Love on a Rooftop – E25

The Yoon family barely escapes the trap due to Do-Jin having a hefty amount of savings.  A sweet episode for a happy Friday and feel-good start to the weekend.


Seung-Hye watches Seung-Ah break down passionately and tries to console Seung-Ah by agreeing that she was wrong for not telling her.

At the same time, Dong-Sook tells Dae-Ho that she gets annoyed just thinking about what happened to him!  She tells Dae-Ho to stop saying that he lived a failure since, he did not…He just lived too kindly. [Correction, I do feel bad for Dae-Ho, but let’s not conflate living obstinately in your own world and living kindly.  Dae-Ho believing the grandfather and signing for him out of respect was kind, even if not guarded.  However, Dae-Ho refusing to sell his products to consumers if they could not convince him that they will take good care of said products when his family is basically being supported by his daughter? Obstinate selfishness.  Feed your family first so that your children may be able to pursue their passion.  Then go all-out on your own passion.]

So Dong-Sook continues to tell Dae-Ho that they should not live kindly but rather live selfishly.  Of course, timing would have it that Seung-Ah runs in to interrupt their moment with a pillow.

Clinging to her father, Seung-Ah whines that she’s going to sleep with them tonight – specifically, she’s going to sleep with her dad and her parents are going to pretend that they only have one daughter for that night…no Seung-Hye.

At this nonsense, Dong-Sook has to take back her speech about living selfishly since obviously Seung-Ah took it to the extreme again without even realizing it.

The next day, Seung-Hye tells Yunho about her plans to return to the hospital and apologizes that she will only continue working until the hospital assigns her a department.  Yunho remarks that it should not take that long and so Seung-Hye gives notice that the days is her last day working there…

When Seung-Hye offers up her hand in gratitude for his training, Yunho flatly refuses to take it.  He tells her that he cannot give up on her as a trainee and offers to tutor her separately while she works at the hospital.  Barista training be thrown to the winds, I think someone cannot distinguish between professional interest and personal interest!

At Do-Jin’s dessert cafe, Seung-Ah thanks her friends for visiting and then tries to avoid Do-Jin’s sight by hiding behind her tray out of embarrassment.  Do-Jin stops her ridiculous behavior and the talk turns to Seung-Hye’s decision to return to the hospital to help pay for the claim against her father for the purchase price of the painting.  Seung-Ah asks him why he does not just give Seung-Hye the disputed amount if he needs her so bad…

Meanwhile, Dae-Shil sighs that looking for evidence that she wrote the story first is too hard and massages her eyes.  However, when she closes them, she starts to daydream about Kyung-Tae and she quickly pulls herself together to check on her internet novel webpage to find out that the antifans are still hard at work.  However, she sees Kyung-Tae’s comment and gets encouraged to prove that she didn’t plagiarize.

Soon-Im interrupts to complain that Dae-Shil does not have the time to focus on her computer when she embarrassed the family name during the last arranged marriage date.  Dae-Shil retorts back that she’s going to forever live as a “motel solo,” which is the Korean phrase that describes people who have never dated, and suggests that Soon-Im throw salt in the doorway to ward off bad energy from the jerk instead.

Back at Do-Jin’s cafe, he asks Seung-Ah how much is the claim against her father exactly.  After hearing the amount, he tells Seung-Ah that he will be right back.

At the coffee shop, Yunho has to go to another event and leaves the cafe to her.  Minutes after he leaves, the fraudster gangster arrives and sits at a table next to two younger women before putting his feet up.

Understandably, the two younger women rush to leave and not get involved as the gangster orders two cups of coffee on Seung-Hye’s tab since her father owes him.  Seung-Hye shows a lot of professional maturity in this scene when she politely tells him that he needs to leave or take the conversation elsewhere.

However, the gangster refuses to stay civil (even resorting to throwing furniture) and Seung-Hye has to tell him that if he continues to make a scene, she will call the police.  The man calls her father instead and tells Dae-Ho that Dae-Ho better bring his money soon as he’s going to stay at Dae-Ho’s daughter’s cafe until he gets paid.

Annoyed by Seung-Hye’s insistence that the man leave instead of interrupting business, the man actually gets ready to slap her when Do-Jin miraculously arrives right on time to restrain him.  Seung-Hye worriedly suggests that Do-Jin lets the man go, but Do-Jin refuses to let the man go in the coffee shop and answers that he will take the man elsewhere.  Before, they reach the door, Dae-Ho runs in to tell the man to leave Seung-Hye alone as Dae-Ho will pay by tomorrow.

Sang-Man gleefully tells Mi-Ja the news that Dae-Ho declared that he will pay by the next day, which makes them assume that Dae-Ho is going to turn to their loan shark fund.  As they expect, within minutes Dae-Ho calls to ask Sang-Man for assistance in borrowing money from the loan shark agency as he lost his card earlier that morning at home.  At the same time, Dong-Sook texts Mi-Ja to tell her that she wants to know what dishes Mi-Ja customarily offers during her memorials.  Mi-Ja smirks that the two have taken their baits simultaneously.

After Dae-Ho leaves, Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye about his original intent in visiting…He offers to pay her her annual salary upfront, which she can use to pay her father’s claim without returning to the hospital if she will join him in his dessert cafe.

Seung-Hye responds back that she doesn’t think that she has the talent to warrant such special treatment and has already decided to return to the hospital.  In response, Do-Jin tells her to reconsider her real decision for returning to the hospital…Hasn’t she thought that she might be doing a disservice to the patients if she’s only returning for the money?  He also adds that he’s given the issue a lot of thought and he’s not making the offer lightly.  He needs her help if he is to make his cafe successful enough that he does not need to return to the hospital himself.

At Dong Rak Dang, Sun-Sook arrives to mooch off some more bean paste and asks about Dae-Shil’s arranged marriage date.  When Dong-Sook tells her about how it failed miserably, Sun-Sook comments that Dae-Shil should not be so picky since she’s old and Dae-Shil overhears.  It’s cute that Sun-Sook sticks to her guns and tells Dae-Shil to her fact that she still thinks that while Dae-Shil should not marry anyone, she should still lower her standards.  To me, I feel like it shows how down to earth Dae-Shil is that she lets her sister-in-law’s sister talk to her that way…It’s like Dae-Shil treats Sun-Sook as an older cousin.  Also, after Sun-Sook leaves, Dae-Shil immediately asks Dong-Sook if she agrees with Sun-Sook as if she needs Dong-Sook’s approval.

As for Dong-Goo, his homework is to write a poem using the Korean syllables in dad…Except his poem basically asks why his father is so weird and if that’s because his father takes after his father’s mother… When he reads his poem to his parents, Sun-Sook freaks out that Dong-Goo was going to submit it and then yells at Joon-Bae for his behavior in front of his son.

Back at Kyung-Tae’s, Do-Jin updates him on the cafe situation and how he offered Seung-Hye an up-front payment of her annual wage as she’s his last chance.  At Kyung-Tae’s question, Do-Jin explains that Seung-Hye’s yearly salary would deplete his personal savings but he does not want to give up and return to the hospital without trying.

The next morning, Seung-Hye thinks about Do-Jin’s offer one more time before resolving that she should return to the hospital and going to tell her mother.  However, before she can actually tell her mother, she sees her mom holding the business card of the loan shark.  Realizing that her father must be turning to a loan from a loan shark to pay the settlement, she apologizes to her mother before running off to Do-Jin’s cafe and accepting his offer.

At the same time, Sang-Man smiles expectantly as Dae-Ho signs the contract for a loan.

Right away, Do-Jin goes to his bank to liquidate and transfer his savings to Seung-Hye who tells Seung-Jae to settle with the other side.  The two faithful children run to their father and give him a copy of the signed settlement contract.

Dae-Ho looks at the contract before angrily telling his children that this is not what he wanted…He did not want to burden his children or have his children frequent the police station.  He would rather go to jail than lean on his kids.

However, Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae honestly tell their father that this was not that much of a burden for them and for Seung-Jae, it’s part of the learning experience…They would rather help out than see their father in hardship.

Moved by their words, Dae-Ho gets up and walks outside for some fresh air…The children meet him outside and he muses that he wanted to be a father-like father to them.

Seung-Hye responds that he already is and he’s like the sky to them.  Ruefully, Dae-Ho sighs that the sky needs to be supported by his children, but he will make sure that he no longer leans on them, rather that he supports them in the future.


First, I am really glad that this episode ended on a lighter note, which gives the family and the viewers some time to breathe and relax.  After all, I did not choose a melodrama daily drama for a reason.

While, I enjoyed watching this episode and felt like I was coming up for air amidst the more dramatic elements of the story, I am slightly nervous about one thing.  I did not like how the solution came from Do-Jin just having money saved up.  I can’t remember if the drama actually stated the amount that the painting was worth, but I’d assume that it’s at least tens of thousands of dollars.  Presumably, Do-Jin had enough money saved up as a medical student to rent a large cafe through junsae (deposit) and had enough to cover Seung-Hye’s father’s settlement…This random pot of money just does not fit seamlessly into the story.

Second, I feel a bit less satisfied because if you boil it down…This episode’s takeaway is that Do-Jin saved the day with money that he had.  Now, if Do-Jin had somehow worked for that money, that would feel less oily…if just by a little bit.  However, I presume it’s money he saved from Mi-Ja.

Moreover, even if you try to wrap the situation a different way, it boils down to Do-Jin paying for Seung-Hye’s problem to go away. In other words, rich guy saves poor girl’s day.  Boiled down to that level, I don’t like it even if Seung-Hye is technically going to work for Do-Jin for a full year.  I would rather have liked to see the family reverse mortgage the house to pay for the amount…While that would mean that they don’t own the house, at least the loan would be to the bank and the rest of the family can then focus on paying it off.

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