Love on a Rooftop – E43

Do-Jin reverts back to being a complete mommy’s boy and starts to reconsider all of his decisions due to Mi-Ja’s successful ploy.  Meanwhile, Yunho challenges Soon-Im to try coffee before writing it off completely.


Do-Jin sits in his mother’s living and asks his mother in surprise if she would have switched out the jars at his restaurant.  Completely disappointed, he asks if this is the type of person she is…

Sang-Man walks in as Mi-Ja continues to ask what Do-Jin is talking about.

Do-Jin yells at Sang-Man that he should have stopped his mother.  Sang-Man smiles that he had nothing to stop as Mi-Ja heard that Do-Jin had succeeded with this new yeowoolbi tea so she tried to make it herself.

Do-Jin yells that the jars are the same and Sang-Man responds that its a common jar that can  be found in any store.  Angrily, Do-Jin opens the jar and takes a sip.  When he does, Mi-Ja smiles and walks into her room.

Do-Jin walks in after her and apologizes for his rude behavior.  Mi-Ja sighs that she has lived her life wrong…She notes that she had thought it was the worst thing to be accused of such behavior from Seung-Hye, a girl that Do-Jin defended in her presence…but, now she realized that it feels worse to hear the same words from her own son.  She dismisses him from her room.

Do-Jin walks out just as Se-Ryung arrives.  She explains that she came to join the meeting with the hospital director as he asked for her to join.  Do-Jin quietly notes that they will need to postpone the meeting.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah to apologize to Do-Jin.  Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye that she does not want to and she thinks that it would hurt Do-Jin to tell Do-Jin that his mother sabotaged him.  She tells Seung-Hye that if Seung-Hye were her real sister, she would let this close quietly.

At that moment, Dae-Shil calls for Seung-Hye as the women of the house are going to a sauna and Seung-Ah glares that the women can bond but she cannot because of her scar.  She tosses Seung-Hye out.

At Do-Jin’s house, Se-Ryung basically creates a story as she tells Do-Jin off for accusing Mi-Ja of such an act.  She notes in detail how she had asked Mi-Ja whether Mi-Ja would keep her promise if Do-Jin succeeded and “Mi-Ja with tears in her eyes had answered that she would not be able to go back on her promise to her son…”  Se-Ryung tops it off by sniffing that this would be worse since Seung-Hye came over and made the same mistake.

When Seung-Ah walks out to play for the day, she runs into Yunho.  She scans him and notes how she approves of Yunho’s fashion style and hair style before telling Yunho that Seung-Hye left for the sauna and will not be home for a while.  Hearing that Seung-Hye is gone, Yunho asks to meet with their grandmother.

Yunho offers the thermos of coffee to Soon-Im in exchange for a cup of tea.  Soon-Im dismisses him but he does not back down.  He tells Soon-Im that he understands that Soon-Im is worried about tea as coffee has taken over the market…He suggests that she try the coffee to truly understand what is taking the place of tea.

Seung-Ah accompanies Yunho out and compliments him on being so brave to tell her grandmother to try coffee.  Then she happily twists off the cap and tries Yunho’s coffee before noting how good it is.

When Seung-Ah asks why Yunho brings Seung-Hye morning coffee every day, Yunho notes that Seung-Ah should guess.  If she gets it correct, he will bring her coffee every day as well.

Meanwhile, Se-Ryung praises Mi-Ja for her ability to get ahead of Seung-Hye’s accusation with Do-Jin.  Mi-Ja explains that this is the best way to keep Do-Jin on her side and also make him see Seung-Hye in a different light.  She also tells Se-Ryung to not throw herself at Do-Jin but to play “hard to get.”

The women of Dong Rak Dang return at the same time as Dae-Ho who takes Dae-Shil aside.  He asks her to please meet with EQ because he really does not want to go through acupuncture again…which, is why he even went to the hospital to go through physical therapy.

The evil duo’s plan continues as Se-Ryung asks Seung-Ah to pretend that switching out the jars was all her idea.  Se-Ryung offers to take care of Seung-Ah’s plastic surgery in exchange and to hire Seung-Ah as a fitting model.

Seung-Ah answers that her conscience will not let her agree to the option automatically since she is a member of the Dong Rak Dang family as well.  However, she gets distracted by Se-Ryung’s earring, which Se-Ryung hands over with annoyed look.

Kyung-Tae finds Joon-Bae in Sun-Sook’s restaurant and realizing that he’s depressed, invites him over for drinks.

Meanwhile, Seung-Jae tells Soon-Im that they still have not found out who switched the jars.  He also asks Soon-Im if she knows about the blogger Hong Suk Choon.  Soon-Im notes that the name sounds familiar but does not know him.  When she hears that Do-Jin had to shut his cafe, she looks worried and calls for Seung-Hye who went out to meet Sun-Sook.

Seung-Hye went off to meet Sun-Sook who is crying about her worry about Dong-Goo. Skipping over her worries about Dong-Goo being a depressed kid because I don’t feel it…Joon-Bae worries about the same thing to Kyung-Tae who tells Joon-Bae that Do-Jin stabbed his own mother in the back as well.

Do-Jin fields off Joon-Bae’s offer to have a drink and goes out to meet Seung-Hye instead.  Right before he calls Seung-Hye out, Yunho texts Seung-Hye if she had a good time at the sauna.  When Seung-Hye asks about how he knew, Yunho answers to try to keep from messaging him as he will tell her in her dreams…

Dae-Shil gets curious and looks at Seung-Hye’s texts only to laugh.  Seung-Hye meets with Do-Jin who takes her to the river in his car.

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At the same time, Mi-Ja drinks the stolen tea in the darkness of her apartment happily as she remembers putting the plan into action.  She had placed the jar in the refrigerator on purpose so Do-Jin would find it and accuse her of switching the jars.  Her reverie gets interrupted by Sang-Man who comes in to report about looking into another job for Dae-Ho.

As for the children, Do-Jin notes that he regretted his decision to leave the hospital for the first time today…He thinks that it is his fault that Seung-Hye thought it was Mi-Ja who switched the jars and it is his fault that his mother cannot see Seung-Hye’s attributes due to Seung-Hye’s suspicions.  Bowing his head to her, Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he is sorry that by liking her, he has caused pain to everyone around him.


Woaaaaa, I just totally fell of the DJ/SH boat and I feel like I got kicked off in the middle of the night.  Do-Jin’s immediate response to Mi-Ja’s plot was to apologize to Seung-Hye for hurting her and regretting his decision to quit the hospital?  Red flags! Red flags! I don’t know about you, but as a young woman, one thing that I am always aware of is that one should not marry a “mommy’s boy” if one wants to have a happy and easy marriage.  It is already hard enough that you are taking the beloved son of some woman who put her heart and dreams on to this boy.  Add on to the fact that in addition to the inevitable mother’s jealousy that another woman has taken a spot equal to hers in her son’s heart…that the boy cannot stand up to his mother?  Let me take the first life boat off this ship, thank you very much.  YH/SH ship all the way!

I am a bit unconvinced about how “cool” Yunho is for being an internationally recognized barista.  I think the only reason that he seems like he has the ability to take care of a family is the fact that in addition to being a nationally recognized barista, he has the family connections to Beom-Seok who is willing to put him in charge of the food and beverage department of a large corporation in addition to being in charge of the cafe.  However, once we get over the fact that like Soon-Im, I am not “sold” on “internationally recognized barista” being the “best,” his proactive courtship of Seung-Hye has won me over.  Up until this episode, his courtship had put me in neutral territory but with Do-Jin being a mommy’s boy, I’m jumping ship!

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