Love & Secret – E73

The secret is finally out to everyone.  Seungwoon confronts Areum about her noble idiocy and Areum finds out about her mother.


When we last left off, Seungwoon was off to meet Suzy.

This episode begins with Seungwoon meeting Suzy, who is not happy to hear about Philip again.  Someone is still bitter about the last end of the divorce.  Clearly not hiding her disdain for Philip, Suzy answers Seungwoon’s question about her account with shock.  She tells Seungwoon that she never opened the account, which transferred the funds into Mr. Chun’s account; however, the date that the account was opened was around when they were fighting about the divorce.  She  jumps to the conclusion that Philip was laundering money through her name.


Taking this in stride, Seungwoon asks if Suzy could check for other accounts that Philip might also be using under her name, which Suzy is happy to do.

Areum visits Philip again and this time he’s actually acknowledging her presence and conversing with her.  They discuss Philip’s meeting with Mr. Han and Areum tells Philip that she doesn’t care if they stay in Korea or leave.


As Areum gets up to leave, Philip asks her to come back the next day as he wants to see Tiffany.  Areum agrees.

Dramaland’s coincidences occur again.  Suzy walks passed Areum as she leaves the lobby and recognizes her.  She stops by Philip to warn him that she met Seungwoon and he had something interesting to say.  However, she doesn’t tell Philip what Seungwoon told her.  Instead, she tells him to ask Seungwoon directly and congratulates Philip on managing to hold on to Areum through the baby.

At home, Mr. Han worries about Mrs. Han, who stubbornly decided that she wanted to peel apples.  Getting worried, Mr. Han asks if Mrs. Han knows where Areum went.  Mrs. Han easily answers that she went to see Philip and she hasn’t lost her memories yet.  Seeing that she’s still in a good mood, Mr. Han tries to broach the subject of telling Areum about Mrs. Han’s condition.  However, Mrs. Han vetoes that suggestion.


When Areum comes home, Mrs. Han happily picks up Tiffany.  Not knowing anything, Areum comments that Mrs. Han should have accompanied Mr. Han, when he met Philip.  The fact that Mr. Han didn’t even invite her isn’t lost on Mrs. Han, who pauses and the music turned slightly ominous before Mr. Han quickly diffused the situation by suggesting that Areum wash up.

At the Chun residence, Mr. Chun and Soo Ah talk on friendly terms.  However, something may be up or Mr. Han is just trying to keep Soo Ah busy.  He tells her that there’s a charity bazaar coming up and asks Soo Ah to donate her luxury bags and clothes.  Of course, Soo Ah smiles that she doesn’t care about materialistic goods.


Then right after Mr. Han leaves, Soo Ah tries to hide her clothes and bags in her mother’s room only to be shooed out.

At work, Seungwoon thinks about how Areum was dragged out of the business dinner and confirms that Suzy hasn’t contacted them.


Meanwhile, Yoon Yi packs her clothes and remembers Areum’s words that she’s leaving…Changing her mind about something, she calls Seungwoon and they meet in a cafe.  She starts off by telling Seungwoon that she’s leaving Seoul for the countryside; she’s going to laze around all day.

Asking if Seungwoon is going to let Areum leave the country with Philip, Yoon Yi gives a small laugh when Seungwoon pretends that they are over.  Coolly, she tells Seungwoon that she received the usb from Areum, who presumably got it in exchange for returning to Philip.  She tells Seungwoon not to lose Areum a second time and leaves.


Secretary Jang happily barges into the master bedroom to confiscate all of Soo Ah’s luxury clothes and bags.  Soo Ah tries to keep one of her purses, but Mr. Chun had already listed it on the auction list.

At the same time, Heung Min wonders about if his father is messing up again.  He calls the number on the pamphlet and contacts Heungsu’s friend.  Right away, Heung Min asks her if she knows Heungsu and what their relationship is.  Heungsu interrupts to find Heung Min asking him to confess.


Sunhwa interrupts this confrontation and basically tells Heungsu to join the monastery 😛

As for our main couple, Seungwoon stops brooding and calls Areum to meet up at a cafe.  When she tries to tell him that she’s busy, he tells her that he’ll wait.


Areum arrives at the coffee shop with Tiffany.  Immediately, Seungwoon asks why Areum would trade her freedom for the usb.  He asks if she pitied him.

Areum responds that he was burdensome to her.  She wanted to repay her debt to Seungwoon by helping out.

Getting angry, Seungwoon yells at Areum that she should have trusted him and just waited.  He begins to suggest that he will fix it when Areum cuts him off like a boss.  She tells him that this was her choice and she chose Philip.  With that, Areum actually leaves Seungwoon.


At home, Mr. Han tries to get Mrs. Han to take her medicine.  However, she refuses and starts screaming.  Areum comes home during this time and Mrs. Han hides behind Areum asking her to save her…her father is trying to kill her.

When she sees Tiffany, Mrs. Han gets completely distracted and starts playing with the cute baby.  Areum realizes whats going on and after the incident, she has the talk with Mr. Han.  She asks why they didn’t tell her sooner and Mr. Han tells her that it was Mrs. Han’s wishes.


Areum starts crying and apologizes.  Calming her down, Mr. Han tells his daughter that it’s not her fault.  No one can control things like life and death.

Yet, right after Mr. Han leaves, Jinwoo comes in and erupts like the baby of the family that he is.  He blames her for their mother’s condition yelling that their mother got dementia because of all of the stress that Areum caused the family.


Meanwhile, Suzy checks something on her computer and call Seungwoon to tell him that she found Philip’s weak spot.


WOW! This is the first episode in which I do not have ANY complaints about any of the characters. o_o o_O O_O How did this happen?  I’m still not sure if this feeling is a false sense of satisfaction?  But I guess I shouldn’t question it.  There are tons of other things to stress about in life other than the fact that the writers hit 100% with this episode in my book.

All of the characters gave a strong performance and the writing was equally commendable!  Yoon Yi leaves the series (hopefully temporarily!) with grace and strength.  While I was disappointed that she was a weak love rival, she played the spurned-lover-turned-friend well.  I liked how she laughed almost disdainfully at Seungwoon’s attempt to play it cool and called his bluff, warning him not to lose Areum again.

As for Seungwoon, while he didn’t really shine in this episode, his character acted the way it should.  He laid the foundation for a partnership with Suzy and without drawing out the angst of the revelation of Aruem’s sacrifice, immediately went to confront her about it.  Even more cathartic, he showed his insecurity and asked if she chose that path because he was so pitiful as man, who couldn’t protect either her or his father. Bravo!

As for Philip and Suzy, they are a strong pair even if they usually don’t get as much screen time.  I loved how normal it was for Suzy to jump straight to the conclusion that Philip must be laundering money through her accounts and throw thinly veiled barbs at Philip.  On the other hand, Philip showed a little bit of his bitterness cracking when he asked for Areum to visit again.  He is definitely channeling spoiled brat here.  On a random note, Philip’s portrayal of the jilted lover kind of reminds me of the chapter in the Japanese Manga Glass Mask, in which Hayami told Maya that her performance of the jilted lover is just one of a spoiled child obsessing over a toy…

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