Love & Secret – E54

The war for the company is on.  Philip proposes a heavily uneven contract for Winners, which the board accepts due to the dire situation.  All of a sudden, Philip has the same rights as Mr. Chun with respect to all of the decisions relating to the operation of the company.  Will Philip and Soo Ah devour Winners?


The four meet up in the lobby of Winner’s Group when Philip makes his appearance.  Philip is all confidence and smiles and Yoon Yi is smiling like a smirking fox 😀


The director, who is Soo Ah’s friend speaks with Mr. Chun until Philip arrives.  Mr. Chun is taken with surprise, but he holds it in for business.

Sitting down, Philip confidently proposes an investment situation with him.  He even has a contract prepared, which he leaves with the company.  With that, he leaves the contract for Mr. Chun’s review.


Of course, Philip has to stop by Seung Woon’s office before leaving.  He wants to let Seung Woon know that he’s here to save the day.  Seung Woon runs into Mr. Chun’s office to ask whether Mr. Chun is actually thinking of partnering with Philip.  Seung Woon notes how it’s too suspicious for Philip to show up right now…after the contract that he signed had a penalty clause and the signed version lacks a penalty clause…


Mr. Chun yells back that this is all Seung Woon’s fault.  He knows that it’s suspicious.  Philip came in prepared and no one would be that prepared.  However, Mr. Chun notes that they cannot do anything since they need an investment.


Before leaving, Philip has coffee with Yoon Yi, which Areum sees the end of on her way to see Seung Woon.

At home, Mrs. Han watches over Tiffany and calls Philip.  She stops by Jinwoo’s office to ask him to watch over Tiffany as she goes to run an errand.  Her errand is to bring food to Philip.

She notes that she knows that Mr. Han returned they money…she apologizes and asks if Philip has been able to stay in touch with Areum.

Philip confesses that he’s trying, but he is finding it hard because Areum has another guy.  Mrs. Han denies that Seung Woon is anything to Areum.


All of a sudden, Mrs. Han freaks out that she doesn’t have Tiffany.  She starts freaking out that she left Tiffany alone, even getting Philip worried.  Luckily, Jinwoo calls to tell her that he’s watching Tiffany… Mrs. Han refuses Philip’s offer for a ride home and takes the bus after thinking about her memory condition for a long time…

Meanwhile, Sunhwa wonders about where to hide the check that Philip got her.  She ends up hiding the check under the floor.

Afterwards, Sunhwa wonders about a new pizza menu until Heung Min stops by.  He mentions how he wants to eat pizza and a hamburger.  She decides to combine the two.


At Songcheol’s place, Cheolgu worries about what Songcheol will say if he finds out.  Songcheol interrupts Cheolgu’s reverie to bring Cheolgu baked sweet potatoes that Yoojin prepared.  Feeling nervous, Cheolgu tells Songcheol that he’s going to leave soon as his house will be sold soon.


At the same time, Soo Ah goes to dinner with Mr. Chun.  Except, he’s also invited her friend – the director!  Of course, Soo Ah pretends not to have seen the director in a long time.  Mr. Chun invites the two to meet with Seung Woon and Philip, which the director agrees is a good idea… Obviously Mr. Chun is fishing for information, but the two don’t give up much.

At the Han residence, Areum thinks back about what she saw earlier…Philip and Yoon Yi together.  Mr. Han comes by to ask about what Mrs. Han said and Areum denies that anything is going on.


The next day the directors hold another meeting.  Basically, Philip will invest 80% of the costs of entering the Chinese market.  In return, he will receive 30% of the profits from the Chinese market as stock.  Additionally, he will have the right to interfere in all aspects of the operation of the company, including human resources issues.  None of the directors raise any complaints to the provisions as they need Philip’s money and the contract gets accepted.


Seung Woon goes straight to Mr. Chun’s office to complain that the terms are unfair and ridiculous.  Mr. Chun explains that the fact that none of the directors protested the contract shows that there is someone on the inside helping Philip.  He warns Seung Woon to not act rashly.

Immediately, Philip calls Seung Woon to his room and gives him the assignment of preparing a report and powerpoint on the operations and strategy to enter the Chinese market.  Philip then asks Seung Woon to introduce him to the other employees – starting with the design team.


They stop by the design team to introduce Philip as one of the officers.  Philip makes certain to call Areum out, noting that he is happy to see Areum again.  Areum walks out and calls Seung Woon only to have Philip walk over to let her know that she can update him (Philip) on all operations from now on.


Definitely felt that this episode went faster than normal with Philip moving in the open.  I have to say that Yoon Yi fell into the background again.  I’m starting to wonder if her acting just lacks charisma.  Personally, I think that Areum is not particularly pretty.  However, the story or her acting has successfully made me empathize with her.  I want to know more about what she’s thinking and what she’ll do.  With Yoon Yi, I don’t have this as much.  She had a larger role with the betrayal of Seung Woon, but it’s unclear what exactly she gains.  Soo Ah gains solidification of her position in the company.  Philip gains control of the company of his rival… Yoon Yi? Who knows?  Her character definitely needs to be fleshed out.

On the other side, Philip’s character has done a much better job.  I totally believe this suave – I’m – to0 – immature-to-let-my-ex-go character.  I see him making Areum’s life difficult because he’s going to suffocate her.  However, it adds to the tension, which is good 🙂

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