Love on a Rooftop – E10

The pieces start falling into place with Mi-Ja’s revenge as she dangles the carrot in front of the Yoon family members.  blissfully ignorant of all of this, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook try their best to resolve the problems at hand.  Meanwhile, Yunho has the opportunity to see Seung-Hye’s charms and Do-Jin’s conscience helps her finally meet with Beom-Seok.


Seung-Hye finishes guiding Yunho around the neighborhood when Do-Jin spots her and tries to talk to her.


He does not get a chance to explain that he’s trying to connect her with Beom-Seok as Yunho picks up on the fact that Seung-Hye does not want to speak with Do-Jin and pulls her away assuming that Do-Jin is a stalker; Seung-Hye doesn’t correct him.


Once they lose Do-Jin, Yunho reminds Seung-Hye that she forgot the hand-drip set and asks if she tossed it away.  When Seung-Hye denies it, he invites her back to the cafe to pick it up.  Seung-Hye apologizes but promises to stop by later.


Meanwhile, Joon-Bae delivers chicken to Kyung-Tae and asks to use Kyung-Tae’s bathroom.  He ends up clogging up the toilet and runs away.


When Seung-Hye stops by her father’s store in a good mood, she sees that he’s speaking with the realtor and hears them discuss the increased deposit.  She waits outside meets with the realtor alone during which she asks to meet with the landlord.


Coincidentally, Do-Jin arrives at the real estate agency at the same time to sign his contract.  When Seung-Hye realizes that Do-Jin was not following her, she leaves.  Belatedly, Do-Jin tries to catch her so that she can speak with Beom-Seok on the phone but she’s gone.


At the same time, Dae-Ho decides to step up to the plate and asks his mother if they could take out a reverse mortgage on the house to pay for the increased deposit.


Dong-Sook meets with Mi-Ja to apologize for her mother-in-law’s reaction to the meat.  However, Mi-Ja calmly answers that she doesn’t even need an apology.  She adds that if she could repay Soon-Im for everything that Soon-Im did for her, she would be satisfied.  She hands Dong-Sook the envelope of money that Soon-Im refused and insists that Dong-Sook open it.

Dong-Sook opens it and pauses for a tempted moment before refusing it with the excuse that Soon-Im would kick her out of the family if she accepts the money.  Mi-Ja knows when her bait has been taken and knowingly takes the envelope back.

The coincidences continue as Do-Jin stops by the neighborhood cafe for some coffee, which is being run by Yunho.  The two men recognize each other and awkwardly complete the transaction.


When Do-Jin leaves, Seung-Hye calls Yunho to let him know that she’s outside and stopping by to pick up the hand-drip set.  However, before Seung-Hye can walk in, Do-Jin sees her and tries to speak with her again.  Seung-Hye ignores him and tries to continue into the cafe.  Frustrated, Do-Jin grabs her but Yunho sees the exchange and comes out to slug Do-Jin.

Do-Jin begins to explain himself when he sees his mother in the cafe.  Deciding that it’s too dangerous to explain at the moment, he runs off without further explanation.  This gives Yunho the opportunity to give Seung-Hye the hand-drip set.  Seung-Hye smiles and promises to not lose it again.

At this moment, Seung-Hye’s mother and Mi-Ja walk out and see the two together.


Seung-Hye accompanies her mother to Sun-Sook’s restaurant, but leaves her to run an errand.  After she leaves, Sun-Sook tells Mi-Ja that she was an idiot to refuse the money that Mi-Ja had offered to give her when her family needed the financial aid so much.  After all, Soon-Im does not have to know that Dong-Sook took the money.


Seung-Hye stops by Do-Jin’s apartment, where he is sulking  about Yunho’s punch.  She apologies for the punch that he didn’t deserve; she was responsible for Yunho believing that Do-Jin is a pervert.

Do-Jin accepts her apology and gets a call from Beom-Seok who is calling because he saw the missed calls from Do-Jin.  Do-Jin smiles that he just wanted to meet with Beom-Seok with a friend.  Beom-Seok agrees and first picks Mi-Ja’s restaurant as the location.  Do-Jin recognizes the location and asks for another location.  Beom-Seok seems to be disappointed but agrees to meet with Do-Jin and his friend at the office.

Seung-Hye asks why Do-Jin is helping her.  He responds that he owes her an apology as well.  At the company, he insulted her pride as a nurse without knowing all of the facts.  He wants to rectify it.  Since he cannot give out Beom-Seok’s number, he arranged for a meeting in stead.

Seung-Hye looks moved and they both agree to meet the next morning.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung and her family has coffee brewed by Yunho.  Beom-Seok correctly matches the coffee bean used to brew the coffee and asks if he was the first to be able to guess.  Yunho surprises them all by replying that Beom-Seok is the second, leading Beom-Seok to comment that there is another person in the world who has his taste sensitivity…Then the children speak about the company as Yunho wants to make all of the different varieties of coffee available for the masses while Se-Ryung would rather pursue a luxury brand image for the cafe, which caters to the rich.  Beom-Seok cuts the discussion short by telling them to leave work at work.


Back at home, Soon-Im broods while polishing her copperware.  Dae-Shil finds her and tells her that Soon-Im’s brooding is the reason that Seung-Hye has not been able to tell her grandmother that she cannot get a loan…she didn’t want to disappoint her grandmother.

Afterwards, she goes back to her room and tells Seung-Hye that Soon-Im now knows so Seung-Hye no longer has to worry.  Seung-Hye goes to bed Dae-Shil stays up to finish her novel.


In the morning, Seung-Hye calls Yunho for his morning call before preparing to meet Beom-Seok.


There is a moment of truth when Seung-Ah  asks if Seung-Hye has found a job yet.  When Seung-Hye confirms, Seung-Ah complains about her academy fees and Seung-Hye does us all a favor by telling Seung-Ah to grow up. THANK YOU.


Seung-Hye goes to the meeting where Beom-Seok comments in amazement that Do-Jin knew Seung-Hye and how the three are coincidentally connected.  After they exchange pleasantries and Seung-Hye finds out that the delicious cake that she was presented was made by Do-Jin, he leaves to give her some privacy and she tells Beom-Seok that she had to resign from the hospital.


This episode was a mini-catharsis in the drama!  It was like the writer realized that he needs to give us some treats on the journey or we would be too sullen.  It works well as the timing keeps the tone of this series more on the romantic comedy genre.

First, I enjoyed seeing the seeds of romance take place between Seung-Hye and Yunho.  Yunho is a great foil to Do-Jin who has been portrayed as the perfect boy next door, beginning to rebel against his mother…always preppy…actions following his values.  In contrast, Yunho is much more hispter and laid back.  He hasn’t seen his parents in a long time and jokes about it.  This liberty allows him to see people in a different perspective than the restraints that society put on them…which is why Do-Jin first dismissed Seung-Hye until he was convinced about her integrity as a nurse by Kyung-Tae, whereas Yunho recognizes Seung-Hye’s talent from the beginning.

I thought it was interesting that the drama pointed out that Seung-Hye has a hyper-sensitive palette second to only Beom-Seok.  I’m not sure if they were hinting that she’s Beom-Seok’s daughter or not…

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