Love on a Rooftop – E31

Epic drama secret revealed in this episode! The theme of the recent episode arcs is revelations, revelations, and more revelations!  Meanwhile, the pace continues its calm slice of life tempo.


As Mi-Ja forces her way into Soon-Im’s house, Seung-Jae wakes up from his nap to Seung-Hye’s check-in text.  He decides to get up and ask his grandmother for a cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im asks what Mi-Ja is scheming.  Mi-Ja just answers that she simply wants a cup of tea…after all, she did not tell Dong-Sook anything.  When Soon-Im does not get up, Mi-Ja asks about Soon-Im’s decision to teach Seung-Hye about the family’s tea recipe.


Mi-Ja comments that she does not understand Soon-Im’s decision when Seung-Hye was adopted and does not share the same bloodline as her two younger siblings.  The conversation gets interrupted when they hear glass breaking.


Soon-Im walks out to see a shocked Seung-Jae looking awkward for what he overheard.  He apologizes for interrupting when Soon-Im had guests and quickly picks up some of the tea products before running off.

Mi-Ja grabs Soon-Im to stop her from following her grandson and holds her steady as Soon-Im nearly faints.  Soon-Im pushes Mi-Ja away and Mi-Ja notes that Soon-Im has not changed from the time when Soon-Im threw out her mother and her…

Soon-Im responds that Mi-Ja would not understand as she is such an ignorant plebeian. Smiling like a maniac, Mi-Ja agrees that they cannot see eye to eye and declares that she will reveal each and every one of Soon-Im’s secret so Soon-Im should wait for it.  Before Soon-Im can catch her breath and respond, Mi-Ja also suggests that Soon-Im run after her grandson who seems to be traumatized from the new information.


In his room, Seung-Jae sits dazed thinking to himself that he must have heard something wrong due to his medicine…He cannot believe that his sister is not his biological sister.

Soon-Im comes in to ask if Seung-Jae is shocked and Seung-Jae asks if what he overheard was true…

At the same time, Mi-Ja leaves the house and notes right outside the courtyard that she will have to continue her revenge.  She explains to Dae-Ho in her mind that she had considered stopping after seeing him again but her resolve has only strengthened.


Back in Seung-Jae’s room, Soon-Im explains that after they decided to adopt Seung-Hye, they decided that there would be no difference between Seung-Hye and the other children.

Seung-Jae asks if Seung-Hye knows and she confirms to his horror.  Soon-Im continues to ask that Seung-Jae continue to pretend not to know and to act the same way around Seung-Hye and he agrees.


Mi-Ja next goes to swim around Seung-Hye.  She begins the conversation by asking who Seung-Hye takes after since she does not look like either her mother or her father.  Seung-Hye responds that she might not physically look like her parents but her temperament takes after them…

Seung-Hye also asks in return whether Mi-Ja is the owner of her father’s store building.  Mi-Ja confirms and asks if Seung-Hye is unhappy to find out that she’s now working for the son of the building owner…

Seung-Hye denies it and explains that she was just curious as her family had a difficult time due to the raised rent.  However, it’s not that she regrets working for Do-Jin…

Mi-Ja cuts her off to tell Seung-Hye to quit as she is not fond of Seung-Hye either…She expects the cafe to fold soon and not make the target…She is also highly disappointed in her son’s decision to pay Seung-Hye such a large sum to retain her.


As for the son in question, he’s taken Seung-Ah out for chicken at Joon-Bae’s place.  The two begin to talk as Miss Bong and Joon-Bae watch and eavesdrop, wondering why Do-Jin only brought Seung-Ah out without Seung-Hye.

Do-Jin gets to the point and tells Seung-Ah that she no longer has to come to work.  She should go straight to her acting school as he will pay her for the full month.  Overhearing this, Joon-Bae begins to walk out to help but is stopped by Miss Bong.

Do-Jin asks if Seung-Ah is surprised by his decision…Wasn’t money the important thing?  He notes how she was always late or left early…He asks if she ever considered taking pride and responsibility in her work like her sister.

Immediately, Seung-Ah demands to know if Do-Jin is comparing her to her sister.  She yells that he’s comparing her unfairly and asks if this was Seung-Hye’s plan.  Do-Jin responds that it was not Seung-Hye’s plan. He also adds that Seung-Hye tried to convince him otherwise by offering to do Seung-Ah’s work as well, but he decided that it would not be best for Seung-Ah in the long-term.  He notes that that was all he had to say and leaves.

To Joon-Bae’s surprise, Seung-Ah returns to eating her chicken happily after Do-Jin leaves.  He asks his niece if she is shocked and Seung-Ah shocks him in return.  She answers that she’s getting paid for the full month without having to work; it’s the best of both worlds.  Sighing, Joon-Bae notes that Seung-Ah is not much different from Miss Bong.


Do-Jin returns to the cafe just as Seung-Hye tells Mi-Ja that she cannot quit the cafe…She explains that she was hired by Do-Jin and does not think that it would be proper for Do-Jin’s mother to terminate her employment.

Do-Jin stalks over to order that Seung-Hye get up immediately.  He also kicks his mother out, but not before, Mi-Ja notes that he was the one that invited her over with the request that he gets another month.

Do-Jin responds that he had been mistaken.  He declares that he will try his best in the allotted timeframe with Seung-Hye and his mother should stay out of it and not return.

We get a short interlude as Dong-Sook goes first to Sun-Sook about the harsh words said the night she was kicked out and then to Dae-Shil.  She ends up chastising neither of the two women after hearing their excuses.

As for Seung-Hye, she gets Do-Jin’s permission to leave early to speak with Seung-Ah in case Seung-Ah is traumatized after being fired.


Seung-Hye interrupts Dong-Sook’s useless going between right as Dae-Shil’s arranged marriage date counterpart arrives.  Since I can’t remember his name, how about we call him EQ for Egotistical Quack?

EQ brought over herbal medicines and consoles Dae-Shil for missing him so much.  He also invites himself into the livingroom and yells for Soon-Im, all while calling himself the “son-in-law.”


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok finalizes the official coordination of work in his company.  Se-Ryung is being switched to the apparel department of the company as Yunho takes control over the food and beverage department.  Yunho asks if Se-Ryung is making the switch with an ulterior motive – to preemptively prevent the possibility of having to awkwardly compete with Do-Jin.  Se-Ryung smiles that it is not and that she’s just taking the opportunity to learn more about the company.


After the meeting, Se-Ryung meets with Seung-Ah who tells her about the recent termination.  Se-Ryung’s expression freezes as she yells at Seung-Ah in her head for being an idiot; Seung-Ah was supposed to last as Seung-Hye leaves.  Ever the society’s woman, Se-Ryung smiles and notes that Seung-Ah should try to ask for her job back since it looks bad for anyone to not be able to work in one place for a long period of time.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, EQ apologizes to Soon-Im for his mistakes during the first meeting.  He takes Soon-Im’s blood pressure and diagnoses her weak blood pressure as being a result of stress and fatigue.  As Dae-Shil declares that he’s a quack since his diagnosis is so vague and general, EQ grabs Dae-Shil’s wrist to take her blood pressure.

He announces to the world that she has a problem as well…Her blood pressure suggests that she has not dated anyone in ten years.  Dong-Sook agrees with Dae-Shil that he’s not very accurate since Dae-Shil has not dated for over thirty years.

Soon-Im asks if there is anything they can do for Dae-Shil.  Ever the smooth talker, EQ answers that there is no cure for wilted flowers as opposed to fresh flowers, while looking at Seung-Hye.

He continues that the worst possibility that could occur is that Dae-Shil becomes barren.  As the older women get worried, he adds that the only solution at this point is for a firey man to come along and arouse Dae-Shil’s passion.  Just in case the women did not catch his intention the first time, he clarifies that he has the sun element in eastern medicine.

Dae-Shil cannot hide her disgust as she tells Seung-Hye to take her out of the room and Seung-Hye responds that she cannot in this kind of situation.

EQ’s confidence does not take even the smallest hit by this and he declares that Dae-Shil is adorable.  He asks when Soon-Im will cook steamed chicken for him (as a son-in-law) and offers to prepare food…before hugging Seung-Hye and Dong-Sook.  Yes, if you have not started wanting to throw something at him for being purposefully oblivious…This is the time.


The show brings us back to real life worries as we turn to Dae-Ho who leaves his resumes and the employment ads that he is interested in.  He explains that if his family members find it, they would be sad so he wants to keep the materials at Joon-Bae’s place.

Joon-Bae tries to console his brother-in-law by encouraging Dae-Ho to be confident…A man is not judged by his job but his own recognition of his worth!

When Dae-Ho arrives home, Dong-Sook tells Dae-Ho to hurry up and replay Mi-Ja for her loan with the money they received in closing the shop…As they finish the discussion, Soon-Im calls them into her room.


She tells the two that Seung-Jae found out about Seung-Hye’s adoption. Almost in a panic, Dong-Sook asks if Seung-Jae knows about his own adoption.

To the parent’s utter relief, Soon-Im tells her that Seung-Jae does not know about his own adoption. She comments that she has been worried about this day since they brought the two children home…

Dong-Sook apologizes for her short-comings and Dae-Ho notes that they have been like presents for him so Dong-Sook should not say such things.

Soon-Im adds that they should stop talking about it at all.  She explains that Seung-Jae promised to not talk about it as well…


Looking at an old picture of the siblings, Seung-Jae worries about his sister who knew that she was adopted.  He goes out to wait for his sister and explains that he was waiting as he was worried that someone would take her… She smiles at her adorable little brother and they walk in together.



I totally did not see Seung-Jae’s birth secret coming from the beginning.  I am in major drama shock and I can’t stop smiling as this was done so well.  It’s like they made it clear that Seung-Hye was adopted so the viewers would focus on her and left no hints about Seung-Jae.

The interesting point here is that when Soon-Im talked about bringing the two home from the adoption center, she said, “the siblings”…Now, the question stands whether that means that Seung-Hye is biologically related to Seung-Jae or were they just two children from the same orphanage?

This is probably not the place to say this…But I think the writer behind this drama firmly believes in nature and not nurture.  It’s awkward that the two children who have academically succeeded whether by graduating with a nursing degree or a law degree are the two adopted children.  Meanwhile, Seung-Ah’s college level seems ambiguous at most…However, it explains why Seung-Ah was given her own room when in a traditional family situation, the older Dae-Shil (who is also higher up on the traditional family tree lineage) would have her own room and Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah would have had to share the room.

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