Love & Secret – E59

Seung Woon gets ousted from his position and has to fight for his company from the bottom up as a temporary working.  In the interim, Areum finds her mother is acting very strangely toward her whole family.


Philip leads the Board of Directors in firing Seung Woon.  Mr. Chun tries to protect his son but Philip overrides Mr. Chun’s concerns as if he is letting his personal feelings override his business judgment.


After the meeting, Seung Woon tells his father to give him one chance; he will return everything to normal.

Then we get a kind of comedic scene as Secretary Jang tears up as Seung Woon packs up his stuff.  Secretary Jang tries to help Seung Woon out as he yells at Secretary Jang to go and do his work (not forgetting to look into Attorney Suh).

One of the directors calls Soo Ah with the news, which makes her really happy.   However, at the same time, Mr. Chun drinks by himself infuriated by the situation that he doesn’t have the power to protect his own son in his own company.


The next morning, Seung Woon happily greets Philip.  He’s now a part time – temporary worker in the storage department.

When Philip gets in, he tells Areum to check Seung Woon’s office, where she finds out that he’s been ousted.  She goes to the warehouse to see Seung Woon working hard at stacking boxes… Kind of interesting how this drama brings first the main female lead and then the main male lead down the same level.

Yoon Yi’s secretary tells her the news as well.


Meanwhile, Seung Woon tries to make friends with his coworkers who all excuse themselves with prior engagements.  Thankfully, Areum arrives with sandwiches.  She asks him what happened and Seung Woon jokes it off that he decided to focus on his physical physique.

Afterwards, Seung Woon asks Areum for tips on working in the warehouse and she teaches him everything she learned during her stint. Of course, a step behind, Yoon Yi arrives to fume at the friendly atmosphere.

We get a short interlude as Jiwoo meets Areum in the hallway to gossip about Philip.  She mentions that she saw Areum’s father when she was drinking with Jinwoo and Areum asks if Jiwoo is meeting Jinwoo-at which point Jiwoo excuses herself.


A meeting of the baddies ensues.  Yoon Yi complains to Philip that she went to check on Seung Woon only to find that Areum was already there.  However, Philip’s not fazed as he’s confident that women would give up on a man after he falls.

Instead, Philip asks about the accounting issue and Yoon Yi explains that she’s working on it.  The head of the accounting department’s kid has an issue with a hit and run and she knows the prosecutor.  The conversation ends when Areum comes in.

Areum confronts Philio to ask if he’s doing this for revenge and Philip just walks away angrily.

Meanwhile, Yoon Yi goes to the bathroom and decides against looking the door in case Areum comes by and locks her in the stall.  Afterwards, she calls the head of the accounting department.


During dinner, Mrs. Han is obviously out of it.  The family tries to talk to her but she’s not really interested in the conversation.  Mr. Han asks about the custody issue and Areum mentions that she needs to take Tiffany to Philip to avoid issues in the future.

At this point, Mrs. Han snaps that Areum should either give up Tiffany to Philip and start anew or quit work and watch Tiffany, as it’s too hard for her.  Mrs. Han walks back into the room and worries about the last incident when the burning pan lid flew towards Tiffany and freaked her out.


In a short interlude. Cheolgu leaves Yoojin a letter and tries to sneak out.  Of course, the whole family of Sunwha comes out to stop him thinking that he’s a thief.  He denies it but doesn’t let them look through his bag… The weird thing is that they lost $150,000.00.  Unless Sunhwa completely forgot where she put it.


At the Han residence, she watches a commercial about a type of mushrooms that is great for dementia.  She tries to ask her husband for $500.  However, he just yells at her for being so obsessed about money.

When Mrs. Han comes out in anger, Sunhwa calls to tell Mrs. Han that she lost the check from Philip.  Mrs. Han calls Philip to meet right away.


Mrs. Han tells Philip about the lost check and tells him to notify the bank that the check was lost.  Philip lies that it’s not an issue and he is happy that he could think of it as giving a gift to his mother-in-law.

The awkward thing happens.  In the middle of the serious conversation, Mrs. Han suddenly becomes all cheerful and comments on how goodlooking Philip is.  Philip asks if Mrs. Han is okay, but seems to realize that there is something going on.

In the warehouse, Seung Woon continues to call his contacts about whether they had a chance to review the designs he sent over.  Afterwards, Secretary Jang arrives and there’s a moment of brohood.  Secretary Jang jokes that Seung Woon looks great and Seung Woon explains it’s because of his physique.


Of course, Secretary Jang reports on this to Mr. Chun.  Afterwards, Mr. Chun goes to his wife’s memorial and asks her to protect her son.  He comes home and asks Soo Ah if she really thinks of Seung Woon as her son.  She of course responds affirmatively.

Meanwhile, Philip leaves right as Attorney Suh sends him an email.  Areum clicks to open it and then hides behind the chair when Philip comes back in.  He leaves after picking up his cell phone and doesn’t see her hiding for some odd reason.  He does note that her cell phone is still there, but leaves.


As soon as he leaves, Areum takes a picture of the email and tries calling Seung Woon.  Philip arrives right at this moment.


A great build-up episode.  I liked the fact that Seung Woon is now in the same position Areum was episodes ago.  There’s something very satisfying about the fact that the male lead has to prove that he can fight his way up, even if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  It’s like it shows that he deserves the female lead.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to see Areum’s other side.  We saw a glimpse of her when she stopped the elevator, but she’s gone now 🙁

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