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We begin with Seungwoon announcing to his father and Soo Ah that he will marry Areum.  Even Soo Ah looks sincerely shocked and worried about the announcement.

Mr. Chun brings Seungwoon into his room to tell him that he told his son that once not a connection, it’s not right.  Seungwoon responds that he tried to forget about Areum but cannot.  He even stresses about the fact that Areum changed him.  He now focuses at work and is willing to speak with his father.


Mr. Chun sighs that he can understand Areum.  However, he cannot accept Areum’s baby, who is the child of Philip – the man who destroyed his company.  Seungwoon apologizes to his father that he cannot choose another path and promises to follow all of his father’s other wishes if Mr. Chun would just give permission for the marriage.  He also tells his father that he will come to live back at home soon.  As Seungwoon gets up to leave, Mr. Chun yells at his son that he shouldn’t even consider moving back in.

Soo Ah listens to this exchange outside while smirking.


Meanwhile, Areum calls Jiwoo to ask if she can temporarily stay at her friend’s place until she finds a place of her own.  Jiwoo apologizes, but her sister is staying at her place until she can find a job.

Areum tells her friend that it’s fine and hangs up in time for Seungwoon’s call.  Seungwoon asks if Areum has time to meet up and Areum sighs that she’s in the middle of something.  Still smiling, Seungwoon consoles her that she will be able to bring Tiffany home soon and has Areum promise to meet tomorrow.

At home, Seungwoon starts cleaning up his place so that Areum can live there with Tiffany.

In the morning, Mrs. Han cooks breakfast.  Jinwoo walks in worriedly but sees that everything is actually normal.  He walks out to tell Areum and Mr. Han that their mother is cooking breakfast and seems normal.


Mrs. Han doesn’t remember having dementia and seems normal making the rest of the family ecstatic.  The family praises Mrs. Han’s cooking before she asks about Tiffany.

Areum smiles that Tiffany is temporarily with her father. Mrs. Han tells her daughter to bring Tiffany home if Tiffany is having a hard time.

Meanwhile, Philip’s father happily plays with Tiffany.

Mr. Han walks Areum out and Areum congratulates him that Mrs. Han looks so much better today.  He encourages her to keep her head up.


At work, Seungwoon heartily greets his father, who ignores him.  Sighing, he turns to pictures of Areum and wonders why 1+1 is so difficult.  [DRAMAFEED: 1+1 is what Koreans say when you buy something and you get another free.]

Seungwoon muses at his desk that he needs to get formal permission from Mr. Han when Mr. Han calls to tell him that the parcel did not come from his publisher’s company.  However, the security desk couldn’t remember who dropped it off.

In his office, Mr. Chun grumps that Seungwoon is not a child, but rather, an enemy.  He doesn’t know what caused Seungwoon to start saying he wants to be with Areum again…


At the same time, Soo Ah’s mother day dreams that she’s singing at Songcheol’s cafe when all of the grandfathers go crazy over her.

Soo Ah comes in and nags her mother for buying such unfashionable clothes.  She tells her mother to take care of Seungho, but her mother refuses as she is busy.

At Songcheol’s place, Songcheol asks Cheolgu if he has a financial plan.  Cheolgu responds that he wants to make Soo Ah’s mother (Haeban) a singer.  Songcheol doesn’t seem convinced when Haeban comes over.  Immediately, Cheolgu tells Haeban that Songcheol agreed to be her singing coach and Haeban thanks Songcheol.


They all go to eat barbeque beef and Heungsu comments that the atmosphere between Haeban and Songcheol is awkward.  Haeban scoots over to Songcheol and Heungsu smirks.

When they all toast to the future, Yoojin almost drinks alcohol to Songcheol’s horror.  He chatises both Yoojin and Cheolgu for being so inattentive when Yoojin is pregnant.  Surprised, Haeban walks over to feel Yoojin’s belly and then exclaims in shock.

Cheolgu and Yoojin wait nervously until Haeban announces that Yoojin is pregnant with a son.  However, when she sits down Haeban has a curious expression on her face.


Philip and Suzy stop by his father’s place to pick up Tiffany. Philip’s father grumps that they are just making it harder for the mother to forget about Tiffany.  Suzy takes Tiffany out.

After Suzy leaves, Philip’s father asks Philip what exactly he did to lose the baby’s mother. Philip just answers that it’s too late to talk about that now and leaves the room.  Outside, he sees Suzy and tells her that she doesn’t need to come.  Suzy refuses to stay behind as Areum needs to see and understand the situation.


When Areum arrives at Philip’s place, she runs to grab Tiffany from Suzy’s arms.  Areum asks a barrage of questions and Philip reassures Areum that the best caretakers are taking care of Tiffany, who is only fed the most healthy food.  Suzy even adds that Tiffany is adjusting well as young children are capable of doing.

Areum doesn’t back down and responds that it will only be temporary as she’s going to get Tiffany back.

After Tiffany falls asleep, Philip and Suzy tell her to leave as they are busy.  Areum tries to ask for ten more minutes, but the two go on to tell Areum that it is bad for Tiffany to keep getting confused.  Suzy proposes that the next visit be after another month.


Areum gets up to hand over cotton clothes and ointment for Tiffany’s atrophy.  Philip looks on Areum guiltily while Suzy seems more irritated than guilty.  Philip ends up pulling Areum away just as Tiffany starts to cry for her mom.  Areum begs the two to allow her to put Tiffany to sleep again, but Philip drags her out of the apartment.


Areum stops by Sunhwa’s pizza place after.  She asks her aunt for advice because she just saw Tiffany, but she still wants to see Tiffany.  She wonders why she didn’t watch over Tiffany earlier…

Sunhwa tries to console Areum and apologizes on behalf of Mrs. Han.  Areum tells Sunhwa that it wasn’t her mother’s fault…It was her fault for causing her mom stress such that she got sick.  She cries that she is trying to stand up again, but every time she thinks she’s about to walk, she ends up falling again and Tiffany gets hurt.

Sunhwa hugs Areum and tells her that life is hard for everyone.  She tells her that Areum will be able to make it.

At work, Seungwoon to create a design space in his studio as well as obtain a crib for a baby.  Secretary Jang thinks about it and seems to understand.


Meanwhile, Suzy puts Tiffany to sleep and pulls Philip over to look at the sleeping child together.

When Areum comes home, Seungwoon comes out of his car and starts to ask Areum questions about her visit.  Although Areum is able to keep herself from sobbing, she falls apart when Seungwoon asks these questions.  She hugs Seungwoon silently as the tears fill her eyes.


Pulling Areum straight, Seungwoon apologizes for being so late.  Looking Areum in the eyes, he asks her to marry her.


I do love hating my evil characters.  However, I have to acknowledge that Philip’s portrayal of his character, the directing, and the writing is spot on.  When Philip watches with a slightly uncomfortable and angry expression as Areum rushes to Tiffany and answers all of Areum’s questions about Tiffany’s well-being first,  I was convinced that maybe this isn’t just about revenge and money.  He still cares about Areum, he just never learned how to identify his feelings or express them well.

This complexity was further supported by Philip’s harsh words and acting when Areum started to cry as she was asked to leave.  If you really care about someone, even if you think you want revenge, revenge will not make you happier.  Instead, it will make you angry that you should feel relief and joy, but you just feel frustration at the other person’s pain.  This episode portrayed that well through Philip’s character.

Suzy seems more invested in Tiffany than Philip is.  She gets annoyed when Tiffany clings to Areum, because she wants Philip to return to her. In a way, it looks like she instinctively realizes when Philip is reacting to Areum and not the situation and that causes her to be witchier to Areum.

Lastly, Seungwoon FINALLY OFFICIALLY proposed to Areum after 83 episodes. Enough said. ^_________________^

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