Love & Secret – E89

Our love birds hit a formidable wall in Mr. Chun.


Mr. Chun calls Areum out and she readily accepts.  She arrives at the one Japanese restaurant set that the producers have provided for… Immediately, Mr. Chun demands to know if Areum wants to marry Seungwoon.

Areum answers that she has many flaws and Seungwoon is too good for her; however, she still wants to marry Seungwoon.


Mr. Chun angrily asks if she really loves Seungwoon when she’s fighting to keep Philip’s child.  He asks her if she has already forgotten what Philip has done to his company and family.  Changing tones, he tells her gently that he is not ready to write Seungwoon out of his family.  Therefore, he is willing to accept Areum, but she has to decide between Seungwoon or Tiffany.

When Mr. Chun gets up, Areum falls to her knees to beg Mr. Chun to reconsider.  Mr. Chun doesn’t change his mind and leaves.


At the Han residence, Seungwoon plays with Tiffany and compliments Mrs. Han’s appearance.  When Jinwoo arrives, the two have some bonding time with Seungwoon asking when Jinwoo started dating Jiwoo.  He compliment’s Jinwoo’s dating ability and Jinwoo jokes that he was seduced.  Laughing, Seungwoon pulls out a check for Jinwoo’s allowance and tells him to accept it as it’s a bribe.  Jinwoo accepts and asks if he should call Seungwoon “brother-in-law.”

Areum arrives and Seungwoon offers to drive her home.  Areum declines so that she could see her father first.  Instead Areum asks if it’s alright for her to be seeing someone so perfect as him. [DRAMAFEED – I don’t think he’s actually perfect…but…]

Seungwoon just jokes it off that Areum has finally seen the light.


Mr. Chun waits for Seungwoon in a bad mood.  When Seungwoon finally arrives, Mr. Chun throws his whiskey glass on the ground and growls that Seungwoon better follow him into his room.  Once inside the master bedroom with the door closed, Mr. Chun begins to yell at Seungwoon so that everyone can overhear anyways.  He asks why Seungwoon is fighting for custody over Areum and tells him that if he continues, Mr. Chun will not approve of the marriage.

Haeban and Seungho discuss what this can be about in a small interlude of comedic relief.

Meanwhile, Soo Ah is completely satisfied that Mr. Chun might be so pissed off that he could rewrite his will.

At the same time, Philip’s family eats dinner.  Philip and Suzy comment that they still haven’t lost.  If something happens to Tiffany one more time because of Mrs. Han, they would still win.  Like the seasoned general, Philip’s father tells them that once Areum marries Seungwoon, they’ve lost the custody battle.

Suzy and Philip ask if Seungwoon’s father would accept Tiffany and Philip’s father warns that they don’t know what will happen.  He warns them to bring back Tiffany before Areum gets married.


At Sunhwa’s place, the family decides to move into the Han’s apartment.  Heungsu even comments that they shoud try to help with Mrs. Han’s hospital bills as money isn’t everything; it is more important to be healthy and happy.


Haeban and Seungho stop by Sunhwa’s pizza place.  Haeban asks about Songcheol and Sunhwa answers that they are moving into her sister’s place.  Haeban asks about what will happen with Sunhwa’s room since the atmosphere at home is horrible.

Sunhwa recognizes the details and realizes that Haeban is talking about Areum and Seungwoon…


Seungho and Heung Min talk about the same thing when Areum comes over.  Heung Min realizes the same thing when Sunhwa comes in and brings Areum aside to tell her the same information.


Sunhwa tells Areum to think twice about this… She’s not sure Areum will be happy even if she gets married.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Han hears that Sunhwa will move into Areum’s room.  She asks why Areum is moving out and Mr. Han just glosses over it as Areum is now older.  He puts Mrs. Han to sleep but she gets up to eavesdrop.  Mrs. Han overhears Mr. Han and Jinwoo talking about how Mrs. Han is feeling guilty over the incident with Tiffany without realizing it…She falls on her seat realizing that it was Philip and not Eunbin.

Suzy drops by Philip’s place and he comments that Tiffany is the reason that his father’s health is getting better; his father gains strength when he has a goal.  He vows to get Tiffany back no matter what as he cannot see Seungwoon become her father.

Suzy asks if this involves Areum and Philip responds that he hates even the thought of Areum before he gets up.  Perceptive, Suzy worries that Philip is still not over Areum.  If he were, he wouldn’t hate her so much still.


Seungwoon brings his report to his father, who takes the documents but ignores him.


Afterwards, Seungwoon meets Haoren’s representative with Areum.  [DRAMAFEED – Sorry everyone, it was Haoren and not Hyde…]  They hand over the newest design samples.

When Haoren’s representative leaves, Areum checks to see if Seungwoon is okay.  Seungwoon replies that Seungho is exaggerating.  Areum offers to buy lunch and the two leave just as Mr. Chun stops by to see them.

Mr. Chun angrily glares at their retreating backs when he gets a call from Philip.


This was a developing episode that set the stage for the future conflicts.  We see how Mr. Chun tries to be reasonable in his own perspective, accepting Areum but not Philip’s child.  We also see how the stakes continue to increase for Philip as he notices his father’s growing attachment for Tiffany.  The previews support the irritating phrase that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  I really hope that Mr. Chun doesn’t decide that working with Philip is better than having to raise Philip’s child.

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