Love & Secret – E96

And Philip’s father loses his right to be a grandfather in my eyes…But, is it so wrong for someone to value their own child above their grandchild?  I can’t really make up my mind…Tiffany’s condition and lack of biological matches drive Seungwoon to kneel in front of Philip for help.  Meanwhile, Nurse Min waits for Seungwoon at the Chun residence after she’s irritated by Soo Ah’s hush money.


The doctor informs Areum and Seungwoon about how Philip is a match for Tiffany.  However, he notes that there is one worrisome issue…Philip had an issue with shock in the past.  Areum and Seungwoon ask if surgery is no longer an option and the doctor answers that it should be possible.

Next, the doctor calls and informs Philip that he is a mach to be a donor for his daughter.


Philip goes to tell his father.  His father asks if Philip actually wants to go through the surgery.  Suzy interrupts this to tell her father in law that Philip might go through shock in the middle of the surgery.  Philip tries to tell Suzy that he can’t just ignore his daughter…Philip’s father interrupts this and tells his son that he cares more about his son than his granddaughter…to sweeten the deal, he offers his company in the United States to Philip.


Meanwhile, Mr. Han asks Sunhwa why Mrs. Han seems to be so down.  Sunhwa confesses that Mrs. Han asked her to hospitalize her in the assisted care facility…In return, Mr. Han updates her about Tiffany’s situation.  This results in Sunhwa worrying about how Tiffany must be going through so much pain at such a young age…which is overheard by Mrs. Han.


Mrs. Han yells at her husband for hiding things from her.  She screams that she has a right to know what’s going on and she understands everything that she overheard.  The next thing we know, Mrs. Han is visiting her daughter at the hospital.  She hits Areum as she cries that she’s still Areum’s mother.

Mrs. Han asks Areum about whether Tiffany can survive with surgery.  Mrs. Han looks at her granddaughter and wonders how much pain she must be going through.


At the same time, Mr. Han and Seungwoon take a coffee break.  Mr. Han mentions that it might be best to reach out to Philip and Seungwoon replies that Philip should already know…he’s found as a match for Tiffany.  Seungwoon explains that since there is a risk of shock, they are waiting for Philip’s response as they also wait for a donor match from the donor registry.

A call from the donor registry interrupts this conversation.  Seungwoon calls Areum immediately and the two meet up with the representative.


At home, Philip ponders the whole situation.  Suzy interrupts to tell Philip that she has prepared tickets for this weekend and she doesn’t understand what Philip is worrying about…He can inherit his father’s whole company.  She even offers to adopt a child.

Philip yells back at her that it’s his daughter.  An adoption would not be the same.

Suzy tells Philip to think about everything rationally.  She spells it out for him; if he chooses Tiffany, he might lose everything regarding the inheritance.

Then Suzy goes to speak with her father in law to tell him that Philip asked to postpone the donoring.  Philip’s father tells Suzy that there shouldn’t be an issue.


Meanwhile, Areum and Seungwoon meet with the representative from the donor database.  He tells them that there is a way to get in front of the line if they contract with their company.  Seungwoon asks if everything is legal.  The representative pauses… and then the representative shows Areum and Seungwoon a pamphlet to support his claim that his company is completely legal as it has partnered up with this hospital.  Feeling that something is off, Seungwoon calls the hospital in the pamphlet only to find out that the person in front of them is a fraud.


Seungwoon drags Areum outside the cafe.  Areum yells at Seungwoon that she wants to go back and contract right away…the man promised that Tiffany would get an organ transplant!  Seungwoon tells her that this may be even more dangerous as it’s illegal.  He convinces her that this isn’t the right way.


At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Han watch over Tiffany in the hospital room when Philip’s father drops by.  Mr. Choi tells the two that Philip will not be donating as there may be a danger if Philip goes under surgery.  He tells the two that he came to ask that they do not pressure Philip.

Mr. Han notes that he understands.  When Mr. Choi asks if they are looking into other donor options, Mr. Han answers that Areum is meeting up with such a donor facility that day.  At least, Mr. Choi seems reassured that there are other options.


Mr. Choi leaves to return back to his room.  Philip is waiting and hears that Areum has found another donor.  Mr. Choi tells his son that there is no reason to fight for custody anymore.  He instructs that Philip cancels his lawsuit and goes back to the United States immediately.


Meanwhile, Seungwoon and Areum return to let her parents know that the person that they met was someone who dealt with illegal organs.  Mrs. Han asks Areum to tell Philip…to ask him to help.


Comedic interlude ensues as Songcheol walks in on Yoojin sleeping.  He sees the cushion poking out of her sweater and wakes her up.  Finding out the truth, he starts hitting Cheolgu with the cushion.

Yoojin runs into Haeban’s room to demand to know why Haeban told Songcheol about her secret.  She tells Haeban off for liking her father before leaving.


At the company, Seungwoon realizes that he cannot focus on work and calls up Philip.  [THANK GOD Mr. Chun is still running the company.  How can Seungwoon only focus on Tiffany at a time like this?  What happen to the dozens of employees working for his company, when he doesn’t work?!]

Seungwoon meets with Philip in a cafe and kneels in front of his enemy.  He begs Philip to help and informs Philip that the donor was a fake…and illegal.  Philip tells Seungwoon that Seungwoon’s show of begging for Tiffany disgusts him and leaves.

Soo Ah goes shopping to relieve her stress when she gets a call from Nurse Min.  She decides to record the call… Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that $5,000.00 is not enough for her to keep a secret.  Soo Ah responds that there is no reason for her to give Nurse Min any more money and hangs up even though Nurse Min threatens to meet with Seungwoon and Mr. Chun.  Soo Ah then calls an attorney.


Meanwhile, Nurse Min visits Soo Ah’s home and tells Seungho that she came to drop off a basket of fruit.  Once she’s inside, she milks Seungho for information on whether Seungwoon still lives in the house.  She’s waiting in the livingroom for Seungwoon when Soo Ah comes back and drags Nurse Min out.


Soo Ah yells at Nurse Min that she’s crazy.  Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that all she wants is $500,000.  As the two fight, Seungwoon returns home and calls out to Nurse Min.


Looks like the writers are going to bring Soo Ah back into the limelight.  I am not going to complain as I think Soo Ah is just as moving as Philip in the evil character department.  She has a lot of layers.  At first, I was convinced that she was just petty and a gold digger…Then I began to feel sorry for her as a spurned woman…the casualty of Mr. Chun’s disregard.  However, now that we have more information that Soo Ah proactively contributed to the death of late Mrs. Chun, it’s a whole new level of complexity.

On one hand, I want to say that we don’t know what led to her decision.  Yes, in the end, she’s a murderer.  Yet, I want to know what kind of condition Soo Ah was living in…what kind of stress she was dealing with…Did Mr. Chun promise her anything or give her any false ideas?…Why was she spending most of her time in the hospital anyways as a secretary?  Shouldn’t she be focused on her company work?  Considering the fact that this drama had convinced me to think of Soo Ah in different ways in the past, I will withhold judgment until I find out more.

Nurse Min…Now, this is an interesting character.  At first blush, I wasn’t really annoyed at Nurse Min.  After all, she wasn’t the one that actually killed Mrs. Chun.  However, the more I think about it, the more I hate the fact that Nurse Min is trying to capitalize on Soo Ah’s secret.  It’s no the fact that she’s capitalizing on Soo Ah’s secret as much as she’s capitalizing on Seungwoon’s trauma of seeing his mother die.  If Soo Ah deserves a comeuppance so does Nurse Min.

Finally, I don’t have much to say about Philip.  I think the only humane result would be that Philip chooses Tiffany over his father’s offer of his company.  Otherwise, Philip has no right to being Tiffany’s father.

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