Make a Woman Cry – E10

Jinhee gets surprised that a semi-sincere apology does not immediately solve all of her problems with Deok-In divorcing Kyung-Cheol.  Meanwhile, Jinwoo realizes that he cares for Deok-In more than just friends and decides to tell her his feelings.  This repeated confession of love comes right on time as Kyung-Cheol continues his verbal abuse of Deok-In until she capitulates and decides to give him the divorce he wants…In the interim, Hong-Ran gets scared by Eunseo’s crazy talk that by law she is not Jin-Myung’s sister-in-law and can go over him…As a result she orders that Jin-Myung keep Eunseo in the house, but Eunseo has already decided to leave.


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Eyes filling with tears about this betrayal, she dismisses him as Teacher Kang Jinwoo to speak with Jinhee alone.

The two women go to a cafe, where Jinhee tells Deok-In that she’s sorry; she has realized that she was short-sighted and her behavior was uncalled for…After her apology, she asks if Deok-In would not relent and divorce Kyung-Cheol.

Deok-In tells Jinhee that her apology does not change anything as she only cares about her family. She explains that Jinhee currently conflates love with obsession and wants Kyung-Cheol because she cannot have him when she has had everything else that she has wanted…However, after she divorces Kyung-Cheol, her mother-in-law would be hurt when Jinhee loses interest in Kyung-Cheol and dumps him.

Jinhee tries to deny that this would happen as she has given up everything for Kyung-Cheol. However, Deok-In is not convinced and tells Jinhee that Jinhee’s circumstances do not matter to her as Jinhee is not one of the people that she cares about and leaves.

Deok-In stumbles home to find Jinwoo waiting outside of her store. She purposefully ignores him and walks inside her restaurant before turning off the lights to show him that he is not welcome. Jinwoo walks over to the doorway and pauses with his hand over the handle but leaves Deok-In to her quiet reverie after losing his confidence.

The next day, Jinhee calls Kyung-Cheol from her office and invites him out to a fancy lunch instead of working. Over lunch, she explains how she told Deok-In everything and even apologized for everything. She sneers that Deok-I responded that Deok-In cannot divorce because Jinhee will get bored of Kyung-Cheol and toss him aside when she has him. Jinhee comments that Deok-In is the smartest out of all three of them with her amazing excuse for not being able to divorce.

At the same time, Hong-Ran comes home exhausted from a shoot. She whines to her mother-in-law that she was only able to sleep for six hours in the past two days but her mother-in-law is not having it. She tells Hong-Ran to change before coming down to learn about the household chores. Eunseo pops up to tell the mother-in-law that she will cover it but the mother-in-law dismisses her to rest as Hong-Ran will take care of it.

Hong-Ran ends up falling asleep as the help prepares the food but the mother-in-law comes in to dismiss the help. She tells Hong-Ran to prepare the fish, which Hong-Ran whines that she cannot cook fish…However, the mother-in-law snaps that she cares about Hong-Ran so she wants to teach Hong-Ran one more thing before she dies…She also snaps that Hong-Ran had it easy until now as Eunseo could take care of the household and the in-laws as Hong-Ran focuses on herself…Yet, since the next generation decided that they cannot live together, Hong-Ran will have to take care of the food as she refuses to feed the family food that the help prepared. Hong-Ran weakly tries to grab the fish before jumping away.

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Eunseo has nothing to do once she is not in control of the household and ends up hovering over her son who is with Kyung-Tae. Kyung-Tae helps Hyunseo buy some trendy hispter clothes and then takes Kyung-Tae to a fancy shop where Kyung-Tae does a male version of Pretty Woman, posing in different suits. Kyung-Tae happily receives like four different outfits and then asks the skies why he was born as a man instead a woman as he would have fallen in love with Hyunseo had he been a man.

Hyunseo agrees and laughs that he never smiled so much until he met Kyung-Tae. The two boys keep playing as Kyung-Tae calls Hyunseo his younger brother-in-law and Hyunseo confesses that he had wanted to wear such clothes but could not… Kyung-Tae wonders to himself that he really likes the kid and will start hoping Hyunseo lives a longer life at this rate.

At the same time, Jinwoo reflects back on his failed confession as Deok-In also remembers Jinwoo’s confession with teary eyes…Jinwoo walks out to see Deok-In listlessly stirring food and cautiously enters the restaurant. Deok-In flatly treats him politely as a stranger or a customer and Jinwoo sits down.

He asks Deok-In if she is angry and Deok-In tells him that he does not need to worry about her emotions since they are strangers. Jinwoo asks her if she has to draw the line when he is already feeling guilty. Deok-In snaps back how else she is supposed to handle the situation? His sister has broken her marriage while he comes along and whispers kind words to her such as she should follow her heart and how his own heart hurts because of him…She asks him when he found out.

Jinwoo confesses that he was shocked when he found out at first. He had considered telling her but he could not…

Deok-In interrupts to tell him that he is the same as Jinhee…She even adds that she had wondered why the wife of a person who had such an empathetic heart would suicide but realized why last night…

Jinwoo tells her that he did not refrain from telling her because he thought of her lightly, but it is too late. Deok-In has already turned her back and the students come in for lunch. Jinwoo tells the boys that he had already eaten and leaves.

Cutely, the regular customers ask if something is up with Deok-In because she spends the whole time staring off into space. He even tells Deok-In that none of the kids are afraid of Yunseo now that they know that they can run into her shop…

Speak of the devil! Yunseo grumbles with his minions that they will have a chance to reign in fear again…

Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae arrives at the movie theater with Hyunseo to Hyojung’s surprise as Kyung-Tae had called her for a date. What is with this girl?! I don’t understand why she still likes Kyung-Tae after he so obviously uses her…

Anyways, she fails to answer whether or not the new clothes suit Hyunseo, but Kyung-Tae glosses over it and takes them both into the theater where he proceeds to stand up and laugh…Hyunseo seems to enjoy the rude little brat’s behavior.

Jinwoo eats at home as Deok-In’s accusations that he had watched Deok-In suffer while telling Jinhee everything repeat in his mind…

Meanwhile, Deok-In turns around to see the supplies for the trip to the orphanage and pauses in thought as well…

Hyunseo happily arrives home in the new clothes and all of the family members compliment him except for his mother…Hong-Ran notes that it is not just the clothes…

Hyunseo even asks if he can get a car since going around in his grandmother’s car is awkward…Jin-Myung quickly agrees since Minseo has his own car as well.

Hong-Ran fans the flames as she comments that it is usual for a guy to want a car after getting a girlfriend. She even encourages him to go traveling with her in this age. The grandfather agrees that Hyunseo should have fun with friends his own age.

Afterwards, Eunseo angrily brings the dirty dishes into the kitchen as Hong-Ran follows gleefully gloating about Hyunseo and Hyojung. Eunseo snaps around and turns into the evil Eunseo. She tells Hong-Ran that if something goes wrong with Hyunseo and Hyojung, she will become crazy and Hong-Ran should be the most worried about the situation. She explains that Hong-Ran had reminded her at every opportunity, Eunseo is not legally part of the family so there is nothing keeping her from doing anything crazy…So she tells Hong-Ran to be careful as she is about to snap.

Eunseo’s words coupled with Jin-Myung’s own words that he has not done anything yet keep Hong-Ran awake at night. She gets up in bed and worries that she has made a mistake. Being a creature that follows her emotions, she runs to the study to wake her husband up.

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Yelling at him for being able to sleep when she cannot sleep, she tells him to tell her directly; does he love Eunseo. Jin-Myung jumps up to ask if she thinks that he is crazy; what kind of man would love his sister-in-law. He tells Hong-Ran that all he wants to do is make life better for Eunseo.

Hong-Ran asks if Jin-Myung has even thought about her as she is a woman as well. She knows that Eunseo is Jin-Myung’s first love and that Eunseo no longer has a husband…She asks if he ever thought about telling her before marrying her…warning her that he has to watch his first love as her brother-in-law…

Hong-Ran starts crying as she asks Jin-Myung how he could marry her when he had been so madly in love with Eunseo…

A voice-over tells us that Jin-Myung had thought that the solution to his twisted situation was to get married to another woman. He wanders into the garden to find Eunseo reflecting outside as well.

He joins Eunseo to ask her if she hates Hong-Ran. Eunseo answers that she understands Hong-Ran as no woman would love living with a sister-in-law who no longer has her husband…

Jin-Myung comments that he wishes Hong-Ran had been just as understanding.

Eunseo is in her element as she replies that it is fine…She understands that Hong-Ran had grown up lacking nothing and, therefore, has less empathy. She tells Jin-Myung that everything is fine as it was her fate to deal with this.

The next day, Jinwoo walks out to see Deok-In cooking. He pauses outside but does not walk in as he makes eye contact with Deok-In. As he walks off, Deok-In brings out the supplies for the visit to the orphanage and gives it to him with the apology that she will not able to accompany him anymore.

As Deok-In turns around, Jinwoo tells her that he had been afraid that they would get farther apart when they had slowly become closer…Deok-In agrees to talk with Jinwoo and they go to the park.

Deok-In asks what could have happened if they had not grown farther apart when her own husband wants to marry his sister…She even confesses that she had begun to wait for him to enter her restaurant…that she had kept his sincere words in her heart that he hurts when she hurts and had felt comforted by his words and the way he looked at her that there was at least one man in the world that saw her as a woman…

However, she glares at him holding in her tears that now everything is lost since Jinwoo is Jinhee’s brother. She asks if Jinwoo had been happy to play such a joke on her.

As Deok-In gets up to run away, Jinwoo starts to talk.

JW – If it is a love that cannot be, is it not possible to love? If you cannot love, are you supposed to stop your heart from leaning towards a person? Just because you have become distant in the past few days, my head has become empty and the energy has left my body…the world feels empty…

Deok-In hears Jinwoo’s confession but walks away without a word leaving him there to stare after her.

However, as she walks her brain betrays her by replaying his words.

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When she arrives back at her shop, she finds an unwelcome guest – Kyung-Cheol. He asks why she does not know her own place as Deok-In asks him to leave so she can conduct business.

Selfish Kyung-Cheol wins so the two end up at a cafe where Kyung-Cheol throws Deok-In’s words back at her. He tells her that if her worry was the only reason for refraining from divorce, she should just sign the papers.

Deok-In tells him that if that’s all he wanted to say she’s going to leave but Kyung-Cheol continues his verbal abuse that this is why he hated her. He tells her off for worrying about him and his family.

Deok-In takes the high road and walks away but Kyung-Cheol follows while talking. He tells her that even if he is a selfish person, he would take care of his family.

He tells her that her martyrdom disgusts him and he wants her to leave him. Shocked, Deok-In repeats his horrible words after him… That she disgusts him… That he wasted his twenties with a woman like her… A woman who would turn no heads even if he stood her outside naked.

With that Deok-In slaps him. She tells him that she will divorce him as he wants.

Kyung-Cheol tells her that he will contact her as soon as he prepares the papers so she should not try to delay it any longer. As he walks off, Deok-In falls to the ground.

That night, Deok-In sobs to herself in her shop as that is the only place she can have privacy.

Jinwoo walks by after closing the school and pauses by the glass wall to watch her moving back… He sighs and stands there with his feet not moving in any direction.

At the same time, Hong-Ran is also awake in her bed while her husband sits in the garden and Eunseo sits awake in the kitchen…

After the cry session, Deok-In comes home to find Kyung-Soo cooking. She asks him to go with her to pick up Bok-Rye.

Kyung-Soo agrees and tells Deok-In that he is always on her side…

Over dinner, the youngest brings up Kyung-Tae and Kyung-Soo also notes that Deok-In should stop worrying about the family.

Deok-In smiles that Kyung-Cheol said the same thing and Kyung-Soo curses his little brother…

The two go to pick up Bok-Rye who refuses to come home. Even if Kyung-Cheol tells her that Deok-In has agreed to divorce, Bok-Rye tells the children that she cleaned up her house so that she can die in her selfish son’s house as she has no more reason to live after raising a selfish person like Kyung-Cheol.

Kyung-Soo pulls his mother out against her will as she sobs about Deok-In wasting her life to help Kyung-Cheol succeed only to be thrown aside after he succeeds. Bok-Rye falls to the ground as Kyung-Cheol watches silently.

Jinhee comes out to drop Bok-Rye’s bag on the ground. She tells Deok-In that they could have saved each other stress and time if they had just divorced in the first place before walking inside.

At the same time, the Kang family holds court where Jin-Myung reports that they found a house. The mother-in-law orders that they should just buy new furniture and the father-in-law comments that it feels like his daughter is leaving.

Everyone tells each other that they will miss each other and Eunseo tells Hong-Ran that she is leaving the family to Hong-Ran.

However, instead of feeling like she won Hong-Ran cannot help but remember Eunseo’s words. She sighs as Jin-Myung walks out and sees her. He tries to go in but Hong-Ran stops him to order that he stop Eunseo from leaving.


As Jin-Myung yells after her for being selfish, Hong-Ran walks in first.

True to his character, Jin-Myung speaks with Eunseo. Yet, Eunseo is a master of manipulation and does not answer right away. Instead, she asks to speak with Hong-Ran.

Hong-Ran reluctantly meets with Eunseo in THE KITCHEN. However, the power balance has shifted. Eunseo tells Hong-Ran that she is going to leave and live the way she wants outside. She adds that this is the reason Hong-Ran cannot win before leaving.

Deok-In also closes shop and leaves but finds Jinwoo sitting outside her door. He tells her that he was afraid that he would become lonely again so he did not tell her…

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The two walk up toward Deok-In’s house before stopping to look over the city. Jinwoo tells her that everyone has told him that he has changed… He became chatty and eats better… Without knowing why, he started relying on her.

Deok-In starts to repeat that he is Jinhee’s brother but Jinwoo stops her. He notes that they are not at an age where they would be stopped by limitations such as a love that can or cannot be… Both of them have been hurt and both are older… Cannot they just live on relying on each other?

Jinwoo ends by asking her to come with them to the orphanage the next day.

Deok-In prepares food for her mother in law but cannot help looking at the clock. She returns to her room but hears Jinwoo’s voice and confession from last night.

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As for Jinwoo, he and the students wait for the train. Ah these cuties came out on a Sunday to do some good! As the train is about to leave, they board and the doors close.

Then Deok-In arrives. Seeing her, Jinwoo runs to the door to open it and cannot.  Fake out!  One of the train employees on the platforms sees Deok-In and takes pity on her by telling the conductor to open the door.  So, she runs inside to tell him that she’s good at running after all. The train starts making Deok-In trip into a shy Jinwoo.


First, please excuse the different fonts. As a background, DRAMAFEED is an one-woman shop and so I end up watching drama/recapping on my commutes or during my down time while waiting to meet with people.  As a result… I sometimes draft the longer posts through different applications depending on what is at hand from my cell phone to my ipad and it seems that the different applications use different input fonts, which I have no idea how to uniform.  So, for the sake of getting this post up faster, I gave up and just let it be.  In the future, I’ll make sure to use one device for the longer posts to avoid this situation.

I love how the Kang family legitimately has no idea that a typhoon is about to hit.  Even if Kyung-Cheol were to get a divorce, why would they marry off Jinhee to a guy who has already had a divorce when their own widowed son loves a divorcee woman?  Meanwhile, if Eunseo really moves out then that is the same thing as declaring war back on the family.  I find this completely understandable; had I been in her position, I would have felt betrayed as well.  She spent over twenty years as a nameless (not legally) the daughter-in-law of this family.  Without the support of a husband that goes between the in-laws and herself, she raised her son and took care of everything that the in-laws could possibly want from her as she raised her son.  At the same time, she has to watch the younger daughter-in-law living her life in almost unrestrained freedom, working as an actress and going out all the time to not even speak of spoiled Jinhee.  Then with the one request of said younger sister-in-law, she’s getting kicked out of the house that she lived in for over twenty years and gave her younger adult-hood to….Talk about betrayal.

Since she has been betrayed by the people that she thought would protect her, Eunseo has no reason to refrain from manipulating the love-sick Jin-Myung for revenge or self-protection.  For all she knows, now that she has been kicked out, there is no possibility of her son inheriting the company.  Then the logical/drama-maniac step would be to take control of as much of the assets of the family as she can to prepare her son…which means, the weak link Jin-Myung will be exploited.  Bring on the crazy seduction and family machinations!

On a final note, does the fact that Deok-In decided to accompany Jinwoo to the orphanage mean that she accepted Jinwoo’s confession?  Maybe not a confession that she likes him back, but that she is open to continuing their relationship knowing that he is interested in her? Looks like before we knew it, Deok-In/Jinwoo’s relationship sped up and is catching up to Kyung-Cheol/Jinhee’s relationship.

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