Run, Jang-Mi – E22

Mincheol survives a near miss as he avoid’s detection.  Taeja works hard to obtain acknowledgement from Jang-Mi and they end up going to an orphanage – where they get snowed in! ^o^


Mincheol invites Jang-Mi to enter his car.  Jang-Mi tells him that she has nothing to say to him.  She just wants his mother and himself to stay out of her life; she doesn’t need their help to get employed.

Mincheol tries to grab her to discuss it more and Jang-Mi screams for him to leave her alone.  Walking by, Taeja calls out her name and runs over to help.


Mincheol makes his quick exit at this point and Taeja doesn’t recognize him.  When Taeja asks Jang-Mi what was going on, she explains that the stranger wanted her to get into the car.

Taeja gets adorably angry about the situation, but Jang-Mi is not in the mood to talk.


Once Jang-Mi comes home, she tells her mom to stop speaking with Mincheol’s family….They’re only doing this to separate Jang-Mi from Taeja.  Jang-Mi’s mother is shocked that Mincheol’s mom was acting instead of really caring for her daughter’s well-being.  She suggests that they tell Taeja everything and Jang-Mi just snaps that she doesn’t want anything to do with Mincheol’s family from now on.


Meanwhile, Mincheol confronts his mother about interfering with Jang-Mi again.  His mother uses the excuse that part of her was doing it out of sincere pity…She felt bad that Jang-Mi was serving at a cafe.  Mincheol snaps that sincerity only works when the other side is willing to accept it.

Minjoo interrupts to ask what her brother and mother are doing.  Mincheol stalks off and Mincheol’s mom explains that they were talking about the girl that she tried to set her son with.

At home, Mincheol’s mom yells at her husband again.  This time, it’s because he’s singing and playing the guitar.  We find out that she actually fell for Mincheol’s father due to his guitar and singing, so now she hates it.

Mincheol also sends Jang-Mi a text apologizing for his mother’s behavior and asks that she keeps it a secret from Taeja….Who at the same time is working really hard researching into rice cakes.


Joonhyuk arrives and gives Taeja a copy of past entries and winners in the competition.


In the morning, Taeja happily arrives with the packet behind his back.  However, Jang-Mi is already reviewing another copy that Joonhyuk gave her.  Surprised, Taeja grabs for the packet and it rips.  Jang-Mi yells at Taeja for messing up everything.

In a short interlude, Taehee enjoys playing badminton.  Joonhyuk falls over and Taehee offers a hand before realizing that she’s not supposed to have skinship with Joonhyuk.  He says it’s okay as long as she doesn’t have an ulterior motive.  Taehee confesses happily that she had an ulterior motive and Joonhyuk advises her not to be such an open book to the next guy.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere is awkward at the rice cake cafe.  Taeja complains to the others that they fought.  Afterwards, Taeja leaves early and Jang-Mi finds the packet of past entries that Taeja had wanted to share with Jang-Mi…


Looking through the packet, which has a drawing of her on the first page, Jang-Mi realizes why Taeja acted like such a child in the morning.

At the same time, Joonhyuk drops Taehee off at home.  Taehee’s mom invites Joonhyuk over for dinner and Joonhyuk asks for her to invite his father as well.  She does…only to complain to herself that he has the audacity to ask for more.


On her way home, Jang-Mi runs into Joonhyuk and explains that she came late because she was preparing mochi for an orphanage.  She asks if Joonhyuk could take her to the orphanage over the weekend.  He agrees.

At home, Joonhyuk tells his father about the official invite.  Afterwards, Taeja complains that Joonhyuk gave him the packet late and didn’t tell him about giving the packet to Jang-Mi first.

In the morning, the staff tries out Jang-Mi’s new mochi creations and give her comments.  Taeja asks if he should join her on the trip and Jang-Mi replies that Joonhyuk is already driving her.  He can join if he wants.  Peeved and jealous, Taeja calls Minjoo to make plans for the same day.

Overhearing this, Taehee pleads with Minjoo to save her idiot of a brother and Minjoo smiles that she will think about it.

When Joonhyuk’s father is about to leave for Taeja’s house, Jang-Mi’s mother stops him to change his style.  They go through several changes of clothes until Jang-Mi’s mother is satisfied.  Jang-Mi’s mother helps drape a scarf on him, which starts his heart racing and Mr. Jang runs out.


The dinner seems to go well until the cook calls Mr. Jang as Chauffeur Jang.  Taehee’s mother sternly reprimands the cook for calling him Chauffeur Jang instead of Mr. Jang or CEO Jang…Mr. Jang tries to joke it off that he served the family so long, it’s only natural.  Taeja’s grandfather also laughs and addresses Mr. Jang as Chauffeur Jang.  However, the mood is ruined as Taeja’s mom is annoyed.  After the dinner, Taehee confronts her mother, who responds that she wanted to give Joonhyuk a chance, but no one sees Mr. Jang as anything more than Chauffeur Jang.  She orders that Taehee control her feelings.

In the ride home, Joonhyuk confesses that he always wanted to see his father get an official invitation to dinner.  Joonhyuk’s father agrees that he was extremely happy for the invite.  It’s incredibly sweet!


In the morning, Jang-Mi’s mother has packed lunch.  However, Joonhyuk has an allergic reaction to the dinner from last night and suggests that Jang-Mi take Taeja.  Taeja looks incredibly unwilling to accompany Jang-Mi until she calls him “oppa.”

Right away, Taeja’s ready to help.  They take the bus to Minjoo’s incredible frustration that she’s been stood up.


At the orphanage, Taeja watches the kids happily.  Adorable scenes ensue with the children.

Things go great until it’s time to go home.  A storm arrives, forcing the bus to stop in the middle of the road.  The driver tells everyone that they will not be able to go to Seoul that night.

Watching the weather at home, Minjoo worries about Taeja and her mother/brother duo also get worried when they find out that Jang-Mi is with Taeja.

Jang-Mi and Taeja end up getting a room with a friend of her father’s.  The room is actually a storage room and smells horribly, but Jang-Mi is happy that they have a warm place to sleep.


As they prepare for bed, Taeja creates a border and warns her not to cross. Jang-Mi responds that he should be the one that doesn’t cross.

Of course, Jang-Mi ends up falling deeply asleep and Taeja gets annoyed that she’s able to fall asleep in the same room as him.

In Seoul, Minjoo stays up all night wondering about Taeja.


Back with Jang-Mi and Taeja, he gets another nightmare.  Jang-Mi wakes him up and hugs him.


Aw man, even though I know that Jang-Mi will end up with Taeja and Joonhyuk will likely end up with Taehee… I can see Jang-Mi’s character falling for Joonhyuk.  I have to give props to the writer that the attraction and developing crush is quite organic.  I am definitely rooting for Taehee/Joonhyuk because I love Taehee, but I can see how Jang-Mi would fall for Joonhyuk instead of the knucklehead of Taeja, which we see right now.

I think that Mincheol hasn’t quite gotten over Jang-Mi, but I don’t see his character becoming a big issue unless he can figure out how to stand up to his mother.  Who knows, maybe the character will surprise me?

What I am interested in is how Minjoo will react to Taeja’s growing crush on Jang-Mi.  She definitely seems capable and driven.  I can see her manipulating Taehee and Taeja’s mother to see the whole situation in her favor…This has a lot of elements of good plot devices just waiting to happen! 😀

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