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Hello to any Readers that chanced upon the first post in WISPS!  So, as avid a fan DRAMAFEED is of Korean drama, I love storytelling…Most of these stories being dreams that I have had the opportunity to either experience or watch through a weird third person perspective.  Either way, sometimes, when the grind of work ends for the day…I feel this weird amount of energy that I want to use in a creative way… creating something like an out for even a couple minutes for whoever reads it.  So welcome to the humble beginning of WISPS, which I am posting to publish online for those who want to kill some time and escape into some of my dreams…



The sun begins to set as the golden rays change into a palette of violet streaks hugging fiery bursts of red that light the street for Iseul as she pedals faster.  She knows that time is of the essence if she wants to finish her paper on time for tomorrow’s deadline.  Unfortunately, the lights turn red and Iseul squeals to a stop behind the car in front of her making her uneasy.  She hates waiting for the lights to change as she always gets nervous whenever the lights changes into green because she needs to pedal fast enough not to irritate the cars waiting behind her.  Sighing, she ruefully wonders if it is time to  invest in a car but dismisses the idea immediately as driving gives her just as much stress.

When the lights change, she jumps back on with her heart pounding. She wobbles only for a couple of seconds before she catches her balance and begins to pedal.  As usual, the cars give her a wide berth to struggle on either passing her by in a different lane or not tailing her too closely as if they know that Iseul is a moving liability.

Used to this extra space around her, Iseul continues to race toward the next intersection even though part of her mind notices that there are no cars in her immediate vicinity, which is slightly unusual.  However, Iseul dismisses the fleeting thought as a mark of good luck since she would arrive at home earlier to finish the paper and maybe get some tonight.

As the light changes to yellow, Iseul grits her teeth and pedals faster. She is only a few feet from the street light before she realizes that she is racing toward a hostage situation.

With a gasp, she pulls on her brakes, wincing as their loud squeal announces her presence.  Iseul had forgotten that the brakes needed to be replaced since her bike has not stopped quietly or quickly for over a week.  Her bike skids across the intersection until she is halfway across…halfway across to the man holding another car at gunpoint.

A wave of heat and then cold washes over Iseul as she stops and looks down.  Her eyes dart from the car being held at gunpoint, where it stopped in the process of turning left and the comfortable asphalt street that seems so safe.  All of a sudden the lack of cars passing her by becomes clear; the drivers had been looking farther ahead than she as she usually looks when she pedals.

The cars seem to slowly inch by on the right as they turn toward the park and away from the man holding the gun but Iseul can only hear her heart pounding loud enough for the world to hear.  Realizing that she had her eyes closed for the last few seconds, she opens her eyes and looks up to find the gunman staring back at her.

A multitude of thoughts race through Iseul’s mind as she wonders why her life is not flashing before her eyes.  Instead, she feels numb and cold with only her heartbeat as a companion.  The only thing that she can focus on is the thought that criminals usually kill the victims who see their face…

Cursing, Iseul decides that she has the same chance of living if she dropped to the ground and hoped that the man did not shoot her through the bike or if she tried to ride toward the park with the line of cars slowing turning right.  She grimaces with the random thought that she should have just leased a car sooner…At least, then, she would have had a chance to hide behind steel…Feeling calm for the first time in the past few minutes, she gets back on her bike to start pedaling with the grim thought that everything will be clearer in ten minutes or less anyways and hoping that the gunman would shoot to wound instead of killing.

Before Iseul gets more than a couple feet away, she hears a loud pop and stops out of shock.  Ears pounding, she misses her step as she tries to drop onto her left foot and falls to the ground.  A sharp pain in her left arm welcomes her to the ground.  With her eyes closed, Iseul muses that she must not have been shot since the only part of her body that hurts is her left side that broke her fall and opens her eyes thinking that she should at least run behind a car.

When she opens her eyes, she finds the gunman looming over her with a gun trained on her.  Everything starts to slow down as she realizes that she has almost no chance of making it out alive.  The man is wearing a hoodie but not a mask.  His dark brown hair looks like it’s moused back and his eyes are a piercing gray.  He barely has any stubble suggesting that he has not always lived on the other side of the law… He frowns at Iseul as she stares back wondering why he has not shot her or if she is worth more as a live hostage since she is not inside of a car.

Wondering if she would survive a random vigilante driving into the two of them before the gunman can shoot, Iseul smiles before she can stop herself.  She looks at the man who still has a gun trained on her and starts as she realizes that he’s smiling as well.  With the gun still focused on her chest, he whispers almost as if sighing, “I’ve found you.”

The smile falls off Iseul’s face as her eyes widen.  But before she can register what is going on, the man pulls her up with his left arm wrapping around her shoulder.  She would almost describe it as being gentle as he reached over to pull her up by her side instead of her arm if he had not kept his gun trained on her with his right hand.

Suddenly the man shoots into the air and all cars around them freeze.  Yet, the grey eyes stay focused on Iseul as the gun comes back and he shouts to everyone not to move.

Feeling a throbbing pain in her left arm, which had broken her fall earlier, Iseul winces.  The man frowns as he mutters, “You’re hurt.  You weren’t supposed to be hurt.  You never got hurt.”

Feeling almost detached from the situation as if she were an observer, Iseul finds herself asking, “Do you know me?”

Then, he smiles a real smile which reaches his eyes. “I barely made it.  When you didn’t arrive for minutes, I worried that I got the time wrong.”

A loud voice interrupts the exchange.  A police officer has finally made it to the street and shouts to the man to release Iseul.  Iseul hears this and watches the man’s reaction as if in slow motion with everything moving slower than she expects.  The gun does not move.  The man does not turn his eyes away.

Instead, he holds her tighter by her waist almost comforting her even with the gun resting against her head…She wonders if this is how it feels to die as she feels so calm.  His voice interrupts her reverie about why she does not see her life flash before her or why she does not have any tears…only relief that if she died, she would not fail her paper…

“Too late…you were minutes too late…” he curses before turning her toward him with the gun still a constant pressure on her temple.

The negotiator stops talking with the shift since he cannot determine what the man will do and needs to wait for his backup.

The arm holding Iseul’s waist moves to her face and tilts her face up.  Within seconds, his lips rest against hers – stealing her first kiss.  The kiss lasts for only a few seconds ending before it begins, a light touch of chapped lips on hers.

Iseul stares at the man as he pulls away because she saw it.  She saw him close his eyes when he leaned in for a kiss. As he pulls away, he opens his eyes and murmurs into her ear, “Remember me. I was first this time.  Neil… Neil Glocken.”

Without his arm for support, Iseul finds herself feeling weak.  As she moves from leaning on one leg to another, Neil pushes her toward her bike and she hears him say quietly, “I won’t shoot at you directly.  Hit me and go.  Leave quickly before they arrive, too!”

She does not realize what is going on more than the fact that it seems that there might be a chance for her to live through this encounter.  Before she knows it, she’s thrown back to the ground toward her bike and she picks it up in rush.  Jumping on, she prays that she has not exhausted her luck and starts to pedal as she hears a loud pop.

She races toward the park on the left and the cars lined up toward the park’s entrance.  Even though her left leg complains of pain, the fact that she can continue to pedal gives her courage that the man kept his promise and she keeps pedaling into the park and toward her school dorms.

The darkness of the trees welcome Iseul as she continues on with the wind embraces her and the crunch of branches soothing her.  She pedals across even the darkest part of the park without feeling anything.  When she sees the streetlight at the other side, she slows down.  However, Iseul pulls on her brakes too late as there was a person waiting at the sidewalk to cross.

Her bike skids again and she ends up running into the young man standing there as she yells, “Look out!”

Iseul falls off her bike as things flash back for a minute and she opens her eyes to pain in both of her knees being skinned.  She looks over to find a guy lying next to her.

“I am so sorry! You won’t believe me, but I was trying to get away–” Iseul rushes to apologize but the guy next to her laughes.  Standing up lightly, he pulls her up with a chuckle.

“No need to apologize, you look much worse than I feel. Ouch, those knees need some hydrogen peroxide” He comments as Iseul gasps to see his facial features in the street light.  She realizes that the hair, which had looked black at first is a deep, dark brown and his eyes a piercing gray.  The face is not as sharp with a little bit of baby fat remaining.

The guy does not seem to notice that Iseul fell back to the ground in shock as he pulls her bike up and continues to laugh.  “It’s amazing what the human body can take, isn’t it?  Well, no one should be hurt from a slight crash like that… although a little rattled.  Neil Glocklen here, you?”


End RESET – An Original Short Story from DRAMAFEED. ^^;;;

Please note that I found the image on Google Image, all rights to the image remain with with the site.

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