Make a Woman Cry – E08

Sorry about the delay!  Deok-In and Jinwoo’s relationship develops in this episode as they prepare for the school festival.  Meanwhile, Hong-Ran decides to use her new knowledge to her advantage and threatens her husband if he does not kick Eunseo out of the house.


Hong-Ran stands still in horror due to Jin-Myung’s confession. As Jin-Myung continues to speak about how he neither realized his own actions nor wanted his brother to die, Hong-Ran feels a new emotion flooding her and replacing the initial shock.


As Jin-Myung pleads with Hong-Ran for understanding and comfort, an acknowledgement that he is not a monster, Hong-Ran runs over to her dresser to wreck her possessions just like Jin-Myung’s confession has wrecked her perfect family life.

Make-up goes flying off the shelves as Hong-Ran screams and cries at her new reality, which is so different from the perfect life as the wife to an heir to a large corporation that Hong-Ran had previously envisioned for herself. Snapping back into reality first, Jin-Myung grabs Hong-Ran into a back hug to stop her from wrecking anything else.

This action wakes up the perfect wife in Hong-Ran and she leaves the room to down a cold glass of water in the kitchen. For once, Eunseo’s existence is not the largest thorn in Hong-Ran’s side and while she takes the time to pause and stare at Eunseo, she leaves without rising to Eunseo’s bait.


Afterwards, when Jin-Myung goes to the garden to grab some fresh air, Hong-Ran follows him out. She tells him that she does not care about what happened in the past, but he better designate her son as the heir to the company now…since, not unlike Eunseo, she has decided to live solely for her son.


The next day, Deok-In happily prepares another day’s worth of food and looks up in time to see the mother carrying her son home.  She walks out to offer a cup of tea, which the mother declines with a smile.

Deok-In asks about what happened with the incident and the mother tells Deok-In that the aggressor student’s family paid for the hospital fees.  Deok-In asks her why she did not ask for some sort of punishment to teach the child a lesson and the mother does not answer.

Deok-In asks if it was because the aggressor child is the grandson of the head of the school…The mother just quietly answers that she is grateful that the school accepted her son at all…

Deok-In angrily walks back into her restaurant as the students come in for food.  She asks her regulars how Song-Cheol (the child with the crutches) is doing.  The two pause before answering that one of the bullies, Hong Jong-Oh puts a large spoon of chili paste in Song-Cheol’s soup every day…They note that Song-Cheol seems to eat his soup quietly because he is afraid that his mother might worry.


Deok-In waits until school is out and then grabs Hong Jong-oh by his ear and drags him inside her restaurant.  Forcing him into a seat, she puts a spoon full of chili paste in his soup and orders that he eats it… When Jong-Oh gets up to leave, Deok-In punches the kid in the nose.  She warns him to leave Song-Cheol alone or she will not be patient anymore.

Yunseo walks in and throws a water bottle against the wall to interrupt the situation.  He warns Deok-In that if she wants to quietly conduct her business, she should leave things as be or he will not be patient any more as well.

Meanwhile, Hyojung has drinks with Kyung-Tae who plays on his cell phone the whole time.  When Hyojung asks why Kyung-Tae is not paying attention, Kyung-Tae just answers that he’s bored. Hyojung offers to go shopping to buy Kyung-Tae another pair of shoes and Kyung-Tae asks if he’s a pimp…which Hyojung coolly replies that Kyung-Tae is worse than a pimp with a smile.


Kyung-Tae does start paying attention when Hyojung picks up a call from Hyunseo and agrees to meet at the theater.

On the day of the musical, Kyung-Tae waits outside for the couple and introduces himself to Hyunseo as Hyojung’s older brother.  He tells Hyunseo that Hyojung has a huge crush on Hyunseo and stays up all night daydreaming about Hyunseo…Kyung-Tae even gets Hyunseo’s number before leaving to Hyojung’s pure shock and irritation.

Unfortunately for Hyojung, Hyunseo seems to have completely believed Kyung-Tae and does not believe Hyojung’s attempt at a puzzled explanation that Kyung-Tae is actually her boyfriend and not her brother.  Hyunseo walks off with Hyojung towards dinner sweetly smiling that Hyojung is actually a shy girl that is completely head over heels for him…

The next day, Jinwoo asks Deok-In if she can help prepare kimbap for the high school festival.  The students will sell food and donate all profits to charity.  Deok-In agrees to do it for free.


At the same time, Hong-Ran races her car on a random bridge as she broods about the fact that her husband loved Eunseo so much that he would let his own brother die.  Lost in her thought, she drives on the wrong lane and almost runs into an incoming car before swerving at the last minute.

Hong-Ran’s agent starts calling all of her family members when he cannot find her or reach her.  When Jin-Myung gets the call asking about Hong-Ran he looks out of his window broodingly knowing that his wife is having a life crisis due to him.


As for Hong-Ran, she cries at the edge of a beach with her thoughts clear to only herself.

Meanwhile, the bullies bring Song-Cheol over to a table for lunch and start the hazing again.  However, this time, Yunseo even adds more chili paste than usual out of spite and orders that Song-Cheol eat it all.

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Deok-In’s regulars watch in horror with the one in glasses egging on the other one to stop the situation first.  Finally, one of hte kids stands up to yell at the bullies that this is too much and his friend stands up to back him up.  He even stiltedly walks over to grab Song-Cheol’s food tray and tells Song-Cheol that he should not eat it as a new tray will be brought.

This act angers Yunseo who starts to mercilessly beat up the kid (Hong-Shik).  His other friend races to Deok-In’s restaurant to save his friend and she comes racing just in time to stop Yunseo from throwing a chair on Hong-Shik.

Angered as well, she beats Yunseo up as well.  Grabbing him, she yells at Yunseo that she warned him that she would not be patient anymore.


During the fight, the principal comes to yell at Deok-In.  Seeing him, Yunseo smirks that he warned Deok-In to be careful if she wanted to continue her business.

The principal does not hear and yells at Deok-In to never do this again as he will petition the landlord to kick her out if he finds her beating up the students again.


Meanwhile, Bok-Rye packs up and moves into Kyung-Cheol’s house.  HAHAHAHA I LOVE HER.  She goes off to make life a living hell for Jinhee.

When Jinhee offers to buy Bok-Rye food, Bok-Rye demands home-cooked food since she cannot digest outside food.  She explains to Jinhee that she was kicked out of her house so needs to stay at Kyung-Cheol’s…


Later, Jinwoo goes shopping with Deok-In and we see their true characteristics.  Turns out that Jinwoo is quite the frugal homekeeper.  He exchanges all of Deok-In’s ham choice with a cheaper version and then runs off to over to grab 20 chickens when there’s a flash sale of each chicken going for $2.00.

At the same time, the Kang family has another family dinner where the mother-in-law complains that she disapproved of an actress daughter-in-law in the first place because she did not want their family to become the center of gossip like this…

The gossip continues as Hong-Ran grabs a bottle of whiskey to pour herself a glass when the bartender tells her that she’s too drunk to keep drinking and the other customers seem to recognize her…Her manager comes to bring her home but Hong-Ran just slaps him instead and demands to know if he also looks down on her…


The manager manages to bring Hong-Ran home where Eunseo runs over to help bring Hong-Ran up to her room.  However, Hong-Ran slaps her away and yells that she does not want Eunseo to touch her as she’s unlucky and dirty.

The parents-in-law stiffen at this language and order that Jin-Myung come into the parents’ room when he comes home.

Eunseo also follows Hong-Ran  to tell the drunk woman that Hong-Ran was never a match for her.  However, Hong-Ran gets up to tell Eunseo that she’s going to take Eunseo down…

Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol tells his mother to go back home as Jinhee has no place to go home to since she sold her apartment.  Bok-Rye answers that she can go back to her expensive house.

When Kyung-Cheol demands to know what Bok-Rye is doing acting so rudely, Bok-Rye responds that they were the ones that came out rudely…Laying back down, she tells the two to prepare to have a rude mother-in-law living with them.

When Deok-In hears about her mother-in-law, she worries that Bok-Rye will have an uncomfortable time and offers to go bring her mother-in-law home.  Kyung-Tae stops her by saying they should see how things play out.


Jin-Myung also tells his father that the problem is likely that the two mothers are fighting about who will inherit the company…Hyunseo is physically weak and Minseo has character flaws to fully embrace the company.  Jin-Myung’s father tells him to decide clearly who will be the heir to solve the problem.


Jinwoo and Deok-In have a cute moment of flirting as they prepare the food for the next day’s festival.  Jinwoo carefully puts some flour on Deok-In’s face and laughs.  When Deok-In snaps at him in awkward reply, Jinwoo tells her that he saw this type of behavior on television and always wondered what it would be like.

Deok-In mutters that Jinwoo looks like the type of person that would not care about anyone else.  Jinwoo responds seriously by telling her that his past wife and sister-in-law also said the same thing about him…Feeling guilty, Deok-In pokes Jinwoo with her own finger and apologizes for bringing up something she should.

In return, she confesses that she thought about her own husband as the never played like this as well…In fact, she notes that they never even went to the movies together, which was her wish as newly weds.

Jinwoo offers to go to the movies together, which Deok-In answers that they are not in a relationship to go to the movie together.  Jinwoo retorts that her husband probably did not take her to the movies because he was afraid she’d stand up and start clapping randomly to embarrass him.  This starts an all out flour throwing war as the two happily play.


The next morning, Hong-Ran’s mother in law rips into Hong-Ran for embarrassing the whole family and demands that Hong-Ran quit acting if she is going to continue acting this way.  True to her spoiled form, Hong-Ran stops kneeling when her legs start to become numb and whines when her mother-in-law yells at her.

Hong-Ran’s mother-in-law yells at Hong-Ran threatening that she would rather see her son single than have her family gossiped about again.  Hong-Ran asks if her mother-in-law wants to see her son divorced and then whines that the in-laws should allow them to move out of the house since Eunseo does not want to live with her as well.

Later, Eunseo gloats about Hong-Ran’s recent failure by snidely suggesting that Hong-Ran call her management company.  Hong-Ran just answers by telling Eunseo that she will make sure that Eunseo can no longer play the victim by saying things she does not mean such as that she wants to move out.

Eunseo follows Hong-Ran into the kitchen and continues to fan the fire by telling Hong-Ran to try to ask her husband about kicking Eunseo out…


Meanwhile, Deok-In watches as the boys prepare some food before giving everyone pizza.  Then some girls start dancing to the latest trendy song and Deok-In’s regular pull Jinwoo up to the stage to dance.  Jinwoo first pretends that he does not want to dance and then starts all-out dancing and having fun.  The principal and Jinwoo’s students all connect at that point wondering if Jinwoo has gone crazy.

Deok-In runs out to grab something from her restaurant and runs into Song-Cheol’s mom, whom she convinces to come in to the school with her.  At that moment, Deok-In’s protege’s see Song-Cheol and grab him so that he can participate in the three-legged race.  Hyun-Jin agrees to help carry Song-Cheol and they go off just as his mother comes over.


It’s a heartwarming scene as all of the of the classmates cheer Song-Cheol on. However, Song-Cheol makes a wrong step and falls to the ground.  His mother and Deok-In look as if they are going to run over but Jungwoo beats them all to Song-Cheol.  So Song-Cheol ends up finishing the race by leaning on both Hyun-Jin and Jungwoo.  Even the silly principal seems moved…Song-Cheol also tells his mother that he loves her in his mind as he finishes the race and all of the boys from the different classes line up to cheer Song-Cheol’s finish at the end… T_T Wipe away those tears…

After the festival is over, Jinwoo tells Deok-In that he is proud to be a teacher on a day like this and Deok-In comments that the boys are so cute.  Jinwoo thanks Deok-In because he feels like a lot of miraculous things have been happening after he met her.

Deok-In responds that she is thankful since she does not feel like a women these days…She feels happier with the students and Jinwoo.

Jinwoo calls Deok-In by her name instead of calling her “Boss” and tells her that she’s beautiful.

Awkwardly, Deok-In tells him that he’s overreacting and gets up to leave.  As she walks off, she trips in embarrassment and Jinwoo gets up to call her clumsy and check to see if she’s okay.


Meanwhile, Hong-Ran has a meal with Jin-Myung where she gives him an ultimatum.  She tells Jin-Myung that he needs to send Eunseo out of the house as she cannot stand watching Eunseo playing the victim anymore.

Jin-Myung tries to tell Hong-Ran to just eat.  Hong-Ran does not back off and tells Jin-Myung that if he does not move Eunseo out, she wants a divorce.  She adds that she will not leave the family quietly…She will tell his father that he killed his brother.

Later, Jin-Myung watches Eunseo as she cuts fruit and walks over to see what Eunseo’s thought on the issue is.  He asks Eunseo if she still wants to move out as she had asked the parents like the last time.


Eunseo plays her victim card by confessing that she just said that last time to give Hong-Ran a bad time…She explains that she would be so lonely living alone and Hyunseo is too weak to live separately from the family…

When the family eats fruit, Hong-Ran brings up the issue with the parents.  She tells the in-laws that she will quit acting after the latest project and come to live at home so Eunseo can go and live separately.

The mother-in-law comments that this is not something that the children can decide on their own but the father-in-law orders that they both go inside and leave it to the children.

After the two leave, Hong-Ran smiles that she might miss Eunseo.  Eunseo smiles that she would feel more comfortable if she leaves but she does not know what the family will do without her and asks Jin-Myung for his opinion.

Cornered, Jin-Myung answers that Eunseo has suffered enough for the family and should live for herself instead of worrying about the family anymore.


This episode was a bit more difficult to accept for me in the case of Deok-In beating up Yunseo and his minion.  On one hand, I can agree that some children cannot learn unless they are disciplined and it is best to meet the children on their level.  Additionally, I know that Deok-In is trained enough that she would be able to control her strength when she lightly beat up Yunseo… However, it still felt awkward watching her beat up Yunseo and his minion…Rather, it would make more sense for Jinwoo to step up to his own role as a father and discipline Yunseo in the normal way with grounding…  I don’t know.

Once we move on from that, I loved the development in the Kang family politics and Bok-Rye’s decision to move in with her son.  First, this gives Hong-Ran some teeth as we all know that Jin-Myung obviously loves Eunseo and her in-laws adore her.  Hong-Ran does not have the self-control to fight Eunseo’s fight of smiles and manipulation.  However, by holding his secret against him, Hong-Ran can cut off Eunseo’s biggest support, which is Jin-Myung.  I can’t wait to see Eunseo’s true colors once she realizes that she can no longer play the victim.  I feel like she would be the type of calculative person that tough CEOs are made of.

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