Love on a Rooftop – E13

Seung-Hye takes one step closer to the top of the mountain and finds the winds beginning to swirl around her.  Seung-Hye begins to train with Yunho who appreciates her natural skills but Se-Ryung finds out.  To make matters worse, as Mi-Ja starts to slowly suffocate Soon-Im, Soon-Im finds out that her granddaughter has turned to the dark side of coffee…OH THE BETRAYAL.


Seung-Hye agrees to work with Yunho and he sighs in relief.  Seung-Hye apologizes that she takes after her father and thinks through all of her decisions thoroughly.  Yunho responds that it’s not thoughtfulness but rather stubbornness and offers out his hand to work well together.


Seung-Hye doesn’t take his hand with the excuse that she doesn’t have the confidence that she will do well after they start.  Yunho smiles that he feels a bit embarrassed since she didn’t take his hand  but understands.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im spoils Sun-Sook with their food, noting that she’s so thankful for Sun-Sook who was willing to lend them such a large amount of money, which she had saved by pinching pennies on even ingredients like this.  Sun-Sook starts to ask Soon-Im what she is speaking about but one glare from Dong-Sook silences her.


At the same time, Sang-Man returns the fully notarized loan contract.  Mi-Ja comments that she’s disappointed that the head daughter-in-law of such a traditional household would be so thoughtless.  She asks about Dae-Ho and Sang-Man responds that Dae-Ho hasn’t bought their loan shark bait, but he seems more likely to accept the picture-finding assignment.  Mi-Ja agrees that Dae-Ho is extremely careful; so careful, that he could not even hold on the woman whom he loved.

Speaking of Dae-Ho, he is busy reaching out to all of his contacts to find that painting.


Joon-Bae stops by Sun-Sook’s restaurant to her yelling at him.  He responds that he came because of Dae-Ho’s request.  He asks her about her loan to Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho and she awkwardly yells back that she did loan them money, so what.  Dae-Ho hands over some skincare that Dae-Ho bought for Sun-Sook.

Then Joon-Bae presents her a bunch of panties, which triggers her rage.  She starts throwing the panties back at Joon-Bae asking why he cares now.  Joon-Bae agrees to leave, but asks for a loan to cover his increased deposit first.

Sun-Sook yells at him to get out of her restaurant as she doesn’t have money to give him.  Joon-Bae asks how she could loan money to Dae-Ho but not her ex-husband.  Sun-Sook yells that the fact that he was her ex-husband is the reason that she cannot loan money to him…He is a part of her history that she wants to erase.

Joon-Bae states that he will take back the panties and present them to Miss Bom…Hearing this, Sun-Sook starts grabbing all of the panties and yells at him.  Their son arrives to break them up.  The only thing that seems to get their attention is his announcement that he’s prematurely aging and getting wrinkles due to his parents.


Dong-Sook stops by Mi-Ja’s restaurant to present her with the quilt that she made.  She promises to repay all of the interest on time even if she cannot promise a date to repay the principal.  She even explains that she told her mother-in-law that she borrowed the money from her sister and Soon-Im promised to restart her relationships with cafes to sell her tea and pay the interest amounts.


Sang-Man interrupts to tell Mi-Ja that their kitchen cook had to leave because she was sick.  Mi-Ja notes that she will have to take over and Sang-Man tells her that she has afternoon appointments, which would conflict with her working in the kitchen. Dong-Sook offers to help out, which results in Dong-Sook scrubbing dishes as Mi-Ja watches from the corner.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im meets with the restaurant owner who refused to accept her teas…Dae-Shil tries to ask why all of the restaurants are refusing their teas suddenly when Soon-Im has agreed to allow restaurants that sell coffee to sell her teas.  It turns out that over seven restaurants have refused to accept their teas.  The owner stutters that she cannot really say it herself.


The reason is Mi-Ja and Sang-Man.  Sang-Man has offered their imitation tea jelly for a cheaper price and all of the restaurants agreed to buy from them.  Mi-Ja smirks with satisfaction and also instructs Sang-Man to work Dong-Sook hard and then send her off.


Seung-Hye gets dressed and begins her training to Yunho’s compliments of her skills.  He tastes her first cup and begins to tease her; first he says that it tastes good before joking that it was a joke…When Seung-Hye apologizes, he jokes that his statement of a joke was also a joke.  Seung-Hye asks him not to joke with him again and he apologizes before Seung-Hye notes that she’s also joking.

Do-Jin stops by and Yunho apologizes to Do-Jin for mistakenly punching him the other day.  Seung-Hye leaves the two to talk and Do-Jin agrees to have a cup of coffee in lieu of an apology.

Then Se-Ryung walks in to meet the barista that Yunho wanted so much.  Yunho brings Seung-Hye out to everyone’s surprise.


Meanwhile, Dong-Goo sulks that his mother would loan such a large sum of money to his aunt while living in poverty.  Sun-Sook quickly reassures him that she did not loan the money so he should not have worry about anything, just keep this a secret.  Oh dear… it’s only time before Soon-Im finds out.


Back at the cafe, Seung-Hye confidently greets Se-Ryung to her disgust. Do-Jin has to excuse himself as he has a separate meeting.

However, Se-Ryung continues to verbally assault Seung-Hye.  Se-Ryung asks Seung-Hye if she had planned on working at the cafe, and, therefore, rejected the offer to get her job back at the hospital.

Extremely confused, Yunho asks if Seung-Hye worked at a hospital before and Se-Ryung answers that she was the nurse that almost killed her father.  Thankfully, Seung-Hye doesn’t play the noble idiot card and responds that Se-Ryung knows better than anyone the truth of the matter and how it was not her negligence.

Se-Ryung bites back that Seung-Hye might be focusing on her one lie…However, she only lied to make sure that Seung-Hye doesn’t escape her responsibility for the matter at hand!

Do-Jin cannot help but overhear everything as Se-Ryung is basically yelling and he remembers the awkward scene where Seung-Hye was willing to kneel before Se-Ryung.  He tries to refocus on his meeting but gets distracted when Se-Ryung orders Yunho to fire Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye interrupts to say that she will not allow Se-Ryung to illegally terminate her again.  She excuses herself as she has work and walks away.  Se-Ryung looks like she’s about to follow Seung-Hye but Yunho pulls her away and Do-Jin is finally able to focus on his own meeting.


At the same time, Dae-Shil tries to stop her mother for food even if Soon-Im is furious.  They are standing in the street when they see Seung-Hye run out to give a customer her scarf.  Soon-Im follows her furiously to determine whether Seung-Hye is selling coffee.


Soon-Im demands to know if Seung-Hye is selling coffee.  She tries to drag Seung-Hye away and then faints due to the fact that she has diabetes and has skipped meals that day.  Do-Jin helps Soon-Im to drink some sugared water before carrying her back home.


At home, Dong-Sook mumbles about her aching shoulders when the children come in with Soon-Im.  With some insulin and massaging, they get Soon-Im’s blood pressure back to normal.

Dong-Sook drops into Soon-Im’s room to find out that Seung-Hye was selling coffee…Looks like the secret’s out.

Dae-Shil excuses Seung-Hye to properly apologize to Do-Jin now that Soon-Im is safe at home.  Seung-Hye follows Do-Jin out to apologize.


Do-Jin responds that he does not like hearing an apology; rather he would hear “thanks.”  Seung-Hye thanks him instead and Do-Jin remarks that she should be grateful, he has never even carried his mother.  She comments on his quick thinking and asks if he was a doctor.  Do-Jin answers that he was a doctor at Kang Sol Hospital, but he found something else that he wanted to do.

He also asks if Seung-Hye had another passion other than nursing and comments that its regretful that Seung-Hye got employed by Se-Ryung’s company.  Seung-Hye responds that she knew it was Se-Ryung’s company…However, she wanted to work there nonetheless because Yunho is her role model.


At the same time Se-Ryung and Yunho face off. Yunho emphasizes that he chose Seung-Hye due to the potential that he saw.  Her license can be substituted by his training.  Se-Ryung responds that if Seung-Hye was the person that he flouted the company policies for, she cannot accept the hiring.

Yunho tries to respond that Se-Ryung is allowing her personal feelings to cloud her judgment, but she’s already walking out at this point.  He does shout after her that this is illegal termination…[DRAMAFEED NOTE – In Korea, if you are a full-time employee you have a lot of legal protection in contrast to when you are only a temporary employee…]


Seung-Ah’s true colors start to show as she complains that she has been tasked to mop the floors.  Do-Jin enters to explain to her that there are no separate employees who would be in charge of cleaning.  Therefore, the part time employee would need to clean.

Seung-Ah actually answers sincerely that she’s not just a regular part time employee but one who will bring customers due to her pretty face.  Do-Jin doesn’t laugh in her fact like I would, but rather kindly explains that he is going to bring customers due to the tasty pastries and does not need a public relations hook like that.  He also dismisses her to go home early, but warns her to think carefully about whether working at his cafe, despite the fact that she has to keep it a secret from her family, is the right choice for her.

Se-Ryung returns to her office in a huff that Yunho would even accuse her of illegally terminating Seung-Hye and Seung-Hye’s own accusations.  She orders that her secretary bring her a list of coffee experts in South Korea and the episode ends with her muttering, “Seung-Hye, you would dare?”


Se-Ryung is just set to really disappoint her father.  Relying on the statements made about her in the previous episodes, it seems Se-Ryung had been able to truly separate her professional life from her personal feelings before, which is necessary to an extent when conducting business.  However, when Seung-Hye gets involved, Se-Ryung turns into a very normal and flawed person who has a chip on her shoulder.  Seung-Hye represents to Se-Ryung her lie, her father’s disappointment, and this entity that she cannot control or overcome. Let’s see where the writer takes this as so far, there is a good balance between fury/ the desire to ruin Seung-Hye’s life and practical limitations to Se-Ryung’s actions.

Returning to Dong-Sook, I am not sure if I should accept the fact that the apple does not fall far from the tree and Seung-Ah resulted as a combination from Dong-Sook’s genes and parenting.  When Dong-Sook throws her pride to the air and even agrees to scrub dishes for Mi-Ja, does she not wonder what it would do to Soon-Im’s pride?  It’s no secret that Soon-Im is a prideful woman.  Additionally, even if Dong-Sook did officially borrow money from Mi-Ja, a loan contract is not a contract for indentured servitude.  As long as you can pay interest and the principal upon the set times, you have no other obligations to the lender.  I found myself agreeing with Mi-Ja in that I don’t understand why Soon-Im accepted Dong-Sook when she did not accept Mi-Ja…Did Dong-Sook come from a wealthy family that went bankrupt?  It’s clear that Sun-Sook is also not rich…so what could have won Soon-Im over?

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