Love on a Rooftop – E32

The eye before the next storm.  The youngsters begin to recognize their romantic feelings as Seung-Jae comes to terms with his adopted sister.  Meanwhile, Se-Ryung finds out about Seung-Hye’s birth secret as Mi-Ja hands over the painting to Dae-Ho and Beom-Seok confesses his feelings.


Seung-Hye walks in to her house with Seung-Jae happily not realizing that her secret was found out by her little brother.  The parents also pretend that nothing is wrong and continue to smile, which leaves Seung-Jae to sigh.


The next morning, Yunho wakes up early and waits for the morning call…Except when it comes, he starts to wonder whether he should not pick up too early, which would look too eager.  As he worries about looking eager, the ringing stops to his horror.


Lucky for him, Seung-Hye calls again.  They give each other tips as Seung-Hye suggests Schisandra tea for the chilly weather and Yunho responds that wearing a scarf will help control the weather changes, specifically, a yellow scarf.

After the call, Yunho rolls around happily with the butterflies in his stomach leaving the rest of us to wonder when exactly he developed such a huge crush.  The writers have some explaining to do…

After the call, Seung-Hye looks for her aunt’s scarf to wear except she’s one step too late.  Seung-Ah has already taken it.  Seung-Hye takes this in good nature and tries to console Seung-Ah about getting fired from work.  However, Seung-Hye did not really have to worry as Se-Ryung’s suggestion has already taken root in Seung-Ah’s mind and Seung-Ah is determined not to leave her job.


When the sisters turn the corner, they run into Yunho who has been waiting to coincidentally run into them.  He comments on how eye-catching the yellow scarf is and comments that a sexy red would look better on Seung-Ah.  Agreeing immediately, Seung-Ah takes her scarf off to give to Seung-Hye.

Yunho grabs it and arranges the scarf around Seung-Hye to Seung-Ah’s utter displeasure.  He smiles that since he’s helped Seung-Hye look prettier, she should give him some of her time as he wants to have some Schisandra with her.   Seung-Ah snaps that Seung-Hye does not have time and gives Yunho a thermos of some schisandra tea to drink by himself.  She also accuses Seung-Hye of preparing the tea just to give to Yunho, which Seung-Hye clearly denies as she has no idea what’s going on.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja meets with Beom-Seok to thank him for the flowers.  She notes that she feels a little uncomfortable as she thought the flowers must have mistakenly come to her.

Beom-Seok decides to declare his feelings then and there…He tells her that he was not mistaken…He intentionally gave her the flowers as she is the woman in whom he his interested.  Mi-Ja smiles in surprise and Beom-Seok quickly takes a drink of his tea only to cough at how hot it was…

The cutely romantic mood gets interrupted when Sang-Man comes to tell Mi-Ja that Dae-Ho arrived.  In her office, Dae-Ho tries to give Mi-Ja the money to pay off the loan that she gave to Dong-Sook.

When Mi-Ja denies that it was a loan, Dae-Ho comments that since there was a loan agreement, it should be paid off.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook encourages Dae-Shil to drink the herbal drinks and also go to the doctor to get checked up…She reminds Dae-Shil how she had such trouble getting pregnant and she had no idea prior to her marriage that she would have such trouble.


Back at Mi-Ja’s restaurant, Mi-Ja preempts any possible repercussions of Dae-Ho finding out from a different source about her being the building owner.  She also reveals that she is in possession of the painting, which she explains that she asked him to find because she had promised to present the painting to him when they were younger.  She adds that she had no idea that it was his store…Pretending to be dumb, she notes that she would not have raised the rent if she had known it was his store…

She also states how coincidental that Dae-Ho’s daughter is working for her son in a cafe that is going to close soon.  When Dae-Ho muses that Do-Jin did not seem to think that he would close soon, Mi-Ja politely states that she made her living as a business woman.  However, she does not want the same life for her son…She even comments on how hard it was for her to establish herself in the business industry as a single woman.

Hearing that Mi-Ja had worked as a single woman, Dae-Ho asks about Do-Jin’s father but she actually does not go into the details about Dae-Ho’s first-born son… Next we know, Dae-Ho is walking away from the restaurant and Sang-Man stops him to offer a ride or at least to deliver the painting, which Dae-Ho declines.

At Kang Sol Foods, Se-Ryung stops by her father’s office before she moves to the food and beverage department.  Beom-Seok responds that he is not too heartbroken to see her go, which Se-Ryung responds that it sounds like Beom-Seok will disappoint her more in the future.

Beom-Seok awkwardly dismisses her before calling Yunho to make sure that Se-Ryung does not know about his confession.  Yunho reassures him that Beom-Seok did the right thing and should focus on winning Mi-Ja over.  Before hanging up, he asks Beom-Seok for a favor that we do not hear.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin finds Seung-Hye trying to change a light bulb. He convinces her to let him do the changing as she holds the ladder as the picture looks suspicious if any customer walks in.

However, as Seung-Hye holds the ladder, she cannot help but notice that Do-Jin’s shirt rises and she gets to see some of his stomach….HAHAHA.  She looks away and ends up holding the ladder less firmly.

At the same time, Yunho stops by Se-Ryung’s new office to discuss Beom-Seok.  When he asks Se-Ryung if she’s not worried about her father, Se-Ryung answers that she’s not worried…Once she gets married, Beom-Seok will have a son-like son-in-law…and soon, he will have some young grandchildren.

Yunho laughs that Se-Ryung really does not understand a man’s psyche.  He explains that for men…Before they are fathers, they are men and suggests that Se-Ryung consider her father remarrying before he leaves.


As for Seung-Ah, she hands over a signed declaration that she will take her job seriously, neither being tardy nor playing hooky.  Watching the interaction, Seung-Hye happily asks for Do-Jin to give her sister another chance as well.  To add to her sincerity, Seung-Ah snaps that Do-Jin was mistaken if he thought that she would have been happy to be paid for a month’s wages without working for it.

Do-Jin smiles at the two girls’ efforts and agrees to give Seung-Ah another chance.

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook admires the painting noting that Mi-Ja has great taste.  She also asks if it should be fine that they did not pay Mi-Ja back, which Dae-Ho awkwardly confirms.


At the same time, there is a debriefing between the two schemers.  Se-Ryung comments on Mi-Ja’s flowers, which Mi-Ja ignores and asks about Se-Ryung’s plans for Do-Jin instead.  Se-Ryung tells Mi-Ja that she has plans to use Seung-Ah to keep an eye on Seung-Hye…and wonders how the two sisters are so different.

Mi-Ja smiles that the two cannot be similar as they are not biologically related to Se-Ryung’s surprise.

Another scene of comedic relief is given to the viewers as Joon-Bae tries to fix Kyung-Tae’s fan.  While he works, Do-Jin comes home and Joon-Bae brings up Seung-Ah’s termination to have Kyung-Tae declare that Seung-Ah is completely his type.


Looking worried, Joon-Bae warns Kyung-Tae that he also fell for a very cute and fresh girl only to suffer.  Joon-Bae also adds that upon reading his face, Kyung-Tae would do better by being matched up with an older woman….When Joon-Bae suggests that Kyung-Tae try getting to know Dae-Shil better, Kyung-Tae quickly ends the conversation.

As for the siblings, we get an adorable scene where Seung-Jae invites Seung-Hye out for a game of badminton.  After a game, Seung-Jae suggests that they do the Korean stretching thing, which freaks  Seung-Hye out when her feet no longer touch the ground.  When it’s Seung-Jae’s turn, he relaxes on her back thinking to himself about all of the times Seung-Hye was always next to him…

They do it again and Seung-Hye notes to herself that Seung-Jae is her special little brother…She declares that she will never leave him alone…

When Do-Jin comes out of his room to get a drink, he finds Kyung-Tae fast asleep and Joon-Bae still working on fixing the fan…Do-Jin suggests that Joon-Bae just give up since they can just buy another fan, which pricks Joon-Bae’s pride.  Joon-Bae declares that he was able to fix anything in the army and then asks if Do-Jin went to the army.

Do-Jin answers that he was an officer and Joon-Bae backs down realizing that Do-Jin is higher ranked than he is…


In the morning, when Seung-Jae drops by his grandmother’s room, she stops him to talk to him about Seung-Hye.  Seung-Jae reduces her to tears by telling Soon-Im that she does not have to worry about him…He thought about it and he is just thankful to his grandmother who adopted Seung-Hye because he cannot imagine life without her.

At Do-Jin’s cafe, we finally see Seung-Hye doing something other than cleaning.  They taste all of the current dishes and worry about what they can do to set their cafe apart.  Realizing that it would be difficult to set their cafe apart by jut dishes, they discuss possibilities for beverages and Seung-Hye suggests that they pair their dishes with traditional tea instead of coffee.


Do-Jin invites Seung-Hye to check out some traditional tea cafes with him. However, when they get up, Do-Jin gets awkward as Seung-Hye has a bit of cream on her lip, which he decides to wipe off with his finger instead of just giving her a napkin.

Seeing this, Seung-Ah complains that the two are playing instead of working and Do-Jin quickly asks her to watch the cafe as they do some market research.


As for Dae-Shil/Kyung-Tae, Dae-Shil goes to get checked on her feminine health only to find that her doctor is Kyung-Tae.  Feeling embarrassed, Dae-Shil tries to leave only to have Kyung-Tae stop her telling her that it does not have to be awkward as he’s just a doctor and she’s just a patient.

Kyung-Tae looks at her records and notes that Dae-Shil has not had her period in a while…Dae-Shil stammers that she’s worried about getting pregnant and Kyung-Tae agrees that she should get examined first.


Hmmm, the way that Seung-Hye talked to herself could suggest that Seung-Jae is her biological brother…That’s why she’s always taken care of him so carefully and he feels so strongly about her birth secret.  The previews suggest that Seung-Ah finds out next, so I am interested to see how she takes this in her typically selfish and shallow way.  Hopefully, we find out that though she’s pretty selfish, she has a deep heart.

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