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After giving up on Run, Jang-Mi, I have spent hours (commuting, washing up, before bed, etc) wondering about what drama to add to my list.  The dramas that I felt excited about watching seem to be beginning in May…I considered waiting until next month to start, but three weeks without my third drama is making me antsy.

After a lot of anguished consideration, I decided that one drama that seems to fly under the radar, but I am interested in is Make a Woman Cry.  The main reason that I’m considering this is because Kim Jung Eun is starring in it.  I fell for her in Lovers in Paris, and, while she hasn’t had a huge hit since, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt!

It also doesn’t hurt that the director of this series was the director of one of my all time favorite dramas, Queen Seondeok…and the writer was the writer of the hit, I Summon You Gold! (This was a major hit in Korea when it aired.)

Here are the video teasers that are out.  If anyone has a strong feeling for or against, I’d also love to hear it.  After all, in many situations, it’s always better to enjoy something with company than by oneself.

Without further ado:

Quick summary:  Jung Deok-In runs a neighborhood bap-jib (a smaller quick-eat/food restaurant with no frills).  In the teaser, she’s encouraging all of her clientele, young students, to eat more rice…Presumably, on the house.  Next, Teacher Kang Jinwoo saves Jung Deok-In from a bunch of rowdy students.  Deok-In gives Jinwoo food in her bap-jib and notes that he’s more chatty than he appears…Will this blossom into romance?

Teaser 2:  Deok-In comments to her mother-in-law (MIL) that she was so blessed to meet her and live like a daughter.  Meanwhile, a younger girl announces to Deok-In’s MIL that she loves Deok-In’s husband (Kyung-Chul) and will marry him.  Deok-In’s MIL asks how this woman plans to marry Kyung-Chul, when his wife is still alive.  However, Kyung-Chul voices over that they should just accept that their son died in a car accident and move on…and let him (Kyung-Chul) go to Deok-In and her MIL’s sorrow.  Next, Jinwoo tells Deok-In that he’s never seen an ajumma like her and Deok-In takes offense that she’s been labeled a middle aged woman…

Seems to me like the story has promise.

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