Love & Secret – E55

Our slice of life drama adds drama…Philip uses his new found position and pulls rank as much as he can to show up Seung Woon in front of Areum.  However, it doesn’t seem to persuade Areum, who considers quitting.


We begin with Philip interrupting Areum as she is reaching out to Seung Woon.  Seung Woon tries to help by stating that since Philip is so new, Areum should report to him.  Philip responds by stating that he will decide and orders that Areum follow him to his office.


When Seung Woon gives Areum a reassuring look; she does.  In his office, Philip starts off by stating that he’s only here for professional reasons.  He lost a lot of money giving up the divorce and now he needs to recoup all his losses.  When this doesn’t seem to faze Areum, he turns to the personal subjects…He tells her that for Tiffany’s best interests, he doesn’t think that he can let Areum have custody after seeing Areum with Seung Woon.

In response, Areum retorts that he should keep Seung Woon out of the discussion if he really cared about Tiffany.  Areum gets up to leave as Philip comments nonchalantly that he wants to see Tiffany…

Areum has barely sat down to organize her thoughts when Secretary Jang comes to take her to lunch with Mr. Chun.  However, when Areum arrives, she finds that the lunch is with Philip, Mr. Chun and Seung Woon.


An awkward lunch commences… Only Philip seems to have fun.  Philip starts with the warning that he never lets go once he grabs on to something.

Then he tells Mr. Chun that Tiffany is his daughter…He just happened to say it as he felt that he was getting closer to Mr. Chun.  He also invites Areum to join Seung Woon’s presentation the next day…It appears that with the entrance of investor money, Mr. Chun has lost his bite.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah is in a mood.  She tries to see if Mr. Chun will come home early by using Seungho as an excuse.  However, it doesn’t work.  She ends up going into her room and worrying about whether Mr. Chun knows anything about her plots.


Jiwoo has checked out every single book cafe near Areum’s house…and has found Jinwoo! He asks her what brought her so far away from her own home and Jiwoo uses the excuse that this cafe is known for its milk tea.

Jinwoo smirks, but accepts it.  He then asks if Areum and Seung Woon were and item and Jiwoo confirms it before realizing what she’s doing.


Meanwhile, Heung Min is excited to sleepover at Seungho’s house.  He arrives and is amazed.  His amazement knows no ends as Seungho’s grandmother brings homemade fried chicken.  All of a sudden, Heung Min starts daydreaming that he is Mr. Chun’s long lost son, who was switched at birth.


Seungho brings Heung Min back to his senses by yelling that he’s not Heung Min’s dad.  Waking out of his daydream, Heung Min tells Seungho that they should take some time away from each other…He explains that he always has un-filial thoughts when with Seungho…He also leaves without staying over the night.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Han is ready to go to war with Mr. Han.  She only brings out three side dishes for dinner to emphasize that she can’t live off of $50.  She seems to have made her point as Mr. Han asks her exactly how much she needs, but she’s not ready to give up yet.  Mrs. Han pretends that it’s nothing.


At work, Areum prepares her resignation letter.  On her way out, she sees that the light is on in Seung Woon’s office and stops by.  He’s hard at work on the presentation and gets up excitedly when he sees Areum.


Areum asks how Philip got involved and Seung Woon responds that it has nothing to do with Areum.  Their company wanted to enter the Chinese market and Philip wanted the same thing.  He tells her to let Philip do whatever he wants and not get pulled around by him.

When Areum comes home, her mom nags at her for walking about so late.  She also lectures Areum for letting Philip know about Seung Woon.  She warns Areum that she will never accept Seung Woon.

Afterwards, Areum calls an attorney to deal with Tiffany’s custody issues.


At this time, Jinwoo comes in and asks Areum if she likes Seung Woon.  Areum confesses that she was shaken for a bit.  Surprisingly, younger bro pulls the mature card.  He tells Areum to go after Seung Woon if she likes him.  He notes that she’s only 25 (in Korean age so 24 in American age).  He adds that girls her age go to the club and party; she shouldn’t live her life in penance for having a child.  Also, he notes that Tiffany wouldn’t thank her for living with a husband that she didn’t love.


The next morning, Yoon Yi can’t stop thinking about the camera feed and Areum’s implications.  Areum interrupts this to bring in a latest report for Yoon Yi’s approval.

Yoon Yi picks a fight by telling Areum that she’s so lucky…She was about to get fired, but now has such a dependable champion.  Areum quietly asks if Yoon Yi still really believes that Areum sold the files.  Yoon Yi responds that it can’t be anyone but her… Areum just stares at her before leaving.

Afterwards, Yoon Yi goes to talk about Areum to Seung Woon who dismisses her.  She adds that she still has feelings for him before leaving.

At the same time, Soo Ah warns her director friend not to let Mr. Chun know about their relationship and he reassures her.


Then Seung Woon begins his presentation.  Before Seung Woon can get far, Philip interrupts and tells Seung Woon to get to the point.  Seung Woon addresses the process and Philip cuts him off.  He notes that Seung Woon’s presentation doesn’t address the actual necessary issues.

Philip also asks about global sourcing.  Seung Woon begins to respond but Philip cuts him off again.  Philip notes that instead of focusing on the branding image and spending a lot of money on rent, the money should be invested in the product.  He continues to dismiss Seung Woon and tells the other directors that they can reconvene when Seung Woon is actually prepared.


The directors and Yoon Yi get up to leave…with Seung Woon standing there looking like he’s about to cry.  Round 1 – Philip wins.

Philip goes to his office to gloat when Areum arrives.  He turns around happily to ask her about her opinion on Seung Woon’s presentation.


Shocking Philip, Areum drops to her knees.


Woa, they just increased the dramatic tension without going too overboard into dramaland.  Yes, the surrounding circumstances are completely dramatic.  Like how in the world does Philip have the power to cut off all other investors so much that Seung Woon’s company has to accept the tyrannical conditions?

However, it provides a nice dynamic of heir to the company vs. the dominating second lead, who had to make a name for himself.  It’s weird because Philip has everything that I would normally cheer for…He chose education and business and succeeded.  Yet, his treatment of Areum…or actions, which imply that he sees Areum as a possession is the main reason that I am in camp Seung Woon.

Finally, I loved the meta – poking fun at daily dramas scene through Heung Min… The whole, you were my actual child happens so much! HAHAHA I love how Heung Min was like no. Going back to reality-physically and mentally by leaving Seungho’s house.

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