Love on a Rooftop – E12

Pitter patter the main blocks of conflict start to fall into place.  Do-Jin opens up his own cafe at the same time as Seung-Hye agrees to work with Yunho at his cafe.


Do-Jin struggles to carry light as a feather Seung-Hye back to her house, presumably on the orders of Miss Bom at Seung-Hye’s uncle’s chicken shop.  Seung-Hye sings, “I’m all right…I’m all right…” all the way to the house, at which Do-Jin calls for her family in the courtyard and asks if this is Seung-Hye’s house.  Before, anyone can answer, Seung-Hye throws up on Do-Jin and the family starts moving.  Her mom and brother come to pull Seung-Hye off when Seung-Jae recognizes Do-Jin as the guy who lurked the other night.


Seung-Hye recognizes Seung-Jae and dotes on him as Soon-Im glares that Seung-Hye is embarrassing the whole family.  Seung-Hye stumbles over to declare to Soon-Im that she will do well so her grandmother should just love her…Seung-Hye stumbles to Seung-Ah to tell her that she’s so sorry…she will pay for Seung-Ah’s plastic surgery.  Seung-Ah THE BRAT tells her that Seung-Hye promised …

Dae-Ho tells Seung-Jae to take Seung-Hye to her room and Seung-Hye stumbles to her father to tell him that she loves him and respects him so much.  She thanks him as she’s so happy to be apart of this family.  She also tells her mom that she loves her before telling the whole crowd that she’s so happy to be a part of this family…but, sometimes she’s so tired and lonely… Seung-Jae and Seung-Ah drag her into her room.


With Seung-Hye out of the picture, Soon-Im tears into Do-Jin…Who is he and what is his relationship with Seung-Hye such that he would induce her to drink until she’s drunk, while he’s still sober?

Do-Jin tries to explain that he isn’t in a relationship with Seung-Hye and Soon-Im retorts that if they were strangers, he wouldn’t carry Seung-Hye home…No good deed goes unpunished?

Dae-Ho quickly swoops in to save Do-Jin and tells his mother that he will take care of this.  Soon-Im goes back into her room clucking at the state of family affairs…

After Soon-Im goes back to her room, the parents respond more reasonably to Do-Jin, thanking him and insisting that he changes his clothes before walking home with Seung-Hye’s present.


Seung-Ah reaffirms my distaste for her by speaking nonsense to an unconscious Seung-Hye.  She asks how Seung-Hye could have found such a decent guy, when she’s been fired.  Seung-Jae lectures the brat to tell her that they should be more understanding about how Seung-Hye feels in the midst of all of this.  Seung-Ah emphasizes Seung-Hye’s drunk singing of “I’m all right…” to refute her brother and  continues to complain that her sister was lucky enough to grab a rich guy…after all, Do-Jin was wearing all luxury brands.  She tries to salvage her image by adding that it would not be the worst scenario for Seung-Hye to marry a rich guy and improve her life…

Seung-Jae sighs at what his little sister is and tries to argue that Seung-Hye said they aren’t dating…they should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Afterwards, Seung-Jae gives his mother a shirt and sweater to give to Do-Jin.  The sweetie even gave up the sweater that Seung-Hye presented Seung-Jae for his birthday, which he hasn’t even worn once… Ah, Seung-Jae, you restore my faith in the family, which also had Seung-Ah…


The family promises to wash Do-Jin’s clothes and return it.  Dae-Ho also hopes that Seung-Hye did not make another mistake other than vomiting and Dong-Sook interrupts to note that throwing up on his clothes would be a mistake enough for the day.  They ask him for his contact information for when Seung-Hye wakes up and Do-Jin awkwardly writes his number on a notepad.


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok and Mi-Ja have tea.  Beom-Seok notes that she was raised really well…He had assumed that he had raised his daughter well until now…However, next to Seung-Hye, Beom-Seok felt embarrassed about his own daughter.

Mi-Ja defends his daughter by noting that everyone knows Se-Ryung is also a daddy’s girl; she must have her own reasons for acting the way she did.  However, Beom-Seok just responds that this incident has left him confused.  Ambiguous music comes on hinting that his words were important…Is Se-Ryung adopted?!

At the same time, Dae-Shil tries to sneak into her room but gets caught by her mother who orders that she also wake up Seung-Hye.  The two drunk and hungover girls sit in Soon-Im’s room for their morning lecture… HAHAHAHA ^^;;;;


Soon-Im begins by noting how Seung-Hye came home by being piggybacked by Do-Jin.  Seung-Hye reflects back and apologizes…Dae-Shil jumps in to note it would have been better for Seung-Hye to just stay out all night.

Soon-Im yells at her daughter that staying out all night isn’t something she should be proud about either.  However, Dae-Shil is not another Seung-Hye.  She talks back the reason that she hasn’t been able to get married is because her mother has kept her from sleeping over with guys…The most embarrassing thing is that she has no man to make the mistake of sleeping over with.

Dong-Sook comes in on Dae-Shil’s defense agreeing that she does need to do what she can to get married.  Soon-Im orders that Dae-Shil call her “friend” so that she can confirm that it wasn’t a guy and Dae-Shil runs out on the excuse that she lost her friend.

Dong-Sook tries to tell Soon-Im that it might be better if Dae-Shil did sleep over at a man’s house; maybe she can get married!  Soon-Im asks if Dong-Sook would say the same thing if it was Seung-Hye.  Innocent Dong-Sook immediately responds that those are two different scenarios; Seung-Hye is like a brand new-this season’s car while Dae-Shil is a used car… Soon-Im glares at her and Dong-Sook awkwardly reminds Seung-Hye about her missed morning call duties.


Seung-Hye rushes out to call her clients and apologize for not waking them up.  When she contacts Yunho, he jokes that he was fired from work because he did not wake up on time.  Hearing this causes Seung-Hye to feel overly guilty and she immediately offers to call his company to explain that it was all her fault.  Yunho laughs that he was joking to reassure her.


For breakfast, Dong-Sook has prepared hangover soup.  Soon-Im orders that the family take away the soup from Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil as they don’t deserve to have hangover soup.  Dae-Ho chimes in to say that the two can be punished with something other than food as it’s the most pitiful feeling to have food used against you in that manner.  As if she isn’t already the daughter I’m afraid I might have in the future, Seung-Ah quickly takes away her sister’s and aunt’s soups.

Sweet Seung-Jae comes to his sister’s rescue by offering his, which Seung-Hye doesn’t accept for fear of her grandmother’s wrath.  Dae-Shil jumps at the opportunity and drinks it instead.  In fact, she drinks it all and takes her sister-in-law’s soup as well, diffusing the awkward and tense situation. ^^ Seung-Ah has the decency to give her brother one of the bowls that she confiscated.


Breakfast at the Jang’s residence is not a happy affair either.  He asks if Se-Ryung still feels that she doesn’t need to apologize; he notes that during this time Nurse Yoon still worried about their family relationship.  Se-Ryung bites back that to her, it’s more important that Nurse Yoon takes responsibility for possibly allowing her negligence to cause her father’s death.  Yunho arrives at the end of this conversation to be told Beom-Seok to arrive on time for breakfast from then on.

Se-Ryung also takes the opportunity to vent her frustration (and possibly jealousy at her father’s current fixation on Nurse Yoon) at Yunho.  She snipes that he could at least be on time for breakfast, and, when Yunho explains that his morning call never occurred, she immediately replies that he should fire someone who doesn’t even do their job correct.  Ouch, looks like someone lives in a zero-sum, unforgiving world; one mistake and you are out of a job under Se-Ryung.


Yunho smiles and hands over her advertisement for employees at his cafe asking to discuss business instead.  This seems to do the trick as the scene changes to commuting to work.

Yunho requests that they do not require a barista’s certificate for their employees.  Se-Ryung replies that skill is necessary for the image that she wants to cultivate and Yunho reminds Se-Ryung that she promised to trust his judgment.

Se-Ryung asks if this barista is a woman and Yunho confirms.  She also asks if the woman is pretty and Yunho again agrees.  Se-Ryung warns him that she will trust in his judgement this once…However, he needs to double the revenue within one month.  Yunho seems shocked at first but accepts her conditions as he reflects on his walking tour with Seung-Hye who describes how she fell in love with coffee; she had smelled coffee beans being prepared one day as she walked to school and stopped because the smell was so good.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae sits in shock in his own living room until Do-Jin asks why Kyung-Tae never returned the night before.  Man, male friends sure are trusting! I bet my roommates would have called 9-1-1 if I had not come home.


At the same time, Dae-Shil explains the situation to Seung-Hye.  She remembers accidentally walking into the men’s restroom and then woke up sleeping on a park bench…on top of a strange man’s knees!  Of course, she snuck away immediately.

Back at Kyung-Tae’s place, Do-Jin doesn’t believe that Kyung-Tae spent the night protecting a drunk woman in the park…Kyung-Tae snaps back that he did suffer in that way and Do-Jin acknowledges that both of them had a bad night due to girls… Do-Jin teases that Kyung-Tae must have had fun and the music turns country flirty… ^^ Looks like my two favorite characters will end up together!

Back with the girls, Seung-Hye asks why Dae-Shil didn’t wait to ask Kyung-Tae what had happened.  Dae-Shil first replies that she did not need to know as what man would leave a pretty woman like her alone?  She then confesses that she wanted to speak with Kyung-Tae but did not have the confidence.  Sighing, she leaves the rest of the dishes to Seung-Hye to sleepover the rest of her hangover.


Seung-Hye goes to apologize to her mother once again and her mother confirms that Seung-Hye really is not dating Do-Jin.  When Seung-Hye confirms, she tells her daughter that if they aren’t dating, Seung-Hye totally made a mistake and should apologize properly.  Giving Seung-Hye Do-Jin’s contact information, she tells her daughter to iron the clothes first before returning them.  Seung-Hye accepts but mutters to herself that Do-Jin would even leave his contact information.

Returning to our main story, Do-Jin opens up his cafe officially and tapes a flyer to his window about the fact that they are hiring.  Seung-Hye calls him to ask if they could meet and Do-Jin teases her asking if she would accuse him of stalking her when they meet again…before agreeing to meet.


Afterwards, Seung-Ah walks by and spots him.  She enters the cafe and mutters out loud that Do-Jin must be rich if he was able to open up a cafe in their neighborhood…She asks if he did it to see Seung-Hye more often and Do-Jin denies the connection.

Seung-Ah nods that it is better for him not to get involved with Seung-Hye if he is not ready to support Seung-Hye’s whole family…She adds that Seung-Hye cannot go off dating boys and ignoring providing for her family as she has done so far…after all, who would support her financially?!

Do-Jin asks if Seung-Hye is the head of Seung-Ah’s household and Seung-Ah responds that she is in practice.  Therefore, he should stay away from her sister.  Instead, he should hire her; she will give him the opportunity to work with a future top star.

Do-Jin replies that he is not interested in top stars and Seung-Ah turns back to using her sister.  She sighs that she just wants to help her sister, who is paying for the family expenses, her academy fees pay off loans…Her acting is good in the sense that she pretends to totally suck at acting.

She stands up and asks if he can help her help her sister out and Do-Jin avers from answering.  Seung-Ah takes this as confirmation and crumbles up his advertisement.  Sigh…Poor Do-Jin.  I wouldn’t wish this upon my enemies!


Meanwhile at home, Dong-Sook stitches together a quilt for Mi-Ja when Soon-Im comes in.  Dong-Sook explains that she is stitching it for her sister and Soon-Im agrees.  Sun-Sook arrives asking for some garlic and Dong-Sook snaps at her to buy her own garlic, but Soon-Im gets up to give Sun-Sook the garlic.


At the same time, Dae-Ho asks Joon-Bae what Sun-Sook would like as a present.  Joon-Bae responds that Sun-Sook LOVES PANTIES; she always nagged him that he never bought her panties so she had to wear holey panties… Dae-Ho awkwardly responds that he cannot buy his sister-in-law underwear and Joon-Bae wonders if there is anything else Sun-Sook likes other than panties or money…Sigh…It’s clear why she divorced you dear…IT WAS NOT THE PANTIES BUT THE FACT THAT YOU DON’T EVEN BUY HER THE NECESSITIES YOU IDIOT.

Miss Bom comes over at that moment to recommend that Joon-Bae should ask his wife for help since their landlord is raising their deposit as well.  Joon-Bae tells Dae-Ho that he will buy Sun-Sook the panties! Man on a mission.


Seung-Hye meets with Yunho at his cafe to discuss his offer of employment.  She hesitantly excuses herself by noting that she doesn’t have a barista’s license and Yunho tells her that she doesn’t need one.  Seeing that she is still not confident in her decision, Yunho tells her that this chance to work with him will not always be there; therefore, she should accept it.

Hearing that, Seung-Hye agrees to work with him.


Wow some major conflicts set up here.  First we have the love square that is getting keyed up with Do-Jin’s interest in Seung-Hye, Seung-Hye’s infatuation for Yunho and Seung-Hye’s respect and gratitude toward Do-Jin, Se-Ryung’s obsession with Do-Jin and Yunho’s interest in Seung-Hye.  I appreciate that all of the characters seem to have strong and distinctive personalities, which allows for more tense romantic conflicts.  For example, I am curious to see how the chill and laidback Yunho will change when he finds out that he has a formidable rival for Seung-Hye’s love.

Another conflict that this drama set up in this episode was the fact that Seung-Hye has agreed to work at a CAFE…FOCUSED ON COFFEE.   Imagine Soon-Im’s reaction when she realizes that her granddaughter has decided to join the dark side and help the coffee industry.  If obtaining her grandmother’s love and approval is one of her main goals in life, Seung-Hye has some soul-searching coming up.  However, I’m glad that she decided to accept Yunho’s offer nonetheless.  Some people say that you should follow your passion and others argue that you should focus on what you do best.  The division seems to come down upon the premise of what is the major tenet of life; do you work to live an enjoyable life?  Or is working a natural aspect of life that everyone should just accept?  Without weighing in on either side of the debate, I do think that there are circumstances in which you are good at your passion, which I hope is the case for Seung-Hye.

Finally, Seung-Ah’s character…Oh my goodness Seung-Ah’s character.  She’s such a blatant slap at the entitled youths of this generation.  It’s clear that her character is exaggerated to elicit a certain reaction,which it succeeds in doing each time.  I did think it was interesting how the writer created the situation where Seung-Ah point blank tells Do-Jin that she knows he’s rich and he should be careful about getting involved with HER SISTER who is responsible for taking care of her family…However, she did not say he should be careful about getting involved with her family or her…Even if her sister might be interested in Do-Jin, that is not going to stop Seung-Ah from trying to win him over just because he wore all luxury brands…  It’s a glaring attack on the materialistic culture that underlies Korea’s society.

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