Love & Secret – E56

Areum’s willingness to give up their internal war only aggravates Philip’s animosity toward Seung Woon. Philip continues to corner Seung Woon at work and forces Areum to become his secretary.   At the same time, things start to look up for Sunhwa’s family, but Mrs. Han finds out that she has Alzheimers.


Areum apologizes to Philip for wanting to return to him only because of her family and Tiffany.  She asks Philip on her knees to stop…She will leave the company if that is his wish.


Philip pulls her up angrily and comments that she doesn’t know him at all.  He’s only just started and he’s going to bring down Seung Woon.  Looks like our resident investor cannot accept that Areum’s heart is no longer his.


Areum walks out to find Seung Woon staring at the sky and decides against quitting.

Philip also decides to regroup the Axis of Evil.  The trio meet to scheme together.  First thing they need to do is prepare a wild care.  They decide that the only way to control Mr. Chun is by creating a bribery issue.  Yoon Yi is tasked with working with accounting to create a bribery issue.  Meanwhile, Philip and Soo Ah decide to take on getting Seung Woon fired.

Immediately, Philip calls Seung Woon to direct him that Areum will be moved to Philip’s office.


Seung Woon calls Areum out for coffee, where he carefully brings up the order.  Areum needs to work from Philip’s office so that she can help Philip understand the K Fashion Project.  Haltingly, Seung Woon tells Areum about the order and encourages her to leave, if she finds it too hard to work with Philip.

Areum refuses to leave at least until Philip leaves.  She demands to know what’s going on and Seung Woon tells her how Shuwei breaking the contract left Winner’s at Philip’s whims…Areum encourages Seung Woon to cheer up and he laughs that he’s always energetic.  The two aren’t dead yet!


Meanwhile, Heung Min’s hamburger pizza idea is a success!  Also, Heungsu gets hired at a barbecue restaurant.


At the same time, Cheolgu tries to sneak out of Songcheol’s house while Yoojin is gone.  However, she’s in her room shining Cheolgu’s shoes.  She catches him in the act of escaping and accusing him of slipping away so that he doesn’t have to take responsibility for her.  She threatens to tell her father and takes Cheolgu’s stuff as collateral.

At the Han house, Mrs. Han calls in her cooking class about the offer she received to become a cooking class instructor. She accepts the offer of teaching for $300.  Around the end the conversation, Mr. Han comes home and berates her for not doing anything but talking on the phone at home.


At dinner, Areum offers to get her parents movie tickets for the weekend.  Mrs. Han huffs that going out will only cost money and leaves.  Mr. Han mentions that at the foundation that he works at, some of the people receiving assistance were single mothers.  He tells Areum to work hard as happiness is relative to a person’s perspective.


The next morning, Areum goes to work in Philip’s office.  She tells Philip that she wants to work as a designer and he responds that she can’t after the scandal she caused with the leaked designs.

While Philip steps out of the office, Yoon Yi comes in to remark that Areum’s lucky that she’s going from one guy to another.  Yoon Yi also accuses Areum for being the cause of Seung Woon’s currently debased situation.  In response, Areum declares to Yoon Yi that she’s not going to leave until she’s ready.

Before Seung Woon goes to meet Philip, he tasks his secretary to look into the Shuwei contract breach.


During the debriefing meeting, Philip cuts off Seung Woon for not following his request.  Areum jumps in to back up Seung Woon and Philip backs off…However, Seung Woon agrees to redo his research the way that Philip wants and leaves.

After he leaves, Philip comments that Areum would normally have quit due to her pride and wonders if it’s because of Seung Woon.  She responds that he can think any way that he wants.


We get a sad family crisis as Mrs. Han happily teaches her cooking class.  However, instead of salt, she’s added sugar…After the class, she goes back to the hospital where she took a test for Alzheimer’s and finds out that she has it…She cries that she can’t have Alzheimer’s yet…The doctor advises her to tell her family and start treatment.

On her way home, Mrs. Han misses her stop and barely makes it home.  When Mr. Han greats her grumpily, she doesn’t say anything before going into her room.

Meanwhile, Seung Woon works hard at trying to find a new Chinese partner.  Areum stops by to check on him and Seung Woon asks for a favor.  He explains that he’s looking for a new partner to launch a new brand…He wants Areum to begin designs so that as soon as he finds a partner, they will have a design to launch.


Areum happily agrees.  They also decide to use the storage room that Areum used to design her original competition piece so that she can hide the design from Philip.


The two return to the storage room happily and reminisce about old times.  Seung Woon leaves first to finish work.


In the morning, Seung Woon meets Philip in the elevator.  Philip notes that he hopes that they can work well together to develop Winners.  Seung Woon notes that he understands that Philip came to help their company…

Of course when Seung Woon arrives in his office, Secretary Jang breaks the news.  After Shuwei partnered with Clower, Philip invested in the joint venture!  Seung Woon realizes that Philip was the one that enticed Shuwei to breach its contract with the promise of an investment.  He quickly leaves …

At the same time, Philip calls one of the directors to propose that they discuss Seung Woon, who is not an asset to the company.


OMG…they didn’t go there…they played the Alzheimer’s card… I don’t know what to say about this.  I just hope that they treat this issue with the respect that it deserves.

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