Love & Secret – E75

Philip starts feeling the heat from the fire as he’s officially grounded from flying and undergoes an investigation from the police.  Meanwhile, the Han family continues to try to live a normal life while helping to slow down the progression of Mrs. Han’s disease.


Seungwoon shows up to Philip’s surprise to let him know that he had planned everything and has the evidence that Philip used a shell company to frame his father.  He throws an envelope of the evidence on the table and accuses Philip of manipulating Yoon Yi and others to do his bidding.


Philip snarls back that Seungwoon’s sorely mistaken as he didn’t manipulate anyone.  They helped out of their own volition.  However, Seungwoon doesn’t care and leaves.


Philip runs home to call his secretary to fix things when he’s interrupted by the police.  They’re here to arrest him for embezzlement.

Seungwoon gets the news and runs to tell his father.  Adorably, Mr. Chun was in the middle of reading the news article about the single mothers’ community thanking Winner’s Group for the donation of children’s clothes.

Mr. Chun praises Seungwoon for accomplishing this before asking about the article.  Seungwoon tells his father that it was Areum and Mr. Chun agrees that they need to do more of such volunteer work to change the company’s image.


Areum interrupts a game of go-stop between her parents to get her mother’s measurements.  She tells her mom that she wants to design a dress specifically for her mom.  The two chat happily until Mrs. Han asks Areum to invite Philip over since she cannot go out easily.

Areum agrees, but Mr. Han and Areum’s expressions freeze.  Afterwards, Mr. Han stops by Areum’s room to let her know that he thinks she should follow’s Philip’s decision about leaving the country if he doesn’t want to stay since she’s decided to stay with him.


The dorky couple grabs a meal together, but Jinwoo is obviously not in the mood for it.  Jinwoo even tells Jiwoo that it would be difficult for them to meet for a while.  Jiwoo asks if Jinwoo is breaking up with her and he explains that he just wants to spend more time with his mother, who has Alzheimer’s.  Empathizing, Jiwoo tells Jinwoo that he should think of it optimistically and be nice to her now.

Areum drops off a plate of sandwiches before leaving.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Han calls Mr. Han because the hot water isn’t working.  He has her sit in the living room as he goes off to fix the water.  Within a blink of an eye, Mrs. Han thinks about how much her daughter also liked sandwiches and disappears before Mr. Han can come back to the living room.


Jinwoo arrives to find Mr. Han looking for his wife and calls his sister.


At the same time, Mrs. Han is at Winner’s Group looking for Areum.  Seungwoon sees Mrs. Han in the lobby and goes to help.  He tells Mrs. Han that Areum has left the company and then realizes that something is wrong when he sees that Mrs. Han wore her inside slippers out.


Feeling that something is off, he follows her to see Mrs. Han walk into the road.  Quickly, he goes to bring her back to the sidewalk.  Although she’s safe, she starts worrying about the slipper that she left on the street.  Realizing that something is wrong, he runs into the road to grab her slipper and helps her put it on.  He graciously calls Areum to let her know that he’s bringing Mrs. Han home.

When he arrives, Mr. Han and Jinwoo invite him up for a drink and he accepts.  Back in the living room, Seungwoon explains that Mrs. Han was looking for Areum and then ran into the road.  He asks if Mrs. Han is sick.


With the situation between him and Areum still awkward, he quickly excuses himself.  Areum also leaves to go check on Tiffany and Jinwoo tells on his sister.  He tells his father that Seungwoon was the man, who had a thing with Areum.

When Seungwoon goes back into the office, he remembers back to what Areum said at the funeral and the Mrs. Han, whom he just saw.


Comedic interlude time!  At Sunhwa’s house, Heungsu has decorated the room with candles, rose petals and a cake.  He even prepared a love letter for her.  Basically, it says that he’s sorry for being a screw up and making her suffer.  However, he states that the only person who he leaves is Sunhwa.

Unfortunately, during his confession, his coattail gets caught on fire and he uses Sunhwa’s new coat to put the fire out.  Sunhwa complains that he should just stay quiet and in place.

Philip also leaves jail on bail and discusses with his lawyer.  He informs Philip that he is grounded during the investigation and explains the possible outcomes, which basically all point to a large fine.


At the company, Mr. Chun broods about how he saw his son help Mrs. Han put on her slipper and then calls Mr. Han for a dinner.  They exchange pleasantries before Mr. Chun asks if Mrs. Han is healthy.

Mr. Han confesses that Mrs. Han is a bit sick.  Mr. Chun also asks if Areum is back with Philip.

Mr. Han answers that Areum and Philip are planning to get married in the United States next month.  Hearing the news, Mr. Chun sighs.  He explains that the person who framed him and raided Winner’s Group was Philip.  He adds that Philip is currently under investigation.

Mr. Han is absolutely confused at this point.  Mr. Chun doesn’t help by thinking aloud that he had wondered, but it must “have been because of Areum.”

When Mr. Han asks for more information, Mr. Chun doesn’t really answer.


At the same time, Philip calls Areum to ask her for a favor.  He tells her that he transferred money into her account and needs her to take it out for him immediately.  Not realizing that Philip is under investigation, Areum does as she’s asked and withdraws $500,000.

When she comes out from the bank, Philip is there waiting and takes the money.


Afterwards, Areum comes home to hear the news that Philip is under investigation from her father.


Honestly?  I’m not even sure if I have anything to say after this episode.  After watching it, it feels like I only watched ten minutes of something.  It wasn’t fast paced or thrilling…It just was.  It is times like these that I think the writers behind this drama are talented.  This episode was really a slice of Areum’s life.  It wasn’t exaggerated for our entertainment purposes; yet, it was still incredibly interesting.

The only thing that I could possibly comment on is the fact that I approve of the way that the family is trying to huddle together for the sake of Mrs. Han.  The really annoying realistic part of me wonders if this would be possible for most families.  After all, Mr. Han is retired and has a substantial pension with his apartment paid off and Jinwoo is a student.  Without those factors, it would be difficult for family members to decide to spend most of their time with a member, who is suffering from dementia.

This kind of reminded me of Hogeweyk, a dementia village in Europe. It’s a small pseudo village that is presumably gated.  Seniors with dementia live in this village with resident caretakers, who help them maintain a quality of life.

I just did a quick search and it looks like they are trying to make a copy in California:  I don’t know about you, but if 1 out of 3 seniors get dementia, I think it’s about time that we search into more solutions like this and wish.  To add to that, I wish that more people had the luxury of time and freedom from worrying about survival to care about the community… But, that’s a rant for another day.

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