Love & Secret – E82

Philip wins this round and Areum loses her child, to be taken care of by a nanny.


Philip rushes in to the police station and brings Tiffany back out to Suzy as Areum’s family run around the park in search of Mrs. Han.  After one bend, Areum and Seungwoon run into Mrs. Han, who’s snacking alone.

Areum and Mr. Han ask about Tiffany and Mrs. Han responds that Tiffany is sleeping in the master bedroom.  Mr. Han grabs Mrs. Han to come to her senses and remember where she left Tiffany.  Seeing that Mrs. Han is freaked out, Areum tries to calmly ask her mom who she came with when she brought Tiffany.

Looking confused, Mrs. Han stutters that she remembers Eunbin coming to her house… Hearing this, Mr. Han tries to tell his wife that Eunbin doesn’t exist.  Areum jumps to the logical conclusion that it must be Philip and asks her mom if Tiffany’s father picked her up.


Fielding questions from both Mr. Han and Areum, Mrs. Han starts to retreat into herself.  She cries that she wants to go home and eat rice with soup.

Seungwoon sees that Mrs. Han has checked into herself and tells the family that it might be best for them to bring her home while he and Areum continue to look for Tiffany.  Areum agrees and gives her mom an encouraging squeeze before running off with Seungwoon to Philip’s place.


Once they arrive, Areum pounds the door and yells for Philip to come out and return Tiffany.  However, Philip ends up walking in from the lobby.  When asked about Tiffany, Philip answers that he had warned Areum that Mrs. Han was dangerous to the baby.  He refers Areum to the police on the story of how he got Tiffany.


Areum and Seungwoon head to the police where they explain how they received a call about a baby.  The father came and picked up the baby saying that he received a call from the baby’s grandmother, who is suffering from dementia.  Hearing this, Areum runs to Philip’s house and refuses Seungwoon’s help in case that Seungwoon’s presence would aggravate Philip.


Areum pounds on the door and begs Philip for forgiveness as long as she can have Tiffany back.  She even promises to live separately with Tiffany.  However, Philip doesn’t even open the door.  He yells through the door that Tiffany is at a safe place and he will raise her.

Areum walks home forlornly and tells her father and brother that Philip has Tiffany.  After hearing Areum’s update, Mr. Han goes in to tuck the blanket around Mrs. Han and stare at her.


When Mrs. Han wakes up, he asks her if she wants to go to the hospital… Mrs. Han tells her husband that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital or the facility.

Mr. Han asks if they should just move to the country and live alone.  Mrs. Han replies that she likes the house and living with their kids…

Mr. Han asks her in frustration how she could lose her granddaughter.  Seeing that her husband is angry, Mrs. Han starts crying and saying that she doesn’t want to leave and asks for forgiveness making Mr. Han also cry in helplessness.

Areum remembers that Tiffany needs her medicine and drops the medicine in front of Philip’s door.  Afterwards, she hides in the hallway and texts him.

In the morning, Seungwoon asks his secretary to look into Suzy’s hotel room.

At the same time, Areum goes to the hotel, where Philip’s father had stayed.  Except, he’s checked out and another guest is in the hotel.  She calls Philip for help.


Meanwhile, Suzy drops in to check on Philip’s father, who has Tiffany.  Philip also arrives and tells his father that they will leave Tiffany with his father for now.  Philip’s father doesn’t mind as he’s happy to have children around again.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah’s mother daydreams about Songcheol.  She even hugs a pillow and kisses it.

Seungho walks in on his grandmother acting weirdly.  He sees that his grandmother is wearing bright clothes and talking about missing her youth.  When he asks his grandmother how old she is, she answers that she doesn’t remember and Seungho runs off in tears that his grandmother has dementia.


Soo Ah’s grandmother heads over to Songcheol’s place.  Yoojin doesn’t seem so impressed by Soo Ah’s mother, but Cheolgu flatters her in hopes that she will invest in Jinwoo’s album.  Soo Ah’s mother notes that she would need to hear the person sing before deciding on whether to invest or not and they head off to the karaoke room.


When Jinwoo doesn’t arrive, Yoojin goes out to call Jinwoo.  When she comes back Soo Ah’s mother is singing and Cheolgu is staring at her mesmerized.


At Sunhwa’s house, she stands gloomily cooking her sister soup.  She starts crying about how sad she is about her sister…she asks her husband if they can bring her sister and take care of her.  Heungsu replies that he would support her, but he’s not sure if Mr. Han and Mrs. Han’s children would agree to that arrangement.

At the same time, Soo Ah decides to attack Mr. Oh at the auction.  She tells Mr. Han that he’s going to another volunteering meeting before leaving.

Finding that Soo Ah is acting slightly suspicious, Mr. Han checks Soo Ah’s tablet and finds the page on the auction.  He mutters that he knew this would happen.


Soo Ah arrives at the auction and heads straight for Attorney Oh.  She tells him that she has a proposal that would allow Attorney Oh to buy as many of these pieces as he wants and invites him to meet up separately tomorrow.

Seungwoon receives information on Suzy’s current hotel room and calls Areum immediately.  With this information, Areum goes to Suzy’s place to demand where Tiffany is.

Not able to look Areum in the eye, Suzy tells Areum to give up.  She explains that she wants to stay with Philip and needs Tiffany for that purpose.

Seungwoon runs in and Suzy notes that Areum can start afresh with Seungwoon.  At this point, Seungwoon loses it and shouts at Suzy to tell them where Tiffany is.


Before Suzy can answer, Philip arrives with a posse of attorneys and asks Areum and Seungwoon to leave so that they can discuss their custody rights.


It was kind of hard to see the scene where Mr. Han asked Mrs. Han if she wanted to enter a care facility… Even though Mrs. Han had said herself that she wanted to enter one of those when she began to fall into her memories, the current Mrs. Han was so scared to leave her familiar settings… It just felt uncomfortable watching the scene because the question would come up in any family dealing with dementia.  At one point, it becomes too hard for one person to be the patient’s caretaker all the time.  Yet, the patient craves stability and familiarity.  When someone changes so much because of a medical condition, what is a person to do?  This is a question that I actually do not feel comfortable asking myself and I did not feel comfortable watching.

On the lighter note, I was satisfied to see the pace of the custody battle.  Philip and Suzy held true to their characters in that neither of them actually took care of Tiffany.  Rather, they just left her in the care of capable nannies.  Seeing that confirmation, it was only clear that Tiffany should stay with Areum and Philip doesn’t actually care about raising Tiffany.  He just cares that his rival doesn’t raise his daughter as well as having Areum, whom he believes is his girl.

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