Love & Secret – E70

Soo Ah finally receives her comeuppance.  As the old Korean saying goes, “evil people do not die young.”  Supporting that phrase, Soo Ah lives only to find that even her minion Yoon Yi has finally grown a backbone.  As for us viewers, we can finally breathe easy that good as won again as Mr. Chun gets out of jail.  Meanwhile, Areum suffers in her noble idiocy with Seungwoon completely oblivious of her sacrifice.


The episode starts with Soo Ah intentionally flooring it past a red light and into traffic.  Seungwoon manages to control the wheel enough that in the next scene we see Soo Ah faking unconsciousness while Seungwoon just has a sore shoulder.


Seungwoon tells the pretending Soo Ah that she’s a scary woman and calls Seungho and his grandfather.

Next, we see Seungwoon picking up Mr. Chun.  Mr. Chun asks after Soo Ah and Seungwoon tells him that he will talk to father at home.


Once at home, Seungwoon explains the whole scheme and near accident.  When Mr. Chun finds out that Soo Ah is not in a dangerous condition, he decides to rest and think about everything.  He also tasks Seungwoon into looking into Director Park.


At the Han residence, Mr. Han playfully indulges Mrs. Han into taking her medicines.  She smiles that it’s worth getting sick to be pampered by him.  He even found an old album of the two of them.  They happily talk about the past before Mrs. Han has to lay back down.

Next, we get the dorky couple.  Jiwoo baby talks until Jinwoo tells her that he likes Angelina Jolie more than Paris Hilton; he likes tough and sexy women.  When Jinwoo states that he needs to leave soon, Jiwoo calls Areum and decides to go over when she hears that Mrs. Han is at home to win some brownie points.

When Jiwoo hears that Areum is back with Philip, Jiwoo has a fit! [AS SHE SHOULD!]  She asks about Seungwoon, only to find out that Seungwoon and Areum have broken up.  Jiwoo tells Areum about Mr. Chun getting out and Areum even comments that Seungwoon needs to grow up if he cannot even protect his father.


Jiwoo volunteers to get some clementines when she runs into Mrs. Han eating from the rice cooker.  She greets Mrs. Han before going back into the room and asking Areum if Mrs. Han is okay.  Areum answers that she must look sick because she’s suffered a lot of stress due to Areum…


Soo Ah continues to pretend that she cannot speak at the hospital as Mr. Han returns to work.  Mr. Chun grumps that Philip was able to get his full return on his investment as Winner’s Group crashes and burns.  Seungwoon tells his father that he’s trying to see if they can get the loss back from Philip as he’s certain that Philip is connected to the funds that were transferred.  Mr. Chun instructs his son to forget about that end and focus on the company.  However, when Seungwoon gets up, he does comment that he has no one to trust but his son.

In the elevator bay, Seungwoon runs into Jiwoo, who randomly tells Seungwoon that Areum is going to the United States with Philip.  Seungwoon broods in his office when he gets a call that Soo Ah has disappeared.


Soo Ah left a note before taking a cab to Yoon Yi’s apartment.  As soon as Yoon Yi gives her some water and brings herself some coffee, Soo Ah throws water on Yoon Yi.  However, Yoon Yi is not one to back down.  She tells Soo Ah not to blame her as she made this mess and Yoon Yi stopped because she didn’t want to live like Soo Ah.  Soo Ah actually grabs Yoon Yi’s hair when Yoon Yi pushes her away and kicks her out.

So…If a guy has made his family suffer so much, how can he even daydream about having an affair?  He wonders if he could sell a lot of the water filters (not washing machines) and impress his childhood friend. He even gives it a halfhearted effort asking both his boss and his wife if they want to buy a new water filter.


Meanwhile, Mr. Chun broods outside his house thinking about Seungwoon’s words.  At the same time, Soo Ah drinks to herself that she’s done.

Philip has a drink with Jackie.  Philip explains that he no longer loves Areum, but he won so he’s going to keep her by his side forever making her miserable.  Even Jackie has to frown at Philip’s harsh words.


Areum arrives and Philip introduces the two.  Areum tries to make small talk with Jackie, but Philip keeps bringing up Seungwoon and Yoon Yi.  Feeling uncomfortable, Jackie runs off to the bathroom and Philip ignores Areum as soon as Jackie’s gone.


Areum even tucks a drunk Philip into bed.  Before she leaves, Philip asks her if she loved Seungwoon enough to return back to him.  Areum answers that she promised and will keep her promise.  At this, Philip gets up and tells her that he will make her life miserable.


First,  I was really satisfied to see the drama not drag out Soo Ah’s fall.  If the preview is true, then we might even see some forgiveness from Mr. Chun, which is quite appropriate seeing as he turned her into this monster.  I was satisfied that the drama writers did not change her character all of a sudden and actually amused that Soo Ah would disappear from the hospital only to go confront Yoon Yi for betraying her.

Now, Yoon Yi’s conversation and tussle with Soo Ah was EXTREMELY satisfying.  After all, this girl is supposed to be an educated girl with some spunk. However, throughout over 60 episodes all we saw was the shadow of a girl, who only saw her value in the man that she believed she loved.  Then, it wasn’t even clear why Yoon Yi was continuing as part of the axis of evil when obviously she was not benefiting or even getting revenge on either Seungwoon or Areum.  She was basically a superfluous character with a great resume.  Once we ignore all of this, the Yoon Yi that I saw in this episode was quite likeable!  I kind of wish that she had stood up to Soo Ah more often in the past…or at least used their plans to really enact revenge like Philip did…Offering to Areum to stop the plan or divulge the plan if she gives Seungwoon up, etc.  However, all Yoon Yi did was awkwardly waver for a couple of minutes in each episode.  What a waste!

Meanwhile, Philip has been developed quite well.  In the beginning, I had actually wondered for a couple episodes who I liked better.  Now, I can’t even imagine liking Philip better.  Yet, I understand why he’s become this bitter person.  He cannot stand that now Areum is next to him because of Seungwoon.  It angers him because every moment that he sees her, he knows she came to him because of Seungwoon.  As such, every moment is a moment of betrayal.  It’s only logical that he would lash out any chance that he got.  Seems like we have a great complicated baddie here. Kudos writers!

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