legal team or the security team could override the password.

Mr. Chun asks if Areum is trying to avoid responsibility.

Areum responds that she just wants to clear up the suspicion that she sold her own design for revenge.  As evidence, she shows the subway station security tape, which recorded a woman dropping off the usb disk.  She adds that from the timestamp, it cannot be her.  The timestamp was 6:30 p.m., at which time she was still in the office, which an be proven by their security cameras.

Yoon Yi tries to imply that no one would have done the drop off themselves and that it could still be Areum.

In response, Areum adds that the buyer said that the design seller refused the $8,000 fee for the designs…  Either it has to be Areum doing this purely for revenge or someone doing it to frame her.

Mr. Chun frowns and dismisses Areum.  After she leaves, Yoon Yi mentions that Areum is an item.  She asks if Mr. Chun believes Areum and Mr. Chun dismisses her as well.

Areum waits for Yoon Yi in the hallway for another confrontation.  Yoon Yi notes that Areum should have confessed.  Areum responds that if the company investigates the matter, they will find out who was caught on camera and leaves.

In his office, Seung Woom paces around thinking about Mrs. Han’s warning.  Areum stops by to update him on the newest happenings.


Afterwards, Mr. Chun calls Seung Woon into his office.  He wants to drop the children’s line.  Mr. Chun’s thinking is that regardless of who was responsible for the leak, this has become too problematic.  He tells Seung Woon to fire Areum now that the K project has been obtained and Areum’s role is no longer necessary.

Seung Woon declares that he will not do that and Mr. Chun tells his son that the more he protects Areum, the more Mr. Chun will try to force Areum out.


Meanwhile, Yoon Yi worries about Areum’s warning when her secretary brings her the contract between Winners and Shuwei.  Reviewing it, Yoon Yi smiles that she will send a copy to Seung Woon and gets a call from Philip, which she answers that she received the contract.

At the same time, Mrs. Han arrives home and sighs that Seung Woon looked like a nice kid…She also sighs that she doesn’t have that much money left after taking the cab.  She goes to update their internal accounting book.


Mr. Han comes in to turn off the light.  He tells her to update the books in the livingroom where it’s still bright.

Jiwoo stops by Areum to celebrate that they found evidence that it was someone else.  Areum gets a text from Seung Woon, inviting her to lunch.


At lunch, Seung Woon tells Areum that the company has decided against launching a children’s line.  Areum handles the news well.  She confesses that she was really worried.  If the response was not that good, the company would have taken a hit.

Seung Woon tells Areum that if Areum finds another better opportunity, she should take it.  Areum responds that she needs to stay to reveal the truth and also make money for her child.  Seung Woon agrees that she should work hard, but emphasizes that if a better opportunity comes, she can take it.

Areum gets ready to get up and Seung Woon apologizes for Soo Ah.  He explains that Soo Ah has issues with him and is taking it out on Areum.

Areum asks if they have a bad relationship and Seung Woon denies it; he unconvincingly notes that he has a good relationship with Soo Ah.


Meanwhile, Yoon Yi meets with Philip to confirm that the Winner’s contract  has been signed.  Yoon Yi does have the conscious to ask what will happen to Seung Woon.  Philip explains that Winners will soon hear about the breach of contract from Shuwei.  Afterwards, Seung Woon will have to come to Philip as he has already arranged it so that they will not get any more investments.  He also asks her help to get involved with Winners and Yoon Yi arranges it so that Soo Ah can meet with Philip.

Interlude – Jinwoo tells Jiwoo that he’s quitting work.  He’ll start studying at a cafe near his house.  Jiwoo decides to start studying there as well.


At home, the Hans have a family dinner.  Mr. Han tells everyone that he’s going to be working at a friend’s company.  Mrs. Han yells at Areum for looking into the child custody issues and Mrs. Han explodes.  She tells the group that it’s because Areum has feelings for Seung Woon, Mr. Chun’s son.  After her mom leaves, Areum tries to reassure her father that it’s not the case.


Elsewhere, Philip meets with Soo Ah.  Soo Ah declares that she also has issues with Seung Woon; she wants to solidify her own interests in Winners by taking away Seung Woon’s.  Philip agrees to help.


The next day, Seung Woon sees Areum walk into work.  When another staffer screams because she drops the boxes that she was transferring, Areum runs over to  help, making Seung Woon smile.


He walks up to his office in a good mood only to find Secretary Jang in a panic – Shuwei has declared that they want to break the contract and are not responding to their overtures.  Seung Woon goes to Mr. Chun’s office, who yells at Seung Woon for not knowing about this before the board of directors…

Seung Woon states that he will make sure they get their liquidation penalty.  However, Mr. Chun shows him a copy of the executed contract; there’s no liquidation contract.  Seung Woon is shocked; the contract that he signed had a penalty clause.  Mr. Chun warns Seung Woon that he’s going to take responsibility of all of the partnership issues.


The board of directors grills Seung Woon for losing the partnership and the lack of a liquidation/penalty clause in the contract.  They demand that he fix the issue right away.

The directors note that all of the possible partnership companies in China have already been taken by other fashion companies.  The only way that they can salvage this situation is to get an investor.  One of the directors note that there was an investor, who showed interest.


In the design room, Philip texts to ask about Tiffany and Areum agrees to meet.  Philip gives Areum a present for Tiffany – it’s a frame with their picture framed.  Philip tells Areum that the divorce lawsuit is over.  He’s lawfully single.  He gives her one last chance to come back to him.

Areum tells him that she doesn’t want to hate him.  She tells him to stop and leaves.

Areum goes home to see her daughter.  Her first instinct is to trash the photo, but she stops as she looks on Tiffany.


In the morning, Philip arms up to go to war… with Seung Woon.  The four end up meeting in the lobby of Winners… It’s now time for a corporate war.


As much as I love a good slice of life drama, I was happy to see the pressure increase in this episode.  With the solidification of the baddie trio, I have a feeling that we will have more interesting episodes to look forward to.  Additionally, seeing Seung Woon in a pinch allows for Areum to grow into a supportive role instead of always getting his assistance.

Maybe, it’s personal.  Who knows.  I find that when life becomes more difficult or stressful, I love watching more dramatic issues to blow off steam.  After last week, its a good time to see the baddies gear up for war so that I can see the good guys win out ^____^




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