Love on a Rooftop – E48

Gather around folks for the next installment in the life of the girl next door just piddling around her life and managing to finally get out of the shadow of her past.  Lucky for her that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pretend not to know that there are two swains just fluttering nearby to dote on her ^^ Translated – Seung-Ah gets her surgery and Yunho not only saves Seung-Hye from danger but starts doting on her family as well.


As Seung-Hye stands near the edge of the street frozen like a dear caught in headlights, Yunho runs over and twirls her around so she’s off the street and protected by him. The driver of the car gets out to yell at Seung-Hye so Yunho hilariously puts his finger to his mouth to sush the driver who looks at the couple like they are both crazy and leaves.

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Seung-Hye seems traumatized but unharmed so Yunho puts her in a cab so that she can go to the hospital to see Seung-Ah.

Meanwhile, the adults look through Seung-Hye’s sketchbook. Dong-Sook comments how the page with Seung-Ah’s picture has tons of watermarks showing that she must have cried a lot.


Dae-Shil explains that she is not showing the pictures so that people would feel guilty. Rather, she wanted her mother to step in and stop indulging Seung-Ah’s horrible behavior toward her older sister who already lives with the guilt.

Dong-Sook suggests that they show the sketchbook to Seung-Ah as she would feel something as well…

Afterwards, Dae-Ho, Dae-Shil and Dong-Sook leave the room as Soon-Im tears up that Seung-Hye even drew her after she threw Seung-Hye out of the house…


At the same time, Mi-Ja calls Se-Ryung to tell her about Do-Jin finding out. Mi-Ja tells Se-Ryung to tell Do-Jin that she only did what Mi-Ja ordered if he asks.

Se-Ryung answers that Mi-Ja should fire her secretary, which Mi-Ja declines to do… She does, however, yell at Sang-Man for peacefully drinking coffee and decides to get ahead of the situation somehow.

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Seung-Hye arrives at the hospital in a huff and asks about Seung-Ah. Se-Ryung condenscendingly calms her down by saying it’s not a life-threatening surgery.

Then she takes Seung-Hye to a nearby cafe to talk. Seung-Hye notes how she wanted to pay for Seung-Ah’s surgery herself.

Se-Ryung responds that while it would have lessened Seung-Hye’s guilt, it would not be right for Seung-Ah to have to wait for Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye offers to pay Se-Ryung back and Se-Ryung answers that instead of money, she would just want Seung-Hye to stay away from Do-Jin as Seung-Hye should know Se-Ryung likes Do-Jin.


Oblivious to the posturing girls, Do-Jin tells Kyung-Tae about accepting the money from Dae-Ho. Kyung-Tae asks if everything is over between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye but Do-Jin cannot answer. Instead, he notes that he wants to talk to his mom first and then tell Seung-Hye the truth.


Like the devil, Mi-Ja arrives and Kyung-Tae hides in the room as the mother and son have a tense conversation. Do-Jin tells his mother to apologize to Seung-Hye and her grandmother as Soon-Im also suffered as a result of people thinking the quality of her teas has decreased.

Mi-Ja thinks to herself that she would never and Do-Jin notes that if his mother will now, he will have to apologize on her behalf…

Mi-Ja asks when Do-Jin will go to speak with the hospital director. Do-Jin responds that he is going to open the cafe again and the two sit at a standstill asking how each other could be the way they are.


At the same time, Seung-Ah wakes up to find Seung-Hye at her side, holding her hand. Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that she will go home and tell the adults.

Seung-Ah threatens Seung-Hye to tell the parents nicely and then asks for her mother.

Next, Kyung-Tae discusses Dae-Shil with Joon-Bae. Kyung-Tae notes that Dae-Shil seems a bit scary as she laughs at his being hurt or tripping, hit him and then randomly caressed him…


Joon-Bae answers that this is Dae-Shil’s scary charisma and Kyung-Tae should have been prepared for this when he wanted to get into a relationship with a writer…

Miss Bong notes that Dae-Shil is a plagiarizing writer, which gets Kyung-Tae’s hackles up. She hides behind Joon-Bae and speaks in a nasally cute voice that she’s scared… Only to be told by Joon-Bae that her nasally voice scares him more! He suggests that she go blow her nose instead.

At the same time, Dae-Shil wonders why the results for the competition are not out and then returns to the comments on her novel… Well Kyung-Tae’s comment before wondering if Kyung-Tae only sees her as a writer and not as a women.


Seung-Hye comes home to tell the family about Seung-Ah and Dong-Sook and Seung-Jae agree to go. Dong-Sook convinces Seung-Hye to stay at home since she plans to show Seung-Ah the sketchbook…

Dong-Sook and Seung-Jae arrive at the hospital to see a sulky Seung-Ah who is not at all apologetic about taking the surgery without telling the family. Seung-Jae tries to reason with his little sister to note that Seung-Hye wanted to pay for the surgery herself and Seung-Ah yells that she should not have to wait just because of Seung-Hye’s conscience.


Stalling the fight before it blows up, Dong-Sook dismisses Seung-Jae telling him that she will take care of Seung-Ah. After he leaves, she snaps that Seung-Ah did not do anythig right as well and hands over the sketchbook…

Seung-Ah looks over the sketchbook that night as she flashes back to her mother telling her that the family kicked Seung-Hye out of the house after the incident and seems to have a pang of conscience. As she’s musing over the book, Seung-Hye arrives and Seung-Ah freezes up and drops hte sketchbook.


Embarrassed, Seung-Ah snaps that Seung-Hye drew her uglily on purpose and demands that her older sister draws her again. Seung-Hye smiles that she actually drew her better than she looked back then and the two bicker happily.

Back at home, Dong-Sook updates Soon-Im who notes that they should not take such a large gift from a stranger. Then she takes out her old wedding bands, which are passed down during the generations and asks Dae-Ho to sell the rings to get money to contribute to Seung-Ah’s surgery.

Dong-Sook asks if Soon-Im was not going to give her the rings but Soon-Im tells her that she hopes Dae-Ho will buy Dong-Sook a diamond ring instead. However, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook disagree about selling the rings…

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Back at the hospital, Seung-Ah asks Seung-Hye to sing a lullaby for her like she used to when Seung-Ah was younger. Seung-Hye starts to sing and Seung-Ah tears up as she listens to her older sister who has even bedded down in the hospital room so that Seung-Ah does not have to sleep alone.

Seung-Hye’s cell phone starts vibrating and breaks the mood as it’s from Yunho. Seung-Ah gets up happily to listen on the conversation. When Yunho asks about Seung-Ah’s surgery, she yells that she is hurting so much and would love to see him…She tells him that she would not hurt if Yunho came to visit.

Seung-Hye tries to tell him that Yunho does not need to come and Yunho jokes back that Seung-Hye is jealous. ^^

Yunho goes down for some water and finds Beom-Seok in the livingroom, brooding about his daughter. Yunho tells him that he is going to check on Do-Jin’s answer to their offer the next day and suggests Beom-Seok leave Se-Ryung to do what she wants.

Beom-Seok replies that it is easier said than done…


The next morning, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho have a chat as well.  Dong-Sook muses that maybe they should use the money instead of paying Mi-Ja back before she decides that they need to pay back Mi-Ja ASAP.  She does note that she feels good about Seung-Ah’s surgery in that Seung-Ah seems so happy afterwards…Sigh, a mother is a mother after all…


At the same time, EQ drops by Sun-Sook’s restaurant to bring some more herbal drinks and get more information on Dae-Shil’s house.  Sun-Sook tells him that it is not the best time since Dae-Shil’s niece had surgery.  EQ notes that if Dae-Shil’s niece had just gone through a surgery, he should go and check in on her.

Sun-Sook compliments his attitude of helping and caring for his future  family and EQ tells her to tell Dae-Shil.  He even promises to bring her the best herbal medicine if she does… ^^

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Meanwhile, Seung-Ah leaves the hospital with her brother and sister to find Yunho waiting with his car. *Swoon* Seung-Ah tells everyone that she has a place she wants to go and Yunho agrees~~~


Color me impressed!  I was surprised at how they resolved the Seung-Ah / Seung-Hye issue with the sketch book.  I have to say at first, I wanted to dislike it and rant that it’s not organic/natural or believable. But, I can’t.  It actually makes sense.  Seung-Ah is not a bad girl; she’s just completely selfish.  She also loves Seung-Hye in her own way…It’s just that her expressions of love gets overshadowed by her desire to have Seung-Hye fix everything wrong in her life for her… So when her mother basically appealed to her humanity – Seung-Ah had to back off.  After all, what person can keep a grudge when you hear that because of YOU, your older sibling was sent back to the orphanage.  Yeah, talk about ruining another person’s life forever.

Additionally, I am glad that they’re not best of friends now that Seung-Ah knows.  Rather, it’s just an awkward situation of Seung-Ah wanting to make it better but not knowing how other than clinging to her older sister ^^ Can we give this character some more growth in the next 50 episodes?  How about a real dilemma and maybe some juicy rivalry or goal against Se-Ryung?

Another night and I’m pretty content with where Love on a Rooftop is going.  It’s a good series to unwind at night, to watch during commutes, or during lunch.  ^^ It’s not going to drive you crazy.  Instead, it’s going to be the comfortable friend and the story that reliably gives you a nice little treat per night.

Back to the relevant topic, Yunho? >.< Yunho! When he spun Seung-Hye around and shushed the angry driver, I think I almost squealed in the subway!  The other driver’s reaction was priceless when he was like WTF is this kid doing?!  But, watching from a girl’s perspective, TOTALLY squealworthy.  It’s like when the normal guy steps it up and decides to not only focus on you but make it a safe space for you right after something happened that knocked you off your balance.  Then, instead of hamming it up as “I SAVED YO ARSE,” he ups and pulls a cab over so that Seung-Hye can go and see her sister, which is why she is so stressed.  >.<

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