Love on a Rooftop – E20

Seung-Hye starts to learn how to prepare tea from her grandmother as Mi-Ja’s revenge against Dae-Ho begins to rear it’s ugly head. Peekaboo?


Dae-Ho treats Joon-Bae and Dong-Goo to meat when he gets a call and runs out to the police station.

At the police station, the shady old man who sold Dae-Ho the painting pretends to have dementia.  His son grabs Dae-Ho by his shirt and accuses him of stealing his father’s painting.


When Dae-Ho explains what had happened and how the elderly man both had a broken arm and said he couldn’t write, the son shows how the father neither has a cast nor is illiterate.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook is catching up with her sister about the latest Dong Rak Dang news. Sun-Sook is surprised by Soon-Im’s words as well but comments that she agrees.

She asks her older sister whether she would save Seung-Hye or Seung-Ah if they had both fallen overboard.

Dong-Sook evades the question by answering that Seung-Hye would save Seung-Ah and herself.  Sun-Sook finds this as supporting her point of view that Seung-Hye is a loved daughter because she can save Seung-Ah.  Dong-Sook barks at her sister for even thinking it.

In response, Sun-Sook tells her that it’s weird bringing up the past, but when Soon-Im had decided to send Seung-Hye back to the orphanage, she had expected Dong-Sook to beg her mother-in-law to relent.  However, Dong-Sook did not… Wasn’t that because of Seung-Ah?

Dong-Sook flatly tells her sister that she’s leaving. Sun-Sook tries to stop her and explains her words by saying that she did not want to insult her sister… She just meant that blood is thicker than words.

Dong-Sook yells at her sister that her lack of a verbal filter is the reason that she got divorced… There are some things you don’t say even if it’s true because of the circumstances!

After she leaves, Sun-Sook gets a call from her son and has to go pay for the meat, which came out to be around $80. After paying, she yells at the two for eating when they don’t have money.

Dong-Goo reassures her by telling her about how Dae-Ho had come with them but run out after getting a call.


At the time, Dae-Ho tries to explain to the police officer that he truly paid the old man for the painting and he was lucid. The officer answers that they will look into the dementia but suggests that Dae-Ho finds a way to settle.


Sun-Sook continues their fight at her restaurant. It ends when Joon-Bae blames Sun-Sook for asking to go on an overnight trip, which resulted in the pre-marriage pregnancy. Sun-Sook snaps back that she might have sped but he’s the one that ran  the stoplight. (in Korea, they call a pre-marriage pregnancy running the light… Hahahha)


Returning to our male lead, he prepares cookies and chocolates for Soon-Im as a token of gratitude for taking care of his clothes.  As he does, he remembers his mother’s words and the condition that he only has one month to raise his revenue to a month of a doctor’s salary… Unfortunately, they have no customers.

Seung-Ah offers to go outside and bring the customers by being a greeter if he increases her pay.  Do-Jin answers that they are going to succeed by taste.  Instead, he asks Seung-Ah to bring the chocolates to her grandmother and she refuses as she has plans.


Se-Ryung’s family has returned to normal as well.  Beom-Seok beams that his daughter set things right.

Yunho asks why Se – Ryung warned Seung-Hye against him… After one warning, she’s already clearly drawn the lines.  Se-Ryung responds that the warning was well deserved but Yunho jokes that it was due to jealousy.

Se-Ryung asks for a private moment with her father and Yunho complies.

Se-Ryung begins by noting that she was worried about the timing being so late. However, she was pleasantly surprised that Seung-Hye accepted her apology so graciously.  Beom-Seok encourages her to become friends with Seung-Hye instead.

Se-Ryung carefully changes the subject to Mi-Ja. She asks if she should be worried about his relationship with Mi-Ja and Beom-Seok denies it… Albeit slightly awkwardly.


Dae-Ho returns to his shop exhausted and looks back at the contact. Quickly, he dials the number to try to speak with the fraud. Except the fraud’s father answers and gives him an ultimatum… Either bring the painting money back tomorrow.

Next, the fraudly duo get paid by Sang-Man who instructs them on what to do if Dae-Ho does not pay by the next day.  After the meeting, Sang-Man checks in with Mi-Ja.  She tells him to increase the pressure so that Dae-Ho turns to the loan sharks.


Then turning to the painting, Mi-Ja wonders why Dae-Ho has such a discerning eye toward art but lacks it when it comes to women. Sang-Man responds that Dong-Sook seems decent and gets a glare from Mi-Ja in return.

Mi-Ja’s next step is to call Dong-Sook for help with food since her housekeeper has quit. Mi-Ja cautiously asks if helping her with food would make it awkward with Soon-Im.  Dong-Sook happily responds that Soon-Im is busy teaching Seung-Hye how to make cheontaejeon so it’s OK. Surprisingly, this gets to Mi-Ja whose expression freezes.

After the call, Dong-Sook shook cheerfully decides to focus on making money.

At the same time, Yunho reflects back on earlier the day when Seung-Hye basically turned him down. Smirking, he texts Seung-Hye to remind her that she has to keep her promise to learn how to brew coffee earnestly. Seung-Hye responds that right now she has to focus on keeping her promise with her grandmother and changes into traditional clothes before heading out to be living room to learn how to prepare tea.


Soon-Im’s lesson is how to bake the tea pieces. Soon-Im includes tea history when the art of tea was developed in response to the king’s pickiness.

Soon-Im serves Seung-Hye her tea and reminds her that the heart is more important than form. The maker has to be sincere and the receiver should focus on feeling the maker’s heart.


Do-Jin arrives at the end of this lesson and asks to also feel the warm and sincere heart as well. He apologizes for entering without permission when the two women look to him in surprise.

At home, Mi-Ja obsessed about the fact that Soon-Im is teaching her granddaughter cheontaejeon.


At the same time, Dae-Shil gets drunk again to forget her frustration about being unfairly treated as a plagiarizing author. She tells Joon – Bae that she went to meet the other author to declare her innocence but the other author refused to meet her.

Joon-Bae wonders if the other author copied her work instead. Drunkenly, Dae-Shil agrees before complaining about her life. She gets up to use the restroom and Joon-Bae reminds her to use the women’s bathroom this time.

As Dae-Shil leaves, Kyung-Tae arrives and Dae-Shil blissfully greets him.

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Do-Jin gives Soon-Im his gift of candies and asks for a cup of tea. Soon-Im tells him to wait and try a cup of Seung-Hye’s. So, Seung-Hye begins to bake her tea piece carefully. After its baked, she gives it to Soon-Im for inspection.


Soon-Im comments that it was well done for a beginner. Do-Jin also comments on the process of baking the tea leaves on a light fire to get rid of scents and remaining moisture… At Soon-Im’s surprise, he explains that he learned from his mother who is very interested in tea as well. However, the one tea that his mother never gave him was cheontaejeon as she could never get it right.

He happily tries Seung-Hye’s tea inside.


Do-Jin’s self invitation to try Dong Rak Dang’s tea seemed a bit forced and unorganic in this episode. His character is not a carefree, confident young man… So I would have expected him to be more reserved than for him to basically ask twice for a cup of the tea that Soon-Im and Seung-Hye are preparing. On the other hand, I would think such behavior would be in Yunho’s carefree character.

I appreciate the development in Mi-Ja’s revenge however. I was wondering what her end goal is. At first, I thought the painting was for Dae-Ho, whom she never got over. However,since she basically gave Sang-Man authorization to embarrass Dae-Ho, I wonder if the painting is for Beom-Seok or the hospital director. Additionally, who else thought Beom-Seok’s reaction was suspicious?

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