Unkind Ladies – E03

Looks like Soon Ok’s family is just falling to pieces. Moran moves in with Soon Ok’s family.  Hyeonjong gets kicked off her throne.  Mari’s lack of employment gets found out… and Hyeonsook loses it at the prosecutor’s office.


The scene opens up with Soon Ok kicking Moran, who falls to the ground.

Hyeonsook quickly runs over and tries to massage Moran into consciousness. She yells at the staff to call the hospital and berates her mom for assaulting Moran. Hyeonsook even asks her mom to help get Moran conscious, but her mom just sulks on the side with the excuse that it was the equivalent of throwing a glass of water. HAH!


When nothing works, Hyeonsook has the idea of pumping Moran’s chest like CPR. This gets some results as Moran coughs back into life.

Once she’s conscious, she apologizes to Soon Ok again.

Soon Ok asks Moran to hand over all of her husband’s things and Moran answers that she doesn’t have anything. Soon Ok calls her a horrible person since her husband left their family for Moran…she hands over the envelope of money and Moran tells Hyeonsook that it’s ok… She is ready to hear everything.

Hyeonsook gets dismissed…

Meanwhile, Hyeonsook’s scary teacher visits Jong-Mi’s flower shop demanding to know who sent her the wreath. Jong-Mi responds that they don’t know as they get so many requests.   The teacher is not happy to hear that but she accepts and leaves.


When Hyeonsook leaves, Moran has a curious flashback… She walks into a train compartment with shaking hands. After she enters the car, a man walks in shouting that someone is was abandoned outside. As a result, most of the people leave to go see while Moran slips into her seat…

At the same time, Hyeonsook calls Jong-Mi, who like a true friend tells Hyeonsook to protect the money no matter what!

Back in the present, Moran apologizes to Soon Ok for distracting her husband. Soon Ok tells her that she’s not forgiven and gets up to leave with Hyeonsook.


However, as they walk off Moran faints and they accompany her to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor asks Soon Ok, if she’s Moran’s older sister from Seoul… Moran had mentioned that she missed her older sister’s cooking. He also adds that Moran had a successful surgery, but she has no desire to get better or eat well..

They go back into Moran’s room to find that she woke up. At this, Soon Ok surprises everyone by telling Moran to come live with her… Pay back for her sins by seeing the family that she wrecked.

Surprised, Moran pauses and says that she can do that on one condition… She can give Hyeonsook the money. Soon Ok mutters that she’s an idiot.

Hence, the three woman go back to Soon Ok’s house and Moran gets the old study room.


At the same time, Mari does her best at a neighborhood cafe. When she serves two boys, one of the two is the Kendo master, who recognizes her as Professor Jang… And her voice as the woman, who accidentally entered the men’s shower.

However, another youth gets Mari’s attention first. He calls her by Professor Jang and asks to talk. Outside the cafe, Mari finds out that this is the youth that her mom saved. Before leaving him, she had told him to find Mari if he needed help. He now tells her that living is too hard and the only reason he tries is because of his grandmother… His only relative. Mari promises to meet with him on Friday to hear more.

Back at the house, Hyeonsook cleans Moran’s room and Moran reassures her that she will still gift her the money. Hyeonsook confesses that she hates the fact that she can’t decline the money to an understanding Moran.

All of the women of Mari’s dojo gets a text explaining that the women’s showers have been moved. The text also notes that he didn’t see the woman who entered the wrong bathroom, therefore, she should feel confident in returning.

And return Mari does. When she goes home after her shift, her mom tells her to stay out for dinner like a successful and busy professor as the atmosphere is awkward. So Mari heads out to the dojo.

During dinner, the atmosphere does get awkward. First, Soon Ok tells Moran to enjoy as she’s probably had a lot of Soon Ok’s cooking… Her husband would like that he’s bringing food to his coworkers only to give it to Moran…

Then Eunshil notes that Mari’s father is returning and Hyeonsook tells everyone that he is getting engaged to another woman.

Shocked, her mother orders that she doesn’t sign the divorce papers, which will only add another failure to her life. Hyeonsook responds defensively that her life isn’t a failure; she is the mother of a professor at a prestigious university.   Soon Ok sighs that she can’t berate Hyeonsook, who didn’t grow up seeing a happy family…which gets to Moran and Eunshil texts Mari to ask her father and Mari responds that it’s none of her business.


Then Mari blows off steam by wracking the target furiously… Even off form.

Roo-Oh sees this and yells at her thinking that she’s one of his students. Calling her the “crazy stick,” he demands that she stop… When she doesn’t stop, Roo-Oh slaps the stick with his own causing Mari to fall back in shock.

Only then does Roo-Oh realize that this is not his student. He apologizes and helps her up.

After Mari takes off her mask, Roo-Oh realizes who she is. He calls her Professor Mari and even notes that he signed the petition protesting the cancellation of her class. He invites her to join the team’s happy hour.


Mari ends up joining because… What the heck. She is currently unemployed and she was told to stay out tonight…

At the bar, the members happily comment that with the new master, their membership has steadily increased. They also ask about the mysterious woman, who accidentally used the men’s showers and Roo-Oh replies that it was a long haired college student.

When asked why he’s at the neighborhood dojo instead of a more renown one, Roo-Oh explains that he was a problem child. Everyone had given up except for one instructor, who taught him kendo. As a result, he became a kendo master. He also adds that he still believes that all teachers should be given respect as a matter of fact.

Mari hears his and looks at him in surprise.


When Mari gets up to leave, Roo-Oh follows and tells her to take heart. He also invites her to come more often.

Mari tells him to stop calling her a professor as she is no longer teaching. In response, Roo-Oh calls her by her name and the two have a charged moment.


After Mari comes home, she hugs her mom, who insists that she’s fine.  Mari tells her that it will be different if her father becomes someone else’s man…this is a really sweet scene. >_<


The next day, the witch gets told off by the head of the publishing company. He tells her that he read the story twice…it was unclear whether the book was a story or an essay.  Additionally, the plot was horrible as the teacher only cultivated the most capable students and cut off the rest.  He advises her that the other publishing companies would likely have the same response.

The witch tries to play the victim and sniffs that he will probably influence the other companies.  She tells him that she married his nephew, who was a widower with a child because she loved him.  However, she knows that he disapproved of the union believing that she married for money.

Her potential publisher responds that she needs to stop playing the victim; he knows how to distinguish between his public and private life.  When his secretary brings him another folder of profiles, the witch takes her leave.

Meanwhile, Hyeonjung finds out that her life has hit a stumbling block.  Her or organ was cancelled and the new program was given to the younger announcer. To add insult to injury, the salon she frequents has changed her automatic discount from 50% to 10%.  The sad truth of our society…when you reach the top, you better either have to have a backup exit plan or you have to keep fighting to hold your position.

At the same time, Mari looks at books in the library.  She gets a call from Doojin’s broadcasting company (Daeyoung) and agrees to meet up.  Daeyoung explains that they read Mari’s letter and have transferred Doojin.  He hopes that the transfer will help appease her and asks if Mari will join them on a new project.  They want her to write the script for the Future Legacy Project of historic monuments in the form of a video archive.  Mari looks at some of the footage and promises to think about it further.


When Mari walks out to the lobby, she sees one of her school students and Doojin.  The student walks over and declares that they submitted a petition protesting the cancellation of her class.  Mari assumes that the school board promised to rethink their decision, but the student explains that she worked really hard to get a lot of signatures…as her future job was riding on it.  The student adds that Doojin promised to tutor her on the reporter exams.

Doojin walks over and grabs Mari’s arm.  He tries to add that he saw a great story and had to go for it…if the full broadcast had gone out, she would have been applauded.  Mari notes that she heard he was transferred because of her.  Doojin responds that he is satisfied if she is mollified.  Mari answers that they can both assume that they were victims of the incident and pretend not to know each other in the future.

Hyeonsook apologizes to the local police, who tells him to speak with the prosecutor’s office next.  Outside the police station, Hyeonsook declares that she’s going to call her old teacher, the witch.  She borrows Jong-Mi’s phone and calls…However, when the witch answers, Hyeonsook freezes up and hangs up.  She hands the phone over to Jong-Mi, who calls the witch again and cusses her out before asking if the witch is the lady that ripped her off.  The witch assumes that it was a wrong call and hangs up.


Meanwhile, Soon Ok prepares medicine for Moran at the same time that they prepare Soon Ok’s husband’s memorial dinner.  Hyeonsook’s husband stops by and Soon Ok introduces Moran as her husband’s second wife.  Moran freezes up in embarassment and returns to her room.


Soon Ok grabs her son-in-law’s hand and asks him not to leave her daughter.  Hyeonsook arrives in time to yell at her mother and drag her ex-husband out.  They meet at a cafe, where Hyeonsook promises to sign the divorce papers; she truly wants him to be happy with someone who fits him more.  Mari’s father asks Hyeonsook if she truly wants a divorce and Hyeonsook replies that she does.


Unfortunately, this cafe is the cafe at which Mari works.  The two spot her and run out after her…Hyeonsook asks Mari to beg the college together with her…She shouts at Mari that Mari cannot do this to her…not after how she raised Mari.

Crying, Mari asks her mom to give her space…She needs to breathe…

Her father intervenes and tells his daughter to run away for now.

The next day, Hyeonsook stops by the prosecutor’s office.  The prosecutor explains that since she doesn’t have a record, she can just write a letter of apology.  Hyeonsook drafts a simple one and the prosecutor tells her to redo it because it’s so short that it doesn’t so any remorse.


Hyeonsook drafts another sentence, but this doesn’t appease the prosecutor either… Unfortunately for the prosecutor, Hyeonsook isn’t really just dealing with reality, but she’s also dealing with her past trauma with the witch…when the witch made Hyeonsook draft elaborate letters of apology for simple mistakes.  The prosecutor forces Hyeonsook to redraft it several times…Finally, Hyeonsook drafts a full page, except it has tons of spelling errors.  The prosecutor smirks that this isn’t a child’s game and tells her to redo it.  Hyeonsook rips up the page and screams at the prosecutor about what exactly did she do so wrong.


First, just as a background to the Korean legal system.  Until the recent years, Korean students chose law as a major in college.  Afterwards, they took a national exam.  Depending on how well you did on the exam, you would have the choice to become a judge, a prosecutor, or a lawyer at a big law firm.  Usually the top 5% (give or take) choose to be judges.  The next 5-10% (give or take) become prosecutors.  Finally the top certain percent go to biglaw jobs.  There are some overlaps as there may be highly ranked test-takers that choose law firm jobs for the higher salary.

However, the problem with this is that after you take the test…You take a couple years of additional studying at Yonsuwon.  Then, when you’re literally around 25, you become a prosecutor or a judge.  Additionally, in Korea, prosecutors set the sentencing for minor crimes.  (Disclaimer – I am grossly simplifying the system 😉 )  Hence, the last scene is especially poignant for older people… Hyeonsook is basically being sentenced and judged by someone, who is her daughter’s age.

Therefore, you have Hyeonsook reliving her horrid trauma of dealing with the witch at the same time as she’s being judged by a child… She ends up overreacting with hysteria because it’s like the whole world is judging her and pointing fingers at her.

On a second thought… I hope the writers clarify something.  We either have the most epic revenge situation ever if the publishing CEO and Moran are Hyeonsook’s biological parents…or we have a melodrama in the making if Doojin and Mari fall for each other.  They technically are blood relatives!  Doojin is Mari’s like second or third removed cousin.  Doojin is the publishing CEO’s nephew and Mari is the publishing CEO’s daughter… >.<  I really hope they don’t go there.

After all, Roo-Oh is a nice romantic candidate for Mari ^_____^

Finally, because my thoughts are getting long here… I loved Soon Ok in this episode.  She totally did the whole, I am going to kick you because you’re the woman, who broke up my marriage thing.  She also basically told Moran that she broke up her marriage.  But then, even though she still hates Moran and hasn’t forgiven her (hence all of the snide remarks during dinner and the introduction to her son-in-law) she invites Moran to come and stay with her when she finds out that the other lady has no reason to live.  It’s a really complicated situation to be in and the writer’s wrote it very well.


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