Love & Secret – E78

Seungwoon continues to be the perfect gentleman as Philip falls further into his own hole.


Philip watches Mrs. Han clean his bathroom silently.  When she finishes, she happily tells him that she will prepare dinner.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han finds the nurse, whom he asked to watch his wife.  The nurse tells him that Mrs. Han left with a man, whom she identified as her son-in-law.  Immediately, Mr. Han calls Areum, who also tells Jinwoo.

Unaware of the chaos that is happening, Mrs. Han feeds Philip.  He even asks Mrs. Han to bring Tiffany the next time she visits.


Mr. Han and Areum rush into Philip’s apartment to interrupt this meal.  When Mrs. Han sees that her husband is agitated, she gets up to hide behind Philip and refuses to leave. Having no choice, Mr. Han instructs Areum to take his wife away.

Once the two women are out of the house, Mr. Han asks Philip how he could bring home an ill woman.  In response, Philip pretends not to understand and just answers that he brought Mrs. Han over to his apartment because she asked him.


However, Mr. Han is in no mood to hear Philip’s story and honestly tells Philip’s his opinion that he knew Philip was this type of man from the beginning.  He adds that he only let Areum return to Philip because he was Tiffany’s father…He calls Philip nothing better than an animal for trying to use a sick woman to manipulate Areum and grabs Philip by his sweater.

At this point, Seungwoon runs in to tell Mr. Han to calm down.  He tells Philip to stay away from Areum before leaving.  He rushes after the family and tells them that Jinwoo called him.  Seungwoon even insists that he drives them home.


The mood turns awkward when Mrs. Han asks if they are going somewhere nice.  Areum tells her mom that they are just going home, but Seungwoon asks Mrs. Han if she wants to go anywhere nice.  In response, Mrs. Han tells everyone that she wants to go somewhere nice with her son-in-law.  Seungwoon takes this like a gentleman and changes the topic.  He tells Mrs. Han that he wanted to buy her a present – shoes – since she always calls him the “shoe man.”  Mrs. Han happily tells Seungwoon that she wants a pair of white sandals and Seungwoon responds that he will find a pair like that with Areum and Mr. Han watching the exchange silently.

When he drops the family home, Mr. Han tells Areum to buy Seungwoon a meal before coming in.  However, after the parents go inside, Seungwoon tells her to buy tea instead since he knows she’s probably not in the mood for food right now.


At the cafe, Areum apologizes for Jinwoo calling Seungwoon.  She explains that he’s under a misunderstanding.  In response, Seungwoon asks how many times a week they go to the hospital.  He tells Areum that he will drive them to and from the hospital each time.  When Areum doesn’t respond, he tells her to buy dinner as well.


At home, Mr. Han brings Mrs. Han medicine.  At first Mrs. Han refuses to take the medicine, but agrees if Mr. Han will make a call for her.  She tells him that she wants to call Philip to see if he enjoyed the meal.

Mr. Han starts yelling at Mrs. Han in exasperation that Philip is a bad person and she shouldn’t contact him anymore.  Areum arrives during this yelling and tries to tell her mom that she broke up with Philip, so they have no reason to contact him anymore.

When the two look at Mrs. Han, she just asks how Areum could have broken up with Philip, when he’s the father of Tiffany.

At the same time, Philip takes another sleeping pill because he cannot stop replaying the scene where Mr. Han yells at him and Seungwoon comes in to calm him down.

Soo Ah gets frustrated that Seungho hasn’t found anything out from Seungho.  She encourages Seungho to continue to play with Heung Min.  After a second thought, she even tells Seungho to study at Seungwoon’s place now that Seungwoon is the legal owner.


Soo Ah’s mother stops by Songcheol’s place looking for him.  Yoojin and Cheolgu see her and decide to get coffee with her.  Soo Ah’s mother tells them that she supports their relationship.  Then she starts telling them that they should marry Songcheol off if they want to live more easily and they can look from nearby for Songcheol’s partner.  She then drops her bag on the table before excusing herself to go to the bathroom.

Cheolgu grabs one of the account books when Soo Ah’s mother goes to the bathroom to find that there’s over $32,000 in the account.  Seeing that Soo Ah’s mother has several such accounts and told them that her son-in-law is the CEO of Winner’s Group, he notes that Songcheol would become rich if he married her.

Meanwhile, Jinwoo visits Jiwoo at the company.  Jinwoo has a great idea that they should create a date for Areum and Seungwoon.  They each call out Areum and Seungwoon and send them to a different restaurant.


Seungwoon seems to be satisfied with the setup.  Pouring out the soup, Seungwoon comments that they must be fated to have come so far.  Pessimistically, Areum just comments that she’s surprised she got this far.  In response, Seungwoon comforts Areum; she’s survived the hard times and only good times are to come.

Heungsu brings home some meat to bring over to the Han’s residence. Sunhwa calls her sister’s phone, but Mr. Han answers that it might be difficult today and promises to come meet her another day.

Mr. Han worries about when he should tell Sunhwa and leaves the phone on the living room table.  Mrs. Han takes the phone before dropping by Areum’s room.

At his place, Philip finds that the rumors have spread and none of the companies want to work with him anymore.  He fumes before deciding to call Mrs. Han.


Mrs. Han picks up the phone from Areum’s room as Areum went out to get food for her mom.


Philip is definitely conflating his obsession over Areum with his frustration that he’s been outsmarted in the recent framing scheme.  His frustration with Areum when she was with him shows that he still cares for Areum and feels betrayed that she would fall for Seungwoon.  However, instead of rationally trying to win over Areum’s heart, Philip continues to think that he can force Areum to be with him… As he continues to try to use his only available tools of Tiffany and Mrs. Han, he further alienates Mr. Han and Areum, which in turn fuels his insecurity issues and continues this vicious cycle of him obsessing over Areum even more…

The episode really contrasted Philip’s vicious cycle with Seungwoon’s more respectful approach.  Seungwoon makes it very clear that he is still interested in Areum.  You can’t get any clearer than him declaring to Areum’s father that he liked Areum and she got hurt as a result of him.  Additionally, he rushes over to help with Areum’s mother whenever he’s informed about a situation.  Yet, he gives Areum her space and doesn’t force her to make a decision like when he proposed that he can drive them to the hospital, but changed the topic to grabbing dinner when Areum didn’t respond.

Now that Seungwoon has become a capable character again, I’m firmly in the Seungwoon/Areum ship. 😀

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