Love & Secret – E87

Seungwoon and Areum pick up clues about Philip’s plan, while Suzy strives to protect her idea of family.


The episode begins with Areum’s selfish proposal.  Seungwoon tears up and responds back that he knows Areum is going through a difficult time.  He promises to protect Tiffany together and live happily together.

Areum tells him, “Yes, let’s protect Tiffany together…and live happily together… I love you.”

Hearing the last phrase, Seungwoon hugs Areum closely.


In the next morning, Secretary Jang reports to Mr. Chun, who asks about Seungwoon.  Secretary Jang explains that Seungwoon stepped out for a minute.  Mr. Chun calls Seungwoon to meet outside.


Over drinks, Mr. Chun tells his son to keep the marriage topic off the table for a while so that there can be peace at home.  Seungwoon responds that he hasn’t changed his mind.  In response, Mr. Chun explains that he just needs some time; he cannot approve of Tiffany, but he will think about Areum.  Seungwoon thanks his father and says it’s enough.

Soo Ah cleans up Seungwoon’s room and notes his picture with his mom.  Seungwoon walks in at the moment and tells Soo Ah not to touch his things.  Soo Ah agrees and walks back to her room, where Mr. Chun reminds her that she’s also Seungwoon’s mother and asks her to do her best.


Areum wonders about her mother’s dress when Seungwoon arrives with groceries.  He cooks her fried rice and comments that if it’s good, she can kiss him on the cheek.  Areum just sighs and looks away.  Leaning over, Seungwoon kisses her on the cheek and tells her that she can just receive everything for now.

They change the topic to work and Areum thanks Seungwoon for giving her work.  It helps her distract her from the Tiffany issue.  Seungwoon compliments her for maturing and reassures her that both their marriage and Tiffany will work out.


Meanwhile at the Han residence, Mrs. Han looks for her shoes in the refrigerator.  Jinwoo reminds her that shoes are kept in the shoe closet.  Jinwoo smiles and writes labels on post-its for his mother.

Areum arrives with the fabric for her mom’s dress.  Mrs. Han smiles that she remembers.  She explains that on the day that Areum went to buy the fabric, she went with Tiffany and Eunbin to the park.  The family starts to ask her for details and Mrs. Han retreats back into her own memories.

Areum discusses Mrs. Han’s words that Eunbin came to the house to take her to the park…Mr. Han notes that it’s frightening, but he doesn’t think that the mistake was completely Mrs. Han’s fault alone.


Suzy arrives at Philip’s apartment.  Philip gives her the envelope with Tiffany’s legal papers for her passport.  Suzy notes that it’s better to win legal custody over Tiffany than running away.  She explains that running away may leave them vulnerable to losing Tiffany forever.

Philip replies that this is just a backup plan.

Suzy then asks Philip if he’s doing this for revenge or for Tiffany.  Philip tells Suzy that he’s not sure.  In response, Suzy tells Philip to only think about her and Tiffany.  She explains that she knows how lonely Philip has been and how much he yearned for a family.  She asks him to forget about everything and try to create a happy family with her; she has already decided that she wants to raise Tiffany as her own daughter since she cannot have any children.  Philip looks up at her in surprise when Suzy mentions this and Suzy confirms his silent question.  She tells him that his father already knows and she was the one that told his father about Tiffany.  Getting up, she tells Philip to come out with Tiffany tomorrow so that they can take family pictures.

Secretary Jang talks to Seungwoon about the Hyde partnership.  He asks Seungwoon for the designer’s information so that he can contact the designer.  Seungwoon tells Secretary Jang that it’s Areum before leaving.  Secretary Jang laughs that Seungwoon is basically dating during office hours.

Seungwoon meets with Areum and they discuss the latest information about the day that they lost Tiffany.  Areum notes how Mrs. Han keeps mentioning Eunbin and Seungwoon tells Areum about Robert.  They plan to take Mrs. Han to the park the next day to see if she remembers anything.


Areum stops by her aunt’s pizza place and asks if they can move in to her house; Mrs. Han would also feel more comfortable with her sister nearby.  Sunhwa agrees immediately.

The two children walk home together.  Heung Min mentions that Seungho’s grandmother stops by their house more often.  Seungho tells Heung Min that he’s worried that his grandmother has dementia.  Hearing the symptoms, Heung Min agrees that it’s worrisome.  He encourages Seungho to tell his parents right away.


During their lunch, Cheolgu voices his idea to match Songcheol with Haeban.  Yoojin doesn’t seem convinced.

At the same time, Songcheol realizes that Haeban was so supportive of his daughter’s relationship because she liked him.


Philip brings over Tiffany’s papers to his father, who notes that Philip listens to him so much more now that money is involved.  While he stands there, Tiffany grabs his finger and Philip awkwardly pulls away with his father watching.

Going back home, Philip thinks about Suzy’s proposal that create a family with Tiffany.


Suzy also pushes Philip’s father around the park.  Philip’s father worries that Seungwoon will try to fight for Tiffany.  Suzy reassures him otherwise.  She reports about the status of Tiffany’s passport pictures and invites him to come out to take family pictures together.  Philip’s father also smiles to get invited.


Afterwards, at a restaurant, Suzy jokes that Tiffany takes after her father and looks ugly.  Philip laughs at the joke and Suzy comments that it’s been a while since she saw Philip laugh.


At the same time, Areum and Seungwoon walk into the same restaurant.  Spotting the two, Suzy and Philip invite Areum and Seungwoon to join them.  Areum accuses the two of planning the whole event around Mrs. Han losing Tiffany.

In response, Suzy states that they need to resolve the cause of the problem, which is letting a dementia patient babysit.  Areum tells the two that they can’t hide from the truth and Philip notes that they should get up first as it will be difficult to have a civil lunch.  Before they get up, Suzy passes over a copy of their family picture with the comment that Tiffany must think of her as the mom now…

Areum crumbles the picture in anger and Seungwoon comforts her.


I really want to know Philip’s father’s story at this point.  He seems to not know how to express his concern for Philip, but yet he is very perceptive about his son and adores his granddaughter.  Additionally, Suzy is able to manipulate Philip through his father easily because both of the men are so lonely.  Philip’s father’s loneliness was so clear when he immediately accepted the invitation to be part of the family pictures.  I don’t know what could have led him to abandon Philip in the care of others…

On a side note, it was great to hear Areum declare that she loves Seungwoon finally.  While her feelings had been clearer in the earlier episodes, as the focus drew back to Tiffany, I couldn’t tell if she actually loved Seungwoon or not.  However, by seeing her rely on him and smile in Seungwoon’s presence, I remembered how Areum fell for Seungwoon before he knew about Tiffany, which makes me a much happier Sungwoon/Areum shipper.

Finally, I can’t really seem to hate Suzy for all of her manipulations…she seems so human.  I thought it was really telling how she tried to tell Philip to get official legal custody over Tiffany instead of running away to a different country.  Also, she seems genuinely happy when there are “couple” moments with Philip.

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