Love on a Rooftop – E07

At least the drama doesn’t keep us waiting in angst.  As Seung-Hye tries her best to get another job, Dae-Shil tells everyone who needs to know that they need to back off of Seung-Hye as she’s just lost her job.


Seung-Ah catches Seung-Hye walking out of the plastic surgery clinic and demands to know why Seung-Hye is applying for a position there.  Seung-Hye awkwardly tells her that she thought that it would be a good opportunity.  Seung-Ah thinks about it and agrees that it would be a good opportunity for Seung-Hye if she could get commission…also, her sister could give her an employee discount.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im gets angry that Seung-Hye hasn’t come down to see her when it was one of her scheduled visit days.  As a result, Dae-Shil calls Seung-Hye to give her the heads-up.


So after walking out from another failed interview, in which the interviewer tells Seung-Hye that she is on a black-list due to the way she was fired from her first hospital, Seung-Hye runs home to grab her uniform before meeting up with her grandmother.  In her haste, she runs into her uncle and drops her badge.


Seung-Hye literally runs into the lobby to greet her grandmother and aunt.  As she’s speaking with her grandmother, her junior nurse who asks about Seung-Hye’s clothes and Seung-Hye awkwardly walks her off so that her grandmother and aunt do not figure out something is weird.

Before she leaves, Dae-Shil stops by the bathroom and hears two other nurses talking about Seung-Hye’s termination.  She actually stops to ask if they are talking about Seung-Hye Yoon.


At the same time, Se-Ryung calls to meet up with Mi-Ja.  Se-Ryung asks about Do-Jin and realizes that he hasn’t told his mother about returning to Korea or applying for her company yet.

Dae-Shil returns home to stress out about the fact that Seung-Hye has been fired.  She decides that she needs to close the current contract and calls someone.


Se-Ryung decides to meet with Do-Jin to tell him that she wants him to give up on joining their family’s company; the risk of angering her potential mother-in-law is too high.  She confesses that she met with his mother and also wants him to be a doctor.  Do-Jin agrees to pretend that the employment contract never existed since his mother might make life worse for Beom-Seok; he rips up the contract angrily.


At home, Seung-Ah finds her sister’s uniform in an attempt to find some money.  Thinking that her sister quit work, she runs to Seung-Jae who realizes that the hypothetical situation was actually Seung-Hye’s situation.

Seung-Ah continues in her bratty tirade about who will pay for her clothes or academy fees.  Seung-Jae sighs and tells his sister not to tell the family until Seung-Hye tells them first.  The brat actually has the audacity to ask what Seung-Jae will do in return…she tells him to introduce her to some rich law school friends.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin calls Kyung-Tae about how he’s giving up on the position with Se-Ryung’s company.  Kyung-Tae agrees that it was a good decision.


As he walks on, he sees Seung-Hye walk into a nearby convenience store.  We don’t realize it, but he watches as Seung-Hye tries to buy instant ramen and a rice-ball.  Seung-Hye ends up not having enough money and gives up on the rice ball…

Do-Jin walks in to cover the rice ball, but Seung-Hye puts it back.  She ends up eating the ramen in the store, during which her brother calls.  Seung-Jae tells his sister to tell her “friend” to take heart.


Do-Jin waits for Seung-Hye outside the convenience store.  When Seung-Hye walks out, he stops her to apologize for his words earlier at Kang Sol.  He explains to her that he heard about her situation and realized that he intervened without all of the facts.

Not in a magnanimous mood, Seung-Hye refuses his apology.  Do-Jin tries again by offering to give her Beom-Seok’s contact information.

Staring at Do-Jin in irritation and disgust at his double standards, Seung-Hye tells him that it doesn’t seem proper for him to give her Beom-Seok’s contact information without Beom-Seok’s prior approval.  She walks off with that.


Dae-Shil meets up with a possible publisher who only offers 5% royalty fees for her work.  She tries to ask for 10%, but they agree upon 5% as she needs the money.  Stressed, she downs her wine in one shot and the publisher starts to move into the sleazy territory.  He asks Dae-Shil to pour him a glass of wine and starts to ask why she hasn’t married when she has a great figure.  Dae-Shil just grimaces before downing another glass.


At home, Soon-Im worries about her daughter while Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook worry about the doubled deposit.  Dong-Sook tries to reassure her husband by mentioning that she talked to Seung-Hye.  However, instead of being reassured, Dae-Ho yells at her for burdening Seung-Hye, who is already paying for Seung-Ah’s acting classes, their grocery bills, as well as her prior loan…He asks how they could ask Seung-Hye to take out another loan at this point.

What they don’t realize is that Soon-Im had walked over to ask Dae-Ho to look for Dae-Shil and hears everything.

Meanwhile, Dae-Shil (my favorite character!) walks into Seung-Hye.  She tells Seung-Hye that she finally acted like an aunt and wonders how sad it was for Seung-Hye to become a daughter of their family…before falling asleep on Seung-Hye’s shoulder.


Seung-Hye calls Seung-Jae for help and they carry Dae-Shil home.  They put the drunk Dae-Shil to bed, except Dae-Shil keeps talking back when Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho check in.  To Seung-Hye’s horror, Dae-Shil yells at her brother and sister-in-law about being heartless by making their daughter support the family financially…She moans that poor Seung-Hye doesn’t even have the ability to tell her parents that she was fired.

Dong-Sook asks how this happened, but Dae-Ho is more hurt that his daughter did not tell him before this.  He apologizes that he is not capable enough to protect her and walks to his room.  Sweet Dae-Shil mutters to Seung-Hye that she should stop worrying about the family and live the way she wants now…

Now that the bomb has gone off, the whole family has to deal with the repercussions.  Dong-Sook walks to the kitchen as she cannot sleep…Dae-Ho opens his eyes after his wife leaves…


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook asks her son if there is any possible way to fight Seung-Hye’s termination as they don’t have the financial means to cover the necessities next month.  Seung-Jae offers to take a year off to help the family financially.

Seung-Hye hears this and storms into order that Seung-Jae stay in school.  Dong-Sook asks her daughter if there is any way for her to stay at the hospital so that she can take out a loan …but then takes it back immediately.  They all decide to keep this a secret from Soon-Im.


The next morning, Beom-Seok tells his daughter that he’s disappointed in Se-Ryung; he feels like she didn’t trust his judgment in picking Do-Jin.  Se-Ryung replies that that he needs to trust her judgment as she came to a mutual understanding with Do-Jin.  In return,  Beom-Seok orders Se-Ryung to set up a meeting so that he can find out the reason why the two decided against Do-Jin starting at their company.


As for Do-Jin, he’s discussing Se-Ryung and Seung-Hye’s connection with Kyung-Tae.  Kyung-Tae is amazed that Se-Ryung is the niece of their hospital’s director and that she would actually go as far to fire Seung-Hye.  He comments that Do-Jin must have some kind of fate with Seung-Hye, which Do-Jin dismisses and leaves.


Seung-Hye takes care of her grandmother and tells her to take care of her health.  She notices that her grandmother has something to say and tells Soon-Im to tell her freely.

Soon-Im pauses and explains that it’s hard for her to say this, but could Seung-Hye take out a loan?


Seung-Hye has a case of noble idiocy, which would normally suffocate me.  However, if it turns out that Seung-Hye is actually an adoptee, her choices and inability to be “selfish” makes more sense.  She is not stupid and she understands that her family is financially skating on thin ice.  She knows more than anyone how much the shop means to her incredibly incapable and naive father.  She also probably understand that her mother has no experience or ability to financially support her family…Add to the equation that she would hate to disappoint her adoptive family and we have a noble idiot true and through.

In contrast, Seung-Ah makes me want to throw my whole laptop out of the window.  How is it that this girl who seems to be old enough to be a college graduate (she doesn’t look like a young college student) could be so freaking selfish?  Someone needs to kick her out of the house and make her financially support herself for once!  At the very least, she should be able to support her excess spending habits!  If she was part of a wealthy family that can support her wastrel ways, I would find it easier to understand her willful blindness at her family’s financial situation.  However, it’s clear that the family is squarely middle class, so how does she act the way she does?!

Now that I got that off my chest, the parents present an interesting dynamic to this drama.  Soon-Im seems to have coddled her son to a point that he believes that he is incapable of independently supporting his family.  This happens sometimes when a family is well off that they raise their children to rely on the family money…However, the money doesn’t last and you have adults who believe that they cannot fend for themselves… The fear is aggravated by the “incapable” adult’s age as usually, they are the head of a household and too old to “start over.”  Yet, if one took a step back and really evaluated the situation objectively, the only obstacle holding these adults back from “starting over” in a new profession to support their families would be the “humiliation” of having to start from the bottom.

This seems to be the case for Dae-Ho.  He seems like a fairly intelligent and emotionally well-rounded man.  He also has the decency to feel guilty for burdening their daughter and to feel hurt that his daughter did not rely on him after she was fired.  However, he does not take the next logical step, which is that he needs to do anything he can to then rectify the situation.  I can only attribute this inaction to the above referenced phenomenon of bad parenting.  This perception of powerlessness gets systematically aggravated when the other people in the family cater to it such as in this situation where both Soon-Im and Dong-Sook also look toward Seung-Hye and not Dae-Ho to keep their family financially afloat.

For this drama, I really hope that in addition to character development for Seung-Hye, we see Dae-Ho mature and step up to the plate.

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