Love & Secret – E99

Not an episode too soon, Tiffany finds her health.  In exchange, Philip doesn’t wake up from his coma and Areum has to wonder about whether she was too selfish in her pursuit of Tiffany’s health to really consider the health of her baby daddy.  At the same time, Nurse Min starts to put pressure on Soo Ah again.


While the surgery begins, Mr. Han prepares to join Areum at the hospital.  Sunhwa offers to go with him, but Mr. Han politely reassures her that it would be best not to overwhelm Areum as she waits for the conclusion of a 12 hour surgery.  When he finally gets Sunwha to back down, Mrs. Han comes out dressed and ready to accompany him and the whole family has to try to convince her that it’s best to wait at home.


Meanwhile, tensions are high in the waiting area as Suzy baits Areum and Seungwoon to relieve her own worries.  She blames Areum for forcing Philip to undergo the surgery.  Then, in the same breath, she insinuates that Seungwoon would have been happier had Philip just gone to the United States – they could have started a new family after all.  Wow… Just wow… I understand that she’s worried, but her words are so inconsiderate and rude.


Seungwoon falls for her bait and tries to explain that no one can force Philip to make a decision, but Areum is actually acting as the mature one.  She tells Seungwoon that there’s no point in responding.

The rising tensions get interrupted by the entrance of Mr. and Mrs. Han with Jinwoo.  I’m assuming Jinwoo came to help take Mrs. Han home if the wait ends up being too long.  With the reinforcements, Suzy slinks into a corner to wait.


As time goes by, Heungsu arrives to find Heung Min lacking an appetite at lunch.  He tries to get his son to eat up as they need energy to wait out the surgery, but Heung Min has decided to become a philosopher.  He tries asking his father what is the meaning of life when everyone has to die.  Heungsu wonders about the trauma that Heung Min must have experienced and replies that all answers will come when Heung Min eats…HAHAHAHA!  Even though his father answers in a serious tone, Heung Min continues his fast.


Cue surgery scene!  We get a lot of scissors being past, close ups of the patients, patting the sweat off of doctors, etc.  At the same time, the people waiting start to get anxious.  Suzy has to answer a call from Philip’s father with the update that the surgery has not completed within the expected time-frame.


Understandably, Mrs. Han also gets nervous and starts to worry that something went wrong.  The family starts to calm her down when the doctors finally exit!  The surgery was a success and both patients are fine.


Mr. and Mrs. Han tell Areum that she should rest now and thank Seungwoon for all of his efforts.  Areum also dismisses Seungwoon to go home and he ends up giving the family a ride home.


At this point, Secretary Jang checks in with Mr. Chun, who is human enough to ask about how the surgery went with Tiffany.  He seems relieved to hear that it was a success, but hides his caring side by grumping that Seungwoon should have come straight to the company after the surgery concluded.

At the Chun residence, Soo Ah sits as a nervous wreck and wonders why Nurse Min has been quiet.  It seems that Nurse Min’s question about what Seungho would think about his mother, once he found out, agitates her conscience the most… She ends up berating Seungho unreasonably for letting Nurse Min into the house and believing her to be Soo Ah’s friend.

Seungho tries to explain that Nurse Min stated that she knew both Soo Ah and Seungwoon.  Right at this moment, Seungwoon comes in and asks the two of them what they are talking about.


Seungho tells him about Nurse Min’s visit and Soo Ah plays it off as a friend, who had stopped by to ask Soo Ah for money.  Seungwoon’s eyes narrow with suspicion, but he pretends to accept her explanation.  Barely escaping that close call, Soo Ah goes in to brood within her room.


Meanwhile, Nurse Min drowns her own sorrows at a bar.  She gets a call from her gambling and worthless husband, which she hangs up on after yelling at him that she doesn’t have money…Finding her bottle empty, she orders more alcohol.


The next morning, Seungwoon arrives to check on Areum and Tiffany.  Areum seems calm, but she confesses that she’s worried…She believed that a successful surgery would solve everything, but now she cannot help herself from worrying about giving Tiffany to Philip.  Seungwoon consoles her with the promise that he will try talking to Philip, once Philip regains consciousness.

Unaware of the arrangement, Mrs. Han happily tells Sunhwa about her plans to spend time with Tiffany once Tiffany gets out of the hospital as Sunhwa prepares food for Areum and Seungwoon.  She then goes in to pick up Mr. Han.


Unfortunately, Philip seems to have had a more difficult time with the surgery.  Suzy watches anxiously as the doctor checks Philip’s condition and tells her that all they can do is wait.  Philip’s father angrily tells the doctor that the hospital knew of Philip’s history of low blood pressure and the risks that the low blood pressure meant for surgery; he threatens to sue the hospital if Philip doesn’t wake up.


As misery loves company, Suzy and Mr. Choi decide to check on Tiffany’s condition.  They find Mr. and Mrs. Han in the room, who update them about Tiffany’s fast recovery.  When asked about Philip, Mr. Choi explains in a clipped voice that Philip has not yet awakened.  He comments that this was the scenario about which he was worried.  Not finished, he adds that Areum better keep her end of the agreement since Philip risked everything to take Tiffany.  Hearing that Areum signed away her parental rights, Mrs. Han falters in shock.


On our less serious front, Cheolgu runs into Haeban on the street and advises her to spend just a little more time at the jjimjilbang. She responds that she’s tired of eating boiled eggs and living at the jjimjilbang.  To appease her, Cheolgu gives her a copy of her new album and reassures her that he’s spreading copies out far and wide, so she only needs to wait.  He also tells her that it’s best to get the guy pining after you than being available.

True to his words, and kind of randomly/unbelievably, Songcheol looks at a copy of Haeban’s cd and wonders where she is.  Smelling soup, he thinks it’s Haeban only to find Yoojin cooking ramen.  He walks away dejectedly.


Now that Tiffany’s no longer in danger, Soo Ah’s arc is coming back into the limelight.  Soo Ah gets a call from Nurse Min, who tells her that she’s in the company’s lobby.  Nurse Min warns Soo Ah that her goals have changed and she’s waiting to see Seungwoon.


Immediately, Soo Ah calls the security desk to detain any middle aged women who enter the company.  The security guards do, but fortunately for Nurse Min, they get distracted by a different middle aged woman.  As a result, Nurse Min successfully runs in to Seungwoon.


I have to admit that I felt sorry for Suzy and Mr. Choi.  As annoying as Philip was when he faltered before undergoing the surgery for Tiffany, it’s a different matter if he doesn’t wake up from said surgery.  I don’t believe for a second that the writers will kill him off completely.  That would provide some tension as we could try for the emotionally torn Areum arc.  However, I don’t think that arc will be as convincing because for Areum to give up Seungwoon and devote her life in penance for Philip, many other factors would have to be in play.  Mr. Choi should not be so satisfied with Suzy, such that he’d take Areum as the mommy of Tiffany…Shed have to have lingering feelings for Philip enough that she might mistake such feelings (with guilt) to be love or something.  So summarize, Philip will probably wake up soon and, while I did feel sorry for Suzy and Mr. Choi, not really.

On a more interesting note, I don’t think Nurse Min will tell Seungwoon that she saw everything.  Rather, I think she’s going to pretend that she doesn’t remember.  She still has to take care of her family and that means getting money out of Soo Ah.  It’s doubtful that she’d get money out of Seungwoon or Mr. Chun.  Hence, she’s got to keep Soo Ah alive (or in this case in the relationship with Mr. Chun) as long as necessary to take care of her family.  Let’s see where this arc goes, as I see some promise.

Finally, I am not convinced about the Songcheol and Haeban pairing.  This one is just weird and it’s not reasonable that Songcheol would fall for Haeban just because she left the house.  Hopefully, this sub-arc gets dropped.

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