Love on a Rooftop – E49

Yunho tells Dae-Ho about his interest in Seung-Hye and Do-Jin apologizes to Soon-Im but promises to continue with the cafe. Meanwhile, Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye the truth about Mi-Ja.


With fun music playing in the background, Seung-Ah races toward her dream. She picks out a very revealing bikini to wear now that her scar is gone.

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During the shopping spree, Seung-Ah not so subtly invites Yunho to the pool to Seung-Hye’s and Seung-Jae’s horror. Taking it all in stride, Yunho agrees to go to the pool with Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye and buys the bikini for Seung-Ah. (Sigh, drama-esq male lead… Oh let my heart flutter ^^)


When Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye arrive at home, Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye in her own way that her grudge is gone. She tries to stop Seung-Hye from leaving and tells her older sister that she congratulates her as the scar that always bugged Seung-Hye is gone.

Seung-Hye smiles with tears in her eyes and Seung-Ah snaps that Seung-Hye always looks so nice that people take her side. Seung-Hye continues to smile as she leaves and even Seung-Ah smiles after ^^


Yunho does not drop and dash. Instead he goes off to greet Soon-Im and Dae-Ho. He announces to Dae-Ho that he is interested in Seung-Hye and, so, he felt it would not be right to not take care of Seung-Ah as well…

Yunho explains that he saw Seung-Hye almost get run over by a car and realized his feelings clearly. He answers Dae-Ho that he was not physically hurt but his heart keeps pounding around Seung-Hye so he doesn’t feel normal anymore making Dae-Ho laugh.

Still not impressed, Soon-Im asks if Dae-Ho finds this all funny. She also asks Yunho what he wants from them.

Yunho announces that he wants Seung-Hye’s family to like him as well even though Soon-Im does not like him because he makes coffee. Dae-Ho tells him that they cannot dislike him when Yunho saved Seung-Hye to which Yunho takes it a step further and asks if he can drink Soon-Im’s teas for life. Yup, a deep well of confidence that one. I approve!


Do-Jin arrives at this time and calls out to see if anyone is at home. The room shifts as Yunho goes to talk with Dae-Ho while Do-Jin and Soon-Im stay in the room with Seung-Hye.

Do-Jin apologizes for everything as Soon-Im sighs that it’s a shame as she heard everything and regrets that another traditional tea cafe had to close. Do-Jin carefully tells her that he decided to reopen the cafe despite his mother’s disapproval.

Soon-Im approves and tells Do-Jin that instead of apologizing with words, he should do his best so her teas continue to sell well. Do-Jin agrees to do so and asks for Seung-Hye’s continued assistance.


In the other room, Dae-Ho smiles as he sees Yunho focused on the other room. He finds it as cute as I do as he just calls Yunho by his name to get his attention.

Yunho immediately apologizes for not focusing on Dae-Ho and promises to focus as Dae-Ho asks for Yunho’s help in getting Seung-Hye her barista license. Yunho declares that Dae-Ho does not have to worry if Seung-Hye studies under her.

In exchange, Yunho notes that he knows that Soon-Im likes Do-Jin more because he sells Soon-Im’s teas. So, Yunho asks Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook to like him more. Hearing this, Dae-Ho bursts out laughing that “liking” him more is such a childish request but Yunho takes it as agreement.


The two meetings end around the same time and the two boys ask for a room to finish the discussion from last time. Seung-Hye takes them to Seung-Jae’s room where Do-Jin declines Yunho’s offer as he is going to restart his cafe with Seung-Hye.

When Yunho asks Seung-Hye if it is true, she looks surprised which cues Yunho’s declaration that Do-Jin should stop dragging Seung-Hye into his affairs as Seung-Hye is going to learn how to be a barista from Yunho.

Do-Jin snaps back that Seung-Hye can learn to be a barista even if she works at Do-Jin’s cafe but Yunho does not back down. He clarifies that Seung-Hye only agreed to learn how to brew tea so she could learn to be a barista.

The peacocking of the boys gets ended when Seung-Hye tells them both that this is her decision and she needs time before leaving.


The two guys leave together and run into Seung-Jae, when both try to act really nice to the little brother. They agree to both leave in a truce but not before Yunho tells Seung-Jae to come to his cafe whenever he wants for free coffee.

On their way, Yunho declares that he is romantically interested in Seung-Hye and adds that he does not want to view Do-Jin as his rival. Do-Jin does not rise to the bait and answers that he does not feel the need to disclose his feelings to Yunho. He does, however, take the opportunity to note that he believes Seung-Hye only sees Yunho as a mentor and a person to strive to emulate.

Yunho bats the attack away lightly replying that Do-Jin probably wishes that were so. He then announces that he’s busy (something as much as I have been falling for his character, I have not seen) and prances away.


Back at home, Dae-Ho sits Seung-Hye down and tells her that he paid Do-Jin back for the prepayment of her annual salary. He dismisses Seung-Hye’s insistence that she was going to pay Do-Jin back as he knows that she got the advance on his behalf. He tells her to focus on herself from now on and become a great barista.

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Se-Ryung also begins to move by going to Do-Jin’s apartment to apologize. Do-Jin tells her to stay father away from Se-Ryung.

Se-Ryung tells Do-Jin that she was not manipulated by his mother; she was happy that his mother treated her like a daughter and wanted to help her. She even adds that she was the one who told Seung-Ah to switch the jars because she wanted to become Mi-Ja’s daughter in law.

Into to silence, she tells Do-Jin that she is going to stop now and wait for him to come back as she knows what she did is wrong. She notes that she gave Seung-Ah the surgery in apology but could not bring herself to apologize to Seung-Hye.

Emotion filling his voice, Do-Jin tells her that she should stop as he’s not such a great catch that she should lower herself like this. However, Se-Ryung stares back blankly and responds that to her he is worth it. (got to hand it to the girl… She is like a guy’s dream. She basically is willing to support anything Do-Jin does even as he moves on to the second month of crashing at his best friend’s apartment…)


At the same time, Joon-Bae and Sun-Sook wait with Dae-Shil as she looks at the contest results. Finding out that she did not win, Dae-Shil throws the phone on the table and Joon-Bae mutters that Dae-Shil should have gone with “Family as soon as it comes off” instead of “Family as soon as you wear it.”

Sun-Sook snaps that Dae-Shil should focus on getting married now instead. Joon-Bae offers Kyung-Tae up as a match and Sun-Sook adds that EQ is better since he has his own hospital and more money.

Dae-Shil stands up to interrupt the heated debate. Smiling, she tells the two that she is fine and can start up again before fleeing to have some quiet time for herself.


Joon-Bae goes back to his restaurant and in serving Kyung-Tae, tells him that Dae-Shil is considering getting married. Joon-Bae tells Kyung-Tae to just get Dae-Shil pregnant while Dae-Shil is wavering. Cue awkward music?

Kyung-Tae yells back that if he loves Dae-Shil, he should protect her. Then he snaps that irresponsible sleeping together causes a lot of problems before stalking off.


Sun-Sook tells the same news to EQ. In contrast, EQ tells Sun-Sook that he will take Dae-Shil to a dark place and go all the way.

Sun-Sook snaps that this was not her point. She explains that she means that EQ should take this opportunity to support Dae-Shil and win her over… But, EQ does not get it and asks why he should wait when it risks losing Dae-Shil to the skinny orangutan… He also comments that he heard Sun-Sook also got pregnant before her marriage and Sun-Sook kicks him out in embarrassment.


Yunho debriefs with Beom-Seok about Do-Jin’s cafe and tells him that Do-Jin is going to reopen. Beom-Seok sighs that Mi-Ja will suffer again.

He also asks what Yunho thinks about the possibility of Se-Ryung being with Do-Jin. Yunho answers that it looks like Se-Ryung is in a one-sided love. However, when Beom-Seok sighs that he never knew that Se-Ryung would worry him so much about a guy, Yunho tells Beom-Seok that even one-sided loves should be respected.

Beom-Seok sighs that a one sided love is so difficult and hard on the lover. He changes the subject to Do-Jin’s interest in Seung-Hye but pauses when Yunho answers angrily that Do-Jin’s feelings might also be one-sided.

Beom-Seok notes that he hears jealousy in Yunho’s voice and Yunho confirms. He apologizes but declares that he is also falling for Seung-Hye.


As Kyung-Tae walks home, he passes Do-Jin’s cafe and sees a bunch of thugs putting all of the furniture out on the street. He calls Do-Jin and then runs in to stall.

Sang-Man just stands there mutely ignoring Kyung-Tae and one of Sang-Man’s minion pushes Kyung-Tae to the ground. Dae-Shil sees this as she walks by and also runs in to help.

By the time that they are yelling at Sang-Man, Do-Jin runs in to order that Sang-Man stops or he will call the cops. Sang-Man calls Mi-Ja and she tells him to let Do-Jin call the police.

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In response, Do-Jin calls the police and sees Sang-Man’s expression sour. Well, he was asking for it.

Watching Sang-Man get taken away in a cop car, Kyung-Tae asks Do-Jin if he’s not being extreme in jailing his mother’s own right hand man. Do-Jin does not answer and just walks off to begin bringing the furniture back into the cafe.

Dae-Shil comments that Do-Jin is pretty driven and Kyung-Tae answers that Mi-Ja is worse as she did not stop after manipulating Seung-Ah.


Dae-Shil runs off as she hears this just as Seung-Ah (after calling Seung-Hye, “unni”) was about to confess everything to reassure Seung-Hye that she does not have to pay Se-Ryung back.

Seung-Hye tells Dae-Shil that it’s not true about Mi-Ja manipulating Seung-Ah but Seung-Ah spills everything now that she has had the surgery.


Seung-Hye goes straight to Se-Ryung’s office to ask her how she could trap Seung-Ah on the wrong path when Seung-Ah knows the difference between right and wrong. Sighing in exasperation, Se-Ryung snaps back that Seung-Ah is an adult and Seung-Ah was the one who jumped at the opportunity.

Seung-Hye tells back that Se-Ryung’s behavior is hurting Beom-Seok’s reputation and Se-Ryung pulls back to slap Seung-Hye. However, Seung-Hye shows us that she has a spine and grabs Se-Ryung’s arm mid-swing.


Yay! Everything is out in the open! Maybe now in addition to the romance story lines we can get some exciting power battles. It has been a while since Soon-Im has taken the back stage and I am starting to get confused about whether the fight is between Mi-Ja / Soon-Im or Mi-Ja /Seung-Hye or Se-Ryung/Seung-Hye. ^^ Since we have rested from the arc for a bit, I’d like to bring it back in now that Do-Jin has finally decided to leave his mother’s shadow.

Additionally, will this “rooftop” ever show up? I took the translation from the official kbs website… But, I have not seen any rooftop situation or a reason for someone to go live in a rooftop. Either the official KBS translator got it wrong or we need to see someone in a rooftop apartment stat…

Now, the romance! The swains! The swans! Who else thought it was adorable that the two guys have declared to everyone who can listen about their interest in Seung-Hye since she does not seem to be interested in doing anything but flirting back? In Korea, meeting the father is a big deal because you only meet the father if you are seriously considering marriage. Here, Do-Jin accidentally ran into Dae-Ho but Yunho purposefully announced his feelings to Dae-Ho, which is similar to asking for Seung-Hye’s hand in marriage. It is, however, mitigated by the fact that Dae-Ho knows that Seung-Hye has not chosen either Do-Jin or Yunho. ^^ Either way, Seung-Hye can no longer pretend that she has no idea these two guys are interested in her.

Finally, Seung-Ah called Seung-Hye “unni”! Looks like the brat is growing up ^^

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