Love on a Rooftop – E39

Turns out that a blogger critic adds wind under Do-Jin’s cafe by turning the into an overnight wonder with one positive review of Seung-Hye’s tea.  Finally, Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah everything she should have heard EPISODES ago.


So awkwardly all four parties end up meeting together in front of an oblivious Beom-Seok.  Se-Ryung tries to dismiss Seung-Hye so that she can go speak with Yunho in private and Seung-Hye sets her straight that she came to meet with Se-Ryung.


Yunho announces to the group that he can brew a cup of his famous new coffee for everyone and places a hand on Seung-Hye’s shoulder.  Seeing the skinship, Do-Jin tells Beom-Seok that it is too late for a cup of coffee and he should try their new blended tea instead.  Like a true negotiator, Beom-Seok tells both young men to bring out their tea and coffee as he will sample both.


At Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook broods over the fact that Mi-Ja called Dae-Ho “oppa” even though she has yet to be able to call him that herself.  So when Dae-Ho comes into the room, she starts calling him “oppa” as well and Dae-Ho warns that Soon-Im will not be happy to hear the informal term of endearment.  He also reassures her that he told Mi-Ja to be careful with the way she addresses him in the future.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin prepares a cup of their new tea as Yunho guides Seung-Hye on brewing a cup of hand-drip coffee.  When Yunho starts to guide her physically, Do-Jin interrupts to request that Seung-Hye check the tea that he prepared to make sure it was done properly.


Yunho tries to stop her but Seung-Hye requests his understanding so that she can check on the tea.  When Yunho agrees, Seung-Hye goes to check and confirm that the tea has the right amount of water.

Yunho then tells “his Seung-Hye” to return to hand-dripping the coffee as Se-Ryung rushes Do-Jin out so that Beom-Seok could try the tea.


In the middle of brewing the coffee, Seung-Hye pauses and apologizes to Yunho that she wants to hear Beom-Seok’s review as well.  When she walks out, she is able to hear Beom-Seok confess his regret that he could not hire both Do-Jin and Seung-Hye for their company as the tea is delicious.

Beom-Seok loves the coffee so much that he even refuses a cup of Yunho’s coffee.


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah glares at her scar in a new white dress that she received as a gift from Se-Ryung.  Se-Ryung had explained that she bought an extra dress when she bought her own dress.

Seung-Ah happily accepted the dress but apologized that she cannot try on the dress immediately as she has a large burn scar on her shoulder…As a result, she does not wear any clothes that cover up the scar.  Hearing this, Se-Ryung had offered to cover the plastic surgery cost of treating Seung-Ah’s scar.

In the present, Seung-Ah falls into her bed whining that she really wants to accept Seung-Ah’s offer but cannot because Seung-Hye would blow a gasket.


At the same time, Seung-Hye tells Se-Ryung that her gift of the purse to Seung-Ah was too burdensome.  However, Se-Ryung argues that Seung-Hye’s words just sound like she’s jealous of Seung-Ah and Se-Ryung becoming close.  She also tells Seung-Hye that she plans to pay for Seung-Ah’s plastic surgery and Seung-Hye should not stop her unless she can help her sister in Se-Ryung’s stead.

On the ride back, Do-Jin asks what Seung-Hye spoke to Se-Ryung about as she seems so serious.  Seung-Hye answers that it was nothing as she had thanked Se-Ryung for being so nice to Seung-Ah.


Do-Jin replies that in his view Seung-Hye is the nicest towards Seung-Ah, which as made her “into an idiot.” HEAR! HEAR! I AGREE!

However, Seung-Hye just sighs that she cannot provide what Seung-Ah needs the most.


Meanwhile, the adults worry about Seung-Ah’s surgery as well.  Soon-Im had mentioned that they might consider dealing with the surgery first so that Seung-Ah might relent on Seung-Hye.  However, the cost is so much and all three adults are aware that Seung-Hye promised to pay for the surgery herself.  They agree to leave it t the children a little longer…


At the same time, Seung-Hye looks online for cost estimates of plastic surgery to fix burn scars.  The answer online indicates that the cost would range from $1,000 to $7,000 and Seung-Hye sighs at the cost.


The next day, Seung-Hye prepares the cafe’s new menu with their blended tea as customers start to arrive.  Two preppy looking girls sit down and ask for the Yeolbi tea, which Seung-Ah does not recognize.

Overhearing them, Seung-Hye quickly walks over to ask how they know about the tea since they have not officially placed it on their menu yet.  The two girls explain that one of the internet blogging critics had advertised the tea on his blog.

When Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye see the picture on the girl’s cell phone, they recognize the weird customer from before.  After those two girls, the cafe explodes with people looking for the same time.


Seung-Ah sneaks to the side to call Se-Ryung about the turn of events as Se-Ryung meets with Mi-Ja.  Se-Ryung worries that such a famous blogger supported the cafe but Mi-Ja is unfazed as she notes that they can just change the word of mouth.

Kyung-Tae also visits Do-Jin’s cafe to see the popularity happily.  Joon-Bae arrives next and notes that Kyung-Tae can pay money and he will provide the chicken for a celebratory party.  Kyung-Tae pauses before agreeing until Joon-Bae mentions that he was going to invite Dae-Shil…at which, Kyung-Tae changes his mind immediately.


Everyone congregates at Joon-Bae’s restaurant to have some chicken and beer in  celebration.  Even EQ arrives as Sun-Sook had given him the heads up.  The group goes to a karaoke room next as we see the family’s characteristic.  Sun-Sook cuts Dong-Goo’s singing to start singing her song…In turn, Joon-Bae cuts Sun-Sook off and begins his own song.  HAHAHAHA.

Seung-Hye sneaks out first and sits on the side of the street to remember Se-Ryung’s words again.  On his way home, Seung-Jae sees Seung-Hye and asks her if anything is up.


At the same time, Se-Ryung drops Seung-Ah off at home and before she leaves, tells Seung-Ah to make an appointment at the best plastic surgery clinic in Korea as Se-Ryung will take care of the bill.


When Seung-Jae hears about Se-Ryungs offer, he also asks why Se-Ryung would offer to do such a thing for Seung-Ah.  Seung-Hye confesses that the worst part of the situation is that she wanted to take care of Seung-Ah’s surgery but cannot… Seung-Jae consoles her that he understands…He knows that Seung-Hye had saved up money for the surgery only to have to spend the money because of the family.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, the parents tell Seung-Ah that they do not approve of her getting a surgery paid by Se-Ryung.  Seung-Ah yells back that Se-Ryung may be a stranger to her but so is Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye interrupts to tell Seung-Ah that she agrees that they are not blood related.  Seung-Ah yells back that this is Seung-Hye’s true character and she does not want to have to wait for Seung-Hye’s comfort before taking care of a scar that makes her miserable.

Hearing the commotion, Soon-Im also comes into the room and Seung-Ah tells her grandmother to hear what Seung-Hye is saying. So Seung-Hye continues, that she is not blood related.  However, she continues to ask Seung-Ah if Se-Ryung ever sang Seung-Ah a lullaby, carried an umbrella out for Seung-Ah so that she did not get wet, or cried because Seung-Ah was hurt…


Seung-Ah stomps out of the room with Seung-Hye following.  Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that she might not be the best sister but she truly wanted to be Seung-Ah’s sister.  She pulls Seung-Ah into a hug and tells her that no matter how much Seung-Ah pushes her away, it will not change anything..She will always be Seung-Hye’s little sister.

Seung-Ah pushes Seung-Ah away and Seung-Hye falls into the wardrobe.  Hearing the crash, the parents walk in to ask if the two are fighting and Seung-Hye denies it.  Seung-Hye lies that she accidentally tripped, which does not convince anyone.

However, instead of being thankful, Seung-Ah yells that she hates this part of Seung-Hye the most…The fact that Seung-Hye pretends to be such an angel and how everyone is on her side.


Phew, finally, there’s some good news for Do-Jin and Seung-Hye’s cafe.  I have to admit I was wondering if the writer is going to close Do-Jin’s cafe and create another sub-arc of angst…

Korea is such a society that is focused on trends, it is not surprising to see an over-night hit created through one famous blogger.  Even during my short visits, I saw how each time I went to Korea the “hit trend” had changed.  For example, when I was much younger, one could find tapioca pearls everywhere…The next summer, I could only find two cafes selling the item…Rather, soft frozen yogurt Red Mango was everywhere…A summer or two after, it was mango shaved ice…And so on… It just continues.

When one hit blows up, the masses flock to the new “it” menu and the past “it” menu item usually gets lost.  This background is just provided so that readers understand why one blogger’s critique or review could make or break a cafe.

Finally, I am SO happy that Seung-Hye got to yell back at Seung-Ah for once.  I’m not going to write anything further on this topic since my opinion on Seung-Ah has not changed.  However, if the previews are honest indicators of anything, I feel like I will be hating Seung-Ah in the next episode.

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