Love on a Rooftop – E11

Things continue to look up as Yunho swoops in to give Seung-Hye her job and dream.  Meanwhile, the adults of the family stand back up to resolve the pressing financial situations.  Unfortunately, one of them has put hope in a leaky boat.


Beom-Seok notes how happy he is that he was able to see Seung-Hye again; he had regretted having to leave without saying goodbye.  Seung-Hye confesses that she was not sure she should meet with Beom-Seok…she had to resign.

We turn to Se-Ryung to primps for Do-Jin.  However, when she hears that he brought Seung-Hye, Se-Ryung yells at him for betraying her.  Do-Jin answers that he has felt guilty after judging and saying harsh words to Seung-Hye when he did not know all of the facts.  He tells Se-Ryung to set everything right and apologize to Seung-Hye; this is really not like the girl who is always so clear about what is right and wrong.


Se-Ryung yells back that Do-Jin does not know anything about her. [OMG, I just had a random thought…it would be so mak-jang if it turns out that Se-Ryung is also adopted…adopted to replace Seung-Hye!]

Se-Ryung gets called to her father’s office.  When she enters, her father orders that she stays standing and does not sit.  He also immediately demands to know if Se-Ryung caused Seung-Hye’s termination.


Se-Ryung asks to discuss the situation after they send Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye also offers to leave but Beom-Seok orders that Seung-Hye stays.  He continues to ask if Se-Ryung declared to the hospital investigation body that he never changed his clothes alone.

Se-Ryung agrees but refuses to accept responsibility.  Beom-Seok does not bat an eyelash before telling Se-Ryung that even though she’s his daughter who has never disappointed him, he is incredibly disappointed in her.  He announces that if she’s not going to apologize, he will do it for her.  He apologizes to Seung-Hye that it was his fault for failing as a parent.

Se-Ryung cries out at her father’s words and her words hit a cord.  She yells, “this woman almost cost your life and then has the audacity to blame it on you! How could I stay calm after that?!”  She storms out after those words.  However, after hearing them, I cannot really blame Se-Ryung…I don’t think I would have been able to take the high road either.


Meanwhile, Sun-Sook drags Dong-Sook to Mi-Ja’s restaurant, where Mi-Ja gives Dong-Sook the envelope of money again.  Dong-Sook insists that she doesn’t accept it as a gift, but she will take it as a loan from Mi-Ja.  At Dong-Sook’s assistance, Mi-Ja agrees and requests one of her staff members to bring a simple loan agreement.


At the same time, Sang-Man asks Dae-Ho to find a precious painting for his boss…He explains that if Dae-Ho can locate the painting, they can work out something about the deposit amount.

Dae-Ho agrees and asks to meet with Mi-Ja.  Sang-Man calls her so that they can speak.  Mi-Ja tells Dae-Ho that she does not have the time to speak but can answer any questions.  Dae-Ho asks why Mi-Ja is looking for the painting and Mi-Ja answers that a person, whom she likes a lot loves that painting…she wants to gift it to that person.  Ahem…Someone is not over her first love.


After the call, Dong-Sook brings the money home and tells her mother-in-law and Dae-Ho that she borrowed the money from Sun-Sook.  Dae-Ho also notes that with this loan, he should be able to handle the rest of the difference as the landlord requested a special painting.  Confirming again that the money was borrowed from Sun-Sook, Soon-Im declares that she will cover the interest as she is willing to sell her teas to cafes again.


Seung-Hye waits outside to check her father’s blood pressure.  She announces in relief that he’s healthy and asks what memory he thought about.  Dae-Ho explains that he thought about the time that Seung-Hye first called him “dad.”  It took her a long time…He asks if he’s the worst “ddal – babo,” a phrase that has gained a lot of popularity in Korea, which had been obsessed with sons.  Recently, a bunch of fathers have loved their daughters more and been obsessed with daughters…so the phrase “daughter-idiot” was born!

Seung-Hye answers that he’s not the worst “ddal-babo.”  He’s second.  The first is a patient who she met in the hospital… She also confesses that she feels guilty as the patient’s daughter was involved in her termination, and, as a result, the patient had promised to help her get rehired.  However, she feels bad that their father/daughter relationship got strained because of her disclosure of the daughter’s involvement in her termination.

Dae-Ho tells Seung-Hye to follow her heart now as he’s ready to become a proper father.  He knows that Seung-Hye always declares that she’s happy if the family is happy…He tells her that he’s the same; he’s happy when she’s happy and he knows that her dream was not to be a nurse.  He tells her to follow her dreams and live more like Seung-Ah does.  WHELP!  HE WAS GOING SO WELL AND THEN HE HAD TO GO AHEAD AND TELL SEUNG-HYE TO LIVE LIKE AN ADULT CHILD?! Sorry, but what does Seung-Ah have to look forward to?  She’s a college graduate who doesn’t seem to have any talents…mooches off of her parents and older sister…and lacks basic empathy.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye is blinded by her family love to realize that her father just told her to be an idiot and tears up at his words…Dae-Ho jokes that his daughter is a cry-baby before deciding to go in as the air is chilly.


Seung-Hye gets called out by Seung-Jae and meets him at Yunho’s cafe.  He has ordered her favorite coffee as he knows that coffee will comfort her more than he can.  Seung-Hye tells him not to tempt her as she can refrain from coffee a little longer.

Seung-Jae tells Seung-Hye to just drink it as he will take care of their grandmother.  Seung-Hye thanks him for the thought.

Watching all this, Yunho walks over and tells her to drink it.  He also introduces himself to Seung-Jae as a world-class barista and announces that he wants to train Seung-Hye to also become a global barista.  KYAAAAAA!  Seung-Hye’s prince is here to help her shine!  >.< >.<v Did anyone else squeal when Yunho declared that he will train Seung-Hye?  The girl gets two birds with one stone; she gets to work with her favorite coffee AND gets training from the best to be the best!


Meanwhile, Do-Jin pours over his new cafe, which he rented/bought?  He drags Kyung-Tae out to see it and Kyung-Tae tells him to move out so that Do-Jin’s mother doesn’t think that Kyung-Tae helped Do-Jin rebel.  Do-Jin gets all excited about his empty cafe and flits around imagining the future.  Side note…the acting was slightly stilted in this scene…bummer.

The next day, Seung-Hye calls Beom-Seok to meet.  When they sit down, Seung-Hye tells him that she doesn’t want to join the hospital again.  Beom-Seok asks if it is because of Se-Ryung and Seung-Hye answers that it is because she wants to pursue her passion.  Beom-Seok offers to help and Seung-Hye does not accept his offer; she tells him that she would rather succeed by her own efforts.


Beom-Seok smiles that he is always willing to help her if she needs it.  Instead, Seung-Hye asks him for one favor – to forgive his daughter.  She feels bad that he turned away from his beloved daughter.  Beom-Seok asks if Seung-Hye does not hate his daughter and Seung-Hye agrees; she hates her, but he should understand his daughter who only worried about her beloved father.


Seung-Hye next has chicken and beer with Dae-Shil in celebration of both Dae-Shil getting her novel published and Seung-Hye deciding to pursue her passion.  Dae-Shil declares that Seung-Hye can now be free as she will take care of the family.   They get drunk and Dae-Shil runs to the bathroom first.

In the interim, Seung-Hye falls asleep on the table after one glass when Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin arrive.  Kyung-Tae goes to the bathroom first as Do-Jin notices the passed out Seung-Hye.


In the bathroom, Kyung-Tae washes his hands when Dae-Shil grabs his legs!  He pushes her off and yells at her for being in the boy’s room.  Dae-Shil has lost it and thinks that Kyung-Tae has fallen in love with her…When he threatens to call the police, Dae-Shil grabs his cell phone and agrees to give him her number.  Then she proceeds to run out into the park with Kyung-Tae running after her until she falls on a park bench.

Kyung-Tae first walks a few steps away but his conscious drives him to return to check to see if she’s breathing.  He leans in only to have Dae-Shil grab him into a choke-hold.

At the same time, Do-Jin asks Seung-Hye what happened to her companion.  Seung-Hye starts singing that she has a dream and the employee orders that Do-Jin take Seung-Hye home.


Do-Jin refuses and denies that he’s Seung-Hye’s boyfriend.  However, when Seung-Hye gags, the employee yells at him to take her away immediately.

Do-Jin carries Seung-Hye home on his back and yells for her family members.  When they all come out, he tries to confirm that this is Seung-Hye’s house…just as Seung-Hye vomits on him.


Well it’s settled.  In Korean dramas, the guy that the girl pukes on ends up marrying her.  Looks like poor Yunho has lost the fight even before he begins; Seung-Hye has puked on Do-Jin and will, at the end of this mak-jang journey, happily marry him and have their own children.

As for Mi-Ja, I was highly impressed.  I wonder if she planned the whole loan thing.  By giving Dong-Sook the money that she knows Dong-Sook cannot pay back, she has an ability to claim an interest in the house….It’s very clever if Mi-Ja had intentionally offered to give Dong-Sook the money expecting Dong-Sook to take it as a loan instead.

Another character that earned my respect was Dae-Ho.  I really wish that his character becomes empowered throughout the series.  He has a lot of a heart and I respect that.  It’s clear that he loves Seung-Hye and would probably have spoiled her if he was just a financially capable father…  The father/daughter moment in this series was really touching… I even give him props for asking his daughter to live like his other idiot biological daughter… I get the point even if I hate Seung-Ah’s character.  Sheesh, I think I empathize with Se-Ryung’s character more than I accept Seung-Ah at this point.  At least Se-Ryung has a reason for her irrational behavior; she truly thought she might lose her father.  Not knowing how to control or channel the resulting fear and anger made her target those feelings at Seung-Hye.  In contrast, Seung-Ah has no excuse…Right now, she’s just useless.

Finally, the guys.  Yunho won this episode because of his natural acting and squeal-worthy declaration that he will train Seung-Hye.  Compared to that, Do-Jin’s acting in the ecstatic-about-new-cafe scene just felt forced, flat, stilted and awkward.  It’s hard to articulate what emotion Do-Jin was missing, but he did not channel the naive-I-have-a-dream-and-that’s-all-I-care-about attitude…I think it was because the scene would have been better performed if Do-Jin over-acted in the scene and made it into the foolhardy, hilarious scene of a young naivete.  Instead, Do-Jin’s character showed a bit of reservation in his uncontrollable enthusiasm and the whole scene just failed.

Oh well, Do-Jin has another 90 episodes to show us his natural acting. ^^

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