Run, Jang-Mi – E25

Taeja starts to deny his own feelings and Jang-Mi starts to open up to Taeja emotionally.


Jang-Mi runs up to an irate Taeja who begins to tear her apart for not calling anyone about being so late.  Confused, Jang-Mi tells Taeja that he’s not her mother and she doesn’t understand why he’s so angry.  She asks to borrow Taeja’s cell phone and calls her mother, who also yells at her.


Taeja asks Jang-Mi if she lost her cell phone and Jang-Mi explains that she got into an altercation with a pervert, who was taking pictures up women’s skirts.  Taeja asks if Jang-Mi was able to delete all of the pictures off the depraved pervert’s cell phone and Jang-Mi responds that she wasn’t the victim; she was helping someone else.  Taeja mutters that she’s too nosy into other people’s businesses and lost her own cell phone as a result.


Changing the topic, Jang-Mi asks if Taeja brought any umbrellas since it’s raining.  Quickly Taeja runs to the nearest convenience store and buys their last umbrella.  Jang-Mi feels bad that Taeja is getting wet and grabs Taeja’s arm to get closer together.  Taeja freezes at the contact and then jumps away.

When Taeja comes home, he wonders why he was so angry at Jang-Mi for being late.  He wonders if he likes Jang-Mi as a woman and thinks back at how he froze when Jang-Mi took his arm.  He dismisses the idea quickly assuming that Jang-Mi is like a pet to him.


In the morning, Taeja runs into Jang-Mi in the locker room.  She’s fully dressed, but Taeja starts as if he ran into her changing.  Jang-Mi asks about his overreaction and tells him to knock the next time.  Taeja confirms to himself that he cannot have feelings for Jang-Mi.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Baek gets yelled at at work.  Afterwards, she stops by Mr. Jang’s office for some coffee.  Mr. Jang tells Mrs. Baek that he’s busy and she’ll need to drink it alone.  Still smarting from the rebuke at work, Mrs. Baek explodes at Mr. Jang for not visiting her at work yet.


Mr. Jang goes to play Chinese checkers with Taeja’s grandfather.  When Mr. Jang gets distracted, Taeja’s grandfather asks what he’s thinking about and Mr. Jang talks about “his friend.”  Realizing that he’s actually talking about himself, Taeja’s grandfather encourages Mr. Jang to follow his heart and woo the woman over.


Jang-Mi runs into Joonhyuk at the front gate.  She complains that she doesn’t have any new ideas and Joonhyuk offers to take Jang-Mi out over the weekend.  Jang-Mi gets to meet Taehee, who drives Mr. Jang home.

When Jang-Mi walks into her room, she finds her mom in a pessimistic mood.  Her mom complains about all of the possible factors that caused this mess and Jang-Mi tries to indulge her mom into a better mood, but fails.


At Mincheol’s place, Mincheol’s mother looks through all of the pictures taken by her private investigator of Taeja.  She hides them when Mincheol comes home and asks about if his father was able to tour the cosmetics factory.  She tells her son to choose one line of skincare.

Mincheol’s father comes home drunk and he tells his wife to not live the way she lives.  Minjoo asks her mother why her father is cursing her mother.  Her mother encourages her to marry Taeja and live well.

The next morning, Mrs. Baek styles Jang-Mi for her day with Joonhyuk.   She also confesses that she would love to see Joonhyuk as a son-in-law.

Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk walk through the crowds and taste different snacks happily.


Meanwhile, Taeja joins Minjoo at a jjimjilbang.  Minjoo’s next project is to design another sauna and had asked Taeja for help on the design of the men’s side.  Taeja stretches because he’s tired to nap.  Seeing a chance, Minjoo tries draping her arms and legs around Taeja in hopes that she can seduce him.  Taeja just pulls out and lays father away.


At the same time, Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk stop by a cotton candy station.  When Jang-Mi gets a piece of cotton candy on her mouth, Joonhyuk helps take it off and Jang-Mi feels her heart race.


Next, Minjoo has to accompany Taeja to a rice cake cafe and they share an umbrella.  Taeja asks Minjoo if she feels anything when they’re close and have skinship.  Minjoo wonders if Taeja is finally feeling something for her… Inside the cafe, Taeja takes pictures of the rice cakes and then complains that Jang-Mi lost her phone.

When Taeja returns home, he sees Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk together.  Seeing Jang-Mi smile so happily in front of Joonhyuk, Taeja gets frustrated and snaps at Jang-Mi to get a new phone as soon as possible.  He also complains that Joonhyuk only takes care of Jang-Mi before stalking home.


When Minjoo comes home, she finds Mincheol working on the cosmetics line.  She comments that Mincheol’s luck is changing after he broke up Jang-Mi.  Then she announces to her mother that Taeja confessed that he felt something when she held his arm.


At the same time, Taeja asks Jang-Mi to pick up her cell phone.  He’s bought her a cell phone and left it in her apron.  She tries to not accept it at first and Taeja explains that it’s difficult to work with her when she doesn’t have a cell phone.  The two adorably bicker when they find out each other’s nicknames.

When Jang-Mi gets home, she works on her finances.  Remembering Jangsu, she goes to give him some allowance and finds the paid off loan notice in his wallet.  Immediately, she confronts Jangsu.


After she finds out the truth, she calls Taeja out and yells at him for helping them out of pity.  Frustrated, Taeja tells Jang-Mi that her perspective on life is twisted.  He’s not helping out of pity, but because he actually wanted to help.

Jang-Mi actually listens to Taeja and confesses that she knows she is insecure and defensive.  She explains that she never realized it before they became poor, but when she receives help, she’s feels more embarrassed and pathetic.

Taeja answers Jang-Mi’s sincerity with his own sincerity.  He tells her that he feels pathetic around her as well as he cannot do even the simplest tasks competently.  He also hates it when he tries his best only for her to get hurt.  He also confesses that he doesn’t have any ambitions or dreams; all he has is money.  He just wants to help others who have those dreams.

Jang-Mi also adds that she wanted to find her original phone as it contains her pictures with her father and her texts.  Taeja tells her to just use the new phone until they find the old one…just change his name.  Jang-Mi tells him that he’s an idiot and both laugh.


In the morning, Jang-Mi compliments Taeja on his vegetable skinning skills.  After tasting their latest rice cakes, Jang-Mi reaches for the cover off of their steaming red beans.  Trying to help, Taeja pulls off the cover before Jang-Mi can pull her hand away…Jang-Mi suffers a serious burn and Taeja rushes her to a hospital…Mincheol’s hospital.


Ah…Taeja’s naivete…his naivete is what allows him to fall in love with Jang-Mi regardless of her lack of economic stability.  Yet, it is his naivete and lack of survival instincts/street smarts that causes him to be a clumsy idiot that results in Jang-Mi getting hut.  I think his character is cute, but I have to admit that I am not really falling for the cute and clumsy guy type.  I can’t wait until Taeja can grow up because Jang-Mi needs a man, on whom she can lean…not a boy that she has to baby-sit in addition to her little brother and mother.

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