Love & Secret – E64

Another episode that focuses on the Han family.  Finally, Mr. Han finds out Mrs. Han’s condition as she starts to fall into her memories.  Meanwhile, Jinwoo asks Jiwoo out and Seungwoon realizes that Areum is still connected to Philip emotionally.


Philip snatches the Shuwei contract from Areum’s hands and she confronts him about it.  However, Philip denies any wrongdoing.  He explains that he received the contract from the legal department as he’s investigating the situation to fix it.


Areum confronts Philip about the email to the missing lawyer as well.  When Philip denies it again, she asks Philip to swear on Areum that he’s telling the truth.  Philip does and Areum leaves in a taxi instead.


Areum heads over to Seungwoon’s place.  Right away, Areum asks Seungwoon if the Shuwei issue could have been the result of someone other than Philip.  She starts to tear up and confesses that she wishes that it was not Tiffany’s father that did all of the bad acts.

Always the gentleman, Seungwoon agrees with her that it could be someone else.  He even seems apologetic that he hasn’t been thinking about Areum’s situation or feelings.


Feeling uneasy, Philip calls Yoon Yi to tell her that Areum saw the original contract.  Yoon Yi notes that even though Seungwoon believes that Philip has the original contract, he cannot threaten anything.  In response, Philip comments that they should hurry things along.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo exercises as he thinks about the earlier skinship with Jiwoo.  He smiles shyly when Areum drops by.  Jinwoo promises to put Tiffany to bed and asks Areum to look after their mother instead.


Areum comes to the living room to find her mother cleaning.  She thanks her mother as the place is so clean.  In response, Mrs. Han replies that Areum needs to mature as she will not be here forever.  Mrs. Han also asks whether Areum still is against Philip and whether Areum would go to Seungwoon if Mrs. Han approves.

Taken aback, Areum tells her mother that her relationship with Seungwoon is not like that…but, thanks her mother for being her mother.  Sighing, Mrs. Han asks Areum to quit her job and take care of Tiffany.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah confirms that Mr. Chun is still monitoring his blood pressure.  Soo Ah mentions that they should go on a family trip in honor of Seungwoon and Mr. Chun grumps in response.

Soo Ah’s mother comes out and notes to Soo Ah that she needs to take care of her husband if she doesn’t want to find herself a single mother.  Soo Ah ignores it as nagging, but I find it dramaland’s forewarning.  Will Mr. Chun be our first casualty?


At work, Seungwoon sees his father falter at the elevator bay and tries to help.  However, Mr. Chun pushes Seungwoon away and gets on alone.  Seungwoon goes to call Secretary Jang to request that he force Mr. Chun to have another physical exam.

At home, Mrs. Han starts packing when she’s interrupted by Mr. Han, who calls her out.  Mr. Han is waiting for Mrs. Han at a restaurant when she arrives all dressed up and full makeup.  It’s adorable to see Mr. Han gaze upon Mrs. Han.


The meal begins well.  Yet, the cracks start to show up as Mrs. Han notes how guilty she feels to be eating such an expensive meal when Mr. Han has to work so hard for the money.  Feeling emotional, Mr. Han invites his wife on a trip.  Mrs. Han responds that she would rather go to America instead of Europe to visit Areum.  Mr. Han finally begins to realize that something is wrong.

There’s a short interlude when Soo Ah’s mother reads her poem to Songcheol and basically confesses her love for him.  When Songcheol corrects the spelling, Soo Ah’s mother huffily leaves, feeling that Songcheol is ignoring her feelings.


Another bittersweet scene ensues as Mr. Han watches Mrs. Han sleeping.  Yet, when she wakes up, she’s back to her curt self and doesn’t even remember coming in with Mr. Han.

The Team brainstorms about the season’s new style.  The only person who is not paying attention is Jiwoo, who’s daydreaming about Jinwoo.  She then texts Jinwoo and calls him out.  Gurggling with soju, she pretends to be drunk when Jinwoo arrives.


When Jiwoo looks at Jinwoo, her acting falls apart and she tries to get another drink.  Jinwoo stops her.  He tells her that she doesn’t need to drink and kisses her.  He invites a dazed Jiwoo to start dating him.


At the same time, Seungwoon meets Soo Ah in front of his mother’s memorial.  They exchange thinly veiled pleasantries before getting to the point.  Soo Ah notes that his father is not feeling well and Seungwoon alludes that it must be due to Soo Ah…just like his mother.  The conversation ends abruptly and Seungwoon promises to his mother’s memorial that he will uncover the truth behind her death.


First, it was a breath of fresh air for Mr. Han to find out about Mrs. Han.  After the past two episodes, I was just waiting for him to find out.  Now that he knows, I really hope that she does not have to go into that assisted care facility.  I also hope that Mr. Han will firmly but sensitively override Mrs. Han’s noble-idiot plan and keep her with her family.  That way, she can be surrounded by her loved ones as her dementia gets worse.

On a second note, this episode was full of surprises.  I did not expect Jinwoo and Jiwoo’s relationship to develop so far.  It feels like at one point the drama started to focus on Areum’s love, the fight over Wiinner’s Group, and Mr. and Mrs. Han.  The other characters fell into the shadows, which is usual for daily dramas.  The episodes are just not long enough for all of the characters to be fully developed.  As such, I didn’t really feel an emotional response to the newest couple.

Finally, one thing I really like about this drama is that it seems less makjang.  While the larger plot is a bit dramatic with the death of Seungwoon’s mother and Areum’s situation causing her to fall in love with Seungwoon and vice versa, this drama has stayed away from the more extreme cliches.  I appreciate that and really hope that they don’t kill off Mr. Chun.  I can take him being jailed or going into a coma, but killing him off seems excessive.  Additionally, I don’t know how Seungwoon would be able to protect the company and Areum if he loses his father.

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