Love on a Rooftop – E09

The writers gave us some goodies in this episode.  The writers totally pre-emptively poke fun at us through Kyung-Tae and and give us a hint of the knight in shining armors through both Do-Jin and Yunho.  I love the cheekiness of it all!


At Seung-Hae’s sheepish answer Yunho anounces that she’s the winner and even goodnaturedly confesses that he didn’t expect anyone to win the quiz, but the joke is on him. He asks for Seung-Hye’s name and tells her that she’s good enough to be a barista.  Some good times for our gal!


After the festivities, Se-Ryung meets Do-Jin outside and Seung-Hye walks out.  Seeing them, Seung-Hye pauses and looks like she wants to say something but Se-Ryung turns to walk away.  Do-Jin pauses to note that Seung-Hye does look like she wants to talk to Se-Ryung, but Se-Ryung dismisses it until Seung-Hye calls out for her.


Seung-Hye asks Se-Ryung to just tell the truth; she will do anything to appease Se-Ryung and show how sincerely she is sorry if Se-Ryung will just tell the truth; she just wants the circumstances around her termination to be cleared up because her job is important to her family.

In response, Se-Ryung tells Seung-Hye to kneel and turns around to walk off assuming that Seung-Hye won’t kneel.

Before Se-Ryung has taken two steps, Seung-Hye stops her.  Watching Se-Ryung’s eyes, Seung-Hye starts to kneel.  Unable to watch it any further, Do-Jin stops Seung-Hye by grabbing her shoulder and picking her back up.


Feeling the tightness that we all feel when you see something naturally wrong…Do-Jin yells at Seung-Hye for kneeling to anyone without pride.  However, pride is not important to Seung-Hye who yells back that Do-Jin is not involved in this; he has no right to interrupt…Se-Ryung glares at the two of them and interrupts to tell Seung-Hye that even if she were to tell the truth, it wouldn’t be anything that Seung-Hye wants to hear.  With that, she grabs Do-Jin and they walk off leaving Seung-Hye to trudge home with heavy steps.


Next to the river, Do-Jin and Se-Ryung pause for what Se-Ryung expects to be a more romantic date.  However, she notices that Do-Jin seems preoccupied and asks how Do-Jin could be sympathetic to the woman who almost killed her father.  Turning to face Se-Ryung, Do-Jin asks flatly what Beom-Seok’s accident has to do with Seung-Hye.  They only know that the IV was opened and too much fluid entered Beom-Seok’s system…They don’t know for sure that it was Seung-Hye’s fault.  Staring straight into her eyes, he asks Se-Ryung if she is sure that it was Seung-Hye’s fault.

Se-Ryung responds defensively by demanding to know if Do-Jin doubts her and Do-Jin replies that he wants a straight answer as the truth has become important to him.  Se-Ryung only glares back that she’s suspicious about Do-Jin’s own concern about Seung-Hye, who is stumbling home at the moment.


That evening, Jung Yunho joins Se-Ryung and her father for dinner.  It turns out that they are family friends.  Yunho jokes that Se-Ryung first threatened that she would marry Yunho if he didn’t come to join Kang Sol every day…When Beom-Seok seems to believe it Yunho jokes that it was the opposite that convinced him; Se-Ryung promised never to fall for him.

Beom-Seok lets the kids play and then tells Yunho that he needs to move into their house as Yunho’s parents have asked him to take care of Yunho.  Yunho refuses at first, but Se-Ryung confidently tells him to check out the room first.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye’s family has a happy dinner of meat!   Following tradition, the two men ate sat at a different table, however, both look so hunched over that the men’s table looked even more pitiful than the robust woman’s table.

Over dinner, Dae-Shil jokes around when her mother tries to keep feeding Seung-Jae that even though she wasn’t born with a man’s genitals, she is still her mother’s late baby and deserves love.  Soon Im mutters that she needs to marry Dae-Shil off soon and Seung-Ah takes that opportunity to announce to the family that Seung-Hye is dating.

The family members all pause and look at Seung-Hye expectantly, while she denies it.  Thankfully, her father backs her up and declares that it must be a misunderstanding if Seung-Hye says it is…Seung-Ah mutters that Seung-Hye is still keeping a secret, which gets everyone to glare at her as Seung-Hye denies it to her grandmother…after all, it’s not the time to tell her grandmother that the only person earning money has been fired…

Seung-Ah goes on to announce in front of everyone that she found out that plastic surgery can fix her back and demands that Seung-Hye pays for it.  Her father does the right thing by telling Seung-Ah to stop burdening her sister who has done enough and Seung-Ah grumps back that her father unnecessarily chastises her without being able to pay for the surgery himself.

Of course Seung-Ah’s entitled attitude toward her sister is not enough for the other family members to berate her, but Seung-Ah’s impertinent attitude toward her father gets her brother’s, grandmother’s and mother’s attention.  In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Dae-Shil asks Dong-Sook where she got the meat as it tastes just like the meat at Mi-Ja’s restaurant and the happy family dinner ends.  Soon-Im orders that they stop eating immediately.


At the same time, Mi-Ja takes out her mother’s ashes from the safe in her house and loses herself in a flashback…After being kicked out, her mother had blamed her for their situation as they walked down the road away from Soon-Im’s house.  Mi-Ja cries as they walk and then gags.  Quickly, she runs to the other side of the road to kneel and get her stomach in order when her mother pauses to ask if she’s pregnant.  Without warning (due to the writer’s will only) a truck comes out of nowhere and kills her mom. [OMFG, WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? GOT TIRED OF WRITING BELIEVABLE MATERIAL W  RITERS?!  THIS IS STRIKE ONE!  LET US PLEASE NOT USE THE DEUS EX MACHINA PLOT DEVICE AGAIN!]


Of course, Dong-Sook is begging for forgiveness outside of Soon-Im’s doors at the same time.  Her son has to come by and take her away.

Back in their room, Dae-Shil regrets her words.  When Seung-Hye comes in she does turn into a concerned aunt and asks about what Seung-Hye’s going to do about her situation.


Seung-Hye responds that she tried to speak with Se-Ryung, but nothing got resolved.  Dae-Shil gives her the age old advice that Seung-Hye should avoid Se-Ryung because she’s dirty like poop and not because Se-Ryung’s scary.  She also tells Seung-Hye to find something that she’s passionate about.


Returning to Se-Ryung’s house, Yunho is completely satisfied with the decoration of his room.  We get it writers…Although she isn’t very lovable, she’s good at her work.


Skipping ahead to Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae, I find my favorite character!  He’s definitely not the swoon-worthy guy that steals away your heart, but he’s the best male best friend!  Kyung-Tae reads a webtoon romance online and comments to Do-Jin that it reminds him of Seung-Hye who was unfairly fired.  He tells Do-Jin that he even heard that Seung-Hye actaully solved Beom-Seok’s high blood pressure problem and was given a cake in return as a token of gratitude; he declares that Seung-Hye was a victim to Se-Ryung’s whims…she had always been high strung.  He adds that he thinks Seung-Hye’s termination probably began and ended with Se-Ryung; her father probably doesn’t even know.  This gets Do-Jin to remember the encounter at Kang Sol Food’s Lobby and he begins to feel guilty.

Do-Jin asks why Kyung-Tae cannot recommend Seung-Hye to another hospital and Kyung-Tae also explains how the health care industry in Korea has a black list, on which Seung-Hye is.

At the same time, Se-Ryung broods about Do-Jin’s interest in Seung-Hye and decides that she cannot leave it alone.  She ends up calling Kyung-Tae…


Her call interrupts an adorable monologue, in which Kyung-Tae basically turns into a manifestation of all of us viewers! I have to translate this because it was hilarious!  He basically stares at the computer and says, “NO! NO! How can you link the male lead with the female lead like this?! ARE YOU CRAZY WRITER?”

Se-Ryung calls to ask Kyung-Tae about Do-Jin’s relationship with Seung-Hye.  Kyung-Tae responds that Do-Jin had been uncannily linked with Seung-Hye since he returned to Korea and then changes the topic to Se-Ryung keeping it a secret that she’s the heir to Kang Sol Foods.

Se-Ryung offers to explain it in detail after she comes over and Kyung-Tae tells her that he’s busy reading a webtoon, so it will have to be another day. HAH!  I SEE MYSELF IN YOU KYUNGTAE! >.<


In the morning, Seung-Hye gets a message from her morning call company – Yunho has signed up for the service.  Ironically, she comments that it’s the same name as her role model barista.

Soon-Im is also busy; she brings the rest of the meat to Mi-Ja’s restaurant.  Sang-Man spots the elderly lady and immediately tells Mi-Ja.


Comedic interlude, Dong-Goo comes home to Joon-Bae but doesn’t have an appetite for jja-jang-myun.  Rather, he wants meat so they go back to Sun-Sook’s place where Dong-Goo and Sun-Sook stuff themselves with meat as Joon-Bae watches jealously from the side.  Sun-Sook discreetly cuts a lot of meat to put on the grill and Joon-Bae walks over pretending that he will help with the cooking…Eventually Sun-Sook allows him to sit down and they eat happily together.


Back at the meeting between Soon-Im and Mi-Ja, Soon-Im tells Mi-Ja that she doesn’t need her gifts.  Mi-Ja hands over an envelope with money and Soon-Im refuses to even look at it.  Mi-Ja tells her that Soon-Im might change her mind if she saw the amount, which only angers Soon-Im further.


In another part of the city, Soon-Jae walks with his sister and checks in on her.  Seung-Hye surprises him by confessing that she actually feels more relieved than ever now that she’s unemployed; she had always been anxious when working at the hospital that her mistake would hurt a patient, but now she doesn’t have to deal with that kind of anxiety.  Seung-Jae tells his sister to do something that she likes now that she’s been fired as he knows that her dream had not been to be a nurse; she only did it to help her family.  Laughing at her brother’s thoughtful suggestion, Seung-Hye tells him that helping her family out is her goal.

Seung-Hye then heads off to one of her tours.  However, when she finishes, she runs into Yunho.


Yunho cheerfully comments that he didn’t recognize her in the traditional outfit and asks for a tour.


Can I say it again? I totally loved how the writers made fun of us viewers and reviewers like me through Kyung-Tae!  In a way, it was totally intentional and preemptive that in the episode in which they use the deus ex machina plot device by killing off Mi-Ja’s mother, they would have Kyung-Tae exclaiming that the writers went off into the woods!

It’s almost like he took the words out of my mouth when I watched the scene.  I was here popping popcorn into my mouth with a glass of red wine, when I was like, “NO! NO! WHERE THE HECK DID THE TRUCK COME FROM?! WHY? WRITERS?! WHY? THE WRITING WAS SO GOOD UNTIL NOW…WHY?!”

When I saw Kyung-Tae say the same thing, I just had to laugh.  Well played writer, well played.  I haven’t seen that many projects by the writer Choi Min-Ki, but I will definitely keep an eye out for his cheeky writing in the future.

Back to the drama, I really appreciated the fact that the writer (Min-Ki) grounded the more extreme and mak-jang elements by realistic factors.  For example, no family is completely full of fools.  In the Yoon family, the father, son and aunt all are voices of reason and validate Seung-Hye’s choice to love and sacrifice for the family.  Additionally, I thought that Sun-Sook seemed like a very realistic character.  Her character’s role in the series so far hasn’t been meaty, but the way that she’s portrayed is empathizable.  She feels bad for her sister but needs to take care of her own son first.

Additionally, trying to keep my ramblings short…So Mi-Ja IS A MOTHER…Of whom? Seung-Hye? Or Do-Jin?

Finally, did anyone else pause when Do-Jin stopped Seung-Hye from kneeling?  It didn’t seem like a forced aspect of the plot either.  As Kyung-Tae later vocalized it, there is something inherently wrong about the fact that Se-Ryung’s background and privilege can cause the termination of a hard-working person like Seung-Hye.  There are times when I get angry at the service I get, but seeing Se-Ryung actually cause the termination of another person and the repercussions the message is clear; something is wrong.  However, the amazing thing about this episode is that I’m left wondering whether the writer wanted to get across the idea that the large power balance is wrong or if he wanted to focus on the fact that the ideal that the cost of full responsibility could ruin another family… Either way, I even forgive Min-Ki for using deus ex machina with the mother because the rest of the episode was worth it.


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