Love on a Rooftop – E28

Romantic storyline at the younger generation sputters?  Meanwhile, Dae-Ho finally meets Mi-Ja and Soon-Im finds out that Dong-Sook has been helping Mi-Ja.


Fast forward the first minute and a half of Dae-Ho crying to find Seung-Hye stopping Dong-Sook before she can walk in on her husband at his weakest hour.  The two women wait a little off until he’s ready to come out and then show up coincidentally to support him closing his shop for the last time.

Dong-Sook invites Seung-Hye to join them for dinner but Seung-Hye offers to let the two go on a date instead.  Immediately, Dong-Sook accepts and tells Dae-Ho that she put on makeup specifically for the date.  Seung-Hye notes how pretty her mother is, but Dae-Ho does not verbalize his agreement ^^

Mi-Ja watches the exchange from her car and then hangs up on Sang-Man when he calls to ask if she went to Dae-Ho’s shop.

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah yells at Do-Jin for allowing Seung-Hye to leave early to check on her father but not her.  She stomps off as Yunho arrives with flowers.  He decides to leave when Do-Jin tells him that Seung-Hye left for the day.  However, he luckily runs into Seung-Hye at the door.

Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho’s date is at Mi-Ja’s restaurant as Dong-Sook wanders if she should not have joked around with Seung-Hye.  Then she wraps a piece of meat and offers to feed Dae-Ho directly.  However, he gets embarrassed and refuses to eat it from her hand.  When Dong-Sook asks to be fed as well, Dae-Ho refuses and Dong-Sook sulks.

Mi-Ja smirks as she watches this but then her smile freezes when Dae-Ho gives in and prepares a meat wrap to feed Dong-Sook…

Returning to the younger generation, Yunho notes his disappointment that Seung-Hye came to work for Do-Jin instead of returning to the hospital.  He offers to help Seung-Hye with her personal situation if she returns to his cafe.  Not about to let Yunho take Seung-Hye back, Do-Jin interrupts to tell Yunho that it would be unfair for him to take Seung-Hye right now…After all, he (Do-Jin) was the one who managed to convince Seung-Hye against returning to the hospital.

Yunho apologizes to Do-Jin but tells him that he needs to say what he came for.  Turning to Seung-Hye, he tells her that this is a chance of a lifetime for her as he can train her into a world reknown barista.  He tells her to think about her offer seriously.

When he gets up to leave, Seung-Ah stops him and offers to take Seung-Hye’s place.  Yunho smiles that Seung-Ah is much prettier than her sister, but declines as he still wants to train Seung-Hye.  Not realizing that she just got rejected, Seung-Ah laughs giddily after Yunho leaves.  Do-Jin also stalks off after snapping that Seung-Hye should not have returned.

Meanwhile, Joon-Bae goes to find Dae-Ho’s store empty but sees Sang-Man who came to check for Mi-Ja.  They end up at Joon-Bae’s restaurant and we find out that they were friends when younger.  Except, Sang-Man was a coward who turned on Joon-Bae when they got caught by gangsters and the gangsters offered to only beat up one of the two.

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook arrive to find the bed prepared by Soon-Im.  Dae-Ho gets up to walk to his mother’s room but does not go in.  Instead, he thinks to himself that he will no longer live as a useless father and bids his mother a goodnight.

That night, Do-Jin does think back to Yunho’s words and smirks at Yunho’s comment that she would regret her decision not to return.  Kyung-Tae walks out of the bedroom only to go hide when Mi-Ja stops by.

Mi-Ja tells Do-Jin that she has nothing to look toward in life except for her son…She yells at Do-Jin that she’s so frustrated at her son right now.

Do-Jin apologizes and she snaps that she’s tired of hearing him apologize and gets up to leave again.

In the morning, Seung-Hye calls Yunho for his morning call and notes in surprise that Yunho is already awake.  When Yunho explains that he’s having a cup of coffee because he drank the night before, she comments that coffee does help with hangovers.  Hearing this, Yunho wonders if it’s Seung-Hye except her number is different.

After the call, Dae-Shil wakes up and comments that it’s so annoying that Seung-Hye has to switch her number after each morning call, which explains Yunho’s confusion.  Seung-Hye offers to help Dae-Shil stretch and she has to run out to the courtyard…When she tries stretching again, Seung-Jae pushes her again and Dae-Shil as to run into the kitchen…Turns out the whole family is flexible except for her…Random?

At the same time, Se-Ryung gets ready to leave.  Before she leaves, Yunho gives her a canister of coffe and she tells him that she appreciates the coffee but she does not need any romantic gestures from him.  Yunho tells Beom-Seok that this is proof that Se-Ryung does not see him as a man. HAHAHA.

Then Yunho goes back to Beom-Seok’s relationship and tells him to give the woman that he is interested in flowers to get on her good side ^~

Before work, Se-Ryung stops by Do-Jin’s cafe to Seung-Ah’s happy surprise.

As for the older generation, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho bring the thank-you gift for Mi-Ja.  However, on their way, Dong-Sook remembers that she forgot the side dishes, which she had prepared.  She agrees to meet with Dae-Ho at the bus stop.

Back at Do-Jin’s cafe, Se-Ryung gives Seung-Hye a luxury bag.  She explains that she had hoped to repay her debt by getting Seung-Hye rehired.  However, since Seung-Hye changed her mind, she wants to give Seung-Hye this bag as a substitute.  Seung-Ah runs over at the sight of the bag and drools.

When Dong-Sook gets her side dishes, Soon-Im suggests that Dong-Sook also take some of the oxtail soup.  However, Dong-Sook accidentally replies that her friend owns a large barbecue meat restaurant so she would probably not be interested in more meat.  Hearing this, Soon-Im demands to know if Dong-Sook’s friend is actually Mi-Ja.

As a result, Dong-Sook texts Dae-Ho that he needs to go on without her as she has to speak with Soon-Im and Dae-Ho arrives at Mi-Ja’s restaurant alone.  Taken to one of the VIP rooms, Dae-Ho notices that Mi-Ja has good taste.

Within minutes, Mi-Ja comes in and greets him.


Hmmm, at this point, I cannot really say that either Do-Jin or Yunho is in love with in Seung-Hye.  Both of them clearly are interested but they both seem to firmly believe that it’s for work related reasons.  I would like this love square to be organically sped up a little if possible as it just took three episodes for the two men to declare that they want Seung-Hye to work at their respective cafes…However, I do appreciate that the writers are trying to develop the storyline organically.

Other than that…no comments ^^

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